A Look At Chelsea Handler's L.A. Home

Throughout the years, comedian Chelsea Handler has accomplished exciting moments in her career such as hosting multiple shows as well as authoring her own books. As Handler was doing her home tour for an Architectural Digest YouTube video, she explained how she wanted a modern home with an open floor plan. Since she lives in Los Angeles, she wanted indoor and outdoor living as well for her home which she purchased back in 2010.

In a 2019, she joked that she always has her house on the market in case she finds something that better suits her interests. As of now, Handler's house is being sold for about $10 million, according to Architectural Digest. With six bedrooms and seven bathrooms and over 5,000 square feet of space, it's sure to make whoever purchases the home next love the vast space.

Whether it's her collection of eclectic artworks, piles of books stacked around nooks and corners of her home, or comfortable yet functional furniture, Handler's fun and easy going personality perfectly fits the vibe of her home.

Using agate stone for home decor

As Chelsea Handler was touring through her kitchen, she explained how she and a friend were living together and chose an agate stone kitchen island. Handler said the cabinetry was already installed around the kitchen before she moved in. She liked the faint blue medical grade color and decided to keep the cabinets as-is. For people who want a neutral setting, but would also like to incorporate different stone textures, look no further than agate.

Home Talk states that agate is known to promote security, composure, and self-confidence. Agate has been found to wash up onto beach shores. While the stone could be displayed in homes as-is, it could also be transformed into works of art or décor. Check out art stores to find framed agate pieces to hang on living room and kitchen walls. Want to be crafty? Why not paint tree stumps in a swirled pattern and put glaze on top to replicate an agate stone? Creating agate coasters is an easy craft as well. Buy flat agate stones and trim the edges with metallic paint to give a hint of shine.

Like quartz, agate is easy to identify with its colorful, swirled stipes, according to Conscious Items. Ancient Egyptian and Greek cultures believed the semi-precious stone was used to ward off storms and other natural disasters. When it comes to emotional and spiritual benefits, agate could be used to promote a sense of harmony and balance in one's life.

Buying an espresso machine

Everyone needs some coffee as a subtle "pick me up" during the morning. Chelsea Handler is no different, apparently, as she spoke enthusiastically about her espresso machine during her home tour. She shares that she needed to have directions on the side because she struggled to correctly work the machine. While espresso machines are usually foolproof when making coffee, they need special care and cleaning when dirty. According to Home Depot, espresso machines should be cleaned regularly. The steps to providing a thorough cleaning are pretty straightforward: Knock out espresso grounds from a basket, rinse out the basket, and use a dry cloth to clean the portafilter; it's designed like a long handled cup. Mix espresso cleaner with water and use a specialized brush to clean the basket, the portafilter, and the group gasket.

Looking to purchase a new espresso machine? Clive Coffee said make sure to keep a budget while taking into consideration how often and what kind of drinks the espresso machine could make. There are inexpensive brands of espresso machines that are high quality that could be purchased at kitchen supplies stores. For large drinks or for those who drink coffee multiple times a day, purchase a dual boiler machine, which makes more coffee in a quicker timespan. For small drinks, or for those who prefer straight espresso, purchase a single boiler machine. It's also a good idea to measure your kitchen countertops to make sure there's enough space for an espresso machine. 

Finding a suitable dining room table

Most homes have a family dining room set where they can eat and entertain each other for hours on end. Chelsea Handler talked about her rare raw wood dining room table. Handler said she imported the dining room table from Venice, Italy, and that only about 18 are like it exist. Wood furniture that's unfinished needs a finish in either a stain or a varnish, according to CO Lumber Real Wood Furniture. Want to be original and do something different, rather than purchasing cookie cutter furniture from mainstream furniture stores? Take a chance on buying unfinished furniture to create something new. There are numerous kinds of woods to purchase on the market. Para wood comes from environmentally-friendly rubber trees and the wood is pale yellow and could be renewable. Pine wood is a cheaper and lightweight material. It typically has dark knots in the wood that give it a sense of character. Oak is a dense hardwood, but could be expensive and heavy to handle.

