Inside Dr. Nicole Martin Of RHOM's Chic Home

One of the biggest franchises in reality TV history is Bravo's series, "The Real Housewives." According to TheRichest, for the past sixteen years, Bravo has successfully entertained its viewers by delving into the "not so Zen" lives of housewives all over the country, documenting their flamboyant antics coupled with their dramatic families and their instigating friends.

Techno Trenz reports that the Bravo success story has been filmed in Orange County (where the first ever franchise was created), Atlanta, New York, New Jersey, Miami, Potomac, and Beverly Hills. In 2021, "The Real Housewives of Miami" was rebooted after a nearly decade hiatus. It originally had a three-year run from 2011 to 2013 before getting canceled, but the streaming service Peacock TV picked it up for a revamped fourth season (via Time).

Once the news broke, the show's loyal audience was not only ecstatic at the thought of reuniting with some of the veteran cast, but they began to obsess over the fabulous new housewives that had been added to the new season (via ScreenRant). One of which is Dr. Nicole Martin, who, according to Bravo, is an anesthesiologist and true Miami native, living in Coral Gables, Miami. The RHOM newbie's home — which she shares with partner Anthony, son Grayson, and dog Maxwell — is fabulous and flamboyant, and we couldn't help but choose some of our favorite details to share with you.

A garage filled with works of art

"Anthony loves his toys" is what Dr. Nicole said in her introductory scene on the first episode of the rebooted "The Real Housewives of Miami," as per Peacock TV. Anthony Lopez is Dr. Nicole's partner. The couple has been going strong for seven years, and during a family getaway to Aspen, on New Year's Eve, Anthony got down on one knee and proposed to the board certified anesthesiologist (via People).

Gossip Next Door places his net worth at approximately $3 million, and seeing how he is a partner at a successful law firm, it is quite understandable that Anthony treats himself to a few toys. In his case, that means vintage sports cars. Architectural Digest reported that he owns 15 luxury cars, and the couple added hydraulic car lifts into the garage design to ensure that his 1954 Porsche Speedster, his 1951 Jaguar, and his other 13 "toys" were stored safely. 

A classic Roman style swimming pool

Another striking feature in Nicole's home is her classic swimming pool. When scrolling through her social media pages, we're treated to more than a few pictures where she's lounging with her mini-me, Grayson, at this very pool. The Spruce explains that classic pools like Nicole's with arches on both ends are called double Roman pools. They are based on the swimming baths from the ancient era and add a classic touch to a backyard. An aerial view shows that her pool was designed with an artistic style in mind; we see four lush palm trees framing the four corners of the Roman-style pool.

Nicole is a doctor who is very keen on keeping healthy, so it is safe to assume she not only snaps pictures beside the pool for her social media. She probably also engages in fitness workouts such as swimming laps (via Bravo). 

A good amount of greenery

CubeSmart voted Coral Gables as one of the nine best neighborhoods to live in South Miami for many reasons. One of these reasons was the lush amount of greenery within the community, which gives residents and visitors a sense of serenity. Miami Mom Collective further states that the foliage makes the community resemble paradise, from the lush botanical gardens to the well-maintained landscaping to the Banyan trees arching over sidewalks.

True to location, both the interior and exterior of Dr. Nicole's home boast no shortage of greenery. Upon entering Nicky's compound (as her cast mates like to call her), palm trees and shrubs fill the landscape. And within the home, massive potted plants highlight the different spaces. For example, in this YouTube clip, Dr. Nicole entertains the ladies in her living room, and castmates Alexia, Marisol, and Larsa chatted next to a gravity-defying potted plant. You can find more eye-catching greenery via a massive tabletop planter placed in the hallway, per Dr. Nicole's Instagram. It adds a lively touch to the all-white space.

An ample amount of arches

One key element in many Mediterranean-style homes, asides from the red tiles on the roof, is the presence of arches, according to HGTV. These arches are very common in Florida homes, which were built with a Spanish New World aesthetic in mind. Via this clip from the Peacock TV show, we can see that arches are very much present within her home design, adding major substance to the exterior and the interior of her Mediterranean abode.

Anthony Lopez tells Entertainment Tonight that the arches were not a flippant inclusion to the home. In fact, during the home renovations, Dr. Nicole's partner wanted to make sure the house didn't become too modern, or else it would feel cold. When discussing adding the arches to the architectural design, he said, "It feels homey, at least to me." The home's interior arches are also significantly highlighted; the front door is nestled within an arched porch, the kitchen has arched windows, and the dining room has arched French doors which open up to the veranda.

