The Most Unexpected Ways To Decorate A Daybed

A daybed is a stylish and versatile furniture option for your home. This bed is a lounge area by day and a cozy sleeping spot by night, making it a functional piece to add to your space. According to Better Homes & Gardens, daybeds are growing in popularity as people spend more time at home. Decorators prioritize function over form by highlighting furnishings that can do more for a space. Modernize your space by choosing a daybed for your living room, bedroom, home office, or guest room.

Modern daybeds can be practical furnishings for living rooms because they do not block the television or obstruct window views. There is so much to love about this hybrid seating solution and several ways to furnish it. If you are looking to update your daybed decor and need some tips on how to decorate this unique piece of furniture, continue reading for the most unexpected ways to decorate a daybed.

Drape a cozy throw

Go ahead and grab that blanket out of the basket in the corner and use it to add a decorative touch to your daybed. A stylish way to showcase a plush blanket would be to drape it over the center of the bed. According to Blanket Box, you can instantly warm up your space by neatly folding a throw or letting it fall to the floor. This tip makes your room look natural and not too staged.

Adding a blanket introduces visual texture and makes an ordinary flat surface more dimensional. This layered look can adorn a daybed in a bedroom or living room and is ideal for those throws you may not often use. Throws come in all shapes and sizes with countless color options. Your blanket could be merino wool, warm fleece, or a soft chenille. Whatever material you choose will elevate your look and create a cozy lounging spot.

Pick a chic color palette

The color palette you use in the home should reflect your personality. Try to choose colors based on how you want the room to feel. Soft and neutral colors will create a calming oasis, while bright and bold colors will make a creative statement. "After a challenging year, we're increasingly seeing customers want bolder, more playful colors in the homes they are spending so much time in," commented Dominic Mylands from Mylands Paints to Homes & Gardens. "Designing spaces with cheerful, bold colors injects a sense of vibrancy and joy in the home allowing it to shine."

While choosing colors can be a daunting task, start by selecting a base color and then layering different tones on top. Bright colors like mint green, yellow, pink, and blue will help create a dramatic look in your space and complement neutrals. You can carry the color through accent pieces like pillows, throws, and sheets.

Add a tray for storage and organization

A tray is a stylish organizational tool perfect for using as a temporary tabletop on your daybed. If the daybed is in a bedroom, the tray can function as additional storage or a small table. Living room daybed trays can hold small coffee table items like coasters and candles. According to Ballard Designs, you should choose a tray with shallow depths and short sides. This combination is perfect for storing makeup, wallets, sunglasses, jewelry, and other decorative knickknacks.

There are a variety of finishes available, including wood, woven, rattan, metal, or marble. The material you choose for your tray should influence how you plan to use it. If you choose a wooden material, use a lacquered finish to protect it against food, spills, or drink stains (via 3 Benefits Of). Adding a tray to a daybed brings style and function into your space.

Decorate with a tailored bed skirt

Not all daybeds come with a trundle bed or storage space. Instead of leaving the area underneath your bed bare, you can add a bed skirt. A bed skirt will drape over the edges and delicately cover space or items you are storing below. This tip will cover up empty spots and allow you to introduce texture and color into the room. Look for bed skirts with vibrant hues, bold patterns, or lace trims.

Want to know how to add a bed skirt to your daybed? Most daybeds have three framed sides, meaning you will need to alter most bed skirts to fit correctly. To solve this decorating issue, slit the corners of the bed skirt to your desired fit. According to SFGate, you can also shop for a daybed-specific bed skirt, but your options may be limited in terms of style and color.

Use a drink table as purposeful decoration

To create your perfect space, add furniture and accessories that meet your needs. Adding a drink table to the side of a daybed is a way to bridge functionality and style. According to Tiffany Leigh Design, drink tables are typically smaller than the average end table. Drink tables, also known as cocktail tables or drink stands, are the go-to for creating functional seating areas. These tables are practical furnishings and can be removed or rearranged if in the way. They are supremely flexible and can complement any style.

Choosing to decorate your daybed with an accent table is a solid home decor investment. Since there is limited surface space, keep the tabletop decor understated and minimal. For example, you can add a vase with flowers, a book with a scented candle on top, or leave the space free to hold a drink or phone.

Create a dreamy look with bed curtains

A daybed is a perfect spot to take a cozy nap or curl up for the evening. To help block out sunlight from the sleeping area, consider adding decorative bed curtains to the daybed frame. According to Homedit, most daybeds come with poles or posts to hang curtains from to help create this look.

If your daybed does not have this option, consider crafting your curtain hanging system with rods and hooks. This setup is also perfect for adding a daybed to a multipurpose room like a bedroom or home office or an area shared by multiple occupants. Adding curtains to the space will help divide the room and add some privacy. One could tie the curtains back on each pole when not in use. Using canopy curtains to define the bed area will feel elegant and create a sleeping space fit for sweet dreams.

Pair it with complementary chairs

When not being used for sleeping, treat your daybed like a sofa and accent it with a set of chairs. According to Apartment Therapy, chairs are a great way to add style and functionality to a space. Choose a chair with vibrant and bold patterns to anchor a look and form a focal point. Using this decor technique is a great way to introduce movement and create an eye path around the room. The right chair can complete a decor scheme and help tie the other elements in the room together. 

Decorating with chairs is not just limited to upholstered pieces. A simple wooden chair can be an extraordinary addition. The material options are endless, so source the one that best fits your vibe. Pair a daybed with an accent chair or two to boost functionality in the space. A chair can also function as a nightstand or table. Decorations are successful when the items in the room reflect your unique personality.

Remember to add a rug

You can decorate with a neutral rug to tone down a room or find a wild print to turn up the volume. Consider the other decorations and choose an accent rug that contrasts with the existing elements. For example, if you have heavy patterns in the room on pieces like the comforters and upholstery, consider adding a more subtle rug such as a beige shag carpet.

According to The Spruce, if the space is neutral with a muted color palette, you might want to add busier patterns with bold colors to add more visual interest. If your daybed is in the bedroom, consider adding a plush rug to the center of the bed to create balance (via Crate & Barrel). You want the place where you rest to be peaceful and welcoming. Achieve serenity by adding a soft layer underfoot that brings uniformity to the space.

Decorate your windows with curtains

Adding curtains to the window behind or next to the daybed is a chic and practical design tip. Window hangings can instantly add visual texture to a space and elevate a look. Plus, they can block out sunlight if you want to take a catnap during the day.

The right curtain panel will introduce a necessary splash of color and pattern to the walls. While you want to create contrast with your curtains, you don't want the environment to feel chaotic. According to Designing Idea, it's best to consider the colors in your room. The colors and designs you select should complement existing elements in the space. Be sure to choose colors a shade or two lighter or darker. The idea is to keep the colors in the room coherent and balanced. If your color palette is bold and bright, search for subdued curtains. Otherwise, pair a complementary solid color with existing shades.

Transform a corner into a reading nook

Can't figure out what to do with that awkward space around your daybed setup? A book nook might be your answer. This decorative solution will complement the area around your daybed and complete the overall look. According to Apartment Therapy, you should search for shelving and hardware that adds interest to your daybed and fills the awkward space effectively.

What you choose to add to the shelves is equally as essential as the shelving material you select. To complement a neutral color scheme, add leather-bound books in varying hues of brown. If you have a more eclectic color palette, adorn the area with brightly framed prints and colorful book spines. No matter the color choices, adding lush greenery such as rubber plants or succulents will be a breath of fresh air (via Oprah Daily). The goal is to create the perfect spot to curl up with a good book.

Create a minimalistic look

When selecting a daybed for your space, consider how well it fits the overall scale of a room before making a final decision. According to Housely, the scale and size of the furniture will directly affect how well the look of the room comes together. The location of the daybed in your home may also dictate what shape and style you choose. For example, if your daybed has finished ends, you don't need to place it against a wall. Instead, it can elevate a space by being arranged in the middle of the room.

If you do happen to select a uniquely shaped daybed, keep additional accents understated. A minimalist daybed without any adornments creates a space that feels more cool and modern (via One Kings Lane). A tufted leather daybed without any decorative pillows, blankets, or other colorful accents can be the perfect finishing touch in a room.

Spice up the walls with personality

If you want to create more space in your living room, push your daybed up against the wall. In this layout, the wall space above the bed is often blank. This setup creates the perfect opportunity for you to create an artistic focal point by decorating with artwork, wall hangings, and photography. The options are truly endless when choosing decoration to add to your walls.

In addition to artwork, you can consider hanging up wall tapestries and woven baskets from the wall. A gallery wall with framed prints and photos is a streamlined option. According to Apartment Therapy, you can pair frames of varying sizes and styles on the wall to tie the whole look together. You can also complete your design and bring more personality into the space by decorating with mirrors, plants, wallpaper panels, open shelves, wall sconces, sconces, or wall sculptures.

Incorporate storage solutions

The space under a daybed is perfect for implementing creative storage solutions, especially if you have a small space or want to conceal a stuffed animal collection. Assuming your daybed does not already have a trundle bed or a set of pull-out drawers, explore alternative storage options for a more appealing living space.

According to Good Housekeeping, consider adding woven or fabric baskets, chic open shelving, rolling wood drawers, or shoe organizers underneath your daybed. Construct a wood platform under your bed and arrange metal containers for extra clothing, notebooks, or other knickknacks for improved functionality. You could even add a dash of greenery with faux houseplants. You can store bulky blankets, extra sheets, and pillows in the area under the daybed without making the space feel chaotic. Take advantage of the space below the daybed and find storage options that best complement your lifestyle and personal tastes.

Add uniquely shaped backrest pillows

If your daybed is looking empty, consider adding some triangular or bolster-shaped pillows to add visual interest to the space. Throw cushions are available in different sizes, colors, and patterns. Plus, they also come in a mix of fun shapes. Experiment with arrangements to create a daybed design that speaks to your tastes and personality.

A bolster pillow is a good option for your daybed arrangement. According to Amazing Interior Design, opting to use a roll or bolster pillow instead of a square or rectangular shape will make a dramatic difference in your space. This pillow style is ideal for daybeds that have no backing as well. They provide an extra layer of back support and cushion. The placement of these pillows creates a border around the edges of the bed. Regardless of your daybed's shape, size, or color, you will find inspiration in unexpected decor ideas.