How To Decorate For A Grammys Award Party

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The Grammy Awards are almost here, so it's time to throw a glamorous party that, a month from now, everyone will still be singing over. Indeed, this is the kind of party where you ought to throw out all the stops. Make it a party fit for royalty, or at least your best friends. We've got the best decorations for the entire house and yard to make this a musical evening full of memorable fun, enchantment, and surprise.

For the Grammys, we want to focus on decorating everything as over-the-top as possible. We want things to sparkle and be dazzling for guests. Remember, this is a VIP party, so we ought to behave like we're hosting a party for celebrities. And at the end of the day, our friends are far more important than superstars, so let's give them an evening they can celebrate and cherish. Here is how to decorate your home for the Grammys.

Create a publicity backdrop for photos

Before the guests even get into the party, we need to have the "step and repeat" publicity backdrop ready for them. This is their night, and we want them to feel like stars! Hire a photographer for the evening and have each guest spend their time in the limelight before getting to the front door. If you're keeping the party budget-friendly, you can also take photos with a polaroid or snap pics on your phone and print them out after the shindig. You can order a step and repeat backdrop from Bing Banners and create a Grammy-inspired background. Just send them the photo you want for it, and voila — you've got an original step and repeat.

Naturally, we will need some celeb-worthy columns with balloons in the vicinity to set the mood before you get to the front door, which will also be flanked with balloons. We suggest columns from eFavormart. These columns are surrounded by balloons, bringing a festive touch to the front door. Try having at least six of them adorning the area around the step and repeat.

The front door should bedazzle

Let's knock their fancy socks and high heels off with fantastic front door decorations that belt out the lyrics "you've come to party central!" A handful of whimsical balloons turned into a halfway arch will do the trick nicely! And that's where these black, gold, and silver-hued balloons from Wayfair come into view. Arrange them in front of the home's front door for the full effect. And what an effect it will be!

With these balloons swaying outside the door, you'll have every neighbor longing to be a part of your Grammy party. These latex balloons can either be filled up with helium or air. And even though they're terrific, there can never be enough balloons! So, let's also have other balloons scattered around the front door to make the entrance an unforgettable experience. These balloons from Custom Balloon Now feature a custom print option perfect for writing out the word "Grammys." We suggest you sprinkle at least a dozen of them in the front yard and surrounding areas to set the mood. Now we're ready to have the party-goers enter the home!

The foyer meets the paparazzi

Naturally, a fun photo booth is needed for a paparazzi-worthy celebration! Just look up photo booths in your area and select one that will fit the bill. In Southern California, a company called Bark has wide appeal as it allows you to enter your zip code and find out what local photo booth companies are charging. You can compare prices and make it easy for yourself. Of course, you'll want to be sure that guests have fun getting their photos taken in the photo booth, so we recommend you have plenty of delightful hats and other ornamentation items on hand. The photo booth company often brings funny things guests can wear while posing.

These memories will last a lifetime and will undoubtedly replace an oh-so-predictable selfie. Plus, having a photo booth means your guests get the photos right away and don't feel like they have to spend their evening roaming around with a selfie stick. Plus, to make this a classy affair, you can have a table with each guest's photos waiting for them in an envelope so they can collect them when they leave. If you're on a budget, you can buy photo booth props and have guests take photos in front of a backdrop in your living room. You can take pictures with a polaroid camera to have pictures to put into envelopes, or you can invest in an affordable portable printer, which prints images directly from your phone. A great one is the Canon Selphy Square (via Digital Camera World).

The party room's table is an extravaganza of gold and black

Let's design the party room like you're hosting a party for some serious talent. This is a black-and-white affair so we'll proceed with the utmost concern for the design of the tableware and glasses. Let's get out the black and gold plates and surrounding cutlery. We imagine you'll be hosting a large party, so we've selected the most "elegant" plastic plates we could find from Smarty Had A Party. These plates have a black base with an ornate gold and black rim. Try pairing them with gold silverware from eFavormart.

This plastic gold cutlery has a hammered look and will go seamlessly with the plates. Now, let's concentrate on the glasses. Naturally, we will have champagne flutes, wine glasses, and water glasses for this special party. Let's start with the champagne flutes from eFavormart. They are the perfect addition to the rest with a gold base and clear top. Cheers!

