Creative Ideas For Bringing The Coquette Décor Style Into Your Kitchen

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A coquette, by definition, is a flirtatious woman. But the word has taken on a life as its own adjective in the last several years, due to the popularity of the "coquette aesthetic." This term has been used to define a feminine, often hyper-feminine, style of dressing and accessorizing. On TikTok especially, bows have become a defining feature of the coquette trend. Self-proclaimed coquettes tie up their hair and adorn their clothes, socks, and shoes with pink ribbon. Other times, bows are wrapped facetiously around unexpected items like a TV remote, a toilet paper roll, or even a pickle spear.

The rising interest in the trend is undoubtedly compounded by the popularity of "Regencycore" aesthetics — a growing source of fashion inspiration, attributed to the success of Netflix's English Regency period piece, "Bridgerton." The overlap between modern coquette style, Regency, as well as the Victorian era that closely followed it, land perfectly in the realm of romance and whimsy.

So it's not a surprise that the impulse to incorporate these details into fashion has translated to the world of interior design. In home spaces, the coquette aesthetic can manifest in any room, through frilly textures, ornate shapes, and of course, the color pink. The kitchen is no exception, and there's tons of detail to play with in every dish, utensil, pot, and pan. Whether you're just looking to just dip a toe or you're ready to dive deep into this décor style, keep reading for a list of ways to coquette-ify your kitchen on any level.

Paint your walls pink (or another pastel shade)

One of the biggest impacts you can make in the kitchen is with paint color. If yours could use a fresh coat and you're looking to lean fully into the coquette aesthetic, pink is the obvious pick. In general, coquette enthusiasts often err on the side of lighter pinks. With that said, there's still quite a bit of variety under the umbrella of light pink. Blush, pastel, and baby pink hues can vary in saturation and warmth. To pick the shade that's best for your kitchen, take other features into consideration, such as the material and color of your cabinets and countertops. For inspiration, you can start by looking at an interior shade from BEHR called, well, "Coquette."

However, pink is not the only way to incorporate a coquette wall color. Most pastel tones work for this style. Light blue can pair nicely with other coquette details like chinoiserie, and offer a sense of calm in your kitchen. And opting to paint your kitchen butter yellow is a design rule worth breaking. The pale tone can infuse your space with warmth and acts much like a neutral color when styled correctly. But if any of these lighter shades still feel intimidating, consider opting for a true neutral like cream or ivory (as opposed to bright or cool-toned whites). These warm off-white shades will give a soft impression that both complements coquette décor and keeps your kitchen design versatile.

Use dainty floral wallpaper

Paint is one option for covering your kitchen with coquettish charm, but you can also opt for wallpaper. For an authentic vintage feel, consider wallpaper with dainty floral patterns, like the Stockard Floral Roll available on Wayfair. The LoveShackFancy wallpaper from Pottery Barn offers not only florals, but pink ribbon, to boot. This option comes in more traditional pre-pasted rolls, but is also offered in peel-and-stick.

Peel-and-stick wallpaper is an especially great option for renters who can't make permanent changes to their walls or homeowners who want the option to easily swap out their design for another. It also tends to be more cost-effective and DIY-able than traditional wallpaper. Additionally, you can get creative in the kitchen with peel-and-stick by using it in different applications. Whether you go for full-on wall coverage, use it as just a backsplash, or even apply it to cover cabinets or bring a pop of personality to your fridge, peel-and-stick wallpaper is a fun way to quickly and impactfully implement coquette design in your kitchen.

Display tea towels around the kitchen

Tea towels get their name from their origins in British Victorian history, where they were used specifically to dry the delicate dishware employed during tea time. But tea towels aren't just a good way to avoid wasting paper towels to dry your dishes — they are also an opportunity for décor. Whether hanging on an oven handle or a wall hook, tea towels are an excellent canvas for delicate, coquette designs.

When incorporating tea towels into your kitchen set-up, stay in the coquette color family with pastel hues (especially pink) and white. These linens are also an ideal opportunity for bringing in coquettish flourishes such as lace edging, scallops, stripes, ruffles, and of course, bows. For inspiration, check out this linen, ruffle-trimmed tea towel from Kate Marker Home or this delicate lace-trimmed selection from Purple Rose Home. You can also find authentic vintage tea towels from different online vendors, including various Etsy shops. If you stumble on a particularly beautiful and delicate piece of linen, you can also use it to DIY a gorgeous accent for your kitchen by setting it in a frame and displaying it on a wall.

Adorn your cabinets with gold hardware

Changing hardware is a small design adjustment with a big impact, so use it as an opportunity to easily incorporate the coquette aesthetic into your kitchen design. Coquette fashion is often punctuated with gold jewelry, and you can channel the trend in your kitchen by looking for brass or gold-tone knobs, handles, and pulls. If they have an aged or patinated look, that can give an authentic vintage appeal. Regency-era ironware is a great source of inspiration when looking for decorative, elegant accessories for your cabinetry. But you can also use more minimal or playful designs, depending on your own personal taste.

For a traditional feel, look for intricate designs with rounded or scalloped ridges, such as the Devon cabinet pulls from Build With Ferguson. For something even more detailed, keep your eyes peeled for vintage or vintage-inspired floral hardware designs, like these antique-style brass knobs available on Amazon. And for an even bolder approach to coquette, you can find hardware shaped like animals — antique versions are available from sellers on Etsy. If the glitz of gold or brass finished hardware isn't your thing, you can also opt for ceramic knobs with cute details, like these Amerock knobs, also from Build With Ferguson.

