Step Inside Cara Delevingne's Magical Home

Chances are you've seen supermodel Cara Delevingne on the runway or splashed across the pages of "Vogue." Or maybe you've watched one of her feature films like "Paper Towns" or "Suicide Squad," per Business of Fashion. Delevingne's face is everywhere these days, and the adventurous English star shows no sign of slowing down. When not hard at work, she unwinds in style at her fantastic Los Angeles home, which she calls her "adult playhouse," as reported in her Architectural Digest home tour.

The home, which is truly one-of-a-kind, is like a visual feast for the eyes. Wild wallpaper and vibrant colors fill living spaces, along with unique lighting and artistic details. Every room has a different theme, including a magical "Alice in Wonderland" primary bedroom, a David Bowie-themed bathroom, a garden inspired by the Beverly Hills Hotel, and a Hugh Hefner-style game room. With quirky details like a giant wall of hats, secret passageways, and backyard trampolines, Delevingne never gets bored around here. The model gave cameras a privileged look inside her magical home, and we're following along every step of the way.

1. Every room in the home is like a work of art

It's hard to know where to look when first stepping inside Delevingne's extravagantly decorated residence. The downstairs sitting room area features a dizzying array of patterns, colors, and prints, including Gucci wallpaper, mirrored walls, jewel-toned pillows, a sparkling chandelier, and a grand fireplace. Nothing about this place is understated. In the room next door, there's also an impressive latticework ceiling and Delevingne's favorite artwork in the house, a piece from American artist James Turrell.

According to Architectural Digest, Delevingne partnered with architect Nicolò Bini from Line Architecture to make her madcap vision come to life and infuse fun doses of personality throughout the entire home. While plenty of crazy prints and wallpaper designs are displayed within the house, the Gucci print is among Delevingne's favorite. The heron print wallpaper features birds and dragonflies frolicking against a green background (via Gucci), and Delevingne uses it throughout the home in various background colors. 

2. Delevingne's kitchen has all the bells and whistles, including a built-in rotisserie oven

Heading on into the kitchen, a pleasing blue and white color palette, gold fixtures, and a fully stocked pantry await. One of the most interesting features in the room is the built-in rotisserie chicken oven on the wall. White brick details, shiny appliances, and a large kitchen island round out the space. Delevinge is obviously a huge fan of color, and the bright blue hue found on the cabinets is one of her favorites. PopSugar tracked down the color for those who want to copy her aesthetic, reporting that it's California Blue by Benjamin Moore.

Even if your kitchen isn't as spacious as Delevingne's, you can still get the look by installing a unique kitchen island in your cooking area. There are many different options to choose from, including a rolling cart island, an island table, and a standard, non-portable island with electricity and water (via The Spruce). Opting for a non-portable island will save you some money, but it will not be as secure and will have less functionality. 

3. Bright, citrus-colored chairs liven up the dining room

The colorful dining room is a sight for sore eyes with bright yellow chairs, floral wallpaper, lush houseplants, and a long glass table. There is nothing subtle about this stylish backdrop, which makes it perfect for keeping Delevingne's guests entertained during formal dinners or more casual get-togethers. It's the type of fun room that will make you want to stay in and eat at home. Interior designer Kiva Brent made a reaction YouTube video to Delevigne's house tour, and pointed out that while she enjoys the aesthetic of glass dining tables, they might not be practical for everyone because they get smudges on them fairly quickly. This can be especially difficult to upkeep if you have smaller children in the house.

But if you're looking for inspiration to take your dining room from drab to fab, take notes from Delevingne and don't be afraid of color. Breathe some life into your space with bright colors, kooky light fixtures, and bold wallpaper choices. According to The Spruce, dining rooms are no longer just for formal events, which means you can redecorate the space to let your personality shine. Incorporate color with vases, floral bouquets, geometric patterns, and pendant lighting. While mixing different styles and contrasting colors might feel counterintuitive, you can make it work. Above all, you should ultimately decorate your dining room to reflect your unique tastes and style.

4. Delevingne travels between rooms with a little Razor scooter

Delevingne's home presents a unique problem — hardwood floors. During the home tour, the supermodel revealed her feet sometimes hurt just from walking around her home. To solve this problem, Delevingne uses a scooter to travel between rooms. Talk about traveling in style! While that might seem quirky to some, Vice wisely pointed out that it's part of her "playhouse" aesthetic. It invites guests to get loose and have some fun. Not only is a scooter a fun way to get around, but it's also relatively affordable. Razor scooters, in particular, are pretty long-lasting, lightweight, and available at reasonable prices (via Two Wheeling Tots). Whether you have kids or are young at heart, these kick scooters are lovely travel companions for rides around the neighborhood or closer to home.