A party table ready to 'salute'

We have to secure those wine and water glasses for the table, too. We'll head to the Webstaurant Store where there are heavyweight clear plastic wine glasses with a gold rim. Ideal for a festive table! These will enhance the table's aesthetic while coordinating perfectly with the other items. For harder liquors and cocktails, these tumblers from Party City will seal the drinking deal on the table! They are also plastic with an attractive gold trim. Now, let's get the shot glasses together. After all, this is a Grammys party, and these parties go all night, often with a shot when your favorite singer wins in their category. These gold shot glasses from Tablecloths Factory will make the party hearty.

And yes, indeed, we will need some celeb-worthy tequila to fill the shot glasses, so why not keep it in the celebrity family and pour some Villa One Tequila? According to Sip Whiskey, singer Nick Jonas and fashion-icon John Varvatos created this ultra-premium tequila together. Lucky for us, music and fashion worlds collided over a love for making hand-crafted, delicious tequila. Salute!

The table welcomes a runner and placemats

Of course, we will also need a table runner and placemats for this party. This gold table runner from Bloomingdale's fits the bill and will look lovely over a white or black tablecloth. It is elegant, yet also features a minimalist vibe. It flows with the rest of the decor and allows for a lovely compliment to what already appears on the dining room table. Next, we will introduce gold placemats to enhance the table's aesthetic further. There are so many options for placemats.

Let's stick with something that is one-of-a-kind and worthy of this special celebration. We've found some black and gold placemats with a "marble look" and can even have a guest's name written on them from Zazzle. You can also add personalized designs, patterns, or photos for an extraordinary placemat that earns accolades because it's unique and super easy to clean.

A table's gorgeous napkins and centerpiece shine

We're almost done with our memorable dining room table. Let's get the napkins and centerpiece taken care of before we move on toward the rest of the party room area. These dining table cloth napkins have a black base with geometric gold designs from Tablecloths Factory. They're ideal for a gold and black themed table and work out perfectly with this table design.

Place them in the middle of the plate and you'll have dinner party decor ready for any surprise celebrity who may enter the room. Now let's focus on the centerpiece of the table. Since we introduced the party with balloons, we will keep the theme for the centerpiece as well. Only we will make it unforgettably radiant! We turn our attention to these spectacular LED light balloons from LightInThe Box. These dazzling lights will turn the middle of the table into a spectacle of delight. We suggest tying one onto the back of each dining room chair for an even more impressive display of beauty. Celebrate the evening in style!

The ceiling is a spectacle in its own right

We can't forget about the ceiling on a night like this. We can make it pop when the right lights illuminate it, and that's precisely what we're going to do with more extravagant lighting! Thanks to LightInTheBox, we have these "meteor" lights that appear to be falling. The lights are fantastic and create a ceiling that will be absolutely spectacular. Spread the lights throughout the party room in earnest.

No, we didn't forget about the walls! Indeed we will decorate them with a "shower" of lights as well. For these, we turn to curtain string lights from Amazon. These "curtains" of lights provide a backdrop that will make any room glow with true elegance. All these fabulous lights combined make for a magical party room that any VIP would appreciate. And your guests? They'll rave about the incredibly ornate atmosphere.

Flowers adorn every corner and table

Of course, we need flowers to accentuate what by now is an incredible party room and dining table. Let's have flowers flourishing throughout the room to fragrance the air and entice every guest. We'll start with flowers hanging in a chandelier from the ceiling. Sound over-the-top? It is. Remember, this is a Grammys party, and the sky's the limit. The ceiling and wall curtain lights will illuminate the chandelier flowers perfectly. Indeed, it will be a celebration of light and beauty. Try using these fake purple flowers that cascade in a lovely fashion from Bulb Square. The flowers appear real and will make for a decadent party room. We will use real flowers for the rest of the room. A perk of this floral chandelier is that it is reusable!

For the rest of the room, we suggest you sprinkle around bouquets of fresh flowers. Think roses, lilacs, tulips, and birds of paradise. Use massive pots in the corner of the room with an elegant selection of flowers. For the table itself, choose vases that match one another to be dispersed throughout. We like these long stem martini flower vases from Tablecloths Factory. They go along with the theme of the cocktail glasses and are simply timeless. Plus, if someone wants a martini, the glass happens to be right there! A win-win!

