Beautiful Paint Colors That'll Make Your Bathroom Look More Expensive

Yearning for a high-end style bathroom that won't blow the budget? We've got you covered. A bathroom can be completely transformed in a weekend with a coat of paint and a few accessory updates. But, the paint color you choose can be the difference between a luxury-style space and a standard bathroom. Blue is often a go-to choice when it comes to bathrooms due to its link with water. And, though this color can make for an elegant bathroom, there are plenty of other options to consider to give your space an upscale makeover. 

Before you select a paint color, consider the type of look you want to achieve. An energizing and refreshing space is a great place to start the day, while a relaxing spa-inspired bathroom will be a dream to settle into after a hectic week. Luckily, there are soothing colors as well as energizing ones that can make your space look and feel more luxurious. From pretty pink to moody browns, these expensive-looking paint colors will have your guests wondering when you won the lottery.

Pastel pink for a pretty and peaceful bathroom

You might not think of pink as a classic color for the bathroom, but this is one of the timeless paint colors the stars of 'Fixer to Fabulous' love seeing in homes. In her blog, Jenny Marrs writes, "When it comes to bathrooms, my recommendation is to use a subtle blush tone to create a serene and relaxing atmosphere." When paired with neutral shades like beige and white, pale pink evokes a sense of luxury and indulgence to make a bathroom look expensive. Light pink paint colors pair beautifully with shades of green such as emerald and olive for a fresh, contemporary style.

Avoid bright and bold pinks that can cheapen a space, and instead opt for muted tones. For example, Setting Plaster by Farrow & Ball, which is a dusty shade of pink that creates a warm atmosphere due to a hint of yellow pigment. Another stunning shade of pink that looks luxurious in a bathroom is Dead Salmon by Farrow & Ball. Lauren Sullivan of Well x Design gushes to Homes & Gardens about the shade, "It feels subtle and sophisticated without 'screaming' pink. This hue can be considered somewhat of a chameleon in spaces as everyone tends to see it differently — which also allows it to work well in a variety of settings and levels of natural light." Use it in a low-lit bathroom for a moody vibe, or in a bright bathroom for a more obvious nod to pink.

Choose calming blue for a spa-inspired space

Blue paint is a great way to create the perfect spa-like bathroom. This color is known to evoke a sense of calm and tranquility.This makes it an obvious choice for a room where you want to indulge in some respite at the end of a long and chaotic day. The link between blue shades and a sense of serenity may be linked to the fact that this color is representative of the ocean, which is a place of peace for many people. Mia Jung, interiors director at Ike Kligerman Barkley, explains to Southern Living, "Light, watery blue tones help you relax and recharge after getting rid of all your anxiety and stress—as if you are floating in the water."

If you want to come home to a calming bath or shower that's evocative of salty water and a sea breeze, consider Parma Gray by Farrow & Ball. This mid-blue is crisp and cooling, especially when paired with white for a clean and formal look. For a slightly more dramatic style, try Tranquil Aqua from Sherwin-Williams. This saturated blue is serene and soothing and will elevate the look of natural finishes such as stone tiles. To add warmth to a cool blue bathroom use wooden touches like this bamboo shelf unit from Wayfair.

Olive green feels refreshing and invigorating

Opting for green paint in the bathroom is a brilliant way to add a natural vibe, and a shade of olive will result in a style evocative of a high-end woodland spa. Chelsea Clark, head of brand at Lust Home agrees, telling Your Home Style, "The color green is renowned for its calming qualities, bringing a touch of the outdoors in and reconnecting us with nature. It creates a comforting atmosphere and can bring a sense of harmony and balance to your bathroom. It has deep connections to our well-being." Olive green has yellow undertones that give it a warm and welcoming feel, making it more comforting than cooler, blue-toned greens.

"When it comes to green, the end result will depend on the tone of color you have used," Jo Crane, designer and showroom manager at Ripples Reigate, explains to House Beautiful. She says, "If your bathroom has a nod towards the traditional then you need to be looking at olive greens." Bancha by Farrow & Ball is a gorgeously deep and saturated shade of olive, based on the color of Japanese tea leaves. Pair an on-trend green bathroom color with walnut wood accessories for an organic luxury vibe.

A warm white restroom will never go out of style

"Off-white is, of course, one of the most versatile shades in all of design," Jane Landino, creative head of studio at Taylor Howes, tells Homes & Gardens. 'It instantly brightens while evoking a sense of calm and flawlessness." The ability of white to take on any style makes it perfectly placed for use in an expensive-looking bathroom. Warm whites paired with high-end finishes and sumptuous soft furnishings will look effortlessly luxurious.

Utilizing off-white paint on the walls is one way you can decorate your bathroom like a wellness retreat. Opt for a warm shade of white such as Mayonnaise by Benjamin Moore, which has yellow undertones for a creamy, indulgent finish. A warm off-white rather than a cool one will ensure the bathroom feels inviting and comfortable rather than cold and clinical. For a shade that reads as fresh and soothing, try White Down by Benjamin Moore, which benefits from greige undertones to evoke a sense of comfort. 

Richard McGrail, CEO of Armac Martin, explains to Home & Gardens that details can transform a white bathroom. He says, "Choosing the right finish is key for creating an aesthetic for a white bathroom and we recommend aged brass for a classic feel and polished brass for a statement look. Coordinate these finishes with your tapware for a cohesive feel. Finish the space with accessories such as vanity mirrors and wall hooks to add elegance and charm."

Relax in the luxury of a beige and gold bathroom

Beige is often synonymous with boring, but this is far from true when used in the bathroom with the right accents and accessories. When paired with gold or brass details, beige paint appears high-end and luxurious. Interior designer Tamsin Johnson discusses beige bathrooms with Veranda, explaining, "I love the calmness that you create when you have a neutral