The Floor Trends That Will Take Over In 2023

The floor is one of the most important components in any home. The type of flooring that your property sports can be a huge mood and comfort enhancer in space. The rest of your home's design and layout will likely revolve around your flooring choice. Not to mention, the material you choose can have a significant impact on the function of your home, your floor's durability, and its cleaning demands.

Replacing flooring can be time-consuming, expensive, and inconvenient. So, it's important to select the flooring that's currently on trend but will also stand the test of time. Plus, as iBuyer points out, refreshing your flooring with quality options can add value to your property if you intend to sell it. Considering these flooring trends can help you make the best selection possible. They can allow you to express your style and make a huge impact on your home. Plus, you'll gain the function and lifestyle that you deserve in your space. 

Vinyl flooring options

Vinyl flooring can be added to your home in many different formats. The versatility of vinyl flooring makes it a winner in many different rooms and for an even greater variety of needs. Vinyl can be integrated into a home office space, a home gym, the kitchen, or even in a bedroom or two. Vinyl plank flooring and vinyl tiles can be fabricated in a huge variety of different styles and color choices, making them a great substitute for hardwood floors or tile. It can also be perfect in any part of the home where you want durable and resilient surfaces.

What makes vinyl flooring a lasting trend is the technology that has gone into crafting and perfecting this type of flooring. Vinyl flooring can be crafted to look like marble, tile, and many other luxurious flooring choices. Vinyl floors have come a long way in the last few years, and you can now install a vinyl floor that looks almost identical to solid hardwood. They are also water resistant and their durability has made them a popular choice for many homeowners. 

In addition to being a fantastic budget option for versatile flooring in your home, vinyl flooring is easy to clean and simple to maintain. The hard surface can be swept or vacuumed with ease. Vinyl planks or tiles can also be mopped clean with a mild cleaner. They also don't require regular maintenance like resealing and waxing to enhance the finish.

Statement tile selections

Tile is a durable choice that's easy to clean and perfect for water-prone areas like kitchens and bathrooms. But one thing that's changing is the use of statement tile in other communal spaces that might have otherwise incorporated carpeting or vinyl planks. Tile has remained a popular style in home decoration, but its use beyond these traditional spaces is making it even more versatile as a flooring choice. 

Curbed reports that interior designers are loving graphic tile for its statement-making abilities and the color and character that it can inject into a home. They are perfect for applications all over the home when you want to incorporate bold color and pattern choices. In contrast with the typical white or off-white color palette that many typical tiles incorporate, these vibrant styles can bring a sense of energy and excitement to your living space.

Statement-making decorative tiles come in a wide range of stylistic choices and pattern options. This gives you access to greater customization when it comes to matching flooring solutions. Mix and match tiles between rooms or allow them to play off other flooring surfaces like wood. Pulling an accent color from the tile and using it to paint the walls or select decor will create a colorful, yet cohesive space.

Wide plank laminates

Laminate flooring has become a go-to option for many homeowners across the United States. Laminates are cost-effective and relatively easy to install in a home. This makes them a great option in many different applications throughout a property. This option is softer than other hard surface flooring solutions that you might consider for your home, but they are immensely durable and can stand up to scratching and staining (via Diffen). This makes laminate a great option for just about any homeowner and they are particularly useful in properties with children or pets.

Wide plank laminate flooring is often used as a substitute for hardwood floors. These planks are typically machined to imitate the look and feel of a solid board. Conversely, manufacturers who create hardwood flooring planks can only work with the material that nature provides. But laminates can be tinkered with to provide consumers with the perfect blend of unique colors and beautiful wood grain patterns. The variety of finishes allows for these to work with a variety of styles. Matte or unfinished look planks can look stunning in a room with a rustic look or a home with industrial decor. Those with a subtle sheen can provide a perfect foundation for traditional decor. Or, if you want a more formal vibe, look for high-gloss finishes that really shine. 

Luxurious carpets

Carpet has always been a standby when it comes to home flooring choices. There's nothing better than walking barefoot across a fluffy, newly carpeted surface. However, over time, carpet can start to wear down and lose its luster. As Angi points out, if your carpet has an odor, is starting to fade, or is riddled with stains, it's time to swap it out. You might be tempted to switch to one of the many hard flooring choices on the market. But, keep in mind, carpet still very much has a place in the current world of home decor. 