When shopping for a scooter, it's a good idea to consider a couple of aspects, like deck height, safety, wheel size, and bearings (via Faze). A lower deck offers greater comfort since you can easily kick off and stay secure. Brakes and lights are also essential safety features to check out before buying.

5. There's a see-through Wurlitzer piano in the drawing room

Adjacent to the dining room is one of Delevingne's favorite pieces: a transparent, Wurlitzer piano. In the supermodel's home tour, she mentions that she loves to play the piano naked. But she's not the only model to have a clear piano decorating her house. According to The New York Times, Miranda Kerr also has one in her Malibu home, and she considers it the centerpiece of her estate.

Delevingne's drawing-room not only has several long, tufted couches for hanging out on, but it also has a Hugh Hefner-inspired gaming section, which features a Play Boy pinball machine. If you're looking to add some entertainment value to your living space, a games room or hang-out space can be a game-changer. Adding instruments and games like pool, ping pong, or shuffleboard will add a touch of fun to your house. Since game tables often take up quite a bit of space, it's a good idea to be sure of your square footage before decorating (via Forbes). When it comes to seating, ottomans are a great option because they are comfortable and can easily be moved around the space.

6. The bedroom is an 'Alice in Wonderland' themed escape

Entering Delevingne's magical bedroom is like going down the rabbit hole. In the home tour, the model describes her room as "Alice in Wonderland" themed. It evokes a quirky fairytale with colorful wallpaper, a majestic purple bed, and an Art Deco-inspired headboard. The bed was brought from Delevigne's previous house in Los Angeles, which she shared with her sister Poppy. According to Vogue Australia, the sisters worked with architect Nicolò Bini to decorate the space, which included the bed. Other items brought over from the original house were the Play Boy pinball machine and stripper poles. Next to the bedroom is a spacious walk-in closet which Delevingne has brightened up with a fresh coat of white paint and a separate shoe cupboard (which is much larger than your average cupboard) filled with sneakers, boots, and a couple of pairs of stripper heels. 

To bring "Alice in Wonderland" charm into your home like Delevingne, aim to have your interiors inspire the imagination. Decorate with secret passageways, mad tea party-inspired pieces, and magical wallpaper (via Good Housekeeping). 

7. The model designed a vagina tunnel for her home

According to Albert Review, Delevingne's home was originally built in 1941 by the Von der Ahe family, of Vons supermarket fame. The family was very religious, and rumor has it that they even welcomed Pope John Paul II to their residence in 1987. If the Pope were to visit Delevingne's home today, he would be greeted by some interesting architectural details, such as the secret vagina tunnel in the main sitting area. Delevingne had the passageway installed behind a mirrored door. When she wants to think, create, and feel inspired, she climbs into the space, which leads to a washing-machine door exit. Delevingne says she feels "rebirthed and cleansed" after crawling through her vagina tunnel. Bini loves Delevingne's quirky ideas and has encouraged her unique designs ever since he joined forces with her in the house she shared with Poppy. "They were great editors, and they were game for anything. The sentences that started with 'This is the craziest idea you've heard ...' those were the things we built first," he told Vogue Australia.

But this is not the only space Delevingne has designated for free-spirited pleasure in her home. There's also an attic party room upstairs with a swing, soft, pink walls, mirrors on the ceiling, and a stripper pole. 

8. The massive golden bathtub is made for soaking in style

The magic continues in Delevingne's primary bathroom, which features a massive golden bathtub, steam shower, double sinks, wild animal-themed artwork, lots of jungle-worthy plants, and even a television. Interior designer Kiva Brent applauded Delevigne's design in her reaction YouTube video and encouraged people with enough space to separate their showers from their bathtubs. "Having a bathtub and a shower separately is amazing," she said. "I know this is a sore subject for people, but the shower-bath combos are rarely good-looking... It's not the most luxurious thing in the world."

Giving your bathroom a royal upgrade doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. According to BuzzFeed, sprucing up a bathroom is as easy as adding a faux marble cover to countertops, installing a waterfall faucet or rain shower head, or upgrading your cabinet knobs with brass details. Sometimes the best way to elevate the space is by giving existing elements a little TLC. For example, if you have wood cabinets, you can make them shine with a coat of wood polish and protective beeswax layer.

