Inside The Homes Of Famous Fashion Icons

Throughout the years, us mere mortals have been lucky enough to be graced with the fashion prowess of timeless style icons, who have created looks that, in some cases, have outlived the icons themselves. According to Editorialist, they've donned everything from meat dresses to menswear to bring clothing to life, and we'll always be glad for their creativity when it comes to what's in the closet, as well as their ability not to care what the tabloids or trends of the day have to say about it.

However, fashion does not exist in a bubble. For many fashion icons, their style goes far beyond the runway or concert stage — it's apparent in their homes, too. The properties of the biggest and boldest fashion icons throughout history are often just as envy-worthy as their closets. Here are what the abodes of some of the biggest fashion icons throughout history look like — no overhead fluorescent lights required.

Elizabeth Taylor's surprisingly subdued Bel Air home

Never a wallflower when it came to style, Elizabeth Taylor — an actor who starred in hits like "Cleopatra," and "Little Women"– was all about the drama in her wardrobe. She was known for touting anything sparkly, feathery, or furry, but her house was actually much more subdued. Per Dirt, Taylor spent three decades living in a Bel Air midcentury-style home that was outfitted with lots of cozy, pleasant details that didn't exactly scream "movie star." Through its 7,000 square feet, six bedrooms, and six bathrooms, Taylor's abode had lots of plush white carpeting, exposed wood beams and other wood touches, and historic paintings lining the walls. Her sitting room, centered by fresh flowers and a fireplace, was surrounded by souvenirs that Taylor personally collected from around the world. The property had much of the same ambiance outside, including a pool surrounded by flowers and lounge chairs, a koi pond, and even a whimsical tunnel completely covered in greenery.

However, after Taylor died in 2011, her home sold for $8 million to a businessman before being passed along to a developer known for creating celebrity-worthy mega mansions. He forked over $11 million for the serene home in late 2021, and, judging by his background, fans of Old Hollywood are all but certain that Taylor's home will soon be no more. Due to the home's seclusion from the road, no one can be sure what's happening yet behind its gates.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis' New England paradise in Martha's Vineyard

As a member of an esteemed political family, Jackie Kennedy Onassis took her role seriously from head to toe — literally. She was known for her classic, conservative style, frequently opting for shift dresses, pearls, tailored suits, pillbox hats, and strapless gowns. It's unsurprising, then, that one of her most beloved residences — Red Gate Farm on Martha's Vineyard — also epitomized New England style. Scene Therapy said that Kennedy Onassis bought the estate in 1979 as a summer home but later moved there full-time. However, when she first bought Red Gate Farm, it was nowhere near the elegant haven it became — so much so that it was listed for a whopping $65 million in 2019. Instead, it started as 350 acres of land with just one small, onsite home.

Kennedy Onassis called the best in the business to transform the space, and just three years later, she had her dream summer home. It includes many features typical of upscale mansions of the time, such as a formal sitting room, a drawing room, library, gourmet kitchen, a study, and a primary suite with its own dressing room — perfect for Kennedy Onassis' famous closet. It's also a very private home, with a mile of its own oceanfront space, perfect for keeping nosy paparazzi away. For the kids, there was also a pool, treehouse, and vegetable garden.

Twiggy's English country getaway that she picked up for $820,000

We don't hear too much from '60s supermodel Twiggy these days, but clearly, she's doing just fine. Back in the day, the English model — whose real name is Lesley Lawson — was all the rage due to her slim, petite frame, pixie cut, and enormous lashes. Every girl wanted to be her as she sported mini dresses as well as funky menswear-inspired outfits. Her England home in Sussex had just as much style. The Daily Mail reported that the former model paid about $820,000 for a five-bedroom, country-style mansion with tons of charm. Surrounded by manicured shrubbery and a lush lawn, it sported a thatched roof and a brick façade.

Inside, the place had just as much coziness. In the living room, mismatched chairs sat atop a patterned red rug, all around a white fireplace and surrounded by Twiggy's storied art collection. It flowed right into a sunroom, which had floor-to-ceiling windows to allow Twiggy and her guests to admire the property beyond. In a throwback layout, the supermodel's kitchen was made up of several rooms, making it perfect for entertaining while cooking up for a dinner party. However, just two years after moving into the quaint home, Twiggy decided to put it back on the market — this time, $40,000 less than what she paid for it.

