The 15 Most Affordable Beach Towns In America

Between the consistent breeze and the stunning ocean views, there are many factors that make coastal living so coveted. At the end of the day, who wouldn't want to feel like they're on a beach vacation 24/7 in their hometown? However, as stunning as it is, living in a beach town in the United States tends to come with a hefty price tag. According to SFGate, waterfront properties are some of the most expensive real estate due to the high demand and low supply. After all, there is only so much coastline to cover.

However, you don't need to live right on the water or in a beach house to reap many benefits of living in a coastal community. On top of that, several beach towns in the country boast pretty fair housing and rental prices. That said, we've put together this list of the 15 most affordable beach towns in the United States to help your search.

Seal Beach, California

Although California is known for being a pricer state, Seal Beach is a beautiful and affordable beach town just south of Los Angeles, per the City of Seal Beach. Considered to be the gateway to Orange County, Seal Beach is known for its wide, sandy beaches and stellar surfing, making it a popular spot for locals and visitors alike. Seal Beach is also one of the cheaper places to buy a home, making it a more realistic beach town for those looking to post up near the ocean for a fair price.

The median listing home price is $452,000, which is significantly cheaper than the homes found in nearby beach towns such as Laguna Beach or Santa Monica (via Realtor). That said, the closer you attempt to be to the water, the higher the prices. However, Seal Beach has allowed many people to continue California dreaming thanks to its central location, the competitive yet reasonable housing market, and beautiful beaches. Of course, while Seal Beach is more affordable than many other spots on the coast of California, it is still a more expensive place to live compared to the national average (via Best Place To Live).

New London, Connecticut

While Connecticut doesn't necessarily come to mind when you think of your dream beach home, charming and historic New London is a beautiful, cost-effective beach town to add to your list. New London offers the perfect blend of eclectic modern cuisine, shopping, and entertainment while boasting a variety of gorgeous buildings, many of which date back to the 18th century, per the City of New London. Located on the coast of Connecticut, New London also offers a wide array of natural beauty and is known for its range of outdoor opportunities. Visitors and locals can enjoy plentiful fishing, kayaking, water skiing, or just relaxing on the beach admiring the Atlantic Ocean.

The median home cost in New London is $215,900, placing it well under Connecticut's state average of $318,400 and even the median home cost of the entire United States, which falls at $219,700 (via Best Places To Live). This low-budget, high-quality of life combination makes New London one of the most affordable beach towns in the United States and one of the most valuable.

Long Beach, Washington

The Pacific Northwest is undeniably one of the most beautiful regions in the nation, but with all that natural beauty and rapidly growing urban life comes higher real estate pricing throughout most of the state. However, up-and-coming beach towns like Long Beach, Washington allow potential homeowners to invest in affordable real estate while enjoying the incredible environment and making an investment purchase for their future. Located between Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington, Long Beach offers an expansive coastline and easy commutes to two of the region's most bustling cities. With flourishing local businesses and a commitment to creating spaces for artisans, artists, and creators to shine, Long Beach is a unique, up-and-coming town for tourists and locals alike, per Visit Long Beach Peninsula.

Long Beach, Washington is also affordable, with the median house cost below the state and national average. The average home in Long Beach costs only $243,000, while the Washington state average climbs to an impressive $504,000 (via Best Places To Live).

Port Arthur, Texas

Located just 90 miles outside of Houston, Port Arthur, Texas is easily one of the most affordable beach towns in the United States. According to Data USA, the average median property value is at an impressively low $65,800. This price is drastically lower than the Texas state average, which comes in at around $313,000, making purchasing a home in Port Arthur an absolute steal.

Although housing is more affordable in Port Arthur, that does not mean there is less value or opportunity for activity. Known as the cajun capital of Texas, Port Arthur takes pride in its ethnic, cultural, and historical diversity. The town offers a wide array of dining, entertainment, and cultural experiences to locals and tourists (via Port Arthur, TX). Port Arthur even hosts the faith trail, a celebration of the region's historical and contemporary diversity where people are able to walk from the Buu Mon Buddhist Temple. You can embark on a contemplative stroll through a lush garden full of bamboo and fruit trees until you encounter a statue of Buddha overlooking a reflective pond (via Visit Port Arthur Texas). Not far away, the Queen of Peace Shrine & Gardens is a peaceful oasis surrounding a statue of the Virgin Mary built by the Queen of Vietnam Catholic Church's parishioners.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach is one of the most popular summer vacation destinations on the East Coast, making it a desirable place to own a home, whether it be a summer getaway spot or your full-time residence. Spanning over 60 miles of beautiful Atlantic coastline with fourteen established neighborhood communities, Myrtle Beach offers desirable temperatures, stunning beaches, ocean views, and picturesque natural scenery year-round, per Myrtle Beach Vacation. With a booming summer tourist season comes a wide variety of local businesses dedicated to making guests and locals feel comfortable and entertained. Local breweries, restaurants, and bars offer excellent food, drink, and nightlife. Live music, outdoor performances, and beachside fun make Myrtle Beach a lively spot to be 365 days a year.

