Breathe New Life Into Your Kitchen With These Creative Peel-And-Stick DIY Ideas

Perfect for renters and appealing to homeowners too, peel-and-stick solutions offer the flexibility to transform any space on a whim. These easy-to-apply products come in many forms, like peel-and-stick wallpapers, tiles, contact papers, and more. But they all share a few traits: They're designed to be simple to install, and come off just as easily. Besides the wide range of products and designs, the main draw of peel-and-stick materials is their ability to update a space and then be removed without leaving damage behind. They're a renter-friendly, low-effort, and no-commitment way to renovate any room in your house, particularly the kitchen.

There are plenty of peel-and-stick products that are made with the kitchen in mind. Often constructed of vinyl, plastic, or other water-resistant materials, they hold up to occasional moisture, are easy to clean, and have effective adhesives that will keep them attached, even with frequent contact and cleaning. You don't have to stick with kitchen-specific options, though. Peel-and-stick paper products (like wallpapers) with a smooth and glossy surface can usually hold up well in high-traffic spaces. There are also lots of creative ways to make use of leftover peel-and-stick wallpaper, from the ceiling to the floor. We've rounded up some ideas for the kitchen so you can transform the heart of your home.

Peel-and-stick tile backsplash is a renter-friendly classic

When it comes to low-effort, high-impact DIYs in the kitchen, peel-and-stick tile backsplash is one of the first projects that comes to mind. It's the perfect easy project for anyone: It doesn't require a lot of material and can add tons of character to a kitchen. For a minimalist look similar to this video from @cameronandsadie, use the Smart Tiles peel-and-stick backsplash from Amazon. Or choose a more eye-catching tile if you want some pattern, like this Tuscan design from In Home on Amazon for under $5.50 per square foot. You'll also want to have a craft knife handy and brush up on some tips for installing peel-and-stick backsplash.

Vintage-inspired peel-and-stick wallpaper works as a distinctive backsplash

Peel-and-stick tile is a popular choice for the kitchen backsplash, but if you don't love tiled designs, you can opt for peel-and-stick wallpaper instead. More intricate, vintage-inspired styles are available, perfect for cozy, eclectic, or traditional kitchens. When choosing a wallpaper, make sure it's fairly smooth and washable or wipeable. Both these traits make it easier to clean and more suitable for the kitchen. A busier pattern will better hide any marks and stains, such as the Vintage Meadow Wallpaper, which retails at around $71 for a 6-foot length from North and Finch.

Use peel-and-stick paper to update your cabinets

Did you know that peel-and-stick wallpaper can give your kitchen cabinets an easy-to-install pop of color — no paint required? It's one of the best ways to update your kitchen's look when you want to make a big change. Again, choose an option that's smooth and easy to clean. Ideally, take your cupboard doors off to wrap them; it's more secure and seamless-looking than just adding peel-and-stick to the front. However, the latter method shown in this video is the faster way to get the job done.

You can choose partial peel-and-stick coverage on kitchen cabinets

If you have traditional wood cabinets, you might want to keep some of the material peeking through. In that case, try this partial peel-and-stick project, which leaves a border of wood material around each edge. It lets you have the best of both worlds, so you can add a bit of pattern or color, while also keeping some of the rustic wood look. This project is a low-effort option. Installation is super easy since you aren't wrapping the whole cabinet, so with most cabinet doors, you won't even have to remove the hardware on the front.

Place peel-and-stick on both the cabinets and the backsplash for a full kitchen transformation

If you really just don't like how your kitchen looks and you want to make a big change, use peel-and-stick on both the backsplash and the cabinets. Peel-and-stick is a great idea for this type of project because if you don't like it, it's fairly simple (just time-consuming) to take it off. It's also a good way to trial colors or patterns for a renovation in the future. Covering both the cabinets and backsplash is a bigger job though, so keep that in mind when it comes to budget and effort.

Add color or pattern to a kitchen island

Do you feel unsure about using peel-and-stick on your backsplash or cabinets? These high-touch surfaces handle a lot of contact in the kitchen, so temporary finishes may not fare as well, especially if these spots tend to get messy. One lower-traffic area where you can use peel-and-stick is on the sides of your kitchen island. This zone is less prone to spills and general contact. It also makes a statement right when you enter the kitchen: The novel placement is distinctive and eye-catching.

Peel-and-stick wood plank flooring can truly transform a kitchen

Want wood floors without the expensive and lengthy installation process? You can at least create the illusion with peel-and-stick faux wood planks. Of course, it's not real wood, but it can look close enough, is much cheaper, and is possible for renters to install. This type of peel-and-stick flooring is made of synthetic materials with a wood-like print. For the kitchen, you'll want a hard-wearing option that's water-resistant and made for high-traffic areas. The TrafficMaster water-resistant peel-and-stick vinyl plank flooring starting at $57.21 from The Home Depot is one such option and has a 4-millimeter clear wear layer.