Marilyn Monroe's Mediterranean-style ranch home in Brentwood where she spent her final days

Marilyn Monroe may not have had the creative style of some of the other icons on this list, but what she did have was sex appeal — and she knew how to dress it up. The vixen of the screen was known for a wardrobe that accentuated her famous curves, such as pencil skirts, high-waisted bikinis, and of course, the famous ivory cocktail dress. However, Monroe's home in Brentwood was much more low-key. Dirt reported that the Mediterranean-style ranch home was once filled with authentic Mexican furnishings that Monroe chose herself. It dates back 100 years and includes more than 2,000 square feet of living space. It's also filled with charming, warm features, like tiled floors, exposed wood beams, arch doorways, and plenty of white (via Curbed).

However, this is also the same home where Monroe died, when she was found in her bedroom at just 36 years old. She only lived on the sprawling property — which also included orchards and a home for visitors — for four months. But despite it being short-lived as Monroe's home, it was also the only place she ever owned, even though she resided at a whopping 43 different properties through her short 36 years (via The Spruce). She paid somewhere between $78,000 and $90,000 for the abode at 12305 5th Helena Drive, which would have been quite the investment today — it hit the market for nearly $7 million in 2017 (via Los Angeles Times).

Cher's $50 million Malibu home that fits her one-of-a-kind style

Known for sporting tons of sequins, wow-worthy headpieces, and sexy cutout tops, Cher has had a style all her own since she hit the stage in the 1960s. Not surprisingly, her home is the same way. Plus, it, like her wardrobe, reflects her massive wealth. According to Urban Splatter, Cher's Malibu abode is worth a stunning $50 million and includes six bedrooms and 13,000 square feet of living space — all right next to the Pacific Ocean.

Cher might have her own fabulous style, but she enlisted the help of designer Ron Wilson to decorate her Malibu home with completely one-of-a-kind touches (via Architectural Digest). Her primary bathroom is essentially its own spa, outfitted with lounge chairs (topped with leopard print pillows, of course) surrounding a marble tub. Overlooking the space is Cher's Academy Award nomination she earned from "Silkwood," because why hang a cheesy bathroom sign when you have one of those? In the primary bedroom, there is also, not shockingly, a lot more leopard print flanking her canopy bed shrouded in ivory curtains. Exposed wood beams, lush greenery, a floral rug, and decorative antler pieces give the room a wild yet comfortable feel. Outside, the estate is designed in an Italian Renaissance–style and overlooks an infinity pool surrounded by manicured shrubbery.

Audrey Hepburn's elegant Holmby Hills estate that has been home to many stars

No one mastered elegant yet glamourous style quite like Audrey Hepburn did, as she was known for her high-necked blouses, ballet flats, headscarves, and cigarette pants. Her Holmby Hills, Los Angeles mansion had just the same sense of sophistication with its grand white façade, red shutters, and stately columns. Per Architectural Digest, the 7,000 square foot mansion dates back nearly 85 years and includes six bedrooms as well as an acre of lush outdoor space. But besides Hepburn, this Old Hollywood abode had many other A-list tenants from the time, too, such as Mia Farrow, Eva Gabor, and David Nive.

Inside, Hepburn (as well as the Hollywood stars who proceeded her) enjoyed an entryway lined with mirrors and crystal chandeliers, which all led to a grand staircase lined with emerald green carpeting. The living room included a marble fireplace as well as built-in bookcases stacked with books inside a cozy nook. One entire side of the living room was lined with floor-to-ceiling windows, so residents could enjoy the forest-like views of the property. A dining area, set atop black-and-white checkerboard floors, also had floor-to-ceiling windows for optimal sunlight and views. The home's price reflected its style, too — it hit the market for $14 million in 2017.

David Bowie's Nolita apartment in a 140-year-old building

First and foremost, we think of David Bowie as a rock star. He was, after all, named the Greatest Rock Star Ever by "Rolling Stone" and had a total of 15 of his albums go platinum worldwide. However, this rock star sure knew how to dress, too. Bowie brought some life to otherwise bland menswear, as he was never afraid of color, no matter how much there was of it. However, his apartment in the Nolita neighborhood of Manhattan was much more laid-back — even if the price was astronomical. Per Homes & Gardens, it sold for nearly $17 million in mid-2021 and has a historic background to boot.

