Reuse PVC Pipes For These Creative DIY Storage Ideas

PVC pipes are a favorite material for many DIYers. They come in various sizes and are straightforward to cut and join. They're incredibly versatile for building DIY home and decor projects, especially for creating customizable storage solutions. DIY PVC pipe ideas are plentiful, including home and gardenclosets, the laundry room, and beyond. Whether you have some scraps left over from a renovation, want to flex your DIY skills, or are just looking for a cheaper alternative to a certain product, these PVC pipe storage ideas might be the inspiration you need for your next organization DIY undertaking. 

One note: Most of these projects involve cutting PVC pipe, and there are a few ways to do so. It is possible to cut PVC pipe using a hand saw, although it is the most labor-intensive option. If you have access, a jigsaw, rotary cutter, or electric miter saw makes the job a lot easier. A PVC pipe cutter, an affordable tool purpose-built for cutting through PVC pipe, is also useful and worth it if you have a big project ahead of you. That being said, special tools aren't necessary, and you can make do with a hand saw. Without further ado, here are some useful storage systems you can create using PVC pipes. 

Make an easy PVC garden tool holder

Mount a few sections of PVC pipe on planks of wood to make a holder for long-handled garden tools. This project is a great addition to a garage wall to hold your rakes, hoes, and weeders. Cut each section of the PVC pipe on an angle (this will allow you to insert a screw to mount it to a wooden base). You will have to lift the tool up and slide it handle-first into the holder. This setup is more secure and is ideal for people who want to make sure kids or pets can't knock the tools down.

Make a PVC organizer for tools with a D-shaped handle

Tools with a large handle (for example, shovels with a D-shaped handle) won't fit into the previous tool holder. This project is a great alternative for hanging these tools. When cut in half, a two-inch diameter PVC pipe creates a hook-like shape that's the perfect size to hold most garden tool handles. This organizer isn't only limited to long-handled tools either. You can also tie a string to smaller tools and hang the string from the PVC pipe "hook." Learn how to build this easy PVC hanging storage for your garage.

Or try another PVC wall-mounted organizer hack

Here's another wall-mounted garage tool organizer that you may find more appealing than the previous options. It's also a fairly simple build and is easy to attach directly to wall studs, eliminating the need for the extra piece of wood in the previous projects. This project cuts a section of PVC pipe into a holder that you can essentially hang the tool onto. The inward angle cut into the top of the holder is what keeps the tool in place. It's easier to remove tools from this holder since it has a large enough gap in the pipe (there's no need to slide the entire handle out the top, like in the first project).

Build your own freestanding, kid-friendly PVC ball holder

It's nice when the kids go outside to play. It's less nice when they leave the garage a mess, bringing their outdoor toys into the house. To ease your frustration, consider corralling balls with a kid-friendly ball holder. This freestanding option is made using PVC pipe. It's straightforward to use; if you have young kids, you'll want to make it short enough so they can dump balls in the top. It's also much more convenient than a tote bin or storage bag. Since you can see its contents, finding your ball of choice requires a lot less digging around.

Make PVC drill holders to organize your workshop

You can use a PVC pipe to make a convenient drill holder that makes the drill easy to store and easy to access. Cut out a slot in a PVC pipe that's large enough to fit the top part of the drill, letting the handle hang below so it's easy to grab and slide out. While this video uses a few specialized tools for the process, making the holder using only a hand saw is possible. However, since you likely have an electric drill, a hole saw drill bit makes the job much easier. The extra drill bits are affordable and can be attached right to your drill.

Build an entire wall of PVC organizers

If you have lots of random supplies to store, a PVC tube organizer might be the perfect solution. You can make it as simple or as expansive as you'd like, from a short shelf to a floor-to-ceiling storage unit. This unit is made by stacking small sections of tubes together, held together with hot glue. This type of organizer is great for a workshop or craft room — anywhere you need to store lots of similar-sized tube-shaped items while having them readily accessible. Choose PVC pipe with a large enough diameter to hold your most common stored items, such as paint bottles, glitter bottles, or skeins of yarn.

Or make an adorable decorative PVC wall-mounted organizer

PVC storage isn't only for the garage. A PVC organizer can be a creative decorative addition to a bedroom or office. Instead of just stacking the PVC sections on top of each other, fashion them into a shape. This DIY uses clear PVC glue to keep the shape in place, then attaches the PVC sections to a thin wooden backboard using Liquid Nails. Cut the backing to the scale of your design's shape, then paint it to finish the project.

