10 Ideas To Amp Up Your Combined Shower And Bathtub

If a remodel is in the works, it's essential to think about the best layout for your new bathroom. A combined shower and bathtub gives the best of two worlds, whether you need a quick rinse or are ready to soak for hours while enjoying a glass of wine. It's often easier to combine the two because a combo takes up less space. Hogan Design and Construction claims tub and shower combos are also the most budget-friendly and can increase the value of your home by 20%. Installing a stand-alone tub can run you $3,000 and a separate walk-in shower can cost as much as $6,000. On the other hand, installing a tub and shower combo is closer to $4,200, says Home Advisor.

The size of your bathroom will determine the size of your tub and shower combo. Sometimes only a small combo will fit, but that's where creatively decorating any sized bathroom to look and feel luxurious comes in; it will make a huge difference when it's time for your washing up ritual. Styling your tub and shower combo with green surround tile, a galaxy-inspired shower curtain, or adding a few indoor plants like English ivy or Boston fern will make a relaxing sanctuary. A mundane shower won't make taking showers feel as rejuvenating and enjoyable as they should, so we combined a few tips to give your tub and shower combo a slight makeover.

Open concept

Creating an open concept shower and tub makes the space look airy and luxurious rather than cramped. Per Tile Club, to make an open concept efficient, it's crucial to make sure the floor tiles are slip-resistant. This bathroom has a tub inside the large shower stall with transparent glass walls exposing the decorative floor tiles. The layout is spacious and looks sleek with minimal décor. Sticking to one style of tile keeps the design cohesive without overwhelming the look of the bathroom.

Wood accent wall

When a bathroom has a simple interior, it's easy to incorporate an accent wall. The wood flooring travels through the side of the bathtub and along the shower wall. It creates a fresh and clean look in the space, especially since there's minimal décor. In addition, the transparent glass sliding door allows the wood to be seen while preventing water spillage.

Classic white

An all-white bathroom is timeless and can make the room look sophisticated, chic, or quirky depending on how you decorate it. The hexagonal tiles in this shower add a layer of texture and design to break up the white walls, tub, toilet, sink, and vanity. This option gives you a blank canvas that can be given a fresh look anytime by simply switching up the shower curtain or bath mat.

Mix and match materials

Using different materials for the walls of the shower and the surrounding tub can transform the bathroom's look. This shower has brown tiles and a dark brown granite tub that complement each other and create a calming sanctuary. Filling out the look with flowers and shower products as décor takes up only a small space around the tub, making it look neat. In addition, the simple shower head and glass door keep the area looking clean instead of overwhelming it with curtains or an oversized shower head.

Include brass accents

While the green tile in the shower stands out in this white bathroom, the brass accents steal the stage. Many showers stick to a classic stainless steel showerhead, but opting for a different finish, such as brass, can give the interior a splash of elegance. The brass water handle and tub spout add to the luxurious look by matching with the rest of the brass details. The gray shower curtain might not be best for this theme; if it were us, we'd go with a clear curtain or perhaps something that matched the greenery.

Farmhouse style

Smaller bathrooms can be difficult to style, but choosing a simple design such as a farmhouse theme can make a bathroom feel inviting and cozy rather than cramped. The oak wood feature wall inside the shower works with the cherry wood finish on the cabinet under the sink. Combining wood finishes makes certain features stand out instead of keeping them simple with white. This bathtub shower combo has a transparent glass door which is excellent for keeping the water in while allowing the oak wood to remain noticeable.

Add a patterned curtain

Sometimes a striped curtain is all your tub and shower combo needs to make it look stylish. This bathroom has beautifully painted light blue walls with a multi-hued curtain that acts as the center focus of the space. The rest of the bathroom's interior is white, which blends into the background, allowing the blues to really pop. All that's missing are a few matching shower baskets to keep all the products organized in one place.

Get creative with marble

Marble has long been a popular design element for countertops, flooring, décor, and bathroom walls. It's timeless and makes a space look and feel luxurious, such as this bathroom with all of the walls covered in marble. The shower's interior is gleaming and opulent, especially with the glass sliding door exposing it all. The black base of the sink complements the marble's fine lines, adding contrast to the white space. Showers and baths in this combo will feel like a day at the spa.

Use funky tiles

Incorporating fun and funky tile into your bathroom can really change up the look. For example, this bathroom has green and beige tiles with a repeating floral pattern. When it comes to colored tile options, the sky is really the limit.  For a Spanish-inspired bathroom, you could try something even brighter like blue tiles for the walls and tub.

Bright colors for kids

To get kids excited to take a bath, design their bathtub and shower combo with fun bright colors and patterns. This bathroom's orange and highlighter green colors reflect light all over the room, while the fluorescent blue dots stand out as accents. Sometimes too much color can overwhelm a space, but this design works because the rest of the bathroom has simple white features and a few basic walls that balance everything else.