Its building can trace its beginnings back to 1886, when it was a chocolate factory. It became an apartment building more than a century later, and just a few years after that, Bowie picked it up for nearly $4 million. With 5,000 square feet of living space, according to its listing, we can see why Bowie was drawn to the place. It had three separate patios — perfect for finding an outdoor respite in bustling New York City — as well as a private elevator, ideal for privacy. Plus, it includes towering ceilings to further draw in sunlight, a fireplace for those chilly East Coast nights, and even a library. The primary suite alone is an amazing 1,000 square feet, making up 1/5 of the apartment.

Grace Kelly's brick colonial childhood home in Philadelphia

As a film star turned Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly always exuded elegance and sophistication. And it turns out, so does her childhood home. The A-list actor known for embroidered dresses, lots of white, tweed skirts, and one-piece swimsuits (she did move to Monaco, after all) grew up in a traditional brick colonial home in the East Falls section of Philadelphia. Per Today, Kelly's house dates back to 1928 — meaning it was basically new when she started living there, as the star was born just one year later. As most families do, though, Kelly's family eventually moved out — and Kelly herself relocated to Monaco. However, in 2016, the Kelly house was back in the family. Kelly's son, Albert II, Prince of Monaco, bought the six-bedroom abode for a little over $750,000 and spent nearly two years bringing it back to its original splendor.

Luckily, a few elements didn't need to be restored, including carvings of the Kelly children's growing heights etched on a door. However, the home wasn't all tradition. It included a full bar in the basement, filled with bar stools surrounded by pub-inspired brick walls. These days, the Kelly family is once again the only family enjoying the historic property. Prince Albert and his family stay there each time they visit the City of Brotherly Love, and it's also the base of the offices of the prince's foundation focused on environmental conservation. Plus, the Princess Grace Fountain events are held here, which support theater, dance, and film students.

Naomi Campbell's Kenyan beachside retreat at a private resort

British model Naomi Campbell has had a fashion career that has kept her busy, to say the least. The supermodel has been featured on the covers of more than 500 publications and has modeled for the biggest brand names in the world. Even at 50 years old, she is still one busy model. So, to decompress, she heads to her Kenyan villa. Per Architectural Digest, Campbell's Kenyan escape sits right next to the ocean and has an ideal indoor-outdoor flow for this kind of paradise living. It's incredibly airy and bright, and has also been outfitted with calming, neutral colors to further bring the zen vibes.

Campbell's home is part of an upscale resort that she first jet-setted to nearly three decades ago. Then, in 2009, Campbell decided to make one of the homes at the resort her own. It takes about an hour to get to the resort by plane from Nairobi, which is the country's capital. However, it's worth it for Campbell due to the property's many amenities. Those include a saltwater pool — just in case the next-door ocean isn't close enough — that actually starts inside the house (now that's indoor-outdoor flow.) Campbell has also taken a particular interest in decorating the place from her travels, collecting items from Morocco, Egypt, and Senegal to outfit her abode.

Madonna's $26 million Hidden Hills mansion

The all-encompassing style of both music and fashion icon Madonna has clearly paid off. The star, who has worn it all from a white lace wedding dress to a monocle and pinstripe suit, is still a mega-celebrity with the net worth to back it up. The Hollywood Reporter said that in 2022, she put her equally-mega mansion in Hidden Hills, Los Angeles on the market for a stunning $26 million. The number has even more sticker shock considering that Madonna paid $7 million less for the house just a year before buying it from The Weeknd (via Dirt). Coincidentally enough, The Weeknd also initially listed the estate for $25 million, but without the incredible real estate values that we have seen in 2022, he had to continue to drop the price.

The place is quite celebrity-worthy. It has three acres of property, all protected by constant security. That acreage includes a barn that houses a fitness center and a dance studio. Onsite, there's also an infinity pool, a 10-person hot tub, an area for playing basketball, an outdoor living space, and an outdoor kitchen, perfect for entertaining. The 12,500 main home has its share of amenities, too, such as a movie theater, a bar area that flows both inside and outside, and a spa-style bathroom. There's even a separate home for visitors with two bedrooms inside.