This lively beachside community comes at a higher price than some other beach towns on our list. The median home cost in Myrtle Beaches is $310,375 (via Zillow). However, compared to other coastal cities in the U.S. with the same vibrancy, property owners still receive a great value on their dollar for a home in this flourishing coastal neighborhood.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Often referred to as the Las Vegas of the East Coast, Atlantic City, New Jersey is a popular party and vacation spot. Known for its resort-style hotels, gambling, clubs, and nightlife, Atlantic City has become a highly sought-after tourist destination for years. Atlantic City offers not only summer gambling fun or weekend getaways but year-round outdoor and often free festivals, per Atlantic City NJ. Some top ones include the Atlantic City Restaurant Week, which highlights the incredible local cuisine, Atlantic City Airshow, concerts, and more.

However, Atlantic City is more than just a party spot. It's also an extremely affordable beach house for locals to purchase homes. The median home price is $179,78, making it one of the cheaper destinations on our list despite Atlantic City's wealth of activities and oceanside location (via Zillow). With a median home price of $487,500 across the state of New Jersey, owning a home in bustling Atlantic City is an absolute steal.

Deerfield Beach, Florida

Florida is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Fine white sand and sparkling blue Atlantic waters run up and down the southeast state. While many beach towns with this stunning scenery have wild home prices, Deerfield Beach, Florida offers a much more affordable housing market with temperate weather and stunning beaches. According to Visit Florida, Deerfield Beach is home to the award-winning Blue Wave Beach, which earned that designation from the Clean Beach Council based on the excellent water quality, beach conditions, safety services, public information, and habitat conservation policies. The charming beach town also offers a shopping and dining area, a water sports park, fishing, and expansive coastline views and beaches.

The median home cost in Deerfield Beach comes out to around $290,300, placing it well under the median home cost for the state of Florida, which costs $410,000 (via The combination of this low price with the small town charm and beautiful beach makes Deerfield Beach, Florida an affordable and valuable place to own a home.

Lynn, Massachusetts

What was once just a quiet industrial town along the coast of Massachusetts has become a bustling hub of art and community in the stunning beach town of Lynn, Massachusetts, per North of Boston. Located just north of Boston, Lynn carries a long history, reflecting New England's historical importance and impressive architecture. In recent years, Lynn has become a densely populated, culturally diverse community that works to promote young entrepreneurs, artists, entertainers, and more, building a bright community of locals. Between the combination of old industry, the new cultural explosion, and picturesque beaches, Lynn is a rapidly growing, highly desired neighborhood that remains affordable.

The median home cost in Lynn lies around $263,700 (via Mass Bay Movers). The average monthly rent cost is $1,055 per month. While this falls above the national average, compared to other beach towns and New England, the cost of living in Lynn is still significantly more affordable.

Daytona Beach, Florida

Despite being one of the most popular beach vacation destinations across the United States, Daytona Beach, Florida is on our most affordable list. Known for its 23 miles of expansive white sand beaches, spring break resorts, and the Daytona International Speedway, there is never a dull moment in this place, per Daytona Beach. Daytona Beach prides itself in its wide variety of activities and sights to see. With low-key beach days, high-end restaurants, miles of hiking trails, and golf courses, this beach town is anything but quaint and sleepy, providing entertainment and stimulation for all ages.

One might think that with all Daytona Beach has to offer, the cost of living would be astronomical. However, the median home cost in Daytona Beach lands around $279,275 (via RentCafe). While the cost of living is slightly higher than some other beach towns on our list, Daytona still offers high value and quality of life. Considering it still falls well below the Florida state average, Daytona beach is markedly affordable.

Mastic Beach, New York

Located on Long Island just outside the hustle and bustle of New York City lies Mastic Beach, New York. This quiet beach town offers proximity to the greater New York Metropolitan Area while providing a local, small-town feel, per Village of Mastic Beach. While many beach towns on this list have a tourism-based economy, Mastic Beach exemplifies small-town pride. Community service, auctions, and gatherings are at the heart of this town, allowing residents to enjoy the beauty of a coastal beach town with all of the heart and neighborly attitudes of a small town community. The area is also popular with artists and creatives who love the rich natural beauty.