9. Delevingne finds peace in her garden sanctuary

With all of the crazy colors and patterns going on inside her home, Delevingne probably needs a peaceful place to unwind. Enter her garden sanctuary. This little sitting area is located just outside of the model's bedroom and can be curtained off for complete privacy. The brick patio is decorated with cool blue and white chairs, a glass table, and lots of green palms. It has a decidedly midcentury modern flair, which was the themed of her previous house as well. "I wanted to create a true L.A. moment for them, with nods to California midcentury modern, Laurel Canyon bohemia, Beverly Hills swank, surfing culture, and a little Mexico," Bini told Vogue Australia. "Then we tied all that in with Cara and Poppy's Englishness to give the house another layer of Delevingne charm." You can see echoes of this in her new space.

According to House Beautiful, a little love goes a long way when it comes to designing a serene garden. Not only will simple upgrades like plants and patio furniture make your garden look more appealing, but they can also raise property values and help your home sell faster. Whether you intend to use an outdoor area for growing herbs and veggies, or just want a pretty place to enjoy the first sips of your morning coffee, you can make your garden work for you.

10. The cool upstairs lounge area features a jungle-themed bar and band room

There's no denying that Delevingne loves a good home bar. The model has at least three spread out over her home, including a well-stocked jungle bar in the upstairs area. Fantastic ferns trail down from the ceiling while pink neon lighting spices things up. As seen in Delevingne's home tour, the upstairs is also home to a movie area with a projector for screening films, and a band room decked out with a drum set, another piano, and a guitar. Basically, there are endless entertainment options to be found here. Delevingne has always taken her role as party host seriously, and had a soundproof party room in her last house, which came complete with carpeted walls, stripper poles, disco lights, and mirrored walls. Referencing Nelly, she told Vogue Australia, "Like he said, it's important to have a friend with a pole in the basement."

If you've been wondering how to design the home bar of your dreams, feel free to draw some inspiration from Delevingne. According to Forbes, the ideal home bar should put your personality (and liquor) on full display. Look for unique finishes, attractive materials, and surprising accents like antique lighting or mirrored back wall. Also, location is an important factor to keep in mind. A bar should be placed in an area where you usually host and hang out with friends.

11. The David Lynch-inspired poker room was designed for betting it all

If you've ever seen an episode of David Lynch's "Twin Peaks," you will instantly recognize the inspiration behind Delevingne's red and black poker room. According to IndieWire, the television series often used bright red pops of color to create visual impact, including the famous floor-length red curtains in the Black Lodge scenes. Lynch created this iconic set design himself, and it remains a perfect example of the director's unique vision (via The Spaces).

If you're a true David Lynch fan, why not recreate his style in your home? His signature eerie and dreamy vibe makes for solid design inspiration. Some of the director's favorite decor pieces that show up time and again in his movies and shows include red lamps, curtains, retro rotary dial phones, and wood accents (via Nylon). In "Twin Peaks," chevron patterns, velvet material, and pieces inspired by the logging town environment make frequent appearances. 

12. Delevingne unleashes her inner child in a ball pit

Kids of all ages can appreciate a good ball pit. While these fun-filled indoor playgrounds are staples at fast-food restaurants, Delevingne proves they have great potential for use at home, whether you want to tap into your inner child or like to destress. Ball pits first appeared in 1976 at SeaWorld in San Diego, created by designer Eric McMillan (via Vox). While they enjoyed immense popularity in the 1980s and 1990s, ball pits have been making a comeback lately. If you want to copy Delevingne's playful addition, Apartment Therapy suggests making use of an awkward corner or hallway and converting it into a playpen. 

If you don't want to deal with wood or saws, you can easily craft a DIY pit using simple materials like pool noodles, mesh fabric, and PVC poles (via Little Things). Another great option is to fill up an inflatable pool with balls. 

13. The magical backyard sets the scene for pool parties galore

Few backyards are as fabulous as Delevingne's. She has two trampolines next to the pool, along with a pretty bar and a magical shaded lounge area. Basically, the model's extensive outdoor space is the ultimate pool party hot spot. There's also a plethora of tropical plants, trees, and a green lawn for her dogs to run around and play. The model isn't the only A-lister who loves a good trampoline. Trampoline workout studio The Ness posted an Instagram photo in 2021 showing Eva Longoria, Sophia Bush, and Diana Maria Riva attending a cardio class.

According to Martha Stewart, Americans utilized their outdoor space more than ever during the Covid-19 pandemic for fresh air and improving mental health. While pool parties might have been few and far between, homeowners spent more time sprucing up their outdoor spaces. In a study from OnePoll, 2,000 respondents were surveyed about their outdoor habits during the pandemic. One in seven said that making their backyard more attractive was a new priority. Some great ways to make your outdoor space feel more inviting are hanging up string lights, having plenty of cozy furniture, and adding some fun activities like a Slip 'N Slide. On a practical note, you also can't go wrong with keeping fans and mosquito repellant on hand.