The Best Home Depot Hacks That Will Change How You DIY

For every DIYer, Home Depot is nothing less than a treasure trove. If you want to spruce up your home, Home Depot has everything you will ever need. Whether you are aiming for a facelift of your home's interior or you want to give your landscape and outdoor space a complete makeover, Home Depot has got you covered. However, home improvement projects can attract high costs. According to Statista, the average spending for home improvement in 2017 was $6,649, which increased to $7,560 in 2018. One can assume that this amount will only increase over the years due to inflation and other factors.

Here is the thing! You may choose to spend big like the average person, or you can act smart and save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars with simple Home Depot discounts. While sometimes home improvement stores trick you into spending more money, there are also several ways to save big. So, if you are interested, here are the best Home Depot hacks that will change how you DIY.

1. Watch out for price tag color and number

Here is a well-kept secret from seasoned Home Depot shoppers. When you hit a Home Depot store, look for yellow tags and avoid the white ones as much as possible. Items with yellow stickers are the ones on clearance. By picking up the yellow-tagged items, you may save 80%. Wait a minute. There's more! When you go for yellow tags, check the tag number. You will find two types, either ones that end in .06 or ones that end in .03. These aren't random numbers.

According to Rather-Be-Shopping, items with .06 were marked down after not selling for six weeks. Don't grab it just yet. Inspect the date on the tag. If the current date is close to six weeks after the last markdown, the price will go down again. It might be wise to wait. As for .03, this number indicates a second markdown and that the item is at the lowest price possible. If the object doesn't sell for another three weeks, the store will remove it. Bottom line? Aim for yellow tags ending in .03. These items will give you maximum savings.

2. Target the Special Buy of the Day deals online

Trying to save money on your Home Depot purchases is not that difficult, but you must stay vigilant. Scouting the shelves at a physical Home Depot store is always a solid option, but you can also enjoy significant discounts by shopping online. According to Home Depot's Special Buy of the Day deals, you can save between 25% to 50% on deeply discounted items. These deals are more like flash sales, and they typically only last for 24 hours. Of course, a time clock shows you how much time is left before the deals expire.

Do not forget that these deals are online only. You will not find them in brick-and-mortar stores. If you decide to purchase the items available as part of Special Buy of the Day deals in-store, you will spend more money. So, bookmark the page, and check it occasionally for amazing discounts.

3. Take advantage of retroactive sales

Nothing can be worse than finding out that an item you purchased a few days ago from Home Depot went on sale at a discounted price! We can all agree this is aggravating, and we often end up grinding our teeth and cursing Home Depot under our breath.

If you ever find yourself in a situation like this, don't just sit around and regret your purchase. Head over to the store and ask for the discount. There are just two things you need to ensure. The main thing is that your purchase took place within 30 days of when the item went on sale. You also need to have the purchase receipt. If you satisfy both the conditions, Consumer Reports recommends heading straight to customer service to claim your savings. Make sure that you have your sales receipt. This tip is especially true if there are upcoming sales events around holidays.

4. Subscribe to special clubs and alerts for discount coupons

Discount coupons are a great way to save money on your Home Depot purchases. Their coupons can take a few dollars off your in-store purchases. Home Depot offers both percent-off and dollar-off coupons for subscribing to their alerts and special clubs. Consider signing up for their text and email alerts to earn coupons for $5 to $50. If you can't find the signup option, here is the direct link from Home Depot.

Also, by subscribing to Home Depot Garden Club, you will earn a coupon with a $5 to $50 value. Plus, if you complete a Home Depot workshop, you will earn a coupon with a 15% discount. Except for the text alert signups, you will receive all other coupons in your email inbox. If you opt for the Garden Club membership, you will receive occasional freebies, special promos, and tips.

