The Ultimate Guide To Tuscan Decor

Between the lyrical landscapes, rustic architecture, and impeccable cuisine, few destinations are as charming as Tuscany. One of the most memorable aspects of this Italian region is the distinct interior design style. According to Better Homes and Gardens, traditional Tuscan-style homes are filled with character, old-world craftsmanship, and natural elements. The countryside style, popularized by movies like "Under the Tuscan Sun," is characterized by warm and welcoming color palettes, aged finishes, and classic stone architectural details.

You can easily recreate the look of a romantic Italian villa in your living space, no matter where you live. Start by focusing on warm colors, authentic materials, and pretty decorative touches. Simple furnishings with ornate wrought iron and wood accents will help create a peaceful atmosphere. And since outdoor living is particularly important in Tuscan homes, it's a good idea to spruce up your patio with fountains and greenery. Want to bring a bit of sunny Tuscany to your home? Keep reading for more decorating tips and tricks on achieving the rustic elegance of this style.

Decorate your home with warm earth tones

According to The Spruce, Tuscan homes come alive with a warm color palette. The colors used inside these homes are typically inspired by natural elements in the Italian countryside, such as blue skies, green trees, red stone buildings, burnt orange sunsets, and yellow fields. While these warm tones can be used in any room in your home, they look especially nice in the kitchen and dining room.

If you are thinking of warming up your living space with Tuscan-inspired color, feel free to get creative with paint color. It's best to stick with two main warm colors to ensure your home feels cohesive. Firenze from Benjamin Moore is an excellent earthy shade to paint your front door or accent wall in the living room. Add some cool tones like French Violet from Olympic Stains or a neutral like Interlude by Benjamin Moore to balance things out. A versatile neutral will help tie different rooms together in your home. 

Make the most of natural light by leaving your windows bare

A common feature in Tuscan homes is bare windows, or windows without curtains, drapes, or blinds. Light-filled living rooms and airy primary bedrooms are a common scene in this decorating style. As reported by Apartment Therapy, leaving windows free of heavy coverings allows you to take advantage of the unfiltered natural light and makes your interiors feel bigger, lighter, airier, and more open. Whether you live in the countryside or the city, this decorating trick has the power to instantly transform your home.

If you want the look of simple, bare windows with added privacy, consider adding a self-adhesive film like this frosted window sticker from Etsy. This prevents people from seeing into your home without blocking the light. Another option is to install a roman shade or removable blackout curtains to stop the sunlight from waking you up in the morning. 

Incorporate plenty of iron elements

Wrought iron details are a staple in Tuscan homes and a classic element of Old World style. The material is commonly used for bed frames, staircase railings, balconies, light fixtures, mirrors, and more. According to The Art of Architecture, iron accents add an antique vibe and contrast nicely with the warm colors often used in Tuscan design. 

To give your home a Tuscan upgrade, incorporate wrought iron as a decorative touch anywhere in your home. From wine bottle displays and table lamps to wall art and coat racks, there's no shortage of possibilities. To really make a statement, consider adding an elegant iron chandelier or hanging pendant light to your entryway (via SFGate). Decorate with wrought iron doorknobs or cabinet hardware for a more subtle approach. If you're looking for other opportunities to add wrought iron to your home, think about decorating with iron clocks, picture frames, or furniture. 

Add old-world character with terra-cotta flooring

Italian for "baked earth," terra-cotta is a type of ceramic tile known for its old-world charm. According to The Spruce, the porous clay's distinctive natural red-brown color comes from its high iron content. If you want to give your flooring a welcoming, Tuscan vibe, cover your floors with rustic, weathered terra-cotta tiles. These hard, durable tiles are traditionally used in Tuscan interiors and are usually widely available no matter where you live. They are also surprisingly affordable, especially in comparison to similar flooring materials. Expect to spend between $1 to 15 per square foot, depending on overall tile quality.

Once you've installed terra-cotta flooring, make sure to apply a protective seal every couple of years to prevent wear and tear. It's also a good idea to regularly sweep or vacuum floors and keep them free of dirt. Try to clean up water spills as soon as possible to keep damage to a minimum. 

