The Genius Toilet Paper Storage Solution That Comes From An IKEA Must-Have

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If you struggle to find space for your extra rolls of toilet paper, this IKEA hack is perfect for storing toilet paper in a small bathroom. While the major furniture and home retailer does carry a toilet paper stand that can hold your current roll and has a bar to stack a few others beneath it (the KROKFJORDEN toilet roll stand, which retails for about $15), there's another must-have IKEA product that can easily be repurposed into a unique toilet paper storage solution. Though it may seem unconventional, one of the brand's pot lid organizers can be easily transformed to hold approximately six rolls of toilet paper.

The VARIERA stainless steel pot lid organizer is currently available for just under $8 at IKEA, making it more affordable than the company's toilet paper storage stand, and crucially, it won't take up as much space in your bathroom. The organizer can even be mounted on the wall for a unique and genius toilet paper storage solution. With just this one IKEA must-have, you can neatly display your extra rolls of toilet paper and keep them in a spot that's easily accessible.

Storing toilet paper with this IKEA must-have

While IKEA's VARIERA pot lid organizer was designed to be stored in drawers to keep your lids neatly lined up on their sides, you should be able to attach it to your wall for this hack. Once your organizer is assembled, you could even consider spray painting it to match the unique aesthetic of your bathroom. Otherwise, it looks just as chic in the original silver color. Now, you'll need to decide how to hang your new toilet paper storage solution. If you own your home, it should be relatively easy to put an inconspicuous nail or two in the wall and hang the organizer so that the nails are concealed inside the top diamond shaped opening. 

Otherwise, you could use a small metal hook instead. For example, Home Depot carries six packs of brass-plated steel picture hooks for just under $2. If you cannot make holes in your wall because you're renting, for instance, consider using all-purpose Command hooks (around $10 on Amazon). Once your hook is firmly in place, simply hang your organizer, making sure that it is fully extended and secure. Then, place rolls of toilet paper on the alternating pegs on each side of your organizer, and you're done. This creative IKEA storage hack will save major space in your bathroom while also giving your toilet paper storage a unique look.