Build an affordable PVC custom shelf

Using PVC pipes, you can create industrial-style shelves on a budget. This project is so easy but has a great payoff. It only requires sections of PVC pipes joined with tees and adapters. It's possible to customize the dimensions to suit your space. If you don't want to cut wood for custom shelves, you can size the pipe frame to fit the dimensions of store-bought shelves. Best of all, requiring only simple cuts, it's reasonable to complete the entire project with only a hand saw and no specialized tools.

Get creative with PVC shelving unit designs

Here's another DIY PVC pipe shelf type to add to the list to show how versatile this idea can be. It's possible to make a whole range of different sizes and configurations. You're not only limited to wood shelves, either. This PVC pipe project idea uses canvas instead of wood to create shelves. Fabric is preferable for some DIYers to work with, especially if you have some sewing skills. The materials make this shelving unit very lightweight overall and much easier to move and position, especially if you need to pack it down to take it to another location.

Make a retro-looking PVC cubby cabinet

This DIY project takes an extra-large PVC pipe and turns it into an eye-catching storage and decor piece. It's a rather simple project, made by cutting holes into the pipe to create cubbies. With its round shape and its painted interior (each section painted a bright color), the finished cubby shelf has a bit of a retro vibe. Its shape makes it great for spaces with a curved roof or really anywhere you want to add a bit of character through shape.

Craft a tape and ribbon organizer with PVC pipes

Over time, crafters can build up an impressive selection of tape and ribbon. Why keep your pretty materials confined to a drawer? You can keep them on display and organized with a tape and ribbon holder made from PVC pipe. This is a great way to make an organizer that's convenient to use and the holder comes apart to make it easy to take your ribbons and tapes off the pipes. This project will look even nicer if you paint the pipe to your preferred color.

Put together an adjustable PVC bike rack

There are a few ways to store bikes indoors. Organize the pile of bikes in your garage with a DIY PVC bike rack. This rack is simple to build and is customizable to the measurements that fit your space and storage needs. Make it larger to fit more bikes and smaller if you just need to hold a bike or two. The wheel-holding sections are adjustable on this rack, sliding across the frame so you can make the spaces wider to slimmer to hold different types of bikes.

Assemble a lightweight PVC rack that's perfect for outdoors

An outdoor rack is useful for a range of tasks, such as hanging items to dry, like your car floor mats, rugs, and towels. Besides drying outdoor accessories, this finished project is also helpful as an all-purpose outdoor rack. It's weatherproof since it's plastic (so it won't rust or rot like indoor racks, which are often made of metal or wood). You can use it to hang plants or decorate outdoor spaces with lighting or knick-knacks.

Make a wall-mounted blanket or towel holder with PVC

People are always looking for the best storage solutions for small bathrooms and other cramped areas. It's important to take full advantage of wall space in compact living spaces. To do so, you can build an excellent DIY storage rack using PVC pipe. It uses the pipe and some adapters to create a wall-mounted rack in which you can place rolled-up towels or blankets. Perfect for both the bathroom and the living room (particularly if you dress it up with some fresh paint it), it's a great way to clear up space in overflowing cupboards.

Create an affordable PVC guitar stand

Build your own affordable guitar stand with some leftover PVC pipe. This one has a slightly industrial look like other DIY PVC pipe projects. Thicker PVC pipe can make it look more substantial and sturdier than cheap, folding guitar stands. Though it seems chunkier, since this stand is made from plastic, it's still very lightweight and easy to move around. Paint it any color you'd like; one idea is to match the design to your guitar's.

Build a custom PVC clothes rack

Can't find the perfect clothes rack to fit your space? Make your own! You can cut the PVC pipe to any dimension to suit your storage space. Plus, you can also design whichever layout you'd like, including double or triple racks, using different adapters and tees. It's just important to make sure the bottom of the clothes rack is wide enough to support the weight of your rack once it's filled with clothes. Of course, once it's built, you can paint the rack to your liking to match your decor.

