The Best Airbnbs In Stockholm, Sweden

As the capital of Sweden, Stockholm is home to delicious food, nightlife, and culture. According to Lonely Planet, this European city is a massive oasis to be explored, encompassing 14 different islands. Many islands are connected by bridges and you can easily see the city on foot. Whether you're looking to go on the ultimate food tour or you plan on spending the majority of your time checking out museums and impressive sights, there is something for everyone in Sweden. 

While some great hotels offer a first-class experience with lavish amenities, they can be pricey. Plus, since Sweden is known for having some of the happiest locals, why wouldn't you want to get an authentic experience during your stay? From modern apartments to 400-year-old buildings that possess their original charm, there are so many Airbnbs to browse through with Scandinavian decor. We've rounded up some of the best Airbnbs in Stockholm, Sweden so that you can start planning your next vacation ASAP!

Take a look at this timeless apartment

This stunning apartment has a vintage charm that blends glamor and timelessness. Per the listing on Airbnb, this two-bedroom apartment is located in Stockholm's Old Town and features an elegant chandelier and sleek bookcases. It can fit up to five guests at a time, providing plenty of room to spread out and make yourself at home. Amenities include an in-unit washing machine, microwave, television, and high-speed WiFi.

Though you might find yourself tempted to spend as much time as possible in the stunning accommodation, the apartment is within walking distance of some buzzy restaurants, bars, cafes, and clubs. Enjoy coffee and a tasty breakfast at the cozy dining table as you admire the floral wallpaper and vintage tiles in the kitchen. In addition to the two double beds in each bedroom, there is also a huge sofa bed that is plush and comfy.

How cool is this classic studio?

According to the Airbnb listing, this ground-level studio apartment is located in the heart of Old Town, making it an ideal option for travelers looking to stay in the heart of the city. Though it is only a studio, it can accommodate four guests across one double bed, a twin bed, and a sofa couch. The alley that the apartment sits on dates back to 1675, giving this property a rich sense of history and culture.

When it comes to decor, the studio interior features a crisp, bohemian style, creating a warm and inviting space. There is also a small dining area if you plan on making some meals at home, though you'll probably want to spend your time exploring the town and checking out the local food scene. In the evenings, you can gather on the spacious patio and listen to the sounds of the city with some good wine and company.

Unwind in this modern and artsy space

Per Airbnb, this Stockholm studio is smack dab in the center of Stockholm, making it a perfect option for those looking to explore the area on foot. Whether visiting trendy restaurants or glitzy bars, there is plenty to see and enjoy while staying at this modern and artsy apartment. Since it is on the smaller side, this studio is best for a small group of two travelers, though you'll still have everything you need to make yourself comfortable.

If you plan on staying for more than a few days, you will appreciate the in-unit washer and dryer in the bathroom. Other amenities include a 60" Smart TV, a cozy writing desk, and a small garden for bike parking. As for decor, this open and airy apartment features unique artwork, vintage decor, and modern light fixtures for a sophisticated style worth writing home about.

Get cozy at this spacious apartment

If you love warm and bohemian spaces, take a close look at this one-bedroom apartment in Södermalm. Per the listing on Airbnb, the modern kitchen has everything you need to make local recipes at home, and you'll definitely want to hit a market and fill your fridge with tasty options. Between the spacious couch and accent chairs, there are plenty of seating options in the living room, making it easy to gather with friends and chat during your downtime.

However, the best part of this Airbnb is the enclosed balcony, which features a dining table and two cozy chairs. Enjoy drinks and dinner from the comfort of your patio, or start your day with a cup of coffee while looking out over the surrounding city. This apartment is also filled with vibrant houseplants, allowing you to feel connected to nature even from the center of Stockholm.

Relax at this designer studio

Want to stay somewhere with understated luxury? Per the Airbnb listing, this studio apartment is a small but charming space for two travelers. In addition to the comfy double bed, there is also a stylish work desk with a TV above it, making it easy for you to get some business done during your travels. Though most of the apartment is white, the navy blue pillows and blanket on the bed create a nice contrast, and the modern artwork adds a unique flair.

Location-wise, this apartment is in the heart of the city. It's close to the best restaurants, bars, and shops. Keep in mind that the bathroom is small, though you'll still have everything you need to be comfortable and clean. Although there is no balcony, you can easily open up the double windows to let in some fresh air and listen to the sounds of the city.

How stunning is this traditional apartment?

This beautiful apartment dates back over 400 years and emphasizes detail to create a unique, one-of-a-kind place to rest your head. According to the listing on Airbnb, this quaint studio can accommodate three guests across a double bed and a sofa bed. Though it is definitely on the smaller side, the innovative use of space makes it feel much larger than it actually is.

White interior contrasts with colorful books along the embedded shelves in the living room, making the space extra cozy and contemporary. The apartment reflects Scandinavian-inspired design with monochromatic color palettes and mid-century modern furnishings. The high ceilings also affect the feel of the living space, opening everything up in a natural and airy way. Once you're ready to wind down after a long day of exploring, take a long soak in the bathroom tub with a glass of wine and let all of your worries melt away d

Make yourself at home in this stylish rental

According to Airbnb, this one-bedroom home is a great place to call home base. It accommodates four travelers seeking a vacation in the heart of Stockholm. In addition to being able to walk everywhere, the warm and cozy apartment ensures that you'll feel right at home. The neutral color palette creates a luxurious, bohemian feel.

