Inside Shay Mitchell's Gorgeous L.A. Home

Whether watching her track down the mysterious 'A' in over-the-top adventures in "Pretty Little Liars" or play New York City socialite Peach Salinger in "You," actor Shay Mitchell knows how to command the small screen. She also stars in Hulu's "Dollface" as the free-spirited Stella. Mitchell's talents don't end there, however. The Canadian star also has an eye for interior design, which takes center stage in her Architectural Digest home tour. 

Mitchell's stunning Los Angeles home is filled with Spanish and Mediterranean details, along with beautiful tile work, exposed beams, stained glass windows, vintage finds, and pieces from her extensive travels. Originally built in the 1920s, the house mixes old and new, and includes a speakeasy-style bar and a pretty-in-pink nursery designed for Mitchell's daughter, Atlas. To create inspiring interiors that feel both relaxed and comfortable, Mitchell enlisted the help of designer friends like Chad Wood and Leanne Ford. Her home is truly design goals, and we can't wait to follow along as the actor walks us through these beautiful interiors.

1. The 1920s home has a Spanish Mediterranean influence

With rounded archways, an inviting fireplace, and intricate tiles, Mitchell's 1920s home is a study in Spanish-style design. Details like the romantic wrought-iron staircase feel romantic and welcoming in the front entryway, while architectural elements such as exposed beams in the living room capture an old-world charm. In Los Angeles's West Side, Mitchell's home also features a Mediterranean-inspired design, with a grand staircase, white walls, and beautiful outdoor space with a pergola and swimming pool. It's cozy yet grand all at the same time.

You don't have to live in a Spanish villa to capture the romance and style of Mitchell's home. Adding antiques, intricate details, and items like pottery and natural wood will all make a space feel Spanish-inspired, according to The Spruce. Another simple way to incorporate this design style into your home is by displaying objects and photos with sentimental value. 

2. Mitchell worked with designer Chad Wood to create her dream home

In addition to Ford, Mitchell partnered up with interior designer Chad Wood (who also happens to be her hairstylist and a close pal) to style her home. According to Wood's Instagram, his favorite room in the house is the sweet nursery he helped design for Mitchell's daughter, Atlas. Wood and Mitchell had plenty of fun sourcing vintage pieces, updating the dining area with new wood floors, and making the house feel cozy and lived-in. The pair even gave the fireplace a fresh coat of white paint to make the living area feel crisp and clean.

If you've been thinking about teaming up with an interior designer to give your home a refresh, it's important that you find someone you collaborate well with. Designing and decorating a home is an intimate process, and the designer will want your living spaces to reflect your personal style (via The Spruce). Be sure to do your research, plan a budget, and find a designer who gets your unique vision before starting any project.

3. The actor loves chandeliers and eye-catching lighting

One area where Mitchell's house truly shines is the lighting — literally. The star's home is filled with eye-catching chandeliers and lighting fixtures. This includes the magnificent crystal piece in her entranceway, and the unique light fixture from Morocco, which is one of Mitchell's favorite pieces in the entire home. According to MyDomaine, there's also a pendant from Ford's Target lighting collection in the breakfast nook area.

Good lighting truly has the power to set the mood in any room. Whether you want to brighten things up or lower the lights to create a relaxing atmosphere, you can achieve it with the proper lighting. One important thing to consider when selecting lighting is scale. A chandelier or hanging pendant light should not be so large that it overwhelms a room, nor too small that it goes unnoticed (via Better Homes and Gardens). A good rule of thumb to follow is to ensure that a light's diameter in inches equals the room's length plus width in feet.

4. The living room features lots of vintage finds and pieces from Mitchell's travels

A beautiful collection of vintage pieces and personal keepsakes awaits in Mitchell's formal living area. The room features exposed beams on the ceiling, stained glass windows, a welcoming fireplace, and a mix of different materials. There's also a mix of old and new items, including a tree stump Mitchell's friend found at a vintage shop. Many of the pieces, including a decorative golden hand, are from Mitchell's travels. As reported by MyDomaine, Mitchell is an avid traveler, and her home reflects her love of exploring new destinations around the globe. "She lives a very exciting life traveling the world, and I wanted her home to reflect that," Ford told the publication.