Construct a PVC organizer to store various tube containers

If you have a bunch of tubes of this-and-that rattling around in a drawer, you can use PVC pipe to make an organizer. For example, sections of 2-inch diameter PVC pipe together with clear PVC cement can hold caulk tubes. However, you can choose pipes with different diameters to store other items, like makeup, paintbrushes, or other crafting materials. Cut the sections tall enough to hold your tubes upright so they don't fall over when you move the organizer — but also keep the sections short enough so that your items don't get lost at the bottom.

A single PVC pipe can make a very simple screwdriver organizer

This PVC pipe screwdriver organizer is one of the easiest to make. All it takes is one section of PVC pipe, around 2 or 3 inches in diameter. Drill evenly-spaced holes horizontally through the pipe that are large enough to slide your screwdriver into. Then, make holes on each end that are large enough for you to insert your drill into to mount the organizer to a wall (or, in this case, a pegboard). This organizer keeps screwdrivers tidy and easy to reach — no more scrounging around in a toolbox.

Craft your own customizable shoe rack

Similar to how you can make your own customizable clothing rack out of PVC pipe, you can also craft a shoe rack that's perfectly suited for your space. You can make your shoe rack any dimension to fit into irregular entryway or closet spaces. Also, remember that you can make the shelves different heights to fit flat shoes, sneakers, or boots. A personalized rack is a great way to store a shoe collection, particularly if you have pairs that don't fit well on traditional shoe racks.

Build a PVC pipe cubby shelf

If you have a large-diameter PVC pipe, you might be wondering what to do with it (it is a bit unwieldy, after all!). Make a cubby shelf with extra large pipe pieces. Hold the pieces together with plenty of heavy-duty adhesives, like Liquid Nails or heavy-duty mounting tape. You can also screw the pieces together, but this extra step is not always necessary. You can use the finished PVC pipe cubby shelf to store shoes, bottles, figurines, and more.

Make versatile storage slots

A row of PVC pipe sections mounted on a wood base can improve organization in your workshop, office, and beyond. Similar to the previous DIY, this project creates cubby organizers with short sections of PVC pipe. You can use a thin PVC pipe to create a holder for pencils, pens, and other skinny tools. However, you can scale this project up to make an organizer for more oversized items. Mounted below a shelf, this type of organizer can help you take advantage of unused wall space.

Put together a PVC stand for your pool floaties

Pool days are some of the best summer days. But in between the fun, you need somewhere to store bulky pool floaties. Make a DIY pool float stand using PVC pipe. Keep it poolside during the hotter months — since it's made of plastic, it's weatherproof so you can leave it out rain or shine. This stand is fairly lightweight, too, so you can move it into the garage when pool season is over to prevent a messy pile-up of pool toys in the garage corner.

Craft a simple PVC hair tool holder

Hair dryers, straighteners, curlers, and more — some of us use these hair tools every day, and it's so frustrating when their cords get tangled in the bathroom cupboard. Keep hair tools organized with this PVC pipe hair tool holder, which pretty much requires no DIY work at all. It uses a 3-inch by 3-inch by 2-inch PVC wye pipe — no adapters or tees are needed. This pipe is an excellent size to hold a hair dryer on top and a straightener or curler on the side. You can paint or decorate the pipe if you'd like.

Build a PVC wine rack to store your favorite blends

Build a PVC pipe wine rack to store your wine bottles in a distinctive and decorative way. You can build this rack according to your needs and store as few or as many bottles as you need. Paint pipes in different colors and add ones of various sizes (some small ones might just be decorative) to create a modern look. If you're building a large rack, consider joining the pipes together with screws. It will provide a sturdier hold than glue to support the heavier weight.

Create a wall-mounted PVC holder

This colorful PVC pipe wall organizer looks so adorable. The PVC pipe makes it look slightly industrial, but it's also fun since it can be painted in bold colors, like bright red. This project uses the rack for posters, but it can store a range of hanging items. You can use this rack to store pretty much anything you can hang from a bar, for example, extra home textiles (like a wall-mounted blanket ladder) and clothes, and you can even use it as a hanging display for decor.

Make a kid-friendly PVC storage rack

It's not always easy to find kid-friendly storage solutions. If you're having trouble, craft your own. PVC pipe is the perfect material for these types of projects because you can cut it to size to make a short rack that's kid-height. The finished PVC rack is lightweight and doesn't have any sharp corners, so there's less of a risk for injury. You can use S-hooks to hang certain toys, like a rack holding Nerf guns. You can also hang baskets for more versatile storage.