How To Accessorize Your Home If You Belong In House Tyrell From Game Of Thrones

"Game of Thrones" is a record-breaking series from HBO that ran for eight seasons and won an impressive 59 Emmys. The show details the rise and fall of different families and dynasties in and around the region of Westeros. Throughout the series, these dynasties plot and fight to win control over the iron throne.

One family secretly plotting for ultimate power is House Tyrell. Led by Olenna Tyrell (also known as the Queen of Thorns), the Tyrells are a wealthy family who exhibits prestige and royalty in many areas of their lives (via Vanity Fair). They are also massive players in the race for the iron throne. Since their wealth matches and possibly even surpasses the Lannisters (who currently control the throne), they pose a massive threat.

The family lives in Highgarden, a sun-kissed region with lush greenery. The grandeur from a classic fairytale castle is what to expect from House Tyrell. Plush emerald green and gold curtains, charming Juliet balconies, and a collection of elegant dinnerware decorate their sumptuous living quarters. Continue reading to discover more about their opulent aesthetic and how to recreate the castle's warm yet mysterious ambience in your own home.

Decorate with gold roses

Each house in the "Game Of Thrones" series has a unique sigil. Bustle reports that the sigil of House Tyrell is a gold rose cast against an evergreen field. It's not surprising that the Tyrells live in a region called Highgarden, and their home features lots of greenery and roses. If you are decorating your home like House Tyrell, aim to add their style into your decor with roses.

Roses are expensive flowers that need freshening up periodically, so consider the financial commitment. If you have a good amount to spend on flowers, pick as many roses as you wish for your display. If you are on a budget and want to make this decor long-lasting, keep costs low by investing in faux blooms. Consider combining one or two roses with a gorgeous yet more affordable flower species like peonies. They will blend seamlessly with your roses in the arrangement. Peonies are also an easy flower to grow, regardless of your green thumb abilities (via Conserve Energy Future). If you cannot deal with live flowers, feel free to introduce a stunning artificial rose bouquet into your decor like this one from Amazon. These 12 gold-sprayed artificial roses resemble the gold rose in the House Tyrell sigil.

Elevate your seating with furniture appliqués

Olenna and other House Tyrell members often sit on charming chairs with intricate designs and artistic details. One way to set your furniture apart is by choosing seats with similar features. From antique rattan chairs to embroidered cushions, there are plenty of ways to achieve a creative chair style.

If you currently have chairs you would like to spruce up, consider embarking on a furniture decor DIY. Put appliqués onto the headrest of your chairs to make them resemble the House Tyrell indoor chairs. To achieve a seamless result, research and purchase the best-suited appliqué for your home, per That Sweet Tea Life. Appliqués come in a variety of materials, including wood, Efex, and custom molds. Your appliqué can make or break a room. The first thing to look out for is an appliqué you can easily manipulate. It should be able to withstand sanding and painting. In addition, you should add appliqués that match the color of the existing furniture.

If you are less keen on a DIY and more open to finding antique furniture, scour vintage shops, flea markets, and estate sales in your neighborhood. When adding antique furniture to a modern-style home, ensure you start small to avoid overwhelming the room. Balance a contemporary sofa with a steam trunk chest as an ottoman in your living room or a weathered wooden stool as accent furniture.

Encourage conversation with seating arrangements

In "Game of Thrones," many engaging conversations occur at House Tyrell. You can create an atmosphere for stimulating discussions in your home by arranging your furnishings creatively. According to Shea Homes, it's best to leave some spaces between furniture pieces for walkways in the living room. You want to make it easy for guests to move around and filter around the room. However, don't place chairs more than 9 feet away from each other, or your guests might not hear each other. In addition, you should arrange chairs and sofas facing each other in a circular layout. You don't want to leave a chair lonely by itself in a corner.

You can make your kitchen a place for socializing by arranging bar stools around the island to face the cooking area. Whether cooking up a stew or Frey pie, your guests will feel encouraged to strike up a conversation. Outdoor areas are also great places for parties and larger gatherings. Add a fire pit and let the good times flow into the late evening.