Peel-and-stick floor tiles can switch up your kitchen design (and cover gross grout lines)

Most kitchens already have tile flooring, so you might wonder, why cover it with a layer of fake tiles? Aesthetics is the answer! You can change up the look of your kitchen floor in a flash with peel-and-stick tiles. Engineered to stand up to heavy wear, they come in a wide range of designs. Variations of two-toned square tiles are a classic choice, like the Bonneville peel-and-stick floor tiles by Chris Loves Julia, starting at $20.99 from WallPops. Or, add stand-out pattern to your floor with something like the Amalfi peel-and-stick tiles for $24.99 for a pack of 20 from RoomMates Decor.

Add peel-and-stick to your countertops for an instant facelift

Wondering if you should use peel-and-stick on your counters? We think yes! Of course, it's not as durable as a countertop reno — it won't last forever, but if you're renting, it can be the only option. It's also an easy way to get a specific look that you might not otherwise be able to achieve (or afford), such as marble counters. Since kitchen countertops are one of the most high-traffic parts of the kitchen, make sure to choose a water- and oil-resistant peel-and-stick paper, like this Art3d marble contact paper for $7.24 from Amazon.

You can even create faux wood countertops

For a cozy, homey, or farmhouse kitchen, you might want to update to wood-look kitchen counters. That's easy to do with wood grain contact paper. Again, choose an option that's water-resistant, high-quality and easy to clean. Wood grain contact papers can be simpler to maintain than marble ones as the wood grain texture may better hide the imperfections that will inevitably come from daily life. The Con-Tact brand has the Woodgrains range which includes multiple shades and starts at under $10 per roll. Pro tip: If you find that the edges won't stick, you may be able to securely adhere them with a hot glue gun. 

Peel-and-stick tile is a great option for the cupboard under the sink

The cabinet under your kitchen sink can look pretty drab, especially if you've had any leaks there in the past. Cover water-damaged or stained spots and give your kitchen cleaning supplies a prettier place to live by using peel-and-stick tile to line the bottom. Make sure the area is dry before installing the adhesive tiles, both to guarantee that the tile adheres and to ensure mold doesn't grow underneath. Also, choose water-resistant tile in case of future leaks or spills. In this video, @maddoxinthemiddle used these FloorPops peel-and-stick squares in a penny tile pattern, available from Amazon for under $1.30 per square foot. 

Make an distinctive accent wall with peel-and-stick wallpaper

Want to elevate your kitchen design but aren't sure where to start? An accent wall is a great idea. A kitchen accent wall can make a big impact on the look of your space, without having to change too much of it. This inspiration video from @drellsky.home shows how even a rather plain and minimalist accent wall can make all the difference in styling your kitchen. For a similar look, an option like the Distressed Wall Wallpaper from Love vs Design offers a beautifully soft rustic finish, but in peel-and-stick form.

Peel-and-stick wallpaper is also the perfect solution for a patterned accent wall

Peel-and-stick wallpaper is the perfect solution if you want a loud and busy pattern for your kitchen accent wall. It can be hard to commit to intricate patterns in any room, but especially if you have a small or crowded kitchen. Peel-and-stick wallpaper to the rescue! It's available in all sorts of detailed patterns and in a rainbow of colors. Best of all, if you're feeling unsure, you can try out patterns and easily remove the wallpaper if you don't love it.

A peel-and-stick wallpaper and beadboard combination instantly adds charm to a kitchen

Peel-and-stick wallpaper doesn't need to stand alone. As this DIY from @historyinhighheels shows, it looks gorgeous with other wall details as well. This project pairs a patterned wallpaper with beadboard and finishes it with decorative chair rail molding. The installation is impressive, even more so when you realize it's possible for one person to complete. Visitors wouldn't even know that it's renter-friendly since it looks built-in — swap the nails out for a removable adhesive if you don't want to patch any holes, or opt for a product like this beadboard peel-and-stick wallpaper, which costs $69 for 28 square feet from West Elm.

Apply peel-and-stick wallpaper on outlet covers to make a wall look extra cohesive

We've covered lots of creative ways to use peel-and-stick wallpaper, but its intended use on walls will never go out of style. Even if it's a big job, applying peel-and-stick wallpaper to your kitchen walls is arguably easier than many of these projects since it's designed for this application. To take the installation up a notch, also apply the wallpaper to outlet covers. This is simple to do with most peel-and-stick wallpapers. Since they come with built-in adhesive, you can just cut a piece to size and place it on the outlet cover, wrapping the excess over the edges and onto the back. 

