3 Headboards To Pair With Green Bedding

Living green and embracing nature is very trendy these days and has become a huge part of everyday life, down to our home décor. Earth tones and natural elements are commonly found in living spaces, and we're always looking for new, unique ways to decorate with these in mind. According to Furniture And Choice, green is a great way to bring life to a bedroom, but it is so versatile that the shades and materials used will communicate very different messages.

Are you going for a tropical vibe? Trying to be bold? Or are you simply all about relaxation? Bringing in palm-printed wallpaper, jute rugs, or the color sage will determine how your bedroom comes across, says Furniture And Choice. Of course, like your sheets, the material and color of your headboard will also add to the effect you're trying to create. So, if you have green bedding and are wondering what headboard to use, here are three great options.

Natural fiber

Did you know that natural materials are one of the top trends in design? (via Star Furniture). It's no surprise since they are a great choice due to their simplicity and sustainability. Green is associated with earth and nature, so headboards made from natural fiber pair great with it. Also, natural fibers can really ground the green bedding by adding charm and coziness to the bedroom. In addition to their natural look, they are a popular choice for furniture because they are light, durable, affordable, and easy to clean, says Asean Sourcing.

Natural fibers come in various organic materials like wicker, bamboo, rattan, seagrass, and more. They all communicate different feelings and have unique strengths. For example, bamboo is a very resistant fiber that matches well with most materials, cotton rope and rattan can bring in a lot of texture, while handcrafted wicker can be a statement piece (via Architecture Art Designs). Whichever fiber you choose for your headboard, the wide range of brown shades available will surely complement your green bedding.

Patterned fabric

Dare to be different with a patterned fabric headboard! Green is a fun color for bedding and should be matched with something that fits that mood. The right pattern will become a great focal point for the room because it brings in texture and style in the right way. In addition to how it looks, you should consider how it feels and how well it handles stains since you will be leaning on it frequently, advises The Headboard Workshop. The good thing about patterns is that some can be very good at hiding stains and signs of wear!

Some fabric headboards are actually removable covers, as noted by The Headboard Workshop, which makes the process of cleaning and maintenance much easier. You also get some variety when you have different covers to switch out. In their guide to cleaning different materials, Fantastic Services advises getting rid of any stains as soon as you can, becoming familiar with the various cleaning codes, and even using a slipcover.


Metal can be seen as cold and unfeeling, but it might be the perfect option to match the playfulness of your green bedding. The cooler metals like silver are the typical metals, but don't forget gold and bronze! Shades like rose gold go beautifully with green since they can balance it out. For example, HGTV shows how a metal headboard can be warm through color and style in a soft, feminine green-themed bedroom. The Original Bed Co also notes how complementary colors and two-toned designs can match whatever theme the room has. No matter what hue you want and the shape you want it to take, you can find a suitable option, or you can get it custom-made.

Your metal headboard doesn't have to be industrial or minimalist or feel so serious. It can take on different forms when you mix metals or combine them with other types of materials. To mix metals well, choose one main finish and then some secondary ones; pick different sheens and some with either warm or cool undertones (via StoneGable).