The median home price in Mastic Beach is $242,100, and the average cost of rent is around $1,752 per month (via Niche). Considering the prime location and the sweeping white sandy beaches, this is a shockingly low average considering the New York State average falls well above $400,000.

Morehead City, North Carolina

Located on the gorgeous coast of North Carolina, Morehead City is an adorable harbor town with a variety of activities, restaurants, events, and beaches for all ages to enjoy. The downtown area is lined with docks, making spending the day on the water easily accessible from almost any point in town, per Morehead City NC. Guests and locals alike are encouraged to enjoy the multitude of local small businesses offering water sports, guided beach tours on horseback, kite sailing, and more wild adventures one can only find in an East Coast beach town.

Although Morehead City offers incredible Atlantic Ocean views, delicious local restaurants, generally mild weather, and a sense of oceanside community, the cost of living and owning a home remains impressively low. The median home cost in Morehead City comes in at around $353,849 (via Zillow). While this does price Morehead City above the median home cost of the state of North Carolina in general, it still falls well below the cost of living in other equally as charming and bustling beach towns across the country.

Tiverton, Rhode Island

If you are looking for a quiet, small-town feel with an ocean breeze and a laid-back lifestyle, look no further than Tiverton, Rhode Island. Dating all the way back to 1694, historic Tiverton is home to a variety of charming local businesses, including boutique shops and restaurants, per Discover Newport. Tiverton Four Corners is a picturesque New England village where you can stroll past buildings from the 18th century, meet local artists, and enjoy award-winning dining. The town also boasts incredible historic mansions open for tours and a wide array of outdoor trails, beaches, and docks available to explore while breathing fresh ocean air.

According to Redfin, the median home cost in Tiverton lands around $430,000. While the New England beach town is on the higher end of our list of affordable beach towns, the rich New England history, incredible architecture, and adorable boutique shopping make purchasing a home in Tiverton a high-value decision.

Ocean Pines, Maryland

Nestled on Maryland's Eastern Shore, the residential community of Ocean Pines boasts over nine miles of waterfront property on over 3,000 acres of wooded areas along the Atlantic Ocean, per Ocean Pines Association. Home to just 12,000 full-time residents and 8,000 seasonal residents, Ocean Pines is rich in small-town charm despite its expansive coastline. The community offers a wealth of amenities, including five pools, two marinas, over a dozen walking trails and parks, a premier racquet sports complex, and a championship-sized golf course. Ocean Pines is a resort community, which means purchasing a home offers property owners access to their home, land, and many community amenities designed to increase the quality of life and entertainment.

The median home cost in Ocean Pines, Maryland comes out to around $399,000 (via Realtor). While this may seem high at first glance, the price includes a wealth of amenities that reduce the need for additional spending on recreational activities. Since the price falls well below the state average, Ocean Pines is a relatively affordable beach town.

Bremerton, Washington

Located on the breathtaking Kitsap Peninsula in Washington across the Puget Sound from the bustling city of Seattle lies Bremerton, a stunning coastal gem. Well known for its coffee, beautiful parks, naval museums, and incredible views of both mountains and sea, Bremerton offers residents and guests the perfect blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, per Bremerton, WA. The downtown area features local restaurants, theaters, and galleries in addition to the plethora of naval museums, offering enrichment, education, and enjoyment for people of all ages and all interests. Additionally, while the water may be too cold in the winter months for swimming or other aquatic activities, the boardwalk provides stunning sea views 365 days a year.

The median home cost in Bremerton is around $489,912 (via Zillow). Although this does make Bremerton one of the priciest beach towns on our list, it still lies below the Washington median home cost. With the natural beauty, proximity to Seattle, and ocean views, Bremerton is still a valuable beach town to call home.

Eureka, California

California is known for its astronomical, seemingly unattainable housing market. However, the hidden gem of Eureka, California provides the same natural beauty and landscape diversity California is known for at a fraction of the price. Surrounded by picturesque Humboldt Bay and mountains covered with towering redwoods, Eureka is the pinnacle of mountain-to-sea beauty, per the City of Eureka, CA. In addition to boasting some of the oldest and most revered California Redwood trees and the stunning Pacific coast, the city is also known for its unique Victorian architecture, creative culture, one-of-a-kind shops, restaurants, and artisanal businesses.

The median home cost in Eureka is $465,000, which falls well below the unbelievable California average of $800,000 (via Realtor). You can enjoy a marked price difference with California's natural beauty. The signature creative, artsy, and community feel makes Eureka an ideal choice for homeowners looking to purchase instead of renting a home in California.