10 Gorgeous Backyard Design Ideas From Your Favorite HGTV Stars

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A well-designed backyard can take your home to the next level, and your favorite HGTV stars have proven this time and time again. It's easy to neglect your outdoor space and focus solely on your interior, but a curated outdoor area will allow you to maximize your overall living space. If you're an avid entertainer, a stylish and functional backyard will enhance your ability to comfortably host guests. Alternatively, you can create a tranquil oasis for relaxing and unwinding on your own.

While the stars of HGTV have designed countless stunning interiors, they have also created several showstopping backyards that are equally impressive. Regardless of your budget or available space, you can easily borrow some inspiration from these beautifully designed backyards. Consider your priorities and pick and choose the elements that resonate with your style, climate, and primary goals. From the Property Brothers to Leanne Ford, HGTV stars have lots of insight into how to style patios, yards, and gardens.

Drew and Johnathan Scott – A fully-equipped backyard in sunny SoCal

On Season 2, Episode 5 of "Celebrity IOU", Kris Jenner asked Drew and Jonathan Scott to help give her friend Lisa's backyard a major facelift. The Property Brothers created a backyard with the features she needed to host friends and family. "We gave Lisa everything she could ever want in an indoor kitchen...and then we brought it all outdoors. And added a double fridge. And an amazing grill," the brothers shared on their blog. They also explained why they chose to move the pool saying, "We turned the previous pool location into a beautiful backyard seating area, complete with outdoor fireplace. This previously barren lot now is filled with a canopy of olive trees. Now she can relax by the fire on a brisk autumn evening under a warm blanket and the companionship of her favorite trees."

From the outdoor cooking space to the plethora of comfy seating, the design duo prioritized tranquility. This renovation is proof that sometimes simplicity reigns supreme. For example, if you have a hot tub that is hardly used, go ahead and replace it with something more modest and practical, like an outdoor dining area or movie-watching space. For outdoor sofas that resemble the pieces Drew and Jonathan chose, check out the Andorra outdoor sofa from Crate & Barrel. Complement this piece with textured ottomans or stools, like these braided outdoor poufs from Rugs USA.

Christina Anstead – A Cabo-inspired oasis

In Season 1, Episode 9 of "My Perfect Paradise", HGTV star Christina Anstead took on the challenge of transforming her own Newport Beach backyard. She wanted her outdoor space to feel like a never-ending vacation. "We were in Cabo, loving the cabanas and how relaxing it was and how beautiful they were, and we wanted to bring that vibe home," Christina explained her vision to HouseBeautiful. She combined both bohemian and modern elements to create a space that exudes laid-back luxury. The Cabo-inspired cabanas were also a custom project. She elaborates: "We couldn't find one we liked online, so he [Ant Anstead] decided to make it. It's cool and different, and it's unlike anything I've seen before."

Cabanas aren't the only accessory you can steal from your favorite hotel or vacation destination. Invest in quality outdoor loungers with plush cushions like these from Pottery Barn. Or, upgrade your space with luxury linens like these hotel-inspired, monogrammed beach towels from Mark and Graham. Then, complete the look with this beachy chair and umbrella set from Serena and Lilly.

Jasmine Roth – A kid-friendly backyard garden

On Season 1, Episode 3 of "Help! I Wrecked My House", Jasmine Roth helped a Southern California couple turn their neglected backyard into a kid-friendly paradise. In the episode clip on YouTube, Jasmine explains her vision: "Ozzie and Lauren's backyard is huge, and one of their intentions when they bought this house was to have a backyard where the kids could play. I think I can help them accomplish that by creating a space that's dedicated to just the kids — without breaking the budget." On the raised-bed vegetable garden, Jasmine elaborates: "Everything has a drip system. All the plants have irrigation." She also maintained a stylish space for Ozzie and Lauren, explaining, "The vibe is very modern farmhouse."

The finished project includes a raised-bed vegetable garden, a swing made out of fire hoses, a giant chalkboard, and a float-in movie theatre. Consider adding "play corners" in your own backyard, dedicated to your little ones. This will emphasize the visual separation between the areas for the adults and the kid-friendly spaces. You can also add outdoor games like mini-golf or hopscotch. A picnic table is also an excellent addition for the kiddos that parents should look for in a safe and enriching backyard.

Jillian Harris – A family-focused swimming pool

HGTV star Jillian Harris revamped her backyard pool area to take full advantage of her family-friendly gathering space. She details the upgrades on her blog: "We worked closely with the team at Latham to customize our pool to suit our lifestyle. We ended up decreasing the hopper (AKA the deep end of the pool!) and lengthened the shallow end for the kiddos! As you enter the pool we also created a custom-designed step with an extended second step."

If you don't have space for a large outdoor pool, there are smaller options to consider. A soaking pool is a great way to add a kid-friendly space to cool off in the summer. For those who already have an in-ground pool installed, you can give your swimming space an easy upgrade with playful floaties like those pictured in Jillian's post. This flamingo from Walmart makes a major visual impact and allows for easy floating. View more amazing swimming pool ideas for every backyard layout.

Egypt Sherrod – An adorable backyard shed

HGTV star Egypt Sherrod gave her own backyard a major upgrade by designing an adorable shed. She offers advice on HGTV for those who are planning their own outdoor structure. She explains, "Regardless of what you are creating — whether it be an art studio, workshop, meditation, hobby room, or garden retreat — having an idea of how you'll use your space will help tremendously when creating a place to feel at home and decompress." The interior of the shed isn't the only space that requires attention to detail. "[I] constructed a grand staircase to create an exciting entryway and show some personality up front. Just because it might be called a 'shed,' doesn't mean it has to look like your typical shed," Egypt suggests.

