The Stars Of Unsellable Houses Share A Refreshing Alternative To White Paint

White is undefeated when it comes to paint colors. From the walls to the ceilings, people will choose white over and over again because it is a safe, sure bet. It acts as a great background and can match anything that's placed in the room after it. There's more than meets the eye when it comes to this color, however, and it's crucial to get the right shade because white still has undertones. In Season 5, Episode 1 of "Rock the Block," the stars of "Unsellable Houses" chose Greek Villa from Sherwin Williams for the walls to create a warm, refreshing look.

While white can be the solution to many paint problems, one common mistake to avoid when using it for your interior is to skip over how it makes you feel. External factors like the amount and type of light the room gets and the other elements in the room will impact the way the color comes out, so it's important to test it in the space instead of just deciding based on pictures or how the paint looks. What helps is painting a big swatch on the wall, using the same number of coats you would use for the actual paint job, and leaving it for a full day so you can get a better, more realistic sense of its impact. This will go a long way, especially with warm whites.

A warm white like Greek Villa by Sherwin Williams

In the episode "Kitchen Redemption" Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis of "Unsellable Houses" decided to go for a "tropical retreat" vibe in the kitchen. From what we know about decorating your home in a tropical style, warmth is a core element and whites and neutrals can be combined to create an environment that feels both fresh and cozy. SW-7551 Greek Villa is a "sunny white comes to life in natural light," per the Sherwin Williams product page, so this was fitting for a tropical atmosphere.

Using Greek Villa on the walls can bring in the airiness of white without the harshness, and act as a great base for other warm elements in the room. From the episode, we can see that it pairs very beautifully with a strong wood presence, whether that's with the floors, the ceiling, the cabinets, or the dining table. It also goes with natural materials like rope, twine, and wicker, so those can be used heavily with furniture or lightly with accessories. This shade can also support a luxury space, as seen with the rich green of the oven, range hood, and island, the gold hardware on the cabinets and the sink, and the quartz countertop. Whether you want a look that feels clean and elevated or one that feels more homey and lived-in, a warm white like this one by Sherwin Williams can help tie everything together.