15 Creative Ways To Repurpose Candlestick Holders Around Your Home And Garden

Candlesticks are one of those things you never seem to have enough of until you suddenly have way too many. While you can always use them as they are intended to create a cozy vibe and illuminate your dinner table, there are also many cool and innovative DIY ways to put them to use in other contexts that you may not expect. Even the oldest and most battered candlesticks can take on a new role in many functional and decorative ways. 

Whether you are looking for ways to use inexpensive Dollar Tree candlesticks or trying to find a new purpose for your collection of inherited or thrifted pieces, there are great DIY ideas for candle holders of all shapes and sizes, most of which involve a little adhesive and some imagination. Even better, creating your own DIY objects using old candlesticks is a budget-friendly alternative to buying new décor and a great way to save discarded candle holders from landfills. 

Elevated tray

Candlestick holders are perfect for elevating everyday objects, both literally and figuratively. Use four short candlesticks with a tray to raise any tableaux in your home. Use an adhesive like E-6000 or hot glue to affix the top of the candle holder to the bottom of the tray securely. This works with square and circular trays of various materials, including glass, wood, and metal. Use the tray to store bathroom essentials, on a mantel or sideboard for decor items, or on a counter for grouping things like oil bottles and spices to tame the clutter. You can also place the candlestick between two trays for a multi-level tray.

Bird feeder

Use old candlesticks and vintage dishware to make adorable tea-party-themed yard decor and a spot for birds to eat. Affix the lip of the candlestick with adhesive to the base of a saucer, plate, or shallow bowl, and fill with birdseed. This also works with any shallow container, including pie tins, bakeware, lids, and planter saucers. Make several and group them in the yard as the perfect spot to attract birds to your garden. You can also make a luxe version that uses glassware pieces on the top and bottom of the candlestick.

Hurricane lamps

Stylish glass lanterns are a perfect addition to any tablescape. Turn a glass or metal candle holder into the base of a hurricane lantern by affixing the candlestick to the bottom of a glass cylinder like a large tumbler or vase. Place a candle, LED light, or twinkle lights inside to light it up. They make great centerpiece elements or beautiful tableaux at various heights on a mantel. The hurricane lanterns also make great additions to your holiday decorating if you add seasonal accents like berries, holly sprigs, and fake snow.

Snow globe

With an abundance of holiday entertaining engagements, you may be looking for cute and novel ways to decorate a table or other surface in your home. DIY raised snowglobes are a great way to bring in a little winter cheer. Make one by gluing a candlestick to a mason jar lid. Use a jar as the top, or add a small fishbowl over your snowglobe contents. If you use a closed container, like a mason jar, you can even add real water and glitter or make a dry version with powdered snow and elements like tiny trees and reindeer figurines. 

Elevated centerpiece

Another great way to add multiple layers of height to a table is to use a wide pillar candle holder as the base for a large bowl filled with fruit or flowers. It adds height without blocking views across the table and lifts the largest part of the bowl off the surface, making the table appear less cluttered with more usable space. Use a sturdy adhesive like E-6000 to glue the base of the bowl to the flat part of the candle holder. Because the bowl is wider, make sure the base is wider as well to avoid tipping. 

Bathroom canisters

Often created with inexpensive Dollar Tree clear glass candlesticks, these jars are perfect for holding small bathroom items like toothpicks, cotton swabs, and cotton balls. For a basic version, glue simple glasses or mason jars to the candle holders with hot glue or E-6000, or use other glass containers like upcycled candle jars, glass tumblers, or mini fishbowls. Leave them clear, or paint the base with colored or metallic spray paint. You can also add a little bling in the form of crystals, beads, or colored glass pebbles. 

Jewelry holder

One of the simplest uses for an old candlestick is to turn it into a stylish jewelry holder perfect for a dresser top or vanity. Just loop some bracelets over the candleholder in a stack. It's also great for hair ties or scrunchies. You can leave the candle holder as is or paint it to match your design scheme. For a great dresser top setup, use this and a matching candlestick with a saucer or small dish glued on top to store rings and other smaller jewelry items. 

Bird nest

A fun Easter or springtime accent for your home is this little nest, created from a bird figurine, some grass or moss, and a pillar candle holder. Use hot glue to fasten the grass or moss down to the flat surface of the candle holder. You can glue the bird to the top or leave it unglued, opening up the possibility for switching it out as the seasons change for other creatures.  Other possible accents include small plastic eggs or sticks, which can be glued or placed on the grass.

Mini message board

An innovative take on a corkboard, you can create this little message board with only an old candlestick, a small picture frame, and a sheet of cork. Replace the glass in the frame with the cork, then glue the bottom of the frame to the candle holder. This DIY is also great for creating small signage in the frame or a tiny chalkboard using chalkboard paint on the original glass. Or leave the frame as is and insert your favorite photo to create an elevated gallery of images.

Cake plate

If you love entertaining, a beautiful presentation for pastries and baked goods is essential. Turn any plate or platter into a display for sweet treats by using a candlestick as a riser. Much more budget-friendly than store-bought cake plates, you'll need is some glue like E-6000 to affix the candle holder base to the plate. Use a large platter for cakes or pies, or make a many-tiered version with candelabra and saucers perfect for holding multiple cupcakes. You can also use a wood round like a cutting or cheese board to make the platter. Add a glass lid and it becomes a chic cloche.

Pumpkin candleholders

While these still fulfill the function of their original intent as candle holders, this DIY adds a little extra style and glamour to candles. Drill or cut a hole in a plastic or foam pumpkin before slipping it over the top of a candlestick for a fun fall accent piece perfect for a table or mantel. Paint the candlestick in a seasonal metallic shade, or paint it matt black for a bit of spooky charm. You can also use this approach with other fall decorative pieces like rubber or plastic skulls slipped over the candle holders.

Raised planter

If you're looking for a way to add height to a tablescape, mantle, or shelf, try adhering some small planters to a base made from candlestick holders. These raised planters are excellent for creating layers in any arrangement. They can be scaled perfectly to the size of any candle, including large floor candlesticks and planters. Paint the planter and the candlesticks the same color for a seamless look, or use a brass or silver base for a porcelain planter. For a fun vintage variation, use containers other than planters to house flowers and greenery, including old teacups and bowls.

Holiday topiary

Topiary decorative pieces can be expensive from retailers, but this cool DIY brings the same amount of holiday charm without the hefty price tag. Just add a florist foam or styrofoam sphere to the top of a candlestick with a few dabs of glue. Stick in holiday decorative picks like pine cones, berries, mistletoe, and bells. Paint your base a seasonal color, or use always stylish gold or brass paint. This small topiary looks great on a holiday mantel or as part of a centerpiece, among other festive holiday decorations.

Hat stands

For an ingenious way to store hats safely and attractively, add a round disc, foam ball,  or plastic salad bowl to the top of a candlestick with some adhesive. The round of the bowl will keep the hat aloft and prevent it from being crushed. Paint the bowl and the candle the same color for a seamless look. The holders would look especially stunning in a metallic shade like gold or silver or painted a rich matte black. You may want to make sure you use heavier candleholders for this DIY since larger hats may tip over without sufficient balancing weight on the bottom. 

Crystal balls

A spooky addition to your Halloween decorations, make a frightfully gothic crystal ball using a candlestick, a plastic ornament sphere, a skeleton hand, and some small plastic skulls. Glue the bony hand to the candle holder to provide a base for the sphere after filling it with the skulls. Paint the candle holder black or leave it in its natural metal for an antiqued look. These balls make great fun tablescape elements or are perfect on a bookshelf or lined on a window sill. You can also add other elements to the interior, including LED lights for an eerie glow.