The Best Ways To Use The Color Turquoise In Your Home Decor

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For those who prefer a tranquil environment, adding turquoise elements to the home is the way to go. Turquoise is a powerful color without feeling overwhelming. Due to its complimentary tone, turquoise mixes well with browns, grays, and greens. To achieve a sense of serenity, focus on parts of the home that may need a revamp to promote calmness. Sometimes, it's fun to work with a new shade rather than staying with the same regular design colors.

Paintzen notes that there are different shades of turquoise that work for most rooms. Have a living room or bedroom that's furnished with dark wood furniture? Lean towards paint that features a lighter shade of turquoise that's nearly teal. Since teal has hints of green, dark wood furniture meshed with green room accents gives a strong masculine vibe. Pale shades of turquoise look pleasant against unique architectural art installations for modernity. Be creative by establishing a turquoise color palette for home décor that'll promote a fresh pop of color that's original and suave in its execution.

Work with outdoor lighting

Establish turquoise in home design with outdoor lights. Finding the right outdoor light fixtures doesn't have to be difficult. Outdoor light fixtures need to fit properly, as stated by Refined Rooms. Turquoise light fixtures are one way to look fresh and create an easy essence of calming light. Outdoor light fixtures with turquoise colored bodies add more color to a usually plain home feature. The bright pop of color is a standout, and the exterior of the home could be painted turquoise as well to match. This idea of turquoise on turquoise looks modern and trendy due to its bold color.

Turquoise outdoor light fixtures look best when utilized around gathering areas. Find a sleek, industrial style outdoor light such as the turquoise Essentials Collection Ezra Pendant. Another ideas would be to go with a funky shaped light with a turquoise Dome Outdoor Pendant. Turquoise colored patio lights would look chic against floral-patterned furniture. If the pattern features a light blue, the turquoise will pull the lighter blue color to the forefront. 

Choose different kinds of benches

Rather than going with the typical, poppy shades of yellow and orange outdoor summer furniture, check out turquoise seating for the outdoors. Turquoise benches and matching side tables evoke cool feelings of the fresh outdoors, and will match the color of the brilliant skies. To follow a matching theme, why not buy turquoise plates, cups, and silverware? Doing so will tie the turquoise outdoor furniture and accessories theme together.

For those who favor bold solid shades of turquoise, check out these Turquoise Outdoor Box Seat Cushions. Ties from these cushions could be used to wrap around the backs of outdoor chairs and patio benching to keep cushions secure. Look for comfortable turquoise pillows in quirky polka dotted or chevron designs. Have turquoise-colored fleece throw blankets on top of outdoor seating for family members and guests to snuggle up to once the summer season changes into chilly weather. This will bring about a sense of togetherness.

Paint the exterior of the home

To really draw attention to the home, paint your front door turquoise. When choosing a finish for the front door, go with satin or semi-gloss paints, advises The Old House Guy. Painting the front home door a bold, glossy turquoise will allow the home to stand out and look unique against a neutral colored home. For those who prefer a finish that looks more subtle, go with a satin finish with turquoise paint for the front door. Go the extra mile by purchasing a turquoise brass doorknob to complete the look. Not only will the turquoise door catch the eyes of neighbors who are drawn to the brilliant shade of color, but the color feels inviting and welcoming. The color is an invitation in and of itself to have people over.

Turquoise adds brightness to dark colors such as gray, green, and brown to offset the sometimes unintended murkiness of the shades. It would be a nice touch to paint the outer trim of the front door turquoise and have a fully painted dark gray door to give the home a serious vibe (via Brick & Batten). For a sense of seriousness and boldness, paint a door dark brown with turquoise trimming. Brown is neutral and works with any color, but the turquoise definitely adds that special blip of bright color when the colors are used together. 

Find a good living room rug

Turquoise rugs can liven up a space. Find a rug that's made of material that's stain-resistant and can handle heavy foot traffic, as noted by Rug Knots. For winter months, incorporate a turquoise wool rug in the living room for warmth and style. The turquoise will add a burst of energetic color and entice feelings of energy during the season of short days and long nights. For the summertime, look for a braided jute turquoise rug that could be placed in an entryway. The braided details would look pleasant for a summer homemade touch.

Decorate the entryway with coastal and beachy motifs such as seashells on top of entry tables and hang sailing anchors on the walls to mesh with the cool turquoise-colored rug. Keep in mind to measure the size of the living room so as not to buy anything too small that may underwhelm the room. Buying a rug that's oversized could potentially overwhelm the room. There's no need to stay with basic rectangular and round-shaped rugs. Pale turquoise cloud-shaped rugs would look cute and ethereal in the living room. 

