IKEA PAX Hacks That Will Improve Storage And Organization Around Your Home

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The PAX wardrobe system is one of IKEA's best selling products, and it makes perfect sense why. It can create a closet where there once was none. It can bring order to a sprawling walk-in, and it can be turned into a stylish built-in unit for bedrooms and living rooms alike. For all the ways you can DIY the PAX's exterior to upgrade the design of your space, you can also customize the inside to optimize storage all over the home.

The PAX system goes hand in hand with IKEA's KOMPLEMENT line of shelves, drawers, and additional organizers. These accessories are made specifically for the PAX and are an essential place to start when planning your system. But, there are plenty of easy, economical ways to elevate the organization of your units even further. Whether it's for the bedroom, kitchen, laundry room, or beyond, learn how to soup up storage in the IKEA wardrobe system taking over TikTok.

Brighten up the inside of your PAX with wireless motion-sensor lighting

If you have a PAX unit, you may know about the customizable lighting that IKEA offers for the system. However, it can be time-consuming to install and requires a wired power source. But, you can illuminate the contents of your PAX without worrying about cables using a simple motion-activated lighting hack. These magnetic Joyzy lights from Amazon are a great alternative. Not to mention, their motion sensor capabilities add a high-tech flair to your space. While the Joyzy lights are rechargeable, you can find battery-powered options, like the Star-Spangled Puck Lights, on Amazon as well.

Replace PAX door hinges to add more drawers

One of the pitfalls of the PAX's as-is design is that you can not install drawers where door hinges are positioned. But, online DIYers and IKEA die-hards have found the perfect, affordable hack to address this issue. To maximize drawer space and maintain a closed storage system, all you have to do is change out the hinge to one that doesn't protrude as much. The Ravinte ¾ inch overlay hinges work great and are available on Amazon.

Add spice racks to organize your PAX interiors

If you opt to add drawers into your PAX unit, use this hack to keep them organized. TikToker @karlacruzbeauty uses adjustable spice racks to organize her makeup collection in drawers, keeping products neat and easy to see. Because they are adjustable, you can customize them to fit the size of your drawer. This is a great hack for cosmetic and toiletry organization in a bathroom or a bedroom. Check out an adjustable option from Jadehom on Amazon.

Turn your PAX into a bonafide kitchen pantry

While the PAX is sold as a clothing wardrobe, its versatile storage options make it an excellent choice for a kitchen pantry. Organize your pantry like an expert by opting for mesh KOMPLEMENT baskets to see what food you have available, and consider adding the slide-out shelves to give easy access to items toward the back. Take this hack to the next level and use the KOMPLEMENT clothing rail to seal and display bagged foods like chips and pretzels. Opt for single-clip boot hangers for smaller bags, or use two-clip pant hangers for larger, family-size snacks.

Add STUK or SKUBB organizers to PAX drawers

If you're looking to organize more flexible items in your PAX drawers, such as socks, underwear, and t-shirts, look to another IKEA product for help. The STUK organizers are more cost-effective than the KOMPLEMENT line made specifically for PAX. You can also pair different configurations to customize a solution that works for each and every drawer. Want to get even more granular about your drawer organization? IKEA also offers the SKUBB line of individual drawer organizers, which allow you to get truly nitty-gritty about what goes where in your wardrobe.

Optimize shoe storage with acrylic organizers

If your PAX wardrobe is stuffed to the brim with your favorite footwear, take a cue from @morganbrittbutler to maximize shoe storage space. Repurpose acrylic makeup palette organizers to keep flat shoes or sandals in line by slotting them in the organizer spaces. This works especially well if you already have the KOMPLEMENT shelves that slide out to reveal your belongings, but it will also work on stationary shelves. If you have more substantial shoes, try using an acrylic handbag organizer for a similar organization tactic. This option from Moryimi on Amazon is adjustable, to accommodate different sizes.

Put your PAX on wheels

If you have a small space that requires additional storage like the laundry room, try giving this hack from @dianahomeedition a try. All you have to do is add washing machine base wheels like these from Amazon to the bottom of your PAX while assembling it. With this simple trick, you can slide the unit sideways, in and out of tight corners, to optimize space where you need it most.

Install a valet hanger for added function

From next-day outfit planning to steaming, or even offering some extra space to air-dry delicates — a valet hanger is a versatile item you can use to organize your clothes. IKEA does sell a KOMPLEMENT version of the valet hanger for the PAX, but you can utilize any valet hanger of your choice in the wardrobe with the right tools. Get the look in this hack with this brass finish rod available from the H. Bowes store on Amazon.