How To Decorate Your Home Like Succession

A gripping tale of betrayal, corporate ballbusting, and billionaire family rivalry is what makes "Succession" a must-see TV series. The main character is 80-year-old Logan Roy; "an ex-Scot, an ex-Canadian, an ex-human being," as described by his own brother. The billionaire media magnate's health is tested in the opening season, which gives room for his children Connor, Kendall, Siobhan, and Roman to fight tooth and nail for his seat of power. For the past three seasons, the award-winning HBO show has given us a stripped-down look into the lives of the 1% of the 1%, serving up their opulent fashion, condescending attitudes, luxury interior decor, and enviable lifestyles on a platter of gold.

There are so many twists and turns in this chilling drama, leaving the audience undecided on who to support and who to hate. One minute you're rooting for a character, and the next minute you can no longer stand the individual. However, one theme which every "Succession" viewer agrees on is the extraordinary architecture and the lavish interior decor of all the homes featured in the show. We get an inside peek into Logan Roy's townhouse (where most of the series is set), his Hamptons summerhouse, the Hungarian hunting lodge, Kendall's minimalist condo, all the British homes, Kendall and Rava's chic apartment, Shiv's luxurious pad, and even the stellar Waystar Royco. offices — and there's so much decor to envy! Should you wish to turn your envy into reality, buckle up and launch into a "Succession"-inspired home revamp courtesy of these surefire steps below.

Keep it classy with carpeting

"Succession" begins with the main character, an ageing Logan Roy (who possibly suffers from dementia) taking a wee on his wall-to-wall carpeted floor; a scene that sets the tone for the whole show. Despite this not being the best highlight for carpeting, "Succession" celebrates the use of carpets throughout the series. We see various carpeting styles employed in different rooms within Logan's townhouse. Other areas with carpeting include his Hamptons summerhouse study, which boasts a wooden floor with a carpet strategically used as prime decor, and his bedroom, where a gray rug softens the interior. Rugs are also seen in Kendall's office, where Logan unfortunately took another wee (as seen via YouTube), and the hallway of the Pierce estate.

From the onset of the series, the elegance carpeting brings to a room is not lost on the viewer. So if you wish to imitate the Roy family's aesthetic while stepping up your floor game, The Spruce encourages you to opt for carpet over hard surfaces. Carpeting presents many benefits in the home, as per Lyons Timber Mart. One of which is insulation, as rugs offer a warm and cozy feel to a room. Another benefit is the mitigation of sound travel since soft surfaces absorb noise. 

Make way for monotone

Emmy-winning production designer Stephen Carter and Emmy-nominated set decorator George DeTitta Jr. were the masterminds behind the affluent interior decor for the homes in "Succession," as per Architectural Digest. Carter maintains that he was influenced by the neutral color scheme of billionaire and Seagram's heir Charles Bronfman's Manhattan apartment. "The color palette was very clean and almost a bleached monotone of wealth," he said. "I didn't feel these were very tactile people, comfortwise, and they wanted everything around them to be visually elegant." He tells The Ringer, "We were never looking to dazzle you with their environment .... There was little use of color ... you'll see a lot of creams." He points out that billionaires could indeed be showy, yet their true wealth is expressed as understated sophistication. Color is the biggest theme under the umbrella of understated sophistication, which is why viewers witness the liberal use of monotones in almost every scene. This includes white rooms bereft of emotion as pictured in the scene above, where Kendall offers cousin Greg one of his numerous homes to live in.

Should you desire to recreate the color palettes of the incredibly affluent Roy family, there will be no need for textured wallpapers with character or unique designs. Instead, go for neutral colors such as cream or white. That being said, it may surprise you that even these color palettes offer various shades to choose from. To maintain your uniqueness while employing monotones in your home, feel free to peruse Pantone's vast selection of differentiated shades.

Introduce hints of color to contrast your monotones

If you've bought into the idea of bleached monochrome walls, the next step is to contrast those walls with deeper hues, much like the interior choices in "Succession." Interior Expert, Keren Richter of White Arrow, advises considering light, texture, and proportion when working on contrast in your home. She explains to MyDomaine, "It really depends on what sort of atmosphere you aim to create. If you'd like a space to feel more natural and neutral, bring in wood tones and greenery. If you'd like a space to feel more bold and striking, add black." As seen above inside Logan's summerhouse study, adding navy blue adds richness to a white space.

Kendall and ex-wife Rava's swanky New York apartment made a premiere in Season 3, and it was equally as monotone with white walls and cream furniture. Throughout the duplex, we see various rooms with great black and white examples to recreate. Some key decor tools worth mentioning include using black paint for the spiral stairwell, a baby grand piano in black, black contemporary furniture, and black light fixtures. These choices collectively work together to add character and contrasting hues to the bleached monotonic home.

