40 Balcony Ideas To Bring Style To Your Outdoor Space

It is a fact that spending time outdoors makes people happier, and they enjoy better mental and physical health than those who do not, according to the CDC. Additionally, this becomes an easier activity once you style that balcony of yours to become life-changing-ly inviting, relaxing, entertaining, and mood-setting. But how do you go about it?

Well, in an interview with MakeSpace, experts emphasize spending money where it counts, keeping other residents in mind, and giving every space a purpose; do so while understanding that every styling element affects your mood, and design around your needs and tastes. Finally, The Home Stylist suggests that your outdoor space should technically be an extension of your indoor space. In other words, everything has to blend and flow from the inside out. That makes sense, but well, you need ideas to start with, right? So, here, explore: Here are House Digest's 40 balcony ideas to bring style to your outdoor space without losing your sanity.

1. Baby, it's not cold outside

Enjoy quality, cozy, and private outdoor relaxation in this hybrid, garden-themed balcony recreation space every time you need to recharge your creativity Zen and reconnect with beloved mother Gaia. Bust out your hobby items (Guitar? Piano? Painting canvas? Anyone?), and indulge until lounging on those comfy throw pillows take you to dreamland.

2. Time for chit chatting

Serious or trivial, there's probably no better place to have that just-the-two-of-us discussion than in this Sapele timber slats-enclosed patio area near a rooftop garden. Sit up or relax in the Nordic-style outdoor furniture with a cup of your favorite beverage. 

3. Read and swing, ye librocubicularists

Librocubicularists love to spend all day reading a book in bed. With this relaxation concept, you can take your hobby to a whole new level by simply setting up a bamboo hammock on the terrace for a satisfying "read and swing" experience that lasts as long as your reading habit. 

4. Unlock chakras and chant om

You deserve a well-ventilated open space for your yoga sessions, meditation, and holistic practices if you love healthy living. Think beyond those floating plant shelves: Throw in a Shiva lingam, a miniature buddha, or whatever transcendental statue piques your interest. And if you do collect healing crystals, hang them together with traditional lamps.

5. Thai khwām s̄uk̄h balcony

Thai means free and khwām s̄uk̄h is translated as happiness. We hope that you would always share moments of free happiness in this keep-it-simple balcony space overlooking lush greenery.

6. Extend the summer season ornamentally

Everybody wants to savor every season. Unfortunately, the subzero temperatures of early winter can be unpleasant — but not with this contemporary outdoor fireplace with cozy pinewood benches around a center fire bowl that keeps your family warm all day long.

7. Wine and dine in the embrace of good chi

Carve out an outdoor entertaining and eating environment on the balcony for an all-green recreational house party or family reunion. Food and drinks consumed where there's nature are said to be infused with good chi (AKA positive vital life force) so you better be ready for positivity overload.

8. Somewhere in Pomona Sprout's garden at Hogwarts

Picture rock pavement, a wrought iron bench, and a blazing goblet of flowers, all surrounded with a fence of stone veneer and wrought iron railings in the heart of fragrant greens. Satisfy your curiosity about how it would feel in a quiet area in Pomona Sprout's enchanted garden at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. 

9. Green urbanism starts with you

Imagine a lush urban rooftop terrace with gorgeous scenery and potted flowers that are not hard to maintain. This is what designer Brianne Bishop meant on Make Space when she advised spending money where it counts; create a simple, budget-friendly, and yet classy all-white design for your time outdoors in the evening after work.

10. Feng shui your city life

If you have enough space for flamboyancy, surround your balcony with varieties of year-round, interest-adding perennials, shrubs, and trees while investing in stylish outdoor furniture set. Psst: Here is our A-list of the 40 best garden flowers for inspiration.

11. Alone time in an observation nook

When advising beginners on landscaping design development, Almanac says it's important to create a getaway spot for yourself. To that end, we suggest this secluded observation nook for your alone time. Get creative with elements in three colors (black, white, and blue), and poke, prod, shuffle, and reshuffle until you're satisfied with an arrangement.

12. A long, lovely, lonely swing time

When you can't process the fact that your Facebook friends just stopped tagging you in memes, this may be the perfect spot for a long, lonely swing that will let the gloom sink in faster. Yes, even when it's raining, cause as you can see, this swing has a barrel-style shed.

13. Mood swings in a timber frame home

And here you'll be after binge-watching "Avatar The Last Airbender" (ATLA) for 10 hours straight and you need to reconnect back to reality in a timber frame home. 

14. Keep your sanity intact

No guilt allowed, finding time away from your lovely children when they are everywhere is legal with this adventurous DIY wooden and plastic playground that keeps them busy, happy, and engaged for hours. Bingo! You just saved your sanity.

15. A modern encomium to historical oyster bars

This balcony is nothing short of lovely. This place is for those who want to extend the good life into the backyard, and are proudly ready to go overboard doing so by whimsically pairing old-world elegance with modern day architecture.

16. Indoor or outdoor or a room on the street

Sure, this well-furnished outdoor-indoor patio has a backstory: One summer evening, your heart becomes a coin. One side wants to be indoors and the other outdoors. You satisfy both by bringing an entire room to the street with a fireplace, TV, big comfy couch, and more.

