Bohemian Patio Ideas For A More Relaxing Outdoor Space

A patio is a versatile space. It's the ideal spot for hosting barbecues in the summer, planning a romantic dinner for your partner, reflecting on life, or catching the occasional northern lights and marveling at nature. So, why not spruce up your patio with bohemian decor to turn it into a comfortable oasis? Don't worry; you don't have to upend your budget or give your outdoor space an extensive makeover to embrace bohemianism. It's a free-spirited style that advocates free reign for self-expression to curate a relaxing atmosphere. Take advantage of boho's no-hard-and-fast rules mantra to design a patio that's uniquely yours.

Narrate your (or your family's) story, or to give your patio some personality, combine various styles, ideals, and cultures by displaying visual cues, like surprise finds or souvenirs from your travels. Still on the fence about this decor? Here are a few bohemian outdoor patio ideas that can revamp your space.

Incorporate a hanging swing chair for a bohemian patio vibe

If you've always wondered how to integrate a hanging chair into your home's decor, put one on your patio for decompressing after a long day (or night). Besides being inviting, the gentle rocking of the chair will relax your mind and tired muscles and rejuvenate you. For a traditional boho look, opt for a wicker or rattan hanging chair. Hang the innocuous chair amidst your patio's greenery, or style it with soft cushions and cozy throws for a comfortable seating experience. Ace boho decor style with a patterned rug, hanging lanterns, string lights, and a small wooden table.

Mix in colors and patterns for a authentic bohemian patio

Even though cramming a lot of patterns and textures in a patio (especially a small one) seems like a recipe for disaster, classic boho decor is all about creating a space that makes you comfortable. So, don't be afraid to bring out your funky cushions, jewel-toned Persian rugs, patterned poufs, stylish shags, and distressed tables for a fun explosion of colors. But do it right to make the chaotic space work and avoid it from becoming overwhelming. Offset the vibrancy with a few potted plants and a neutral backdrop.

What's a boho patio without great lighting?

Why stumble in the dark when you can light your outdoor space? Add outdoor lights to your bohemian-inspired patio to make use of the space in the evenings. The type of lights you choose depends on the mood you want the space to exhibit. For instance, stringing a garland of fairy lights around your patio will elevate the space's ambiance and turn it enchanting. Similarly, '70s-inspired wicker or rattan lights, lanterns, and lamps will look amazing against the boho decor. Combine a few different options or opt for beautiful DIYs to light up your backyard patio for summer nights.

Add comfortable seating options for an authentic boho patio

No bohemian patio will truly feel relaxing without plenty of comfortable seating options to choose from. So, ensure you don't forget to factor this in when designing a chic boho patio. Start by putting in wicker or rattan chairs, tables, stools, benches, or settees. Once you're satisfied with the basics, dress your throw pillows in striking covers to add a pop of color to the otherwise neutral space. Open up the floor by tossing in fun-shaped throw pillows (think orange, cactus, papaya, banana, mushroom, seashells, doughnut shapes, and more!), quirky floor cushions, and pretty fiber poufs.

Consider a cozy bed for an all-out bohemian patio

When was the last time you slept under the stars? Maybe it's something you like to indulge in while on vacation but don't have the right setup at home. If that's the case, simply add a twin- or queen-sized bed to your boho patio. This way, you can disconnect from the hustle and bustle of city life without leaving your backyard. Plop a comfortable mattress on top of a DIY wood frame, or you can recycle wooden pallets. Voila! Your stargazing spot is ready. Add a retro bedsheet, pillows, and a blanket, and you're all set. Remember to protect the bed from rain.

Give in to biophilia for a nature-inspire boho patio experience

In case you're enamored with the garden center math and have bought more plants than you know what to do with, give them all a home on your patio. Boho's take on biophilia isn't too rigid. Anything that adds character to your patio is welcome. This means luscious ferns, decadent succulents, gorgeous hanging plants, and striking wildflowers all fit the bill. Just dress them in the appropriate gear, like macrame vases, wicker hanging baskets, terracotta pots, and glazed or handmade planters, and your biophilic boho patio will be ready.

Elevate your bohemian patio with a hammock (chair)

Hammocks are a mainstay in boho designs and one of the easiest ways to make your backyard more relaxing. Just imagine flopping down and lazily swinging between two tall trees, reading your next favorite book amidst the great outdoors, or letting all your worries fly away on sun-kissed winds. If the painted picture is difficult to resist, get a woven (or crocheted) hammock for your patio with intricate details, fringes, and tassels. However, if you lack perfectly placed trees for your hammock, try TikTok's woodworking DIY or opt for a hammock chair.

Design a relaxing boho patio oasis

Make your bohemian patio exude zen vibes by designing a relaxing oasis. Style a space where you'd love to have your morning coffee (or tea), get away for a bit of me-time, connect with nature, sip cold drinks on a hot night, discover your next favorite song, and host small social gatherings. This means harmoniously incorporating neat designs with clean lines. Keep distracting or loud decor to a minimum for maximum impact. Instead, add warm lighting, comfortable seating, and lots of greenery to carve out the ideal chill spot.

