How To Decorate Your Home Like The British Royal Family

From Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle, the British royal family is known to have some of the most lavish and sophisticated residences in existence. According to Architectural Digest, the Queen's main residence is Buckingham Palace, but the monarch owns several other estates where extended family members live. I mean, who wouldn't want to call a castle home? From the grand architecture to the priceless furnishings, these royal properties serve to "wow" upon seeing them.

Whether you're looking to give your bedroom a royal renovation or you plan on giving your entire home an imperial upgrade, the British royal family definitely knows how to serve up some inspiration. From Kate Middleton's more refined and modern take on a royal residence to the more classic and traditional style associated with the Queen, there are several tips and tricks to explore. That being said, we've put together this comprehensive guide on decorating your home like the British royal family.

Add gold accents throughout your home

Nothing says royalty like the elegance and shine of gold. According to The Spruce, gold adds instant class to your home, and it is a daring yet classic way to enhance a space. While gold furniture and light fixtures are common ways to add some glamour, you can take many other subtle routes. From the faucets in your kitchen or bathroom to the plumbing exposed below your sink, these are modern ways to add gold accents to your home. You can also choose accessories like bookends or picture frames for a more artsy style.

Since the British royal family tends to adorn as much as possible in gold, don't be shy when it comes to sprucing up your space. If you live in a house or apartment with vintage moldings, a stylish way to add more accents to your home is to paint these moldings with metallic gold paint (via Real Simple). This is a very authentic way to re-create the lavishness found within Buckingham Palace itself.

Pay attention to the kind of lighting you use

From chandeliers to antique lamps, there are several routes that you can take when it comes to elevating the lighting in your space. According to Hello!, the royal family tends to avoid too much overhead lighting (apart from a few grandiose chandeliers) and instead uses lamps and sconces throughout their homes. This tactic ensures that your home will be well lit without being too bright or fluorescent.

In fact, lighting is so important to the British royal family that they spend a whopping £1 million a year to light Buckingham Palace (via Smart Lighting Industries). With more than 40,000 lights throughout the palace, it makes sense that the electricity bill would be relatively high. While you certainly don't need to have quite that many light sources in your own home, using vintage lamps or unique lighting fixtures can create a similar ambiance. Also, using outdoor lighting on your walkways or your patio is another great way to channel some inspiration from the British royal residences.

Place flowers all around the home

There is nothing quite as elegant as fresh flowers used as a colorful accent throughout your home. In addition to brightening up the space, flowers make your home feel more lived-in and warm. The options are endless when using florals as decor, from seasonal wildflowers to vibrant red roses. While you can always buy flowers from your local market or grocery store, planting your own garden ensures that you'll have fresh arrangements and consistent options at all times.

According to Country and Town House, Buckingham Palace is surrounded by stunning gardens in nearly every direction. From lilacs to camellias, various blooms grow at the royal palace each season, ensuring that there is a colorful and vibrant scene to appreciate no matter what time of the year it is. Copy this aesthetic by decorating your own home with bouquets. Even if you don't have the space to create an outdoor garden, bringing a small piece of nature inside is one of the easiest ways to give your setting a royal touch.

Use personal touches like pictures and trinkets everywhere

Being that family is at the core of the monarchy, it makes sense that the royal residences would be filled with family portraits and photos that span decades. Per Real Simple, the long lineage of royal ancestors means many portraits and pictures are adorning the walls, though there are several ways to put a modern twist on this classic style. While the British royal family can keep track of their old family photos with ease, you most likely don't have a century-old portrait on hand.

That being said, buy one from a flea market and use it as the centerpiece to the rest of your family photos. It's a bit quirky, but it creates that historical connection that is so coveted with older photos. You can also blow up your favorite family portrait to a large size and use it as a focal point in your living room (via Style by Emily Henderson). A gallery wall with different and distinct frames is another great option.

Don't be afraid to add some red hues

While red is known to be a bit intense for some, something about this bold color screams royalty. According to Love Happens Magazine, red is often associated with passion and authority, giving it a potent and domineering effect. It is also said to be a very energizing color, meaning you might want to avoid putting it in the bedroom or any other room where you intend to unwind and relax.

That being said, red can be a great accent color in your living room or dining room. From curtains to pillow shams, adding a pop of red can really enhance a space and take your home to the next level. However, if you want to create a truly authentic scene that is nostalgic of a royal residence, use more faded hues of red rather than bright shades (via Real Simple). In addition to maintaining those passionate and powerful vibes, faded red also has a rich and classic feel to it.

Add dramatic and large drapes

Though traditional curtains and drapes might appear a bit stuffy or outdated to some, they provide an elegant touch that makes a space grander. Per Country Living, the drapes in three of the Queen's most important residences all have a specific designer to ensure that they turn out perfectly. Between Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, and St. James Palace, this designer is in charge of choosing the curtains and drapes for more than 1,000 rooms, proving that window treatments can have a drastic effect on a space.