If you're searching for a unique way to add additional living and working space to your property, sheds are a functional solution. They are usually small enough to avoid needing any permits and they are typically affordable to construct. In addition to a grand staircase, you can add a front patio, a stone path, or a bistro-inspired seating area using a set like this from Amazon. Paint can also make a world of difference when it comes to improving the exterior of your shed. Try adding decorative elements like window boxes, potted flowers, and welcome signs for a homey appearance. Explore this complete selection of backyard shed escape ideas.

Emily Henderson – An Oregon countryside retreat

Although she's usually busy styling other people's spaces, HGTV star Emily Henderson recently redesigned the beautiful backyard of her countryside retreat in Oregon. On her blog, she details the changes that made the biggest impact: "As you can see we did the big stuff — shrunk the sports court, added the pool area + pool house + garden, added a flagstone pathway around the whole property, and put in a new healthy lawn in the front. I'm so excited for all the groundcover to take over and soften all the lines." 

The groundcover wasn't the only greenery that she added to the property. With the help of Cali Pfaff from Studio Campo, she was able to select the perfect plants for her unique space. "The trees are non-fruit-bearing cherry trees with ornamental grasses and wild strawberries as groundcover underneath. Cali has this awesome idea to plant white daffodil bulbs all throughout under the cherry trees that will pop up in spring," she shares.

Unconventional kinds of groundcover are growing in popularity due to the plethora of eco-friendly options. Traditional yards require extensive upkeep and they aren't suitable for all climates. If you're searching for alternatives to a grass lawn, consider clovers, moss, or creeping thyme. For those who feel inspired by Emily's edible strawberry groundcover idea, Formosan carpet raspberry will also fill the gaps in your garden and produce delicious fruit.

Tarek and Christina El Moussa – A one-of-a-kind firepit

On Season 7, Episode 8 of "Flip or Flop", Tarek and Christina El Moussa revamped a mid-century backyard. With this specific property, they wanted to capture the unique sense of innovation that is ever-present in mid-century design. The El Moussa's decided to add a funky, modern firepit to the outdoor space, which is arguably one of the most unique firepits in HGTV history. Tarek dubs the unconventional metal sculpture, "The fire cage," in this clip of the episode. Christina reacts, "I like it because it has a very modern element to it which really ties in the inside."

This property is proof that firepits don't have to be bland. The sculptural firepit ideas don't end with the fire cage. Consider a contemporary wood-burning fire bowl or an outdoor coffee table with a built-in firepit. If you're dealing with a more compact space, consider this convenient tabletop, wave-style fire bowl from Crate & Barrel. For homeowners with a more artistic style, this Kokopelli wood-burning firepit from Amazon will add a creative, Southwestern touch. 

Tiffany Brooks – A party-ready entertainment space

Tiffany Brooks showcases a modern and functional backyard that she designed for HGTV's Smart Home. The goal was to transform the back deck into an ideal space for entertaining by maximizing comfort and convenience –- with a contemporary twist. Tiffany Brooks shows HGTV viewers her favorite elements. She explains: "It has a ton of indoor conveniences right here, outside. The outdoor fireplace is perfect for those chilly Texas nights when you still want to hang out outside. We also have a ceiling fan and an outdoor television. One thing that I'm absolutely in love with is this fully upholstered outdoor sofa. It's beautiful. I even got to add some custom detailing with the back trim. I've also added some outdoor pillows and a throw. We have a convenient outdoor coffee table out here so you can enjoy your refreshments, snacks, and drinks. "

From the flatscreen television to the remote-controlled porch screen, the high-tech elements are the highlight of this space. Even if you're not completely redoing your patio space, you can still add a few tech-savvy upgrades. Try adding a projector and screen like this affordable option from Target. These outdoor lanterns that include Bluetooth speakers from Amazon also add fun and functionality. 

Nate Berkus – A symphony of textures

It's no secret that Nate Berkus knows how to entertain. He revamped his outdoor lounge space to create a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere. His primary source of inspiration was texture. He shares his top tips with Architectural Digest: "For me, it's all about neutrals and textures — I'm actively afraid of anything neon...The baskets and bowls have been potted with succulents, and I think these lanterns look really perfect outside, especially with that muddy color. And of course, anything woven, like these baskets, is going to look great outside."

Natural textures are a timeless way to elevate your entertaining area. In addition to the woven baskets mentioned by Nate Berkus, you can incorporate rattan pillow chests from Wayfair or a bamboo side table from Teamson. Try adding texture through elements like natural wood serving trays, stone coasters, or sitting cushions. The idea is to layer texture throughout your outdoor area to create a warm and welcoming environment. 

Leanne Ford – A timeless exterior for a historic home

Leanne Ford lovingly restored her own forever home. Her project is proof that the exterior of your home is equally as important as the interior. "This house is all about the outside. It's all about the garden, and it's all about the pergola, and it's all about the sunroom. [...]This home will be perfect for many dinner parties and family celebrations outside in the garden, admiring this historic home's natural beauty. Walking to the backyard with a refreshed stucco archway and the new ivy growing on the pergola make the garden feel like a secret oasis for family and guests to enjoy," Leanne shares with Kilz on their blog.

As she mentions, trailing plants on pergolas and archways can create a whimsical atmosphere. Consider a traditional-style arbor made of weather-resistant material like this white vinyl option from Home Depot. Besides ivy, you can also consider experimenting with grapevines or wisteria. Fragrant climbing flowers like honeysuckle and jasmine can also add an additional sensory experience to your backyard. If you love the look of lush florals, consider climbing hydrangeas for a spectacular perennial option.