Thinking of making a new dining room table from wood? Construct a rustic country farmhouse style kitchen table with long benches, as prescribed by Bob Vila. To get in touch with a sense of uniqueness, make a wooden table from repurposed wood that came from fences, barns, and decks.

Unique couches

Chelsea Handler bought a gray Moroso Gentry couch at a regular furniture store after sitting on it and finding out it was the one. What she liked best about the couch was that it had red stitching within the quilted pattern. Every home needs a good, comfortable couch. DH Ideas suggests looking for modern or artistic couch designs. Though couches make up the focal point of the living room, they don't have to be plain or overly eccentric to create embellishment within the design. Want to buy something with pizzazz? Find a couch that's shaped like an ocean wave or another unique shape. These kinds of couches look different from the usual straight-lined sofas that adorn most living rooms.

For people who are interested in home décor from the 1960s or 1970s, shop online for a love seat shaped like a hand. Bonus points if the hand is mustard yellow, burnt orange, or split pea green. Look for a bohemian-styled couch with India based prints and tasseled pillows, if so desired. For extra added comfort, purchase a white cloud sofa. This aesthetically-pleasing white couch looks just like a pile of small, well-formed clouds and is dreamy and soft to the touch. Don't want to buy a whole new coach? Add decorative pillows for a sweet touch. Consider pastel or bright-colored bow tie pillows for a cheery effect. 

Creating a family and friends photo wall

As she toured through her living space areas, Chelsea Handler showed a quick flash of what she calls her "adventure pictures" of her brother, sister, and friends. Framed photographs of Handler's loved ones sprawled across a couple of walls in the downstairs living space. To create a gallery wall full of framed loved ones, Clare Murthy Photography's first bit of advice is to decide where to place the photos. Whether it be over furniture, in a hallway, near a stairwell, or along a corridor is up to the person's sense of design preference. Think of a color scheme. Put the photos in colorful picture frames to liven up the atmosphere, or stick to all one color for a more uniform look. Try to be consistent by buying frames that are the same size throughout the gallery wall.

When it comes to creating a sense of order, be careful to not hang anything crookedly, recommends Houzz. For those who are unsure of how to design a gallery wall, contact a local interior designer or professional art hanger to get the ball rolling. Be extravagant with gallery wall designs by arranging photos in the shape of a heart or a star. Think outside of the box.

How to create a game room

Remember your favorite video game as a kid? As Chelsea Handler took Architectural Digest through her bedroom, she proudly talked about her "Ms. Pac-Man" gaming machine that had other games on it as well. It was a staple in her childhood after her father rented out a "Ms. Pac-Man" gaming machine for her sister's bat mitzvah. Want to throw everything in at once to create a game room? Space Wise advises combining different hobbies and games all together for the ultimate rec room. Place a pool table in a room with hanged guitars on the walls with kitschy framed artwork alongside the instruments. For those who love gaming, create a gamer theme, whether that's Mario or Minecraft, anything goes for décor. Movie lovers could install a big theater screen to watch movies or to do tournament gaming.

Country Living advises not choosing a theme right away when making a game room, because new ideas may come to fruition in the future. Don't have any indoor space to make a game room? Try creating a game room in the backyard by bringing out a pool table or a few arcade video games. The garage could also be a space to place some gaming items. Think of purchasing multi-purpose tables with ping pong, hockey, and pool games played all in one. This lessens crowding and allows more space.