Make a good impression with quality dinnerware sets

If you are the type of person who uses a ceramic mug for drinking water, juice, or wine, chances are Olenna Tyrell may not look at you kindly. According to Romper, it is a well-known fact that the matriarch of House Tyrell does not shy away from showing her dislike for things that do not meet her standards. Besides the elegant dinnerware sets used during meals at Highgarden, there are gleaming utensils on the table tops and cabinets in a few of Olenna's rooms. To recreate a House Tyrell aesthetic, find quality glassware and crockery. Ensure you arrange them correctly during mealtime and when hosting guests to give your guests a positive first impression (via Kopin).

Even though "Game of Thrones" occurs in a fictional world, it borrows from the aesthetics and lifestyle of empires such as the Romans and the Greeks. One prime example is the glassware used by Margaery and her grandmother during lunch. It is similar to the cast glass used by the Mesopotamians (via Wine Enthusiast Mag). Another example is the set of stenciled bowls that resemble the gold bowls used by the Romans. Several online outlets sell affordable antique crockery sets like the ones from the HBO series. For example, you can find a vintage metal bowl in a grey tone on Etsy. Paint it gold and mount it onto your kitchen wall for a creative feature similar to House Tyrell's.

Go for gold and green in your color palette

The House Tyrell sigil features a golden rose over a green field. Creating a color palette with green and gold tones is an eye-catching way to recreate the House Tyrell aesthetic in your home. One of the castle bedrooms features a lush emerald velvet curtain with gold piping and linings. The pairing is complementary and adds an element of opulence to the room.

According to Invitations By Dawn, this combination is an absolute winner. Pairing emerald green velvet with a complementary gold accent is a surefire way to add character while paying homage to Art Deco style. If you prefer lighter tones, find a warm olive green or pastel green shade and pair it with burnished bronze to create a calming ambience to your room with curtains. If curtains are not your preferred window treatment, get creative by applying green wallpaper with gold accents in the rooms of your choice. There are many innovative ways to use wallpaper in the home.

Create texture with embroidery

You can see many examples of embroidery in House Tyrell, like the scene where two young maidens learn to make embroidered table cloths under the tutelage of Olenna Tyrell. Pictured above, the Queen of Thorns sits on a regal-looking chair with embroidered upholstery.

When decorating your home like House Tyrell, you may want to jump into a furniture upgrade and immediately start introducing embroidered accent chairs. However, before you embark on any plan, consider your lifestyle. If you live in a household prone to spills, stains, accidents, and scratches on the furniture, some types of textured upholstery may not be durable enough for you. You might need to plan for extra care and cleaning to maintain the furniture you choose. Opt for cotton fabric to avoid a cleaning bill that costs an arm and a leg. According to Overstock Upholstery Fabric, cotton works well for most budgets. You can clean it easily without any expensive dry cleaning bills. If you have no limitations and can decorate freely with all types of fabrics, look for brocade material for your textured upholstered furniture. A floral printed version will look similar to the upholstery on Olenna Tyrell's chair.

Incorporate arches

There are plenty of arches inside the House Tyrell home. In reality, not all homes come with arched architectural details. Even if your home already has arches you can never have enough. One fun and creative way to add an arch to your home without professional help or any structural changes is by painting an arch feature wall above your bed or in the living room. According to DIYwithElle on YouTube, all you need is some paint brushes and at least one liter of paint, depending on how big you want your arch to be. You will also need other tools like a measuring tape to measure your walls and determine the diameter of your arch. Use twine to nail into the wall and guide you when marking your arch's semicircle. Use masking tape for the painting process and keep the paint within the arch. When choosing paint, consider your current wall color and opt for an accent color that will complement your room's existing pieces.

Another way to insert arches in your room is by decorating with arched mirrors. These accessories are super popular due to their ability to tackle a functional need while offering aesthetic beauty. Arched mirrors can soften any room and add a delicate touch. The roundness of the arch is comforting yet elegant, while mirrors automatically create the illusion of height and more space. Interior designer Timothy Brown of Timothy Brown Studio told The Zoe Report, "while the arch is a classical reference, it can work seamlessly into interiors of any style. An arched mirror above a console is instant streamlined elegance; I also love mirrors in rooms that don't get a lot of light as they'll bounce what light does come in and instantly brighten up a room."