Whether you are a jet setter with a full passport or just like exploring places in your hometown, you can easily incorporate travel into your home's interior design. Hanging up a gallery wall of photos from your favorite trips can be a lovely reminder of another time (via The Spruce). You can also bring positive travel memories into your house by making a coffee table book filled with travel pictures or arranging treasured souvenirs on a bookshelf.

5. Mitchell's dining area has evolved over time to reflect her tastes

Mitchell's dining area might capture California's cool style now, but it didn't always look like this. From lilac velvet chairs to a dark redwood table, the star tried decorating the space with various furnishings before finding the right fit. Finally, it took bleaching and sanding the floors for everything to come together. Now, she has a rustic wooden table and a white pedestal in the corner topped with a bouquet of fresh flowers.

However, it doesn't always take an extensive floor remodel to make your dining room look good. According to Style by Emily Henderson, you can give the space some soul by hanging up artwork on the walls, styling the table with a chic centerpiece, and placing a hanging light fixture over the center of the table. If you opt for a rug in the dining area, make sure that it's large enough to fit all of the chairs comfortably. Also, avoid cluttering the space with too many chairs.   

6. Mitchell fell in love with the monochromatic kitchen long before stepping inside

When Mitchell was in her twenties, she fell in love with a kitchen she saw on Pinterest and saved it to her photo collection. According to Mitchell, many years later, the actor's agent shared a listing with her that had a picture of the exact same kitchen. When Mitchell saw it in person, she fell even more in love. Now, the monochromatic kitchen is where she cooks and hangs out. The space features a black kitchen island, walls covered in white tiles, and glass cabinets.

If you've wanted to spruce up your kitchen with new tiles, look to Mitchell for inspiration. Tiles are an ideal way to make a room feel complete, plus they're easy to clean if you make a mess while cooking (via Homes & Gardens). You can add a small amount of tile to a backsplash, or wrap the entire room in tile (like Mitchell). Adding bold tile to one feature wall will also add instant visual interest.

7. A little breakfast nook is the perfect place for morning coffee

A cozy breakfast nook is nestled into one corner of the kitchen, complete with two chairs, a small table, and a comfortable bench. According to MyDomaine, the nook features modern farmhouse-style furniture and a statement light fixture designed by Leanne Ford. 

Breakfast nooks are the perfect place to spend a lazy morning sipping coffee or eating brunch with friends. They are at their best when placed next to a window since natural light helps brighten up the area and make it feel more spacious. To make the most of your breakfast nook, have some fun with fun wallpaper, fabric, or bright colors. Since these spaces tend to be quite small, busy prints will work better here than in big rooms (via Southern Living). Another great way to maximize the area is to add benches with drawers for storage. If you want to go for a modern farmhouse style like Mitchell's breakfast nook, you can't go wrong with shiplap walls.

8. The elegant bookshelf is organized by color

Heading into Mitchell's entertainment room, it's hard to miss the beautiful built-in bookshelf. The bookshelf covers an entire wall and is filled with bright stacks of books organized by color, along with other knickknacks and decorative objects. The books are arranged in both vertical and horizontal piles to add visual interest. According to Clever, bookcases are a chic way to display your personality, reading collection, and other meaningful pieces. Plus, they are guaranteed to make a design statement.

Want to store your books in style? There are tons of great decorating tips to draw inspiration from. Incorporate eclectic art and pictures into the shelves, install LED lights to highlight shelves, back the shelves with mirrors to add shine, and fill the shelves with books that convey your interests. You can also group books by author, subject, or color to mix things up. Additionally, don't limit your books to a study or library room. Line a hallway with bookshelves or make a corner nook for your favorite titles in the living room.

9. Mitchell's entertainment room is her favorite place to hang out

Another amazing feature in Mitchell's entertainment room is the green velvet couch. The extra-wide couch is custom made to fit Mitchell's tall friends comfortably, and it's her favorite spot to kick back and relax on free days. According to MyDomaine, the dark paint used in this living space makes the architecture shine and creates a moody atmosphere. Decorations like crystals, candles, and flower arrangements lend the area an earthy vibe.