Make a Tuscan-style statement with antique tapestries, classic art, and rugs

Italy's passion for classic art is reflected in Tuscan interior design. According to The Spruce, Tuscan living spaces often feature a dazzling array of artwork, antique mirrors, and other timeworn decor pieces. Many pieces are passed down from one generation to the next, serving as a personal connection to the past.

Spice up your home with the artistic spirit of Tuscany by decorating with antique treasures, vintage accessories, tapestries, aged artwork, and colorful rugs. Visit local flea markets, antique shops, and estate sales, or browse websites like Etsy and Ruby Lane. If you have heirlooms that have been passed down from members of your family, consider displaying them in your home to add a sense of history. For example, you can hang up artwork in the hallway, lean a vintage mirror against a wall, and tie everything together with a beautiful rug. The goal is to include eye-catching pieces that tell a story and start conversations.    

Get the look of a Tuscan kitchen with a long wooden dining table

The kitchen is the heart of the Tuscan home. Not only is it a place for cooking delicious pasta, but it's also a hotspot for talking and coming together with friends and family. According to Hunker, Tuscan-style kitchens are open and welcoming with elegant character. Long wooden tables are an important element in the kitchen because they provide more space for seating and bring people together. These rustic dining tables offer old-world character and are often durable enough to last through the years.

When choosing a new dining table for your home, you'll want to consider construction quality, your budget, and style. While a long table is a lovely addition to any kitchen, it's a good idea to measure your space beforehand to make sure you have enough room. Typically, you should aim for about three feet of space on all four sides of the table to easily move around the room (via The New York Times). 

Decorate open shelving with Tuscan-inspired items

When it comes to open shelving, you either love it or hate it. The Italians seem to be strongly in favor of this trend, and many traditional Tuscan kitchens utilize open shelves for storage and decoration. As reported by Apartment Therapy, open shelves make a space feel more open and inviting. You can easily customize these shelves to reflect your personality and unique taste. For example, if you collect vintage dishware, you can display pieces on open shelves and admire them every day. The only downside is that you have to watch out for clutter, more so than with traditional cabinets. You can't just close the doors on the mess and dust when you have open shelving.

If you've decided to go for open shelves, decorate them with fun, Tuscan-inspired items to transport your home to the Italian countryside. Maybe use antique glass jars to display dried pasta, herbs, or olive oil. You can also set cans of tomato sauce and bowls of fresh garlic on the shelves. Add in some potted plants or a fresh bouquet of flowers as a finishing touch.

Channel the countryside with pottery and ceramic decorative pieces

Brighten up your home with colorful Tuscan pottery. Whether you place plates on open shelves, over a fireplace mantel, or along a hallway, they will instantly add a cheery pop of color and rustic elegance to any spot. According to SFGate, you can take pottery you already have and give it a Tuscan feel by painting it with colors inspired by nature. Start by cleaning your dishware and removing any grease or dust. Then apply ceramic paint with a paintbrush, adding layers until you get the perfect color.

Look at pictures of the Tuscan countryside or traditional homes to inspire your pottery art. Designs with cypress trees, olive plants, and rolling green fields are all reminiscent of Tuscany. Once your pottery is complete, use it to store fruits on a kitchen counter or display it in glass-fronted kitchen cabinets to make a fun statement. 

Play up rustic architectural details like exposed ceiling beams and natural stone walls

Exposed beams are a staple in country-style kitchens and old-world architecture. According to Bob Vila, these strong overhead beams were first used purely for function. They provided important structural support to cottages and buildings by holding up the roof and upper floors. However, today they are often included in designs for aesthetic purposes. Exposed beams instantly add character and a timeless appeal to any home.

Want to create a dramatic impression in your Tuscan-style home? Add decorative wooden beams to the ceilings. While structural beams should be installed by professionals, decorative beams can be completed as a DIY project. Faux beams are crafted to look just like the real thing without the weight. Typically made from polyurethane, faux beams are lightweight and available in a wide variety of styles (via This Old House). Incorporate faux wood beams into your living room or bedroom for an instant dose of rustic flair.