A lady cave

True to her housewife nature, Dr. Nicole dabbles in the world of wine. On different occasions in "The Real Housewives of Miami," she's seen with a glass of vino in hand, whether at lush parties or just chilling at home with her fiancé Anthony. Therefore, it is no surprise that when speaking to Bravo TV, she revealed she had a (not so) small wine room in her home. She explains that it's the place "where me and all the girls hang out when the guys are watching sporting events or whatnot. It's the coziest, most romantic — it's got really warm lighting, and it's full of wine bottles. That to me is like the lady cave." The wine is stowed away behind the wood-paneled cabinets.

We usually hear about a man cave built within homes, but Dr. Nicole is clearly keen on keeping things equal with an addition of a lady cave. According to Mansion Global, wine rooms have become a common feature in luxury households and are seen as prime selling points, regardless of whether the homeowners may or may not be big drinkers. A Miami-based developer of wine rooms shared with the publication that his clients in Fisher Island, Miami, "do not drink wine, but they wanted a place to store it for the entertainment of their guests," hence he created a wine room in their home.

A magical media room

While speaking to Bravo during an interview about her home renovations, Dr. Nicole explained, "We have a media room on the second floor where we spend most of our Sunday afternoons ... we all like snuggle up on the couch and we watch movies, or we'll watch sporting events." During her exclusive home tour with Entertainment Tonight, she invited the network's representative, Rachel Smith, into the second-floor media room. Viewers can see notable details that lend a certain charm to the media room, such as the plush sofa sectional with matching pillows (which Dr. Nicole gleefully plonked onto beside Rachel.) Architectural Digest states that Perrine Rousseau is the French brand behind the plush sectional's warm-toned fabric.

Viewers can also see a wide remote-controlled screen that drops down from the ceiling, a wooden center table separating the sofa from the screen, and a few antique lamps sitting on the side table. The space can easily switch from being brightly lit to becoming a dimly lit cinema within mere seconds. 

Lots of lighting

"The Real Housewives" stars have to open their homes and lives to the world in a major way. And while it might seem weird to have a camera in your face, the stars have to consider what would make the best shot while designing their rooms. And that includes plenty of light. As for any content filmed for television, the lighting needs to be just right. In this clip from episode 2 of the Peacock TV show, Dr. Nicole and her beau sat in their bedroom to plan a sushi party for her cast mates. Despite the natural light streaming in through the windows, we can see a sturdy bamboo floor lamp next to Anthony and a table lamp on the bedside table across from Nicole, both switched on. 

Even when the reality crew is not filming, there is still lots of lighting within the RHOM newbie's home. In her post on Instagram, hanging lamps from the ceiling can be pictured as she poses for a snap underneath the light fixtures. When Architectural Digest took a tour through the Coral Gables, Miami home, there were unique table lamps from Californian based light merchants Blackman Cruz and spectacular triple dome chandeliers in the dining room.

A wall dedicated to shoes

Being a real housewife within any franchise calls for a lot of drama and an insane amount of events to attend. There are dinner parties, girls' trips, galas, product launches, family holidays, and so much more. Some of these events may go in your favor, and others may end up distasteful and force you to leave in a huff, just like when Ramona Singer walked out of her own Christmas shopping party in anger from the New York franchise, as per The Daily Mail. But that's a story for another day.

Despite the unsure outcome of any "Real Housewives" event, your style remains a major factor to play in every instance. But according to Bravo, even when the cameras are not rolling, Dr. Nicole still brings the fashion. That being said, the real intrigue is where and how these fabulous fashionable clothing items are stored within her home. The RHOM newbie shared details to Entertainment Tonight about her enviable walk-in closet stocked with designer brands and the trendiest shoes. This fashion haven "is amazing because it has windows and natural light." While pointing at her shoe wall, she jokes, "I will not sacrifice my shoes!" We can easily glean that the natural lit closet also doubles as a fantastic spot for her Instagram reels.

A curved stairwell

As you enter the foyer of Dr. Nicole's home, a curved stairwell in a warm cream shade with sturdy beige steps meets you. In the first episode, we saw Anthony climb up the stairs to get refreshed for Dr. Nicole's sushi party with the rest of the housewives after he came back from work. The color combination for the stairs comes across as a fantastic choice as it blends perfectly with the home's white and cream monochromatic aesthetic. 

According to Architecture Ideas, a curved staircase style brings a lot of advantages to Dr. Nicole's luxury home. They may come at an expensive price point because they need to be perfectly customized to fit the home, but it also adds to the home's resale value. And at one point, she was considering selling her freshly renovated home. Reality Titbit shared that Nicole's castmate, Larsa Pippen, appeared on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" and shared that Nicole had already sold her home. This got fans asking questions, so Nicole took to Instagram to clear up the confusion explaining that her family may have toyed with the idea of selling the 9,000 square foot abode, but they decided to stay put (via Bravo). Nevertheless, it is great to know that if she decides to sell, her curved staircase may come in handy to increase the home's resale value. 

