20 Stunning Homes You Won't Believe Are Really Converted School Buses

Houses come in many different styles, from traditional to modern, but we love the idea of thinking outside the box when it comes to our home design. We've fallen hard for all kinds of homes, including a style that looks straight out of Bedrock from The Flintstones, former churches that are now incredible homes, and ultra-modern shipping container designs. So it should be no surprise that we would be happy to take on this following style: the converted school bus home, popularly known as a skoolie. That's right ... people fully transform those big yellow buses used across the country into spectacular abodes!

In fact, Realtor showed off an incredible conversion of a 300-square-foot school bus home, even going so far as to call the place "wow-worthy." One major standout of this Arkansas home is the cost — under $50,000. So if you are looking for an awe-inspiring, unique, affordable home, this idea may be an excellent option.

According to Treehugger, these savvy homes are comfortable and sustainable since they are used as dwellings instead of being thrown in the junkyard. Many of these buses are converted to dream homes with wood flooring, cute kitchens, and bunk beds. If you're looking for inspiration for your own skoolie, keep scrolling!

A retro look

This converted school bus is an absolute dream home. The white base, red details, and quirky red door that looks like it belongs on a suburban ranch house give it a retro vibe for any modern-day hippie.

A gorgeous cottage

This gorgeous school bus conversion in the Pacific Northwest looks like it could be perched on Martha's Vineyard. It has a cute cottage built around it with gray shingles, white trim, window boxes filled with colorful flowers, and front yard landscaping that is to die for!

Focus on flooring

This conversion has all of the necessities, from kitchen storage to gorgeous mosaic counters on the backsplash. However, we can't take our eyes off the rich dark wood flooring throughout the tiny abode ... oh, and the adorable pups in the back bed!

An old-school fireplace

This option has wood on the walls and floors, a gorgeous bookshelf, and an area to get work done, which might be hard considering how cozy it is. It's all tied together with an old-school wood-burning fireplace towards the back area of the home. We can imagine how cozy that would be in the fall and winter!

Add twinkling lights

This quaint skoolie has boho design features like a gorgeous sun and moon drapery near the bed, but it's the twinkling string lights added to the top of the bus that make it a magical place to hang out.

A skoolie with a view

This converted school bus went from the classic yellow color to a foggy blue-grey and looks divine. Located in Cedar Key, Florida, this skoolie sits on the Suwannee River with incredible views that we can't get enough of. We know where we'd be enjoying our coffee every morning!

LED lights give a cool vibe

Consider putting LED lights at the top of your skoolie. It can make an otherwise moody living area extra cool. Lighting is everything and makes this minimally designed spot a relaxing place to hang out. 

A door can be a window

There's barely any evidence that this exquisite tiny home used to be a school bus. We love how the homeowners used a door for the back window ... even keeping the handle on it. The space is made even more beautiful under the glow of string lights.

Open shelving for cocktail hour

This woodsy kitchen is ultra hip with modern shelving with plenty of room to store your favorite liquor. Don't mind us; we are just thinking about all those delicious cocktails we can enjoy while relaxing for the weekend. Add some faux horns on the wall for an extra cool touch!

Upgraded appliances

Modern stainless steel appliances always make a kitchen look upgraded in a home, but in a skoolie ... it takes glamping to a whole other level! This darling abode has a full-size refrigerator and stove, so just imagine the epic meals that can be made here. 

Light and bright

This airy school bus transformation is astonishing. It is painted all white instead, including the ceilings and the walls, and features beautiful wood flooring. There's a view of the woods that we could look at all day.

Detailed stairs

Don't let any detail go unnoticed! This skoolie owner decided to dress up their stairs with show-stopping mosaic tiles. So remember, it's all in the details when it comes to decor.

Go traditional with a twist

This school bus conversion has traditional subway tiles in a metallic gold color in the kitchen and brought in wood elements on the counter that are accented with colorful fruit bowls. 

Think outside the box

This skoolie has a DIY Hardboard Pegboard wall made of Birchwood that is great for displaying your favorite items. This one has built-in shelving where you can put books, sculptures, or whatever you love!

Luxe livin'

This school bus conversion is decked out with luxurious sage green cabinetry in the kitchen with glamorous gold handles on the drawers—-and posh stainless steel appliances, so as you can see, it's possible to convert a skoolie into a luxe abode.

Paint it a green and get a hot tub!

This adorable skoolie named "Betty" is doused in the prettiest shade of hunter green! We can guarantee that you will always be able to find your home on wheels if you paint it an eye-popping color like this! Plus, we'd be in that wooden hot tub every night of the week. 

Go for an interior that resembles a rustic cabin

This conversion looks so much like a rustic cabin we almost couldn't believe it used to be a school bus. The entire interior is covered with wood from the floor to the ceiling — a totally cozy and dreamy space.

Green with envy

This dreamy space keeps the light and shiny original ceiling, but the house plants really make the room. Isn't it a breath of fresh air? We say yes! 

Paint it pink!

Who knew that a former school bus could transform into something so pretty? We can only imagine how it looks on the inside, but we are guessing it's fabulous. We can't get enough of this pink-hued abode on wheels.

Think about storage

This skoolie looks gorgeous, but we love how the owners thought about storage for their pantry items. They keep everything stored in a former bookshelf with foldable fabric boxes to keep food items. One necessity is ensuring things stay in place, so they have secured that for any bumps on the road!