How To Pick The Perfect Wallpaper For Your Home, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Humans have been looking to the stars for answers for thousands of years. The Atlantic reported that astrology, which is the study of how stars and planets influence our lives, is used to predict events, describe personalities, and provide helpful advice for any occasion. While there are a lot of different aspects of astrology to consider, your Sun sign is probably the most important element since it determines your personality in the zodiac, according to Harper's Bazaar. Knowing your Sun sign (which is based on your birthday) can help you solve many of life's mysteries, such as which personalities you're compatible with, your favorite color, and what to order for dinner (via Society 19).

Your zodiac sign can also be beneficial when it comes to decorating your home. Whether you believe in astrology or not, it can be a useful tool for figuring out which colors, patterns, and design styles you naturally gravitate towards. If you've been thinking about adding some fun to your living space with wallpaper, there's never been a better time. Wallpaper is one of the top trends this year per Homes & Gardens, and there are tons of beautiful prints and patterns to choose from. But before browsing through millions of wallpaper options, take a minute to consult the stars. They just might help you pick out the wallpaper print of your dreams. Without further ado, here are the best wallpaper designs for you, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries can give walls a bold edge with red prints

Bold, ambitious, and unfiltered, Aries is one of the most active signs in the zodiac. These fire signs are not afraid to take on the world and go after what they want, according to Co-Star. As natural leaders, they face challenges head-on and rarely back down from a fight. However, their impulsiveness tends to get them into trouble, and they don't always think things through before taking action. 

Per Astrology Zodiac Signs, Aries' power color is red. They are at their best when surrounded by shades of red, which is why this sign should seek out corresponding wallpaper patterns. The Alvorada print in "tomato" from Kravitz Design features bold geometric curves and high contrast hues, making it a great choice for Aries (via Flavor Paper). The strength found in prints like this will spark Aries' sense of adventure and help these strong personalities stay in their power, no matter what challenges they face.

Evoke the laid-back luxury Taurus loves with botanical patterns

No one likes to be cozy as much as a Taurus. As the homebodies of the zodiac, these earth signs crave routine, stability, comfort, and luxury, as per Co-Star. Whether wrapped up in a soft cashmere blanket or sipping a cup of hot tea from a designer mug, a Taurus knows how to relax in style. While these earth signs spend a lot of time at home, they are deeply connected to the physical world around them and enjoy being surrounded by plants and greenery. Even though Tauruses can sometimes get a little stuck in their ways, nature helps them relax and embrace growth. 

The unique Taurus personality matches perfectly with a botanical-themed wallpaper or other nature-inspired print. The Salengro wallpaper from Manuel Canovas (via Jane Clayton & Company) is a lovely decorative print with lively green plants. Whether you decorate a wall in your bathroom or cover your entire living room, this fun pattern will help you stay connected to nature's beauty.

Bright and cheerful Geminis feel best with yellow wallpaper in their homes

Charismatic Geminis know how to charm a crowd, whether it's at an intimate dinner party, crowded dance party, or serious business meeting. These intelligent air signs love to talk and are skilled communicators, coming alive whenever they're around other people in social settings, per Allure. No matter the environment, they quickly adapt and fall into conversation about whatever topic strikes their fancy. Gemini is symbolized by the Twins and has a reputation for being a bit two-faced, but in reality they are just a versatile blend of different personalities and interests.

The one thing that a Gemini fears more than anything else is being alone with no one to talk to, per PopSugar. While they are often entertaining guests at home and love having visitors, they are more likely to get lonely at home than other signs. This is why they should decorate with happy yellow wallpaper to help them stay cheery during downtime. The Geo Damask from Graham & Brown is a great option for a Gemini who favors classic design. Alternatively, a fun tropical print with pineapples will feel like a ray of sunshine in the Gemini home.