Making your own home gym

One thing Chelsea Handler is passionate about is working out. In her home gym, Handler had an array of weights and cardio machines. Since Peloton machines have grown in popularity, she gave in and bought one herself. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, people have discovered new ways of staying fit, especially when gyms were shut down. There are people who prefer to develop their own home gym, so they don't have to go to a huge fitness center and potentially feel judged and out of place, according to American Home Fitness. Pick a room that is big enough to manage large exercise machines. Working out takes up quite a bit of space, so measure and make room for large and small workout items. Decide whether to include more cardiovascular-based equipment or free weights and strength training gear.

While there are people who prefer to work out in their living room or den, there are others who want to make their own specific gym room. Install a TV and music speakers to get pumped up and entertained while working out. To feel more motivated, paint the gym room walls a bright color or hang up plaques with inspirational phrases.

Safety and bunk beds

Chelsea Handler jumped for glee during her home tour as she showed off her bunk bed room. Though Handler said the beds were for her nieces and nephews, she also enjoyed sleeping on the bunk beds with her dogs because she couldn't resist the coziness. While bunk beds are fun to have, they could also pose a safety risk to children and parents who are unaware. Casa Kids notes that there are important safety regulations related to bunk beds, such as having high guardrails for the top bunk and making sure there are no big openings on the guardrails. Children shouldn't be playing or jumping on the bunk beds, especially not the top bunk. Children under the age of six should also be on the bottom bunk.

As far as other safety precautions are concerned, Sleep Advisor advises avoiding hanging anything like scarves or belts off the top of bunk beds to avoid strangulation. To prevent any children from getting hurt, only one child at a time should be on the top bunk bed. Looking to buy bunk beds? Living Etc. suggests buying curtains that could be pulled over for each bunk bed to have privacy. For children who have too many toys, create storage space under bunk beds for organizational purposes. Install a staircase that could lead to the top bunk if space is available. A rolling ladder may also work for children who need to climb to the top bunk.

Creating a home office

Chelsea Handler's home office space is in the same room as the bunk beds she enjoys so much. She had a small desk for when she was writing her jokes and her books. Due to the pandemic and people looking for alternative ways of working, remote work has grown in popularity over the past few years. What if a person has limited space? The Spruce suggests having office space in a living room with the couch pushed up against the wall and office desk in front of a window. This clears up room and allows natural light to come in from the window. Sitting down for hours at a time isn't good for health. Why not buy and install a standing desk? These don't have to be expensive and could be constructed from repurposed wood. 

Ideal Home notes that it's important to make sure that your home office has suitable lighting and isn't dark and gloomy. Find a desk lamp that fits in well with the office décor and design. When it comes to furniture, find multi-purpose furniture to make the most of your space, such as a desk with storage space underneath. A small alcove in the home could provide computer space for office work as well.

Develop a home library

The most important thing in a house, is having books. Not only do books enrich our intelligence, but also provide a space to grow in our creativity and imagination. Chelsea Handler said she grew up with books all over her childhood home and now has her own home library. As a child, Handler said books and newspapers provided a sense of safety away from a world of stress. Creating a home library isn't complicated. According to Unhappy Hipsters, find a well-lit, well-ventilated area that has little noise to create a home library. Devise a list of what things to buy to make the home library. Shelving should be a main priority. For those who are working with a budget, check out thrifted bookstores in the area instead of paying full prices for the same or similar genres of books.

A home library doesn't have to have bookshelves, advises Book Riot. Buy multimedia shelves that are for DVDs and CDs because they could store lightweight novels. Bookshelves could be heavy and cumbersome to adjust, so why not try finding foldable bookshelves? Homedit suggests that books could be arranged by color on shelves to make the shelving pleasing to the eye. Buy comfortable seating like love seats and bean bags. Create a reading nook near a window with cozy cushions and pillows for a welcoming effect.

Decorating with chaise lounges

As Handler continued her home tour through her bedroom, she talked about her purple Cassina chaise lounges. Handler liked the comfort they provided as well as the color. Since Handler says she has a masculine aura, she wanted chaise lounges that were a more feminine color. Home Décor Bliss said to keep things friendly by having two chaise lounges across from one another near a fireplace in the living room. Chaise lounges are a palatable option to keep in rooms that are too small to have full-sized couches. Have a state-of-the-art entertainment center as the focal point of the living room? Why not place a sleek, neutral-colored chaise lounge in the room to create balance and cohesion?