Wallpaper your fridge to make it whimsical

Now on to one of our least traditional spots to wallpaper. The fridge! Whether your refrigerator is showing a bit of wear and tear, or you just don't like the look of boring stainless steel, peel-and-stick contact paper can be a great solution that packs a serious punch of personality. You can choose from a variety of patterns to make your fridge more than just a place you store your food, but an actual eye-catching piece of décor in the kitchen. If you can't find the right design in a water-resistant, smooth finish that's easy to clean, you can also try contact paper. 

Or cover other appliances

The fun doesn't have to stop at the fridge, either. You can use contact paper to cover pretty much any appliance in your kitchen, big or small. It's an easy way to decorate these must-have items that might not otherwise fit with your aesthetic. Just keep in mind that peel-and-stick products may not hold up well on appliances that get wet (for example, only use it on exterior parts of a dishwasher). Also, don't place wallpaper or contact paper on appliances that get very hot. At best, the heat might reduce the effectiveness of the adhesive, and at worst it can be a fire hazard.

Add gorgeous detail to your ceilings with peel-and-stick wallpaper

The ceiling is one of the last locations people think of when it comes to wallpapering a room. It's not the most popular choice, which renders it perfect if you want to make your kitchen look unique. A patterned wallpaper can add oodles of design to kitchen ceilings. Installation is more involved though, since you'll be working overhead. This is definitely a two-person job; you'll need the extra hands to avoid bubbling (one of the major drawbacks of peel-and-stick wallpaper) and help it go on smoothly. 

Use peel-and-stick paper as a pretty background for open shelving

Open shelving is a favorite amongst minimalists. But what if you're a minimalist with maximalist leanings? In that case, make your open shelves look a little more exciting with peel-and-stick wallpaper. You can place it behind your open shelving to display some color or pattern. With the right wallpaper, you can create a striking backdrop for your kitchen supplies and decorations. And if one day you want to go back to clean and spartan minimalist shelves, all you have to do is remove the peel-and-stick.

It can add some adorable character to closed shelving too

You can use peel-and-stick wallpaper with enclosed shelving too. It won't be on display, but it will add a little bit of joy into routine kitchen chores, and guests will be charmed when they eventually notice it behind closed doors. Since it will be concealed most of the time, this is where you can play with patterns that you really love, but may not want to install elsewhere. It's a space where you can feel free to bring a playful visual spark to your day-to-day life.

Place it inside drawers for a stunning peek-a-boo effect

Along a similar vein, you can place peel-and-stick paper inside drawers to decorate a spot that's often overlooked. It's particularly worthwhile to decorate if you have organized drawers and use transparent dividers and trays, which will allow the wallpaper to peek through. However, even if your drawers are a bit of a mess, the peekaboo effect is completely charming. Not to mention, high-quality peel-and-stick can help protect the inside of your drawers from cutlery and other sharp items that are rattling around.

Make an accented patterned backsplash section with peel-and-stick tiles

Whether you're on a tight budget or just don't want to commit to a big decorating job, a peel-and-stick accent on your backsplash is a good choice. It's almost like installing a piece of art onto your wall. Choose a peel-and-stick pattern accordingly, focusing on designs that look nice even if they sit alone on a small section. This type of project takes almost no time to complete and can be very cost-effective as well because of the small surface area. However, depending on its placement in your kitchen, it can make a big visual impact.

Peel-and-stick trim can add eye-catching accents to your kitchen

Peel-and-stick wallpapers are all the rage, but they're not the only products available. You can also get easy-to-install trim that's just as renter-friendly and simple to remove. If you like your kitchen fixtures but just want to add a little more pizzazz, peel-and-stick trim might be the answer. Metallic options, like the gold Rosarosa peel-and-stick molding for $14.95 from Amazon can make your space look extra glam. Or, pick a plainer option like this rounded white molding ($7.99 from Amazon) for a more minimalist look. The latter is also a great choice if you're contemplating a box molding DIY to make a plain wall stand out.

Match several elements using the same peel-and-stick paper

If you've absolutely fallen in love with a certain peel-and-stick wallpaper, why not dress your entire kitchen in it? We wouldn't blame you with all the gorgeous patterns and colors out there. You can cover several accents, such as your cabinets, the refrigerator, and the range hood, like in this video from @anitayokoya. Or, do an accent wall in the same pattern as your cabinets, or a wall with some appliances. You can match several parts of your kitchen depending on your tastes, and it will tie the décor together beautifully.

Add an artistic mural to a wall using peel-and-stick

Some peel-and-stick wallpapers look so beautiful that they are comparable to works of art. Those with a striking design or pattern can double as art in your home, depending on how you install it. You can create a mural effect with peel-and-stick, negating any need to paint onto the wall. This allows for more intricate designs, is damage-free, and doesn't involve hiring an artist or painting a design yourself. Just install a section of peel-and-stick wallpaper as if it's a piece of art. You'll have great flexibility too, since you can place it almost anywhere in a kitchen.