Creative Ways To Display Solar Fairy Lights To Enchant Your Summer Garden

Warm, summer nights bring a desire to spend more time outside, but you don't necessarily want to sit in the dark, which isĀ why you need solar lights for your yard. A light display in the garden can be both practical and beautiful. Incorporating lights into your summer garden is an easy way to add charm and beauty to the space, as you create lasting memories with loved ones.

There are many different types of outdoor lights, from electric string lights to battery-operated lanterns, but if you really want to make some garden magic, add solar-powered fairy lights. Because of their dainty size, they're very versatile, which gives you the opportunity to get creative in how you display them. These can fit into jars or water globes. Plus, since they're powered by the sun, you don't have to worry about having access to an outlet or adding to your electricity bill.

Add your solar fairy lights to a mason jar

Put those mason jars in your kitchen cupboard to use with a fairy light jar display. To make the light jars, insert a single strand of solar-powered fairy lights into a clear, large, wide-mouthed mason jar. Leave the solar panel outside of the jar as you put the lid back onto the jar. Place the solar panel on top of the lid and switch the lights "on." If you'd rather not have the solar panel protruding from the lid, you can purchase mason jars with solar panel lids and fairy lights included, for a sleeker look.

You can scatter your light jars around the ground of your garden for a simple display. Find the best spot in the garden possible for your solar lights to catch the sun's rays. Otherwise, you can attach stainless-steel mason jar handles to the rim of your jar if you want to hang them instead. If you choose to hang them, you can use a shepherd's hook garden stake to create beautiful lantern lights. You can also hang the jars on your patio wall using a cast iron swivel hook.

Create a luminous aquatic illusion

You can also use fairy lights to create a water spectacle that gives the lights some added character and movement. If you can, get your hands on a previously used water fountain. Place the water fountain in your desired location and fill it with soil and plants. For less maintenance, you can choose to fill the fountain with artificial plants. Once you have your plants established, run fairy lights from the top of the fountain, to the bottom. Shape the lights as if they are cascading down the fountain and over the plants like streams of water. To make the illusion more believable, you can opt for blue fairy lights.

For a more humble aquatic light display, create a spilling teapot. Grab an old teapot and your fairy lights, Double up your light strands to whatever length you need to create the spilling tea effect. Once you have your light rows, loop craft wire through the wrapped ends of the light rows to bunch them together. Then put the end of the craft wire through the tea spout and attach it to a washer to keep it in place. Hang your teapot from a shepherd's hook and place the solar light panel on the ground where the lights end. No matter how you choose to incorporate them into your space, fairy lights are sure to be a staple in your garden for many summers to come.