5. Haggling can get you a better deal

Home Depot is one of the few retailers where you can negotiate to get a better deal. However, keep in mind that you can't just walk in and demand a lower price. If you're polite and logical, the store manager should be happy to give you a better deal. According to Wise Bread, it's best to look for items with dings, dents, and scratches, specifically on large appliances. If you are not fussy about perfection, you can negotiate a lower price.

If you're negotiating the price for damaged goods, the store manager will provide a discount and sell the item instead of letting it sit around the store and collect dust. The same rule applies to low-quality lumber, roll ends, off-cut wood, floor models, and even items with torn packaging. But remember! The art of negotiation is vital. Use your haggling skills and charm to get the lowest price.

6. Subscribe for auto-shipment and save 5%

There are certain items that you purchase regularly. For instance, the water filter in your refrigerator or your HVAC system's air filter will usually require replacement at regular intervals. According to Home Depot, you can save up to 5% on recurring purchases by opting for their subscription service. It is very similar to the Subscribe & Save option you get with Amazon, and there are thousands of items to purchase with the subscription model and save money.

Plus, you can enjoy free home delivery when you subscribe to this Home Depot service. You need to create an account with Home Depot and attach your credit card. Then, add the items you use regularly and set the shipment frequency (yearly, monthly, or weekly). Depending on your needs, the terms and conditions state that you can pause or cancel the subscription (via Home Depot). As long as you purchase with this subscription model, you save 5% every time.

7. Return dead plants for fresh ones

You can buy perennials, shrubs, and houseplants from Home Depot, but if they die within a year of your purchase, don't just throw them away and purchase new ones. If you didn't already know, all garden sales at Home Depot are eligible for a 1-year guarantee. This is a policy that gardeners will love. So, if your plants are dying or die within a year from the date of purchase, dig them up and return them to the store where you purchased them. Of course, you need to carry the purchase receipt.

According to Query Sprout, you can get a full refund on dead plants. You only need to present your receipt as proof of purchase. If you purchase the plants online and they arrive damaged, call within three days to get replacements without an extra charge. However, remember that cut flowers and floral arrangements do not fall under this policy.

8. Rent trucks, excavators, and other outdoor tools

You are almost guaranteed to find every tool or vehicle you need for your home improvement projects at Home Depot. However, just because they are available doesn't mean you have to buy them. Consider your needs carefully. If you require a truck, excavator, or tool for a one-off project, it makes sense to rent instead of buy. Whether you need a small pickup truck to transport mulch or a moving van, Home Depot offers Load 'N Go rentals for as little as $19 for the first 75 minutes. For $99 and a minimum of one day, you can rent an excavator and have equipment for digging out an inground pool delivered. You can also rent lawnmowers for anywhere from several hours to several weeks.

Not only can you rent vehicles for your home improvement projects, but Home Depot also offers tools rental for your home improvement projects. According to Best Wallet Hacks, you can rent a chain saw for under $50 and use it for four hours. Expect to pay a $50 security deposit that will be refunded once you return the tool. The best part is that you can rent almost anything you require. Sanders, paint spray, generators, nail guns, drills, air compressors, pressure washers, and lawnmowers; there is one available for rent at The Home Depot.

9. Hire people for DIY projects

You can hire people from Home Depot to do all the projects you don't want to tackle yourself. For example, electrical wiring and plumbing are difficult to DIY. According to Home Depot, if you feel that your skills aren't up to par, you can hire a professional from their team. Home Depot services do everything from installing tiles and refinishing floors to installing roofing. You can even hire them for whole-house cleaning or smart appliance installation. They can also help seniors or ability-challenged individuals live independently by installing grab bars or a walk-in tub.

You can also get people to come for small projects, like hanging shelves or assembling your outdoor furniture. They'll even put together pieces that didn't come from Home Depot for an extra $30. For another $75, they will haul away your old set. Costs for other Home Depot services vary based on the project. Patio set and grill assembly, including propane line hookups, range from $99 to $179. The price for bathroom remodels starts at $5,995. Ultimately, it depends on what you're looking for and how much you're willing to spend.

