Sandra Mardenfeld

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Oceanside, NY
Rutgers University, New York University, Buffalo State College
Bridal, Travel, History, Small Business, Theater, Media, Entertainment
  • Sandra has been an editor for several national magazines and regional newspapers, including Playbill, Fashion Almanac, and Richner Communications.
  • As a freelance writer for more than two decades, she's written about books, small business, travel, theater, and home improvement for dozens of websites and print outlets.
  • Her travel book, New York Day Trips, is available online and in bookstores.


Sandra Mardenfeld is a freelance writer, editor, social media manager, marketing consultant and educator based in Long Island, New York. She has worked as the managing editor for several national magazines, as the Broadway editor of Playbill, and as an editor/writer on many websites. Her travel book, New York Day Trips, came out in 2020. She writes about bridal, travel, history, small business, theater, media, and entertainment.


She obtained her Ph.D. in Communication and Information and Library Science, specializing in media studies, at Rutgers University. She received her Masters in magazine journalism at New York University and her Bachelors in journalism at The State University College of Buffalo.
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