17. A dramatic entrance

Make it feel like entering a hobbit house each time you unlock that door to your balcony. Anyone thinking of the movie "Lord of the Rings" yet?

18. A Zen oasis of serenity

In this quiet little space, unwind and relax after a hectic day. It's like finding that oasis of the blest after a long walk in the desert. It's adorably refreshing, with flower beds, water features, masonry steps, rattan furniture, and substance-adding plants.

19. A balcony tent

A call to action: You can erect that camping tent of yours on the balcony to set the mood of a campsite during a curfew.

20. Stylish retro backyard camping

In a previous post about 50 home bar ideas, we talked about transforming an ol' crappy vehicle into a whimsical outdoor bar. Today, we are recommending connecting a retro backyard camper with your balcony using the same idea so you don't always have to travel to a campsite.

21. Aloha tutti frutti summer party

Aloha means love and affection, and right here is the perfect space to share those two qualities with family and friends over cups of juice and fruits in all shapes, in summer.

22. Dear summer, my office life continues

Ye work-from-home folks! What do you say to an outdoor home office on the balcony? Deal? You get a complete workspace plus a sleeper couch that converts to a dining setup for lunch break. Fair enough?

23. Starry nights or romantic picnics

Aim for "romantically lovely" as you set the mood for the perfect date night. If you're out of ideas, Hello Relish shares 41 really cool date night activities, most of which can be explored in this snazzy outdoor space.

24. A cool shabby chic garden

Convert your balcony to a complete garden that will serve you either as a professional horticulturist or a hobbyist who wants to practice the art and science of planting.

25. Mild weather back porch sunroom

More budget-friendly than a bump-out sunroom, less maintenance-demanding compared to the conventional conservatory sunroom, this back porch sunroom connects you to the outside world from the comfort of your sleeper sofa and dining set. Hang a wall-mounted TV and push in a trolley with your wine collection.

26. Cool grey ocean view

Enjoy a romantic resort of charm, simple sophistication, and flower fragranced-freshness for a home that's close to an ocean. But you don't necessarily have to stick to roses, any romantic flower will do as long as it is white or of a color that's close to the grey balustrade.

27. A foodie's sanctuary

This rustic outdoor kitchen design has a modern grill, a fireplace, and an oven. But who said you can't sophisticate yours with every kitchen essential?

28. Home hydro massage

Install a hot tub onto the wooden terrace of your bungalow for hydro massage. Complete the setup with resting chairs for relaxation and a cabinet of spirits on standby, cause who knows when you will be inspired to make a toast to the good life?

29. Chill, relax, and take city photos

Take control of the weather: Make it night or draw the blackout curtains to usher sunshine inside the patio of an urban apartment. Recline in Nordic rattan furniture pieces as you take aerial images of the city you live in.

30. Purity and freedom

Make your balcony a beach hut brimming with luxurious purity and freedom. Stock up on whiskey and wine in the vintage bar cabinet and draw down the curtain whenever you need some privacy away from the ongoings of the beach.

31. Sleeping under the stars

Healthline gives a scientific perspective on why you should sleep under the stars. To that end, we are suggesting placing a cool grey adjustable lounger sofa bed in the heart of your tiny backyard, sheltering it with an umbrella, and positioning flower boxes at the right angles for naturally perfumed freshness.

32. Balcony lounge

Create an oasis for you and your guest by jazzing up an expansive rooftop terrace with a classic furniture set and perennial plants. This open-air lounge is sure to create magical moments no matter what you do in it.

33. Get away from it all

At times, in the middle of a party, all we want to do is take a break and unwind to refuel our extrovert machine. That is where a bright and peaceful sanctuary like this one comes in for you to spend some "me time" in a cozy, private, and relaxed atmosphere landscaped with potted plants.

34. Throw a barbecue party

Sack races, water balloon tossing, and three-legged races are merely additional fun, as there's definitely no BBQ party without the holy grail itself: well-cooked barbecue, which comes at the cost of a standard charcoal or gas grill. By the way, The Spruce Eats shared a guide on making the perfect cooked steak that's worth checking out.

35. Antique Persian hues of red

Convert an eyesore into an eye candy with a blood moon-themed balcony fleshed out with orange Persian rugs, patterned antique pillows on artsy cushions, round vintage tables, and potted plants. 

36. A Brazilian pool

This is for those with wide-open balcony space who relish life in a tropical Brazilian balcony pool with a remote controlled pre-installed pool heater. Remember to install an outdoor refrigerator for instant access to your favorite fruity juice or juicy fruit collection.

37. Go tropical

If you live in a residential villa, this minimalist balcony design idea is all about playing with tropical plants, wicker furniture, and outdoor lamps until you get a satisfying setup.

38. Simple yet classy existence

Create a romantic date spot where you can share cookies and wine with your other half on the balcony. All you need to invest in is white bedsheets, pillows, and a flower vase.

39. Breakfast in sunshine

Take a seat for a moment of sip-sip-sip of a cup of morning coffee or treat yourself to breakfast on a round table. Plant a tree in a planter box to shield against excessive sunlight.

40. My garden is a pleasant place

While you may not get a chance to plant a cherry tree like Louise Driscoll in her poem "My Garden is a Pleasant Place" published on All Poetry, a tiny backyard garden keeps your hobby going over the weekend.