Lauren Bacall's Central Park-facing Upper West Side apartment that sold for $21 million

Throughout her storied film career, actor Lauren Bacall could always be spotted in structured pieces, flowing gowns, tops made of silk, and wide-legged pants. She was both a fashion icon and a film icon, leading her to own one of the best of the best apartments of the time in one of the best of the best buildings of the time. Curbed reported that for a whopping five decades of Bacall's life, she resided at the Dakota, a historic Upper West Side building that dates back to 1880 (and is also supposedly haunted). Here, she owned a three-bedroom apartment with prime Central Park views.

In 2015, the nine-bedroom apartment sold for $21 million, said The New York Times — a far cry from the $28,000 to $48,000 that Bacall reportedly paid for it in 1961. It did take awhile for it to fetch that price, though. The apartment sat on the market for about one year and was first listed for $26 million. We can't be sure what the apartment looked like while Bacall lived there since before the apartment was listed for sale, the actor's belongings were sold at auction. But we do know that this style queen loved antique furniture and artwork, and wasn't shy about displaying it in her abode.

Princess Diana's stately English country home where she lived before meeting Prince Charles

Princess Diana was known as the "people's princess" and tended to mix down-to-earth pieces like jeans, sneakers, and sweatshirts with leather boots, blazers, and designer handbags. However, she had a high-class upbringing long before crossing paths with the Prince of Wales. Hello! said that Princess Diana grew up at Althorp House, a country abode located about two hours from London, England. Princess Diana's family still owns the 90-room mansion set atop 550 acres, as her brother, Charles, the 9th Earl Spencer, calls it his still today.

The estate includes lots of royal touches, such as a library lined with inset bookshelves as well as seemingly endless walls of historic paintings. Wood floors and patterned rugs fill the space, as do comfy red chairs and crystal chandeliers. Charles keeps a photo of a young Diana on his desk here. In the Althorp House, even the hallways are stately. A grand wood staircase leads visitors to the second floor, filled with intricate finishings as well as paintings of prominent family members. However, the home has lots of personal — and fun — touches, too. Princess Diana used to tap dance on the black-and-white checkerboard floors of Wootton Hall, and the whole family (and visitors) loved to gather in the Billiard Room. Here, a pool table surrounded by pastel blue walls sits next to a cozy fireplace.

Lady Gaga's $22.5 million Malibu mansion that's filled with multiple dressing rooms

As we all know, Lady Gaga is no stranger to over-the-top style. She has sported a dress made of real meat, a green feather boa, and a massive pink dress surrounded by adoring men — just to name a few pieces. But her Malibu estate, which she has named "Gypsy Palace," seems to be an escape from all of the craziness of Lady Gaga's life. Per Realtor, the star has owned the 10,000 square foot "palace" for nearly a decade after she paid $22.5 million for it.

It's solely adorned in neutral colors and materials, including a kitchen full of stainless-steel appliances, a ceiling with exposed wood beams, and wicker dining chairs. Lady Gaga's living room is both a mix of glam and boho, as its flowing floorplan includes a sparkling chandelier as well as a wrought iron chandelier, all under more exposed wood beams and distressed wood furniture. But surprisingly, only three bedrooms fill this colossal house. That's because the style icon has transformed several of the former bedrooms into closets and dressing rooms. After all, wouldn't you rather have another rack of Alexander McQueen instead of another excuse to house a guest?

Katharine Hepburn's private Connecticut estate on the Long Island Sound

With a 60-year career, fans of Katharine Hepburn (no relation to Audrey Hepburn) knew about both the actor's hit productions as well as her fantastic style. She was the star of films like "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" and "Bringing Up Baby," and made a menswear-inspired wardrobe popular, which included blazers and collared shirts. The New York Post said that for years, Hepburn resided at a stunning estate in Old Saybrook, Connecticut that is just steps away from the Long Island Sound.

Sometime after Hepburn's passing, the home was sold to developer Frank Sciame, who then decided to offload the property once more. In 2014, he put it on the market for nearly $15 million, but three years later, the six-bedroom finally sold for $11.5 million. With more than 8,000 square feet of living space, that price also includes the property's 1.5 acres, personal pond, golf course, and dock.