Next year, carpet might see a resurgence in popularity. Once, shunned by people with allergies, hypoallergenic carpet options are hitting the market from major brands like Shaw and Mohawk (via Home Flooring Pros). These products are made without the typical allergy-triggering VOCs of their counterparts. There are also a variety of hypoallergenic carpet pad options to choose from for a complete installation. 

Carpet can also be used to make a stylish and modern statement. Low-pile options can help you retain a sleek look while still benefiting from the softness, insulating, and sound-dampening properties. Or, look for carpet with everything from subtle embossed patterns to bold animal prints to truly transform a space.

Bold, retro-inspired flooring

Vintage style is again cycling around to make its mark on home decor. This is a stunning flooring choice that can add tons of color and character to your space. Retro-inspired vinyl flooring can be budget-friendly and easy to install. Add it to a small space like a powder room to test the waters or go all in and overhaul your kitchen floor.

As Build Direct points out, these retro flooring choices are a "blast from the past" that bring charm to your home. However, while graphic, many of the designs and patterns have become classics in home decor. This makes them statement-making flooring choices that can also stand the test of time.

For example, the iconic black and white checkboard patterned floor tile might take you back to the soda shop days. But, when fused with modern elements like gold accents and sleek cabinetry, it can add a welcoming vibe to a contemporary kitchen. Many of these retro vinyl tiles also featured stripes, chevron patterns, or geometric designs. You can add these everywhere from a living space to a bathroom to introduce color, movement, and tons of visual interest.

Hardwood flooring as a timeless classic

What's more classic than a traditional hardwood floor? This go-to flooring material still maintains its place in the modern-day design world. It's both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Plus, it has the ability to morph with a homeowner's tastes over time. When made from solid planks, your can refinish hardwood floors with a new stain color and level of sheen as your style evolves.

When it comes to solid wood flooring, you have lots of species to choose from. Each has its own unique features and can add a different look and feel to your home. As FlooringStoresBlog explains, oak is the most popular choice that can provide a warm foundation in classic interiors. American walnut, with its dark color and dramatic look, can add a posh vibe to a space. Or, you can go with mahogany, touted for its durability and ability to add an old-school touch of grandeur to a home.

Hardwood floors can take your home to a new level that other flooring choices can't. The unique knot patterns and one-of-a-kind grain in each board can inject custom character into your space. And, if you plan to move in the future, you'll be glad you went with this timeless choice. The iconic flooring can appeal to a wide range of buyers, and as Simple Showing points out, can add up to 5% to your home's overall value.

Stone-look flooring

Stone flooring is yet another historic flooring choice making a resurgence in modern design. Though this time, it can be emulated using a variety of materials that are both budget-friendly and easier to install. Flooring Inc. reports that a stone look can be accomplished with vinyl tiles, creating a look with lightweight materials that are also very durable. This makes it a perfect flooring choice to add character to spaces like bathrooms and kitchens.

Stone-look flooring is ideal for giving your home a cozy vibe. Choices in beige or tan Travertine-like hues can add organic warmth to spaces with traditional or Tuscan-inspired decor. You can also use flooring that mimics cool, grey slate for a stunning foundation in modern rooms. Or, if you're really wanting to make a statement, use tiles that imitate the look of a pebble mosaic. These make your room appear like thousands of small stones were meticulously ingrained into your floor.

Large format tiles

Another great flooring choice to bring your home to the current times is large format tiles. According to Tilemates Group, these expansive tiles can make your room appear visually bigger and create the illusion of space. Plus, you have the added perk of less grout to maintain.

As Porcelanosa points out, these large-format tiles can range in size from 12 by 12 inches all the way up to 6 feet in length. That means that you can likely find the perfect size and on-trend flooring solution for any space in your home. They also come in a variety of materials to fit the needs of your project as well as your budget.

This type of tile can fit nearly any design aesthetic as well. Large, sleek ceramic ones in solid neutrals can be a stunning foundation in a modern space. Or, opt for textured, more organic-styled tiles to add a soft vibe to a rustic room. These tiles can also extend to the walls and serve as a backsplash for a seamless look.