The Stunning Floral Light Fixtures That Bring A Touch Of The Garden Indoors

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Have you ever walked through a colorful garden to view stunning flowers and greenery? Maybe you are lucky enough to have one on your property. Whether you have a small section of flowers or plants in your yard or a huge garden you tend to as a hobby, you likely appreciate the visual appeal of the gorgeous display of nature. The beauty of florals and greenery is often incorporated into home decor as well. Amazon's tulip-shaped 7PMBEANE brass wall sconces or other flower-shaped alternatives can help you bring a touch of the garden indoors.

These wall sconces are not your typical lighting fixture. They feature an illuminated tulip that adds a whimsy touch to your living space. If the video by Instagram user @jodie.thedesigntwins is anything to go by, the sconces are incredibly easy to install, and you should have no problem attaching them to your wall yourself. If you have been searching for a way to incorporate more floral-inspired home designs into your space, you might want to consider purchasing these wall sconces.

How to decorate your home with these wall sconces

These tulip-shaped wall sconces are the perfect unconventional way to decorate the home with flowers. You can really get creative with incorporating them throughout your living space. As you can see in the video, @jodie.thedesigntwins purchased two of these lighting pieces and placed them on either side of a mirror in a living room. You might choose a more traditional route when displaying these sconces by placing them on either side of your bed. This way, they can serve as an alternative to a bedside lamp. This will also allow you to conserve energy by turning these on at night rather than using a larger lighting fixture.

Rather than going with the side-by-side display, you could also purchase a single sconce. This can be hung above or to the side of a desk to serve as a desk light. If you own a vanity but do not already have lighting installed around it, hanging the sconces on either side of the mirror could be a great addition. Finally, these pieces can be used to highlight your favorite art piece. If you have a painting in your living room, you could hang a sconce on either side or one above the art piece to draw attention to it or highlight any other nearby decor.

More about the tulip-shaped wall sconces

As @jodie.thedesigntwins revealed in the video, these wall sconces do not come with lightbulbs, so you will have to purchase them separately. The content creator mentioned using rechargeable light bulbs. You can find a wide variety of these on Amazon. You might even want to consider purchasing bulbs with various color settings, allowing you to have a bit of fun and give your space a different feel.

As far as installing these wall sconces, the product description reveals that each piece comes with mounting hardware and instructions to make things easier. Do not forget that you will need to take measurements and mark where the sconces will be placed to ensure they are properly positioned. This is essential for those who plan to hang two side by side, as you'll want to avoid one being higher or lower than the other. If you want to purchase this decor, you should know that the 7PMBEANE Brass Wall Sconces cost $69.99 each. If these are out of budget, you might want to consider the Shenmoyl vintage wall sconces, priced at $49.99 on Amazon.