Let neutral shades and somber decor set the tone for a boho patio look

While there's nothing wrong with combining varying textiles, textures, and patterns, it might seem unnecessarily bold to goth lovers. Under such circumstances, let contemporary bohemian ideas take the lead. This means relying on earthy shades, like brown, gray, and green, using greenery to bring them to the fore instead of serving as the backdrop. Use natural materials for furniture and fixtures, like pots, lamps, baskets, and other decorative items. Complement the au naturale and contemplative look with somber-toned rugs, pillows, cushions, and throws.

Go eclectic for a boho patio that will get guests talking

Why hide your eccentricities when they can lend your bohemian patio an interesting personality? Unleash your jewel-toned and kitschy decor-loving self to design a one-of-a-kind patio. Reconcile bygone eras with different cultures, maximalism, and artistic expression using your flea market, garage sale, and estate sale finds. Paint a rich tapestry using bright colors, repurposed furniture, and playful decor. Yet, manage your excitement and don't overdo it, making sure the items gel together, lest the busy patio turns into an eyesore instead of a sanctuary. Remember, moderation is key to designing an eclectic yet tasteful outdoor space.

Say yes to a joyful, boho patio dining space

Outdoor dining shouldn't be limited to summer barbecues. Take your dining table outside and give it a boho makeover to dine outside whenever the weather allows. Repaint your furniture like a pro and upgrade boring chairs to add a playful aspect. Pro tip: Paint each chair a different shade for a fun dining experience. Keep the upholstered part covered while painting to avoid leaving uncomfortable, scratchy spots on the seat. While the paint dries, add finishing touches to the dining area, like flower vases for the table, sorting out light sources, and adding some wall decor.

Keep your patio party-ready with bohemian flair

Are you looking to throw the best parties on the block this summer? Make your life easier by keeping your patio party-ready with a bohemian theme. Define the space with layered rugs, comfortable seating, UV- and water-resistant umbrellas, and warm lighting options. Although these entertaining essentials are essential for your outdoor space, they aren't enough to make your patio pop. You need to turn your backyard into a photo-ready backdrop. However, the usual decor won't help you edge out your competition. Repurpose household items like mirrors, watering cans, hanging planters, candle lanterns, votive holders, and mason jars for the ultimate checkmate.

Embrace soothing Moroccan boho vibes

You can never go wrong with understated elegance. Create a dreamy patio escape by embracing Moroccan boho vibes. Although this style is often punctuated with rich colors and bold textiles, don't discount the tranquil side of the coin. A sun-drenched patio framed with greenery is ideal for relaxation and can serve as the perfect backdrop for intimate moments. Pair light woods with detailed rugs, soothing throw pillows, wicker lanterns, and terracotta pots to break the monotony of the earthy tones. Add visual interest with functional or natural wall decor.

Create the ultimate boho patio with a blanket fort

Despite what people say, you're never too old to pitch a blanket fort and hide inside. The good news is that boho emphasizes personal expression, so you can build a blanket fort in your backyard without straying from your goal of a bohemian patio. Use patterned textiles for your makeshift fort and bring it alive with stringed lights, loads of throw pillows, fluffy blankets to keep you warm and toasty on chilly nights, and a vase or two (or more if you have them!) — lounge on the grass or concrete layer, or cozy up the ground with additional rugs.

Lay down boho-inspired rugs for an enchanting patio

Rugs are one of the key elements of bohemianism. They single-handedly soften the rustic edge of patios and infuse the space with warmth. Since they come in varied styles, colors, patterns, and sizes, you can pick one that matches your design preferences. The first step is to measure your patio's floor size and get a rug that is big enough to cover it comfortably or layer it up with multiple small ones. Next, decide if you want the carpet to be the focal point or blend in with existing decor to define how bold (or neutral) its pattern and colors must be.

Don't try too hard to devise a minimalist's paradise

On the surface, reserved minimalism and vibrant boho might seem as likely to meld together as water and oil, but the reality is quite the opposite. A minimalist boho patio design demands two elements: simplicity and zero clutter. So, while the base remains the same — greenery, natural materials, and comfortable textiles — the design approach will be slightly different. Instead of giving mismatched decor items a home on your patio, only display things you absolutely need, such as a soft rug, a few potted plants, wicker lamps, and rattan furniture. As for the color scheme, choose neutral or cool shades.

Design a boho space on your patio for cherished family time

Few moments in life are as rewarding as those spent with your family — given or chosen. And if you like to spend the majority of these moments outdoors soaking in the sun, playing board games, or just catching up with each other, turn your patio into the beating heart of your home. Combine all the key boho elements to ensure everyone feels comfortable and welcome. Simply put, ascertain the spot is well-lit, is framed by greenery, boasts of natural furniture, has rugs under feet, and offers enough seating options. If you don't have ample chairs, put out cushions and throw pillows.

Install a swing for a carefree, boho patio experience

Swings have been romanticized in movies and books for ages and can be a perfect focal point for a boho-inspired patio. But it's more than just a romantic fixture. Installing a wooden swing in your patio will turn the space into the perfect spot to visit with friends. Paint the swing, or let it hang in all its rustic glory. Soft cushions, a fluffy swing bed, cozy throws, organic tables, decorative candles, warm lamps, charismatic rugs, potted plants, and hanging baskets tie the look together. Ascertain the swing is properly affixed to the roof before taking it for a test drive.