Layer coquette curtain textures

If you thought window valances were going out of style — think again. Valances, tiers, and swags have all found new life in the coquette trend and its vintage tendencies. Bring the look to your kitchen windows by layering them with lush textures. Drapery, café curtains, and jabots are all welcome. Florals, ruffles, lace, appliqué, embroidery, and yes — bows — are all for the taking. But like with all trends, you can decide just how coquette you want to be.

To keep things both on trend but timeless, try a sheer lace valance like this one from Amazon. The single panel in white keeps things a bit more understated, but you still get a bit of frill through the texture of the fabric. These Sweet Home embroidered curtains from Target are even more coquette-forward, with multiple panels that you can layer, and prominent pink floral embroidery. And for an even bolder approach, you can look for luxuriously draped balloon curtains or voile curtains, like this sheer pink option from Today's Curtain Store on Amazon. If you can't choose one, try mixing and matching textures between valance, swag, and tier curtains.

Eat off of vintage inspired designs

When it comes to dining, the coquette aesthetic again takes inspiration from Regency-era designs. Namely, this includes the incorporation of chinoiserie, which was the European interpretation and appropriation of East Asian motifs across artistic disciplines. Often these pieces were rendered in white ceramic with blue glaze-painted scenes or designs across the surface.

In general, the delicate nature of ceramic dishes makes them a top choice to look for when bringing coquette to the dinner table. If you like the style of traditional white and blue china, you don't necessarily have to get a whole new set of plates. You can find things like ginger jars or sugar pots from different homeware retailers, such as this affordable 123Arts option available on Amazon.

This category of coquette décor is also an excellent opportunity for some second-hand shopping. Unique vintage dishware pieces can be found from sellers on eBay or even at local thrift stores. If you do feel like replacing all of the dishware in your kitchen, try collecting ceramic plates and bowls with different designs. Some Etsy vendors even sell pre-bundled sets. Whether you buy them together or source them yourself, a mismatched set of dinnerware creates a romantically kitsch look that perfectly embodies the playful coquette spirit. However, be aware that vintage or antique dishes and glassware can contain lead. The easiest way to ensure you eat off lead-free dishes is to test your purchases using a lead testing kit, such as this one on Amazon.

Get the coquette look with feminine glassware and utensils

Another way to bring the coquette look into your kitchen is by changing up your glassware. From water to wine glasses, there are plenty of ways to infuse your beverage drinking experience with a whimsical, romantic touch. Clear glass may be decorative with molded designs all over, like these Kingrol goblets from Amazon. Or, opt for pink-tinted glass, like with these pretty champagne coupes, also available on Amazon. And for a more modern take on coquette glassware, these sculptural wine glasses from Kanyon Shop with bows "tied" around the stem certainly fit the bill.

For a coquette tablescape, you can find gold-toned stainless steel cutlery from many retailers. But be warned that the finish on these trendy pieces can scratch, wear, and fade fairly easily with regular use, especially if you go with a budget set. If you want an array of forks, knives, and spoons that will last, look for high-quality stainless steel flatware with decorative details on the handle. And of course, pink cutlery handles are always an option, too, like this Uniturcky set from Amazon.

Make a meal of coquette style with pink pots and pans

If you want to cook and look coquette while doing it, embracing pink and other feminine details in your pots and pans is a the way to do it. Wondering where to get rosy-toned cookware? This Dutch oven from Great Jones is pink and hand-printed with a floral design. This pot and pan set from GreenPan combines gold-tone handles with pink anodized bodies for functional cookware with a cute look. And if you're tickled by the thought, you can even get yourself a coquette cocotte with this blush pink, flower-lidded option from Le Creuset. For more affordable additions to your coquette cookware collection, check out this pink, heart-shaped Dutch oven from Paris Hilton's brand on Amazon. Or browse this set of pink pots and pans with heart-shaped lid handles from her line at Walmart.

While this may seem like another opportunity for second-hand shopping, you should proceed with caution when it comes to purchasing vintage or antique cookware. Depending on the material it is made of, vintage cookware can be a source of lead or aluminum. Unless you know that your piece has been properly maintained or restored, or it's been tested for food safety, it might be best to confine its use to decorative purposes.

Dazzle with a kitchen chandelier

For lighting, perhaps the most coquette you can get is to incorporate a crystal chandelier in your kitchen. Whether it's over your island or dining table, the shiny, sparkly detail will make a strong impression and add some serious luxury to your space — even if you don't actually spend that much on it. For example, this LaLuLa chandelier has a crystal effect but is made with acrylic, and only costs about $65 on Amazon.

If you have an existing light in your kitchen ceiling, you can replace the light fixture yourself. However, if you opt to do so, be sure to take essential safety measures, like turning off all electricity running to the room where the chandelier will be installed. And if you're not confident about your ability to replace the fixture on your own, it's always best to recruit a professional electrician for the job.

Say you don't already have a wired fixture to work with, or you live in a rental — there are plug-in chandeliers to make your coquettish lighting dreams come true. Check out this Papaya Store plug-in chandelier available on Amazon, which includes a ceiling hook and a clear cord to make the power source as discreet as possible. You'll still need some home improvement prowess to make this installation happen, but it's much safer than dealing with electrical wires.