A black and white themed bar

While speaking to Bravo about what she eats daily, Dr. Nicole (who is also a health enthusiast) maintains that a strict diet is her go-to every weekday. However, on the weekend, there are "no rules... eat, drink, and be merry!" Besides drinking wine with her friends in the lady cave, viewers of the show can see Dr. Nicole take up the hostess with the mostest role at her home bar. For example, she treated her castmates to cocktails from her stylish black bar at the aforementioned sushi party.

The minimalist bar, which served as a hotspot hangout for the ladies, is made from a dark-hued oak and accented with a black granite countertop. It is located in the living room, and in true monochromatic fashion, the ivory teak and leather top stools complement the black stained bar perfectly. It's a lot more stylish than the average home bar!

A handmade clay bathtub

When it comes to celebrities and the 1% of the 1%, The Daily Mail revealed that there's no limit to the wellness practices they choose to indulge in, which does not exclude bath time. From the $1.3 million crystal bathtub purchased by Formula One heiress Tamara Ecclestone, to the $1.8 million petrified wood bathtub for sale (which some believe contains healing properties), it is quite clear that a soak to the stars is nothing close to basic (via The Daily Mail).

While taking Entertainment Tonight through their home tour, Dr. Nicole and Anthony opened up their primary bathroom, where an earthy-looking, free-standing bathtub was nestled. It's easy to look at the tub choice as simple compared to the luxurious marble bathroom design within the space. However, there are a few things to note. Architectural Digest pinpoints the makers of the bathtubs as none other than European designers Studio Loho, a bespoke interior design firm located in Bruges, Belgium. Although the price was not made available (it has to be requested through the website), Anthony gave more context to the Belgian handmade clay bathtub, saying, "It is deceivingly large. It looks like it's not big but make no mistake, Nicole, Grayson, and I have all sat in this tub watching cartoons."

Lots and lots of windows

We already know of Dr. Nicole's desire for natural lighting in her wardrobe. This was so important to her that it made her sacrifice a whole wall of space, ensuring enough room for windows, as per Entertainment Tonight. As the tour with ET progresses, viewers can spot floor-to-ceiling windows in almost every room. The clip above showcases a cross-section of the exterior of the Coral Gables home, and it successfully captures a good amount of windows fitted into the architectural design. 

There are also arched windows in the dining room, which were combined with French doors. The height of the overall fixture was extended by an opening with a half-circle arched window across the top of the doors. According to Kolbe Windows & Doors, this was added to further increase the opening and, as a result, increase the amount of light filtering into the home. The same style of arched windows is present in the bathroom — after all, who doesn't want a bathtub with a view?

Wooden fixtures, furniture, and accessories

An aspect that cannot be ignored is the anaesthesiologist's love for wooden fixtures, furniture, and accessories. Once you peruse her social media pages, you cannot help but notice the well-polished wooden console in this picture, upon which she poses. It is intricately crafted with a combination of panels in a horizontal format, and more panels in a vertical design. The console is decorated with even more wooden accessories in cylindrical and cone shapes. 

Architectural Digest has more details on the wooden furniture in the reality star's home. The console seen above is made from tambour wood and was crafted by New York-based interior designing firm Kelly Behun. There are also many antique-ish wooden pieces in the Miami home, such as the Demiurge Basque table sitting in the lady cave, which is so intricate that each wooden plank within the table boasts varying Patina characteristics (via Demiurge). The eye-catching dining table was designed by acclaimed fashion designer Rick Owens, who crafted a Plug table made from black plywood for the couple. Carpenters Workshop Gallery states that the Paris-based fashion designer delved into bespoke furniture when designing his loft in Los Angeles, California, and has since worked with artisans of the highest caliber to make signature furniture for individuals with discerning tastes like Dr. Nicole. 

A kitchen filled with state of the art appliances

When asked about the biggest splurge in her palatial home, Dr. Nicole told Entertainment Tonight, "We love to entertain, and I always feel like the kitchen is the spot where people congregate when people come over. So I don't think we left off any details when it comes to our kitchen." In this Instagram picture, we see her sitting on her countertop, enjoying a glass of wine in her beloved kitchen. 

When Dr. Nicole spoke to Bravo about her typical diet in the week, she mentioned dishes she consumed regularly, such as hard-boiled eggs and tuna salads. Even if these dishes do not necessarily reflect lavish culinary efforts, Dr. Nicole shared that she and Anthony love to cook on her home tour. So should she wish to go above and beyond in the cooking department, she will thoroughly enjoy the extravagant oven range stove exclusively made to order by French culinary experts at La Cornue. According to the designers at La Cornue, each oven range is made by hand in a workshop outside Paris and offers uncompromising culinary performance, which ensures the brand is number one when compared to any competitor brand throughout the globe.