Sensitive Cancers are soothed by shades of blue

Symbolized by the crab, Cancer moves effortlessly between water and land, navigating both the emotional and material worlds. This water sign is sensitive and nurturing, and supports their loved ones through thick and thin. According to Co-Star, the moods of a Cancer resemble the ocean tide, ebbing and flowing. They thrive in comfortable environments and like to create safe spaces, cocooning themselves from surprises and unpredictable changes. 

A Cancer's home typically mirrors this desire for peace and comfort. This sign is at its best when surrounded by soft materials like velvet and cashmere. Cancers also enjoy subtle color palettes. Instead of bold patterns and bright colors, opt for a soothing blue wallpaper reminiscent of the ocean or other natural settings. The Olympus design from Hovia is a perfect option for the Cancer home, featuring a blue and green watercolor painting. Plus, the mountain design will help you feel calm and centered while going about your day.

Dramatic Leos need an eye-catching wallpaper design to thrive

Ruled by the sun, sparkly Leos naturally gravitate toward the spotlight. These fire signs are warm-hearted and always have a good joke up their sleeves, per Astrology Zodiac Signs. They love being the center of attention and can command any crowd effortlessly due to their charisma. However, these charismatic leaders are actually quite sensitive underneath their large presence. A Leo is not immune to criticism and can take betrayals personally, often masking their softer side with anger (via Co-Star). 

Energetic and passionate, captivating Leos require a home that matches their infectious zest for life. These fiery personalities are not afraid to stand out, nor are their living spaces. When it comes to wallpaper, a Leo should opt for loud geometric designs and wild, colorful prints. Artistic themes and vivid colors will look great in Leo's living room and keep this sign pumped up while entertaining. Bright, fun, and colorful, the prism wallpaper from Wallpapers To Go is a perfect option. 

A Virgo is best-suited to minimalist wallpaper

It's all in the details for a Virgo, a sign known for its high standards and perfectionism. According to Cosmopolitan, Virgos are humble, hardworking, and love to be helpful. They are constantly dreaming up their next plan and taking steps to turn it into a reality. While they have a reputation for being clean freaks, they just like things to be organized and in their proper place. 

Named the most minimalistic sign in the zodiac by YourTango, Virgo typically lacks the patience for loud colors, clutter, or mess of any kind. For better or worse, this practical earth sign likes to keep things simple in their home. When decorating with wallpaper, Virgos should search for soft, neutral patterns that are easy on the eyes. The Adelaide Lavender Ogee design by Brewster Home Fashions is perfectly suited for a Virgo bedroom (via Burke Decor). This pretty floral print is simple and subtle, with just a touch of whimsy to help a Virgo unwind at the end of a long day.

A lover of beauty, a Libra will appreciate Chinoiserie prints

Represented by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Libra appreciates the beautiful things in life. From fine wine and opera nights to high fashion and art, this breezy air sign has exquisite taste, per Cosmopolitan. While Libras strive for balance in their relationships (their symbols are scales, after all), they also try to please everyone around them. This can lead to Libras feeling overextended and drained at times. On the bright side, they are great listeners who are often known for being diplomatic and empathetic friends. Everyone wants a Libra in their corner!

In the Libra home, beauty is essential. According to Dengarden, air sign qualities should be incorporated into the living space with pictures of birds in flight and other animal-themed decorations. Chinoiserie wallpaper makes for a great addition to the Libra home since the delicate, painted pattern often shows birds moving through the air, along with graceful flowers and other nature scenes. The Hummingbird pattern from Cole & Son is the ultimate match for a Libra (via Mahones Wallpaper Shop).

Passionate Scorpios will be seduced by a dark floral pattern

While intense Scorpios are often mistaken for a fire sign, they actually belong to water. Their emotional depths know no bounds and they might just be the darkest sign of the zodiac, according to Bustle. Scorpios can certainly be moody and vindictive, using their dangerous stinger to strike down enemies when least expected, just like their symbol, the scorpion. However, Scorpios are deeply protective and loyal to the ones they love. It's always good to have a Scorpio in your corner.

