9 Ideas To Make The Most Out Of Your Corner Kitchen Cabinet Storage

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If you want to learn how to maximize storage space in a small home, awkward, semi-inaccessible kitchen corner cupboards are a great place to start. The kitchen especially requires plenty of room to hold items like canned food, spices, cookware, and leftover meal storage containers. It can be maddening knowing that you have limited access to an entire section within your counters. However, even if you have a tiny or extremely awkward corner kitchen cabinet compartment, there are shelving installation methods that nearly anyone can use.

Everyone's organizational needs vary, so you'll need to assess what makes the most sense for your home. Despite their potential for added storage, corner kitchen cabinets can be a lot more difficult to navigate than other areas due to their location and design. Therefore, it's typically best to reserve this space for bulky objects that aren't used frequently or required daily. This way, you won't have to struggle to reach these items during your regular cooking routine. However, if it feels more logical to store products like seasonings in your corner cabinet, there are strategies to keep this area organized and user-friendly. Utilizing smaller containers can help keep everything separated and easy to locate. Additionally, implementing some clever ways to use a label maker around your home can be a game-changer, making it quick and easy to find exactly what you need without rummaging through the entire cabinet. Ready to level up your storage game? Let's get into all of the ingenious ways you can maximize the space in your corner kitchen cabinets.

Install a magic corner cupboard solution

Deep, inaccessible corner cabinets can be incredibly frustrating, but with the right solutions, they can help you secretly add more storage to your kitchen. By installing a blind corner cabinet solution, you can maximize that hidden area you can't usually access. On Amazon, you can find ready-to-install shelving similar to what @robertmberger on TikTok demonstrates. This Amazon pull-out organizer, for example, glides out and is adjustable enough to accommodate most corner cabinets. Lowe's Rev-a-Shelf Two-Tier Pull-Out Baskets system is a more affordable option (albeit less fancy) with varying widths to choose from. 

Use shelving that pulls out

This magic kitchen corner is another game-changer solution for easily accessing everything you want to store in the back. Not only can you take advantage of the extra space, but the shelves pull out so you can grab items and push them back inside once you're finished. Because of the dimensions, TikToker @young_and_co_design uses hers for storing dry goods, but also recommends using it for stashing large, cumbersome dishes. The VEVOR Pull-Out Blind Corner Cabinet system on Amazon is nearly identical to what's shown in the video and comes in different sizes to accommodate your kitchen.

Try this unique sliding shelving system

If large appliances are taking up space, adding something like this sliding shelving system is one of the best ways to organize your pantry. It's not quite as convenient as some of the other options because you'll still need to reach around the front shelf to access those in the back. However, it's ideal for storing bulky items you don't frequently use. All you need to implement this hack is a couple of sliding shelves, such as these from Amazon, and ta-dah! You have a cost-effective storage solution for larger kitchen appliances.

Replace your lazy Susan with a cloud corner

Many blind kitchen cabinet corners are combatted with lazy Susans. Lazy Susans are a kitchen's best friend for some, but they're not for everyone. Cloud corners are an ideal solution if you don't like turntables. They make it easy to store everything you need while being able to access it all conveniently. The ingenious shelf design lets the edges seamlessly slip out from inside the cabinet, so you have all your goods right in front of you. They're available at online retail stores like Amazon and at home improvement stores like The Home Depot.

Organize with drawers and shelf inserts

If you already have shelving in your corner cabinet, you may be wondering how to organize everything in such an awkward space. TikToker @everythinginplace suggests getting plenty of shelf inserts and baskets to give you even more room to work with. These Simple Houseware shelf inserts from Amazon are stackable, though you can use them side by side. Finish organizing with different-sized baskets (such as these from Iris USA on Amazon) to ensure everything has its place. You don't have to stop there; you can organize cutting boards and pans with something like this Simple Houseware vertical organizer or stack water bottles using a bottle rack, such as this acrylic one from Amazon.

Place wedge bins in a lazy Suzan cabinet

If you liked the last hack but are struggling to fit organizers inside a lazy Suzan, try using wedge bins. The unique shape is perfect for filling in the large circle shelf while being able to better keep things in their place. While there are plenty of organizers to choose from, we like these wedge bins from Amazon because you can order the exact size and amount you need. If there is still room in the center, place a smaller lazy Susan, such as this one (also from Amazon), in the middle. 

Upgrade your lazy Suzan with pull-out drawers

This isn't your average lazy Suzan. While most similar designs have plenty of shelving, it can still be challenging to sort your items and be able to reach everything. With this innovative idea from @neatnook.design.c, you get the best of both worlds: spinning shelves and pull-out drawers. While there isn't anything quite like this on the market, it's a brilliant idea you or a contractor could put together. However, if you're looking for a standard model, there are plenty of options to choose from, like this double-tier, kidney-shaped lazy Susan from Rev-A-Shelf.

Install corner-shaped drawers for easy access

Rather than finding ways to hack the hidden space, why not install corner-shaped drawers to eliminate the blind corner to begin with? This design shared by TikToker @joyfullygreen is the perfect solution for those needing more kitchen drawers. This is another idea you can try to DIY yourself or let a contractor tackle. Once built, you can fill the area with extra utensils, coffee supplies, spices, or even use one as a secret snack stash. Add in some drawer organizers from Amazon so you can have everything you need categorized how you like.

Maximize kitchen space by storing large round items in your corner cabinet

If you're someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, you likely have large pots, pans, and appliances that take up a good amount of room. A lazy Susan storage solution can keep pots and pans accessible in a corner cabinet and create more space, but if you can't find the right size, feel free to fill the empty shelves with bulky appliances you don't use often. Even without a turntable, keeping large kitchenware in the blind corner helps maximize space and ensures you don't have to worry about organizing a bunch of little things in this awkward area.