Curate a contemporary-meets-ancient art collection

According to Entrepreneur, art has always been an important part of a family's investment portfolio. Set decorator George DeTitta Jr. defends his selection of both contemporary and antique art in the Roy homes as a means of not drawing too much attention to their monetary status. "We didn't want to draw overt attention to the family's wealth with the decoration of the show, instead selecting a mix of pieces, both contemporary and antique, to tell the story of their elevated place in society more subtly,' he told the Set Decorators Society of America.

Logan is a curator of military artifacts, which he displays in his office along with a quirky collection of vintage art juxtaposed with contemporary table decor. Should you wish to delve into this "ancient meets new" art aesthetic, start with the curation process. With tons of exhibitions to scour through almost every day, whether physical or virtual, choosing contemporary art has been made easy.  However, successfully snagging antique art may prove more difficult but is not impossible. Food52 recommends visiting flea markets and art fairs. 

Once curation is covered, the next step is to expertly place your curated pieces in your rooms to boost their ambiance. Extra Space Storage explains that placing your artwork next to the right type of furniture is the key to mixing vintage pieces with new additions. For example, try mixing a Victorian side table with a modern painting above it.

Welcom wall lights into your life

Wall lights are a staple in most "Succession" homes when it comes to unique lighting. This may seem like an outdated choice to many viewers, especially since most people prefer ceiling and recessed lights to illuminate their space most efficiently and effectively, as per CasaOne. Nevertheless, the homes in "Succession" are making a strong case for wall lights.

The Roys utilize various wall lighting styles, and each type serves a different purpose. For example, uplights are suitable for highlighting architectural accents and adding a touch of atmosphere (via Lumens). There are also swing arm lights with adjustable components which can double as reading lights. Picture lights help highlight paintings, as seen in the British home of Logan's ex-wife above. The picture light helps attract the eye to the still-life painting. Hallway lights also offer an extra chance for ambiance, especially if you leave the sconces on all evening (via House Beautiful). 

Seek out ceiling-to-floor drapes

One element in many "Succession" homes that must be highlighted is the array of elaborate ceiling-to-floor windows. Logan Roy's townhouse, which we are well acquainted with, boasts such windows, complemented by custom ceiling-to-floor drapes. These sumptuous fabrics highlighted the family's wealth so well that the set designers ordered a shipment from Europe, disregarding the cost. Production designer Stephen Carter told Set Decorators Society of America, "Fabric houses Cowtan & Tout and JAB Anstoetz worked quickly to expedite fabrics from Europe for the custom upholstery and draperies." 

Different homes have different restrictions, and not everyone has the ability to install such dramatic windows. However, the good news is that you do not need the aforementioned windows to have ceiling to floor drapes. SFGate notes that drapes can be hung from the ceiling to achieve different effects. If you have shabby windows or don't like their aesthetic, hanging your curtains near the ceiling helps hide them from the room. This can also be helpful if you have differently sized windows. By hanging the rods near the ceiling, it helps create a uniform line across the room (via Normandeau Window Coverings).

Maximise the use of wall mirrors

No "Succession" home is complete without an absurd amount of wall mirrors used for prime decor. There's a mirror in the entryway of Logan's townhouse, there's another over the fireplace in the living room, there's one over the cabinet in the den, and so on and so forth. Could the 1% of the 1% not help check themselves out at sporadic timeframes? Or do these mirrors reflect a deeper, more significant need to remind them of who they are? The answer could be anyone's guess, but when pulling design inspiration from "Succession," keep wall mirrors in mind.

The mirror style you choose always makes a difference. A frameless mirror is minimalist and elegantly severe, whereas a vintage mirror adds character and a touch of comfort and coziness. There are mirrors with wide brass accents, which allude to boldness, and mirrors with thin frames as seen above in Greg Logan's pad, offering simplicity and class. Per The Washington Post, a mirror should not be wider than the piece it's hanging over. Proportion is always key. 

Fall in love with florals

Florals are one of the most significant staples of the interior decor in "Succession." In almost every scene, these horticultural heroes help determine (and thoroughly highlight) the atmosphere and mood of the show. As each episode unfolds, eagle-eyed viewers will notice a constant change to the floral arrangement, highlighting Logan's wealthy economic status. They appear on everything from coffee tables to dining tables to consoles. Every surface is accented with a bloom.

If you're reading this, you're probably thinking that you may not have the luxury of hiring a highbrow florist to work your household interiors like the Roys. However, you can still create opulent bouquets yourself! Christie's International Real Estate explains the trick to arranging your own flowers. "[Seek] out the most beautiful blooms possible, and then emphasizing the beauty of each — each stem, branch, and berry. Allow their shapes to guide you," said florist Ariel Dearie. "Don't try to manipulate your foliage and flowers into unnatural shapes or to make them into something they're not."