A red carpet soothes dancing feet

Naturally, when an award party is in place, we need a red carpet to grace the bottom of our guest's feet. Let's put a red carpet at the entrance to the party. It should grace the floor from the outside of the home leading into the interior. But where to get a red carpet? Easy! Just visit House Home & More. They have various sizes of coveted red carpets ideal for a Grammys party or any other award show party.

Having a DJ who plays the day's hits is the way to go for a Grammys party, but you can also settle for karaoke. You can set a time to have a singing contest during the evening and have the crowd vote on who "won" the contest. After the contest, give out a few Grammy awards to the best karaoke singer of the evening. These Grammy awards from Prosparty will do just the trick. They are made of alloy metal and shine in all their golden glory.

Delicious food is paramount on Grammys night

It's essential to have delicious food for a Grammys night celebration. The best way to do an awards party is to hire a chef for the evening. We recommend featuring a menu that offers items that appeal to all guests. Think meat or seafood as a main course option. And have plenty of sliders on hand so everyone can snack in style. For the main course, try serving a delicious chicken piccata. The Food Network has a great recipe that any chef could duplicate for the big night. Also, try offering a salmon dish for the main entree. If a chef is out of your budget, try making these delicious recipes yourself!

In the meantime, make sure the kitchen area is decorated as well. Let's think smart and get some lovely premade baskets from Harry & David that you can display. These baskets have a bunch of goodies, including smoked salmon, Gouda cheese, milk and dark chocolate popcorn, pears, dry salami, various crackers, pepper and onion relish, sharp white cheddar cheese, sesame sticks, and sweet and spicy snack mix. This will work perfectly for appetizers and visual appeal.

Drinks will be poured with glamor

Libations will be in tall order for a Grammys celebration. We recommend you hire a bartender for this special event. It will create a classy affair and allow guests to enjoy themselves. Be sure to have plenty of champagne, wine, and hard alcohol on hand for this kind of party, especially the bubbly! Order personalized champagne and wine labels for the special event from Zazzle. Put whatever you'd like on the label to commemorate the evening. We suggest you put Grammys on the label. Now, let's watch the bartender prepare some yummy cocktails!

Try featuring a memorable award cocktail such as a raspberry cosmopolitan. Town & Country has a delicious recipe we think will work perfectly for the party. You'll need five raspberries, 2 ounces of vodka, .5 ounces of honey or simple syrup, 1 ounce of lemon juice, and Prosecco. After shaking all ingredients, double strain it into a glass and top off with prosecco. Cheers! 

Goody bags will make guests smile

After a Grammys night party, we will need to gift goody bags to the guests. After all, this will be an event like none other and should be commemorated with party favors that guests can enjoy for years to come. There are so many items you can gift your guests, but it doesn't have to be over-the-top or too elaborate. Keep it classy yet not complicated.

We recommend including the following in the bag: A personalized Grammys shot glass customized by The Knot Shop, a personalized Grammys t-shirt from VistaPrint, along with some Grammy-worthy red lipstick and nail polish for the ladies. The brighter the red, the better! Let's also include a gift for men by adding a tie with "Grammys" written on it. And finally, we'll have something for the beloved pooch, such as a doggie collar. All these items can be personalized with whatever wording you like. Just check out companies that offer personalization for items. One thing we know is that guests will appreciate these sweet swag gift bags.

Doggie daycare is ready for your pooch

Some guests may bring their favorite furry friend to the award party, so let's have a canine corner where the pooches can relax in style. You'll need to ask your guests ahead of time which of them plan on bringing their dogs so you can have personalized doggie beds ready for them upon their arrival. These doggie beds from Chewy will do the trick! Have "Spot" and "Fluffy" written out on the beds so the pups will be able to feel right at home at your Grammy party.

Of course, you'll also need doggie treats and cute food and water bowls. Here again, we find that using personalized labels will come in handy. You can easily write "Grammys" on the doggie bowls. And then you can gift the bowl to whoever has the best karaoke voice of the night. And don't be surprised if the doggies end up howling throughout parts of the evening when the music gets loud, and the guests start celebrating! Have an outrageous and delightful Grammy awards show party!