In addition to the primary bedroom, the plush sofa in the living room also pulls out into a double bed. However, the sleek kitchen is the main highlight of this rental, providing a stunning space to get creative and make meals at home. Though there is no balcony or patio, you can walk outside the apartment to visit some of the best bars, restaurants, and shopping. You can also open up the windows by the dining table to enjoy a glass of wine with a gentle breeze.

Stay near the royal castle at this artsy Airbnb

From the pop art in the living room to the modern kitchen, this apartment in Old Town is a dream for design lovers. Per the Airbnb listing, this apartment enjoys a central location in the heart of Stockholm. There are many museums and historic sights nearby, including the Royal Palace. It is also close to the water and the nearby island of Södermalm, making it a great home base if you plan on exploring as much of Stockholm as possible.

Though there is only one bedroom, this rental can accommodate up to four guests across a double bed and a nice sofa bed in the living room. Although the building itself is more than 400 years old, the apartment has been renovated with a modern style and comfortable amenities so that you can live in luxury while still absorbing the rich history of this city.

Get cozy at this bright and modern apartment

If you're looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and retreat to a more quiet neighborhood, this cozy accommodation might be perfect for you. According to the listing on Airbnb, guests are still incredibly close to nearby eateries and bars. However, this quiet neighborhood provides a silent slice of peace among the chaos of the city. The apartment building has been around since the 1650s, and though it has undergone renovations, the rental still features a historic charm.

The modern renovations blend new and old harmoniously and ensure that guests have all of the main amenities they need to feel comfy and taken care of during their stay. Though it only has one bedroom, the high ceilings open up the space and make it feel much larger than it actually is. Unlike many of the other apartments on this list, the furniture and decor are actually on the darker side, featuring a lot of grays and dark brown accents. This palette contrasts with the natural light that floods in through the windows.

Unwind at this cozy Scandinavian space

Per Airbnb, this studio apartment in Södermalm is a stylish and modern oasis for two travelers seeking a peaceful getaway in the city. In addition to enjoying a cozy and comfortable design-forward space, guests also get to stay in one of the coolest neighborhoods in the city, making it easy to enjoy the vibrant nightlife and food scene. Walking places without worrying about transportation is a real game-changer in travel, and this Airbnb provides that perk.

Even though it is technically a studio apartment, the bed is hidden in a nook behind two curtains, creating a strong sense of privacy and seclusion. The living room features framed posters and artwork, along with a few vibrant potted plants. The kitchen is one of the best parts of the space, featuring modern white tiles, stainless steel appliances, and a spacious dining table where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Check out this elegant rental in the heart of Stockholm

Want to find something spacious, refined, and exclusive? Look no further than this beautiful two-bedroom apartment. According to the listing on Airbnb, the high ceilings in this rental open up the space and create an elegant vibe that matches the opulent decor. Both bedrooms boast huge king-sized beds, making it easy to fit four people comfortably across this apartment. There are also extra mattresses in the cloakroom.

The gold chandelier in the primary bedroom looks like a real work of art, and the bohemian accent chairs and artwork add an earthy touch to the otherwise sophisticated space. Enjoy your morning coffee or a simple lunch at the round dining table in the fully-equipped kitchen before heading out to explore the best of the city. The small balcony is perfect for catching a breath of fresh air or having a glass of wine in the evenings.

How stylish is this one-bedroom flat?

From the marble coffee table to the stylish setup, this one-bedroom flat will be a favorite of architects and design fans. Per the Airbnb listing, this renovated apartment sits on a quiet street in Stockholm. However, it is just a stone's throw away from some top restaurants, nightlife, parks, shopping, and grocery stores. You will find everything you need to get cozy in the kitchen, including a Nespresso maker, dishwasher, full-size oven, microwave, and high-quality pots and pans.

The vibrant artwork and layout create a futuristic feel in this apartment. If planning a long-term stay in Stockholm, you will love the washing machine in the bathroom, making it easy to wash the necessities. Whether you're planning to spend most of your time out and about, or you plan on enjoying regular movie nights in the cozy living room, this rental gets the job done.

Make yourself at home in this lavish penthouse

Per Airbnb, the Vyn Penthouse Suite provides the ultimate luxury experience for travelers in Stockholm. It is 1,200 square feet and features two bedrooms, allowing five guests to stay here at a time. Thanks to the tall floor-to-ceiling windows, guests can enjoy panoramic views of the city without leaving the rental. When night falls, close the blackout curtains to ensure a restful sleep. There are also two floors in the unit, allowing you to have privacy between guests.

You will find luxury linens, spa-like steam showers, and a washer and dryer unit in the bathrooms. For some fresh air, step out onto the terrace and lounge on one of the sunbeds. There's also a grill and an additional balcony with comfortable chairs. You'll probably want to spend as much time outside as possible. The design combines retro, '70s-inspired elements with modern accents for luxurious accommodation.

Experience a taste of timeless luxury at this rental

According to the listing on Airbnb, this two-bedroom rental is perfect for a group of four looking to live like a local near Stockholm's Old Town. Both bedrooms in the living space feature beautiful floral wallpaper designs, including a darker shade of rose and a lighter shade. The rest of the furniture throughout the apartment has a sophisticated and vintage appeal, providing guests with a unique sense of history in the heart of Stockholm. 

Spend your time gazing out large windows overlooking cobblestone streets and historic medieval buildings. You'll find an open fireplace in the primary bedroom for cozy nights at home. Amenities include a washer and dryer, a spacious shower, a coffee maker, lake access, and a shared outdoor dining area. If you are looking for a more long-term stay, this is a solid option in a central part of town.