To capture the dark energy of this intuitive water sign, decorate your home with black and purple color palettes, rounded objects, and spooky, Gothic-inspired pieces, per Dengarden. Scorpio wallpaper should ideally be a dark, floral design reflecting the sign's passionate nature. The Venetian Wallpaper in Noir from Graham & Brown features bright flowers set against a black background, which will make any Scorpio feel at home in their lair (via Burke Decor).

An adventurous Sagittarius draws inspiration from map-themed wallpaper

Whether backpacking through South America or studying the art of Buddhist meditation, adventurous Sagittariuses are always drawn to new cultures and knowledge. These philosophical fire signs take on the world with curiosity and optimism, always trying to see the glass half full, per HuffPost. Their endless energy makes them amazing friends and companions, but be careful of their blunt honesty. A Sagittarius does not shy away from the ugly truth and always tells you what they think. 

The Sagittarius home is typically filled with mementos and souvenirs from their travels around the globe, as well as philosophy books and houseplants, according to The Spruce. Picking a travel-themed wallpaper like a world map will help Sagittarius stay in touch with their lust for life, even while spending time at home. Etsy has a great variety of map wallpaper, perfect for covering an entire living room or the wall behind your bed. For a fun addition, you can put up photos or colored pins to mark the places you've traveled to in the past.

A hard-working Capricorn needs a print that stimulates focus

Focused and disciplined, Capricorns love working hard. This practical earth sign does not consider the day finished until every item on their to-do list has been completed. They will always try their best and persevere through tough situations, according to Cosmopolitan. However, this drive for success can often lead to Capricorns being labeled workaholics. Sometimes they should remember to stop and smell the roses before diving back into their work. Apart from enjoying material success, Capricorns are big fans of puzzles, reading, gardening, and expanding their minds with useful knowledge.

Capricorn wallpaper should not be too surprising or chaotic since it could distract from their work. A simple, minimalist pattern can help Capricorn focus and stay calm. The Igor wallpaper in jade from artists Sara Bergqvist and Janniche Kristoffersen features a soothing green watercolor pattern, making it ideal for a home office or workspace (via Étoffe).

Unconventional Aquarius pairs well with a quirky, out-of-the-box print

Eccentric Aquariuses like to embrace the peculiar, whether starting conversations about conspiracy theories or taking up beekeeping as a hobby. As the last air sign of the zodiac, Aquariuses are natural rebels who strive to have a positive influence on their communities and the larger world, according to Bustle. They are always looking to the future and trying to mix things up. While they enjoy talking to new people, this sign also needs alone time to rest and recharge. 

The home of an Aquarius will hopefully inspire out-of-the-box thinking and creativity. Futuristic pieces, bookshelves piled high with interesting titles, and modern furnishings are all part of the Aquarius aesthetic, per Dengarden. As for the wallpaper, this air sign should look for unique, abstract designs like the Let's Face It! print from Olivia + Poppy. This cool and quirky design is sure to keep an Aquarius' creativity burning bright.

A dreamy Pisces loves being surrounded by ocean-themed designs

Symbolized by the fish, Pisces is a romantic water sign prone to daydreams and getting lost in their emotions. Mindbodygreen says Pisces are deep and wild, just like the ocean. Since they are endlessly creative, Pisces are often skilled artists and poets interested in spirituality. This sign can be a bit absentminded or forgetful at times because they tend to focus on their inner world instead of the immediate surroundings. Keys, phones, and wallets are just a few of the items Pisces has a habit of misplacing.

To create the calm and dreamy atmosphere that Pisces love, decorate your home with wallpaper inspired by ocean waves. The True Blue Marble wallpaper from Mitchell Black is a stunning coastal print, and it's custom printed to ensure the color stays consistent. Cover your bathroom walls or bedroom ceiling, and soon you'll be floating away to your favorite imaginary world.