If you want to darken up your white walls, take design cues from Mitchell and update your living space. While walls painted in dark colors have a reputation for being dreary and boring, they can actually make a room feel warm and sophisticated (via Hello Farmhouse). Additionally, going to the dark side will help pictures and artwork pop and make spaces feel instantly larger. Just add some flickering candles or a fireplace, and your room will feel perfectly cozy.

10. The speakeasy-style bar area is party-ready

Who doesn't love a good home bar? Mitchell's little speakeasy feels like the perfect spot for a cocktail. With walls covered in dark floral wallpaper from House of Hackney, a vintage statue, and a record player, it's simply a cool place to hang out. According to House & Home, wet bars are a common element in Mitchell's living spaces. One is also featured in the new home purchased by the actor in 2021, tucked into a corner of the large living area.

One of the best parts about having a well-stocked bar in the comfort of your own home is that it's great for hosting happy hours. Plus, you don't have to go far for a drink. There are plenty of bar options for all budgets, from small bar carts to full-fledged wet bars. To create your own stylish bar, get creative with colors, layout, and lighting (via House Beautiful). Display your fancy liquor and glasses on open shelves or hang up a mirror to make the space look bigger.

11. A sweet nursery was decorated to welcome Atlas, Mitchell's daughter

The nursery designed for Mitchell's daughter Atlas is made for sweet dreams. Rose-gold walls are accented by a stunning gold crib, comfortable reading area, large rug, and a round statement mirror. Mitchell keeps the space multipurpose with a guest bed for company. The photo gallery wall features pictures of Mitchell's family, travels, and special moments from when the actor was pregnant. 

To welcome your little one into the world, you'll want to make their nursery space as special as possible. According to Today, you'll also want to consider practical elements like storage space to minimize clutter, a well-stocked changing table, washable wallpaper, and gray (instead of white) furnishings. Decorate the walls with artwork and photos from loved ones for a sweet touch. And if the nursery isn't perfect when the baby arrives, no worries! You still have time to decorate and rearrange items until you hit that sweet spot.

12. Mitchell's serene bedroom feels homey and cozy

Upon entering Mitchell's bedroom, one is greeted by a serene atmosphere and lots of natural light. There's a custom mohair bed, cozy Moroccan rug, an ornate mirror propped against one of the walls, and French doors leading out to a balcony. Wood and Mitchell painted the walls and doors a darker tone to give the space some warmth and make the ceilings appear higher by painting from the baseboards up to the crown molding. 

To transform your bedroom into a relaxing retreat, add a soft rug underfoot, lots of pillows, flowing curtains, warm color palettes, antique pieces, and organic textures like linen and wood (via Country Living). Candles and lamps give off a soft glow that will make you feel more at home than harsh overhead lights. Bringing the outside in with greenery, fresh flowers, and large windows or doors also makes any space feel naturally cozy instantly. Real or faux, houseplants can liven up your room and keep you company.

13. The outside space features pretty mosaic tiles and a new pizza oven

With a tiled pool and pizza oven, Mitchell's cool outdoor area is the cherry on top. Whether lounging poolside in the sun or relaxing on the upstairs balcony, Mitchell has plenty of ways to get some fresh air. According to American Luxury, the star's newest home has an even larger outdoor space complete with a guest house, pool house, BBQ, bar, orchards, pergola, sun deck, and outdoor entertaining area. And, of course, there's also a pizza oven in Mitchell's new backyard.

If you want to make your backyard the place to be, consider installing a pizza oven of your own. No one will be able to resist the smell of freshly baked wood-fired pizza. Before getting to work, be sure to check out building codes in your area to make sure pizza ovens are allowed. Once you're good to go, build a fireproof base and sidewalls for the base. Then you'll need to pour concrete in the mold, remove the base, add bricks, and create the chimney (via The Spruce). The entire project should take about one week to complete with a budget between $300 to $400. The best part will be celebrating your hard work at the end with homemade pizza.