Decorate the laundry room

Utility areas don't have to be boring, and this is true for the laundry room as well. Make laundry time a bit more enjoyable with a pop of energetic, yet soothing color. A no-fuss way to add color to an underwhelming laundry room would be to purchase a turquoise washing machine. Buying a couple of turquoise wooden shelves from a home store or thrift stop would produce an eye-catching appearance against white or neutral-colored washroom walls. Turquoise works with light colors because while the color is bold, it isn't too strong of a color to completely drown out neutrals. 

Brainstorm a list of ideas for redesigning a laundry room (via Abby Organizes). For those who desire a fully turquoise-colored washroom, they could install turquoise painted cabinets above the washer and dryer, if enough space prevails. Light turquoise tile designs are an exciting way to jazz up the washroom, and could be constructed from scratch. They give off a clean yet neat look.

Design with clocks

Any room could do with an impeccably-designed turquoise clock not only for functionality, but to also add décor to a regular space. For those who love crafting, why not refurbish a grandfather clock, as demonstrated by @ Home With Ashley? Painting an antique grandfather clock turquoise takes something old and makes it new. Buy a clock kit with numbers, hands, and a battery pack for the grandfather clock so it can operate once again. After the painting project is complete, the turquoise grandfather clock could be displayed like a centerpiece in the hallway for those who need to catch the time before running out the door.

For people who find grandfather clocks to be too antiquated, look into purchasing wall clocks that have a turquoise flair to them. Now with more designers playing with bold colors and intricate patterns, look for swirled art wall clocks like the Modern Retro Liquid Swirl Abstract in Light Aqua Teal Blue. Not only does the clock feature an artistic vibe, but its uniqueness also provides a function as a working clock. Live near the ocean or miss vacationing out on the coast? Check out this Perfect Sea Waves Wall Clock. Turquoise is anything but common.

Spice up the kitchen cabinets

Give the kitchen a makeover with turquoise cabinets. According to Dans le Lakehouse, if there are upper wooden cabinets above the stove that don't produce enough storage space, they could be taken down and replaced with new turquoise shelves to construct an open pantry concept. Doing this will convey a modern and trendy kitchen aesthetic, and the vivid color will call attention to the otherwise sterile household kitchen appliances. If the kitchen has low cabinets underneath the counters, paint them turquoise for a nice blast of color. This way the turquoise isn't so obvious, but calls for some attention to details.

Add more wood to the sides and bottoms of kitchen cabinets to extend space (via Two Twenty One). If there's enough room, go simple by placing turquoise-colored porcelain vases on top of the kitchen cabinets for sparks of color. Adding turquoise porcelain will look classic without feeling stuffy. Have several cookbooks and binders full of homemade recipes that need a home? Install a fitted turquoise bookcase to the end of the island, or refurbish an old wooden bookshelf by painting it turquoise to fit in with the rest of the kitchen's design. Perfect for function, perfect for color.

Buy a retro refrigerator

Nothing could act as a stronger centerpiece than a turquoise refrigerator. People have been grabbing inspiration from mid-century furniture design, as noted by Retro Renovation. Find a Sub Zero refrigerator in a soft turquoise shade. A lighter shade of turquoise may be a good alternative to having a heavy, industrial styled refrigerator in the kitchen to establish a feeling of softness. Family get togethers occur in the kitchen, and feelings of love and comfort should abound.

Buying vintage or secondhand items gives life to a product that has been cherished before. Some people may prefer to buy a vintage refrigerator secondhand and have a professional restore or paint the refrigerator. Body shops and industrial painting places could work with refinishing refrigerators with their own brand of turquoise paint. Rustoleum spray paints come in a variety of colors, including turquoise. With a shiny new coat of turquoise paint, a vintage refrigerator will feel and look spanking new and brighten up an already sleekly decorated kitchen.

Fix up bannisters

Look for unexpected places to add a pop of color. For example, consider painting stair bannisters turquoise after ensuring that the railings are sturdy and safe. First, fix loose handrails by taking off the screw cup with a paint scraper and tighten the screw that was installed at the front of the handrail with a screwdriver, as stated by Gosforth Handyman. Fully loose handrails may need to be taken apart completely to be fixed. Painted turquoise bannisters add a splashy effect against wooden stairs. This will provide a small indication of color. Turquoise looks fantastic against the golden warmness of furnished wooden stairs by offsetting the golden tones with a touch of the cool color.