Light up your home with lots of lamps

As often as you'd notice floral decor in the "Succession" homes, you'd also come across a liberal use of lamps. This is expected because, according to Inviting Home, lights play an integral role in creating mood and atmosphere. When choosing the perfect lamp for each space in your home, you have to go with one right for you. However, this can be a difficult task. Residence Style notes that you need to consider purpose, size, and style when choosing a lamp.

The vast lamp styles seen in each room within every Roy household can be a great guide in helping you navigate through your selection process. One unique option to note when recreating the interior decor aesthetic is the custom Chinoiserie table lamp seen in the Pierce family home. This stellar vintage lamp style brings loads of character to a room. While a real Chinoiserie piece can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars, a DIY piece can easily be recreated. If you're handy with a paintbrush, follow the tutorial from PMQ for Two.

Make way for marbling

Logan Roy's spacious Upper East townhouse was created on a sound stage and not within a real home, but this did not deter the dressing crew from installing a custom patterned floor with real marble tiles in the entryway, as per Set Decorators Society of America. But this isn't the only place we witness marble tiles within "Succession." There are glossy marble floor tiles inside a few of their office spaces, marble finishing is found in office bathrooms, and one of their homes has a custom-made marble fireplace.

Should you wish to tap into this aesthetic, you can easily make way for marble in your home on a tight budget. By opting for a faux marble tabletop, which is a ceramic surface inspired by marble, you can recreate a look similar to Rava and Kendall's kitchen. The marble effect from Atlas Concorde is another great interior tool for wall and floor marble decor within your home. Like real marble, it boasts a variety of colors, veins, and textures which can be combined with countless materials and shades in all kinds of styles. Alternatively, feel free to accentuate your home via the use of marble accessories such as marble trays, vases, and statues.

Understand the importance of charming chandeliers

"Succession" features the use of crystal chandeliers throughout its various homes. This comes as no surprise because, according to Litecraft, since their inception in the 1600s, they have been seen inside palaces, cathedrals, and homes of gentility. They have long been a symbol of wealth, especially before the time when glass could be used to mimic crystal. It's common practice for chandeliers to be hung in rooms with tall ceilings and wide, open spaces. For example, the grand entryway in the Hungarian Hunting lodge boasts a swing crystal chandelier to accommodate the ludicrous amount of space. Also, as seen above, the vast dining room in the Pierce estate has a charming vintage chandelier which adds a regal ambiance to the room.

But chandeliers aren't just for big rooms. Small rooms, low ceilings, and half-baths can all accommodate the light fixture, thanks to semi-flush chandelier designs, which are available in stores like Wayfair

Implement glass or transluscent furniture

The upscale atmosphere in almost every Roy household can be attributed to the luxury furniture used in each room. This is especially true for the glass tables and translucent pieces, which tie the rooms together nicely. Living Spaces maintains that glass is a great decorating accent because it matches everything, thanks to its translucence. No matter your decor or color scheme, a glass table will go with it.  

Fab Glass and Mirror notes that round glass tables often offer more space than rectangular ones, so go that route if you want room for bouquets, coffee table books, or trays. It is up to the user to select the perfect fit for the home. That being said, glass furniture may or may not work in every household, particularly homes with clumsy residents. However, one way to recreate this theme easily is by adding lucite or acrylic pieces. Clear Home Design offers various shapes and styles to choose from.

Be open to using books as tabletop decor

Coffee table books offer a solid response to plush, minimalist table decor. When designing your home, Clever highlights that a curated selection of books can either be stacked to cover the entire coffee table, or displayed minimally, giving guests something to flip through. The Roy family loves utilizing both stylings. 

According to The Every Girl, the guide to recreating this theme is to choose books with covers that blend with your room's color palette. If they don't, you can take the book jacket off and work with the textured cover underneath. To achieve an ultra-modern vibe, add a tray via Etsy to nest your books. Havenly Hideaway further encourages you to find other areas apart from the living room to place your coffee table book decor. You can style them on everything from your entryway console to a guest bedroom side table, adding interest to every room.

Warm up to wood as an interior design staple

Roman is not the only one with wooden interiors in his office space, as seen in this YouTube clip. We also see the implementation of wood decor in Logan's home office, courtesy of his classic wood-paneled walls that scream "old money." Meanwhile, Shiv's floating wooden stairs within her luxury pad serve up a dish of modern-day regality. 

According to Nowy Styl, wood enriches a space and adds warmth and texture. The type of wood used and how you execute wooden decor speak volumes in the room it's featured in. If you want to use wooden walls just like the Roys, Designing Idea offers various wood styles as core interior decor. You can opt for wood paneling by seamlessly stacking lengthy slabs of wood next to each other onto a large space on the wall. You could place wooden accents around your TV console to add warmth to your living space or design a contemporary kitchen space with wooden doors and polished drawer handles.