While you may not love the idea of over-the-top curtains, they can still be done in a way that increases sophistication more subtly. In fact, sheer curtains can enhance a view and allow ample light to shine through a window, all while maintaining that distinguished style (via Landon Homes). The fabric also plays a huge role in picking out suitable drapes. From silk to velvet to linen, some options will look better in certain rooms, while others might clash with opposing fabrics or styles.

Buy antique furniture when possible

From gold-leaf couch legs to silk-embroidered accent chairs, antique furniture is one of the most important parts of decorating your home like the British royal family. According to Architectural Digest, the late Princess Diana loved to decorate with antique furnishings that featured pastel colors and lavish fabrics such as silk and velvet. In fact, during her time at Kensington Palace, Princess Diana was known for paying homage to traditional design while adding her own modern touch.

Antique furniture makes it easy to achieve the best of both worlds when designing your own space. Though they may seem pricey or difficult to come by, antique couches and tables can really set the entire scene for your living room. That being said, using these iconic pieces makes it easier to blend the past with the present, creating a cohesive setting that implores you to get comfortable and feel at home (per Veranda). However, when decorating with antiques, it is important to keep an open mind and remember that things will not look too matchy-matchy (which is a good thing!)

Cover your walls in art

Whether you want to create a gold-framed gallery wall or you prefer larger, statement-making paintings, covering your walls with art is a reliable way to make your home look more dignified. According to Our Culture, those who want to decorate their home like a scene from the renowned Netflix series "The Crown" should consider reframing their art with gold frames to give your gallery an opulent feel. From family portraits to scenic landscapes, the content of the art can be as diverse or unique as you like.

While you can go for a more modern look, vintage art is the way to go when taking inspiration from the British royal family. From the kitchen to your bathrooms, scatter artwork across all of your walls to achieve the regal and affluent design reminiscent of Buckingham Palace and other royal residences. Rather than hanging each piece of art, you can also try placing them on shelves or mantles for a more modern take on adorning your walls.

Use massive and lavish chandeliers

Of course, one of the most defining characteristics of a royal palace is the sparkling chandeliers that adorn the great halls and bedrooms. Per Classical Chandeliers, Buckingham Palace has more than 755 rooms in it, meaning there are plenty of ceilings to adorn with show-stopping chandeliers and light fixtures. In fact, chandeliers are considered one of Buckingham Palace's defining characteristics.

In addition to elevating the classiness and sophistication of a space, chandeliers have an unmatched charm that has allowed them to stand the test of time. That being said, hanging a chandelier also requires some more technical steps. For example, before buying a chandelier, you must have all your measurements done. While a massive chandelier might look great in the huge halls of Buckingham Palace, your apartment or home might require something smaller. You'll also want to ensure that you don't get a chandelier that is too small for your space, as that will also result in an awkward design.

Dramatize your space with elegant candelabras

Candelabras create a classic and somewhat mystical environment due to their vintage style and nature. According to the Daily Mail, the candelabras in Buckingham Palace were made in Paris, giving them that traditional vintage charm that is nearly impossible to replicate in modern design. These candelabras, in particular, hold 31 candles each, and they were made in 1856.

While contemporary spaces don't pair very cohesively with old-school candelabras, they add a lovely touch to homes that prefer to have the best of both worlds. From a hanging light fixture to candelabras on the fireplace mantle, several ways and places to use these iconic structures (via Martha Stewart). Though you can buy new candelabras at various retail shops, the best ones can be found at antique stores. There is nothing quite as unique and special as a vintage candelabra that boasts an intricate design and history.

Use a piano to add a classy and traditional touch

Something about a grand piano makes a space feel all the more sophisticated and distinguished. Per World Piano News, the famous grand piano in Buckingham Palace was built in 1856 and is adorned in gold. The detailed paintings on the side depict angelic cherubs and intricate vines that catch the eye and draw you in. It truly is a sight to behold, and it's one of the first things that gets noticed when walking into the room.

Though you might not be able to find a piano that is nearly as lavish or historical as the one in Buckingham Palace, pretty much any piano will have an elegant effect on your space. Since the living room is where most pianos are kept, guests notice them almost immediately, meaning you'll want an instrument that matches the rest of your aesthetic. While it may be fun to have a white or colored piano, a sleek, black piano always manages to add some sophistication.

Create one room with a royal blue color scheme

As the name suggests, royal blue is a very powerful and refined color. From your bedroom to a bathroom, having at least one room in your house with a royal blue color scheme is a great way to pay tribute to the British royal family's design and taste. According to the Royal Collection Trust, Windsor Castle has a blue room. The room was even painted into a stunning watercolor in remembrance of Prince Albert, who spent his final days in the said blue room.

From dramatic drapes to accent pillows, the options are endless when it comes to creating your own royal blue room. Best of all, royal blue is a timeless color that holds an infinite and everlasting sophistication, meaning you won't have to worry about it going out of style (via Empire Communities). If you're not ready to go all in a royal blue room, start by adding the color throughout your space. In addition to being very complementary to other colors, it can also add some depth to an area without much effort.