Introduce medieval wooden details

From medieval times to today, wood details have the power to instantly warm up a room's interior. Above, we see Olenna's bespoke polished cabinets and shelves. To elevate your room like House Tyrell, hang a medieval wooden accessory on the wall or add a large furniture piece to your space. Per The Dedicated House, the best way to get a castle aesthetic is with dark wood furnishings with ornate details. For example, consider this St. Thomas Aquinas shelf from Amazon. You can place it against a neutral-toned wall to showcase the carved details and rich wood. One benefit of decorating with a medieval item is that you can successfully introduce more storage into your home while nailing the traditional House Tyrell charm.

If you cannot mount something onto the wall or add floor-standing items, reconsider the types of medieval wooden furniture to insert in your home. You can introduce a portable piece like a carved stool or wooden chair instead of a mounted shelf. When choosing the perfect medieval furniture for your room, start small to avoid overwhelming your current aesthetic. Decorate with one gothic chair and flank it with other modern furniture pieces to get a good idea of how many medieval items your room can carry.

Add a daybed to your outdoor area

As Margaery Tyrell watches the duel unfold in the garden of House Tyrell, she sits on a gorgeous Chesterfield daybed underneath a canopy. According to Timeless Chesterfield, when Chesterfields were first created in the 1700s, they were opulent furniture pieces and status symbols found in homes of the upper class. It's no wonder that House Tyrell boasts a few. Margaery's Chesterfield daybed is quite plush. However, it will surely not last against the weather and other elements, which is why a canopy offers protection. If you prefer having a daybed purely for seating, consider a tufted Chesterfield version like this one from ArchiExpo. It provides a modern take on Margaery Tyrell's daybed and comes with a solid wood frame.

If you live in a small home or an apartment building with limited outdoor space, you can choose to place daybeds inside the home in the living room, office, or bedroom. Daybeds offer great functionality for those who often host visitors (via MasterClass). When you place a day bed in your living room, it provides seating during the daytime. If guests are spending the night, you can transform it into an actual bed. Correct sizing is essential. If your room is massive and you choose a small day bed, it can make the room look empty. In the same way, an oversized day bed will disrupt and overwhelm a small space.

Embrace gothic stone furniture

When Margaery and her brother, Loras Tyrell, are sentenced to prison, their new home becomes an underground jail cell made of stone. Their new quarters feature stone benches, stone stools, steps, and walls. According to Carved Stone Creations, few materials match the durability that stone offers as a building and decorative material. Stone is also widely accessible as it can be found and implemented in its organic state.

One way to insert this traditional decor into your home is by investing and decorating with a functional piece with multifunctional benefits, such as a stone bench. Consider a curved bench that can be used as a footstool should you wish to prop up your feet. It can also serve as an additional seating option when you have a lot of guests over or host a gathering. Alternatively, it can be a side table for placing your books and tablets in the living room or outdoor area (via Athena Garden).

Play with fringed details

Fringing is a popular technique for fashion and clothing. You can also find fringe on many home decor pieces. Fringing often appears on cloth-based accessories like pillowcases, curtains, blankets, and Art Deco furniture pieces. Meganne Wecker, the founder of Cloth & Company, told Apartment Therapy, "When I first came into the industry in the early 2000s, we put fringe on everything. Knowing that trends can be cyclical, I always look to the past to influence the future. In recent months, we have seen the Art Deco style trending in the home. Taking cues from fashion, fringe has always been an important element to Art Deco design, so it's no surprise that you're starting to find fringe everywhere today."

If you are decorating your home like House Tyrell from "Game of Thrones," invest in a gold-fringed accessory for a royal touch. You may not need an outdoor canopy with gold fringe, but you could find space for a fringed sofa or lampshade to help step up your interior decor. If you have an old lampshade around the house, consider refreshing it with fringe. You will need scissors, fringe trim, and a glue gun to complete the DIY project (via Semigloss Design). Start by applying 3 inches of glue to the back side of the lampshade seam. Then, hold the fringe on the glue to set. Once you make your way around the lampshade, fold about 1 inch of fringe over start. Feel free to add as many layers as fringe as you want to the shade.