Match your chaise lounge according to your personality and home style (via Overstock). A contoured chaise lounge could mold and fit perfectly to a person's body when lying down. Looking to go old-fashioned? Try to spot a Victorian chaise lounge from a vintage furniture store for that classic vibe. Add to the aesthetic by buying frilly, retro-styled pillows. When it comes to chaise lounge cushioning, cotton is the most comfortable to rest on, but leather is more durable and stain-proof. Wood provides a sturdy frame for chaise lounges, but metal is a subtle way to incorporate an industrial style.

What to know about saunas

While Chelsea Handler liked her bathroom setup, what she enjoyed most was her sauna and steam room. According to Family Handyman, saunas could go up to 140 degrees in a small room. One benefit of having an at-home sauna is that they're in the privacy of the owner's home. Also, a professional may not be needed to do the job, as installing one by hand at home isn't too complicated. There are also a few things to keep in mind. At-home saunas and steam rooms could be costly and require hefty installation and repair fees. They also need to be cleaned routinely to prevent the spread of mold and mildew as well.

As far as health benefits are concerned, Lamont Bros. Design & Construction said saunas improve cardiovascular health and releases toxins from the skin's pores. Building a sauna does take time and effort. People prefer to have their saunas installed in their master bathroom. Purchase waterproof flooring to begin on the project. Ceilings are built to about seven feet to allow steam to rise quickly in an enclosed space. Clean the sauna with mild soap and water and insist that guests and family members sit on a towel while inside to be sanitary.

Taking care of ping pong tables

Chelsea Handler shared that playing ping pong was a big feature at her house. She said that she was excellent at playing, and to not challenge her because she could beat her opponent. Have a ping pong table ready to play with at home? Sports Uncle said to keep indoor ping pong tables in an area that stays dry since humidity can be damaging to the table. Make sure to clear off cobwebs and dust before playing. Outdoor ping pong tables are more durable and can resist wear and tear. They need to be covered when not in use. A basic water with vinegar mix works well for cleaning ping pong tables.

Ping Pong Ruler advises that indoor ping pong tables are made of wood and could get warped easily if exposed to too much water or overcleaning. As far as the ping pong tables nets are concerned, they too can be cleaned with water mixed with vinegar as a homemade cleaning solution. Simply remove the net from the table, let it soak for a few minutes in the cleaning solution, and then rinse it off before re-installing it.

What to know about pizza ovens

Towards the back of her yard, Chelsea Handler had her own outdoor pizza oven installed as well as her own kitchen area with a walk-up type of bar for pool events and other parties. There's quite a bit to know about outdoor pizza ovens before installing them. Masterplan Outdoor Living notes that in many area, there are building codes for outdoor ovens that you should be aware of, as well as permits and inspections. Making an outdoor pizza oven is something professional builders should do, not the average person. Make sure there's enough room in the backyard before installing a pizza oven. An outdoor pizza oven needs space for wood, heating, and ventilation to work properly.

HGTV explains that an outdoor pizza oven is created with a cement pad underneath, and then cinder blocks are stacked in an L formation with grout to cover any cracks and open spots. Plywood is laid on top of the cinder blocks to support the domed opening of the outdoor pizza oven. For height, it's up to the homeowner what they prefer. According to Happy Sprout, outdoor pizza ovens can cook more than pizza. For those who want something other than pizzas for an outdoor party, meat and vegetables can be cooked in a pizza oven. Want pastries or potatoes? An outdoor pizza oven could make them as well. Remember to keep brushes and a shovel nearby to sweep the inside of a pizza oven to clear ashes so they don't affect the taste of the food.