Bring in sturdy wooden furniture that is built to last

As reported by WiseGeek, Tuscan furnishings are traditionally affordable and made with relatively accessible materials like pine and walnut wood, leather, iron, and copper. Artisans used local materials to create furniture with a rustic and welcoming style. Pieces not only looked good but featured solid and durable craftsmanship.  

To bring the style and function of Tuscan furniture to your home, search for quality pieces made of solid wood. Browse online stores like Wayfair, Chairish, and eBay to find authentic antiques or brand new pieces with an old-world feel. It's also a good idea to visit your local flea markets, secondhand shops, or estate sales to discover unique furnishings for your home. Add formal chairs to your dining room, a wooden credenza to your entryway, or a rustic side table in the living room. No matter where you arrange your Tuscan-inspired furniture, it's sure to create an inviting impression.

Give your bathroom a Tuscan update with tile and a freestanding tub

If you want to bring a light and airy update to rustic Tuscan interiors, start in the bathroom. According to House Beautiful, it's possible to create a chic and elegant Tuscan-style bathroom by combining high-end and budget pieces. Incorporate natural tile or stone without going overboard, paint ceilings a creamy shade of white or beige, and invest in new appliances with a retro feel, such as a freestanding bathtub. If you want to make your bathroom feel more modern, use the rustic tiles sparingly and focus more on fresh white tiles and trims.

In terms of antiques, old-fashioned lighting fixtures add a unique charm to a space. Look for brass scones to hang on either side of your mirror or decorate with vintage-inspired candlesticks to create the perfect setting for a relaxing soak. Add in a colorful bouquet of fresh or faux flowers for a pop of color, and you'll have the ultimate bathroom. 

Recreate the look of Tuscan outdoor spaces with comfortable furnishings

Outdoor living is a key component of Tuscan homes. Indoor spaces often merge seamlessly with outdoor patios, courtyards, and dining spots to make the most of fresh air and sunny days. According to EP Henry, a Tuscan patio is a perfect place to entertain and host guests. To get the look for yourself, start by adding winding walls around your outdoor space to create additional seating and subtly imitate the hilly landscapes of Tuscany. Adorn the walls with trailing vines or other greenery for natural decoration. It's also a good idea to install a pergola or other covering for shade on hot days.

When it comes to furnishings, look for comfortable and weather-resistant pieces that can withstand the elements. A fire pit is a great focal point for parties and late-night gatherings. If you really want to go all out, transform your outdoor space into an authentic Italian pizzeria with a pizza oven. Buon appetito!

Spruce up your exterior with cypress trees and other graceful greenery

According to Italy Magazine, few things symbolize Italy like the cypress tree. This tall and elegant tree belongs to the conifer family and is a classic sight in Italian gardens, whether used at park entrances, along a driveway, or to frame the front of a private home. 

Consider planting a few cypress trees if you want to make a Tuscan statement in your garden. This type of tree is fairly easy to grow and typically thrives in various climates (via Gardening Channel). For best results, plant your cypress in a spot with maximum sunlight. They can also grow in areas with partial shade, but they prefer full sun. Keep in mind that the cypress should be planted in a place with lots of room since they can grow up to 70 feet tall. For best results, use sandy soil for your planting medium.

Complete your garden with a fairy tale-like water fountain

As reported by The Spruce, Tuscan landscapes are recognized for their magical beauty and charm. A large part of their appeal is the fairy-tale like fountains that are often part of formal gardens and estates. From the Porcellino in Florence to Fonte Gaia in Siena, stunning and historic fountains can be found across the entire region of Tuscany (via Visit Tuscany).

However, you don't need to install a stately fountain in your garden to achieve authentic Tuscan style. Add a simple water feature like a small pond or copper birdbath to your backyard for instant Italian flair. You can opt for a new fountain from websites like Wayfair or recycle household items like an old tub to create whimsical waterworks. For the cherry on top, decorate your water feature with ivy or similar greenery. The trailing vines will make your fountain feel like it's been around since ancient times.