Why An Old Garden Rake Is The Perfect Garage Wall Organizer

Garages can be one of the places most in need of smart storage solutions. Although there are endless boxes, bins, and racks that hold all manner of things, from tools and hardware to sports equipment and gardening supplies, you may still be looking for some ideas that keep things neatly organized yet easily accessible. While this isn't a DIY that will double the storage space in your garage, it's easy to implement and doesn't have to cost you a dime. Custom-made organization systems can be expensive, and even store-bought racks and other materials aren't cheap these days. Fortunately, one of the best solutions for storage may be something you already own. An old rake hung on the wall can make an excellent hook rack for hanging things in your garage or shed to stay organized, and can house everything from tools and gardening supplies to other essentials.

Vintage rakes often have a heartiness and charming patina that make them look rustic and will give your garage a touch of cottage chic. Their rungs can serve as sturdy hooks for hanging even heavy and large objects, providing the teeth are still strong and you use correctly sized screws for your DIY project. In addition, repurposing a rake for organization can be a perfect way to preserve a prized antique heirloom or keep an unused or slightly battered rake out of a landfill. 

How to repurpose a rake for storage

To repurpose a rake in your garage, simply hang it on the wall. You can remove the longer handle that is attached or leave it intact. Hang the handle side up the wall of the garage or downward. Customize your rake by adding a coat of paint or leave the original finish for a more rustic farmhouse look. If you lack wall space, consider other places to hang the rake, including along a fence, exterior wall, or from the side of a work bench or potting table. This upcycling project also works with smaller hand rakes. 

To hang up your rake, place two parallel screw-in hooks, large nails, or heavy-capacity Command hooks on the wall of your garage, or wherever else you want to mount it. Then slip the base of the rake over the hardware. You can also hang the rake with magnets to cabinets or other magnetic surfaces in the garage or shed. Alternatively, drill a hole through the center of the rake and screw it into a wall stud for an ultra-solid hold. 

What to hang from your upcycled rake organizer

A rake makes the perfect hook rack for suspending other garden tools like hand spades, hoes, small forks, clippers, and gloves. If you're looking for easy garage storage ideas that will inspire the handyperson in you, start by storing some small DIY tools or paint brushes on your rake teeth. Or, mount your old rake by the interior door as a convenient place to easily hook keys, umbrellas, shopping totes, leashes, and coats as you come in and out. Other ways to repurpose a rake around the house include hanging it over a grill to hold spatulas, tongs, and other utensils where you can always find them. Rakes can also hold rolled hoses, Christmas lights, and extension cords to prevent tangling. Smaller items like clothespins, laundry pods, or seed packets can be hung from the hooks in small buckets or baskets. 

As a decorative accent that is as functional as it's pretty, use your mounted rake as a place to store bunches of flowers or herbs from the garden as they are drying out. A fan-shaped rake can also be outfitted with flowers and other decorative accents to make it into a shabby chic piece of décor to liven up an otherwise drab and utilitarian space.