Before going straight into painting stair bannisters, remember to use painter's tape to tape off any parts that you don't want to paint turquoise and to prevent splotches, (via Come Stay Awhile). For people who have dark gray or black colored stairs at home, painting the bannisters a light turquoise that leans towards a baby blue tone will look great. The contrast between dark and light shades mixes well and will look unique in the home setting. 

Play with design with a guest bathroom

Revamp the guest bathroom by making minor design changes with turquoise. One way to do so would be to install a new mirror frame that looks like stained pine for a weathered farmhouse effect, advises The Palette Muse. The stained pine mirror frame could be painted turquoise, or you could corporate additional turquoise elements by installing cabinet pulls, and towel hooks. Doing so will pull the design together. Turquoise is a fresh color to have in the bathroom because it reminds family members of the ocean and vacationing during the summer while also producing a restful effect. 

If you want a truly vibrant space, you could paint the walls of the whole bathroom turquoise (via Maria Killam). Have an interest in photography? Keep with the turquoise aesthetic by having family photos placed in turquoise-colored wooden or plastic picture frames. Place a turquoise ottoman in the bathroom. It'll provide comfortable seating compared to having uncomfortable benches or hard chairs in the bathroom. It's up to you: you can go for delightful little pops of color, or go all-out and make your guest bath a turquoise paradise.

Master bedroom bedding

Buy new turquoise bedding for the bedroom. When buying new bed sheets, look for sheets that don't feel rough or stiff, notes Nolah Mattress. Be knowledgeable about thread count because higher thread counts typically refer to softer sheets. Imagine going to bed slipping under bedding that feels like a cloud and looks like a cloud as well. Go for some light-colored turquoise sheets with a puffy white blanket on top. Don't forget to place a few accent colored turquoise pillows on top of the bed as well. For those who don't want to commit to a full turquoise bed set, stay with neutral colored sheets in cream, ivory, and eggshell, but add a quilted turquoise throw blanket on top of the bed for decoration.

Look into various kinds of bed sheets (via Ghar Pedia). For those who get overheated quickly, check out lightweight flannel fleece bedsheets. Or, fall asleep in luxuriousness by purchasing chic turquoise silk satin bed sheets. Satin sheets are an upgrade from basic cotton sheets and help put couples into a romantic mood. Looking for a cushy quilted turquoise comforter with quilted pillowcases? Check out this NexHome Quilt Set. Want a bed set that features turquoise, gray, and white stripes? Look no further than the Madison Park Essentials Set, which contains pillowcases, a bed skirt, a comforter, pillows, and shams for every bedding need.

Find the right bookshelves for children

Turquoise is a fun color to work with in a kid's bedroom because it's a gender-neutral tone. Look no further than implementing a bookshelf. According to Hip Kids, it's proper to choose a low to the ground bookshelf that's no higher than three feet tall. Instead of going for a regular bookshelf, choose one that features a display of the child's books like the Jessie Bookcase Caddy. Stay with a turquoise aesthetic by painting over the white bookshelf. Buy matching chairs and a table in turquoise to be cohesive when utilizing the color turquoise.

For children who have a plethora of toys, parents could choose a bookshelf that has visible open storage spaces (via the Tyler Toy Storage Unit). Put small turquoise colored fun shaped decals on the shelves instead of painting to cut back on time. Place a turquoise bean bag or soft chair nearby for needed comfort. Since orange is a complimentary color of blue, add a few orange bean bags onto the bedroom's floor beside the turquoise bean bags. Parents who are looking to redo their children's whole room in turquoise could go big by painting the walls and changing the bedding to feature the cool blue color. 

Turquoise for the home office

Be trendy by adding turquoise elements in a home office, but first get organized, as recommended by Sunny Side Up. This will give you a clean slate to work with. Turquoise is an excellent color choice for a home office since it's associated with feelings of calmness and mental clarity, according to Color Psychology

Build on that sense of mental clarity by making use of accent colors. Turquoise and gold are elevated color stylings to work with since blue and yellow are primary colors. Add shiny elements to the home office such as brass paperweights or pencil holders for a lighthearted effect. Go brash by mixing turquoise carpets and rugs with fuchsia painted office walls. The boldness of both colors enables bombastic feelings of ambition and excitement. For people who don't want to go overboard with color, they may prefer the monochromatic look and will have turquoise chairs, desks, and lampshades to bring the home office's appearance together.

While turquoise is an exceptional color in home design, utilize the color to best represent your personality and style choices to fit your living space.