10. Use manufacturer coupons

If you know what brand you want to buy, see if they have a coupon available and bring it to a Home Depot store. However, there are other ways to use coupons and score deals when buying at Home Depot. According to AskingLot, you can use Lowe's coupons at Home Depot since they are often interchangeable. You can also go to the post office and ask for a mover's packet. While these alternate between Lowe's and Home Depot, they often have 20% off coupons. Or you could visit the Home Depot Coupons page to access the savings center, garden club, or sign up for the style and decor newsletter to get 10% off.

If you check out Home Depot's Special Buy of the Day, you could save up to 30%, but only on specific items. If you have time to consider your options, it might be worth visiting this page to see how good a deal you can get on your favorite items, especially if they come with a hefty price tag. You can also shop the Home Depot rebate center if you're not picky about the brand. You could get hundreds of dollars in rebates if you shop wisely.

11. Save on DIYs with bulk pricing

Opting for bulk pricing might work best if you are the owner of an apartment building or a landlord with several homes you hope to DIY at once. For some things, like hardscapes, it's better to purchase in bulk. Home Depot's Outdoor Garden Center offers bulk pricing on items like pavers. Paver bases, for example, are priced at $10.82 each if you are only buying a few. However, if you want 40 or more, you can get them for $9.74 each.

Chain-link fabric is another item you might want to purchase in large quantities. If you are installing fencing, you could check out pricing on 10 or more rolls when you buy on the Home Depot bulk page. Another time you're likely to need lots of supplies? When you're painting. A six-piece set of blue painter's tapes is probably more than most people need. If you're flipping houses or painting apartments, you might check out Home Depot's Paint Bulk Pricing. If you need four or more sets of painter's tape, you could save over $5 per roll.

12. Save big with mis-tints

If painting your home is part of your home improvement project and you are not fussy about perfect tints, Home Depot's mis-tints paints will help you save big. According to Hunker, you can get a gallon of "oops paint" (a nickname for mis-tints) for just $5, and you may end up paying only $1 for a pint. This tip is not a hidden secret. Home Depot's paint department mixes thousands of gallons of paint every week to create custom tints for customers. However, some of those mixes and matches go wrong, and customers often return them within the 30-day return policy.

These paints end up on the bargain shelf next to the paint-mixing station. If you don't have a specific color in mind, this area is a place where you can get jaw-dropping discounts. So, unless you have painting ideas in mind or won't settle for anything less than a custom tint, mis-tints can help you save hundreds of dollars.

13. Use the image search tool on the Home Depot app

The Home Depot app is full of tips and tricks to help you save on your next DIY. Home Depot's Mobile Shopping offers many options to the savvy DIYer. For example, you can use the image search tool and find information about specific products you are looking at in their store. Just scan the UPC reader on your phone with the mobile app. You can also use the augmented reality function to see how items would look in your home.

According to RIS News, the image search or visual search option is front and center on the Home Depot app for a good reason. While the feature was not an original part of the mobile app, the concept took off once users realized they could aim their cameras to find what they needed. The feature is now front and center on the mobile app. It can help you identify what you need when shopping at Home Depot and the accessory items that complement your project. However, it might not save you much money.

14. Shop overstock products and save big

It is not uncommon for Home Depot stores to overstock certain products. They don't do it deliberately, though! Home Depot overstocks are often a result of an employee making an inventory management mistake during inventory checks and placing incorrect orders. Or, they're due to additional orders placed in anticipation of demands that never come. Either way, many products become overstock or surplus, and Home Depot wants them sold quickly. According to Money Crashers, Home Depot offers discounts of up to 50% to clear up overstock inventory as soon as possible.

No one can say which products will become overstock inventory. Also, Home Depot cannot tell how long the surplus inventory will last. So, you must check the company's overstock listing page frequently to find out which items are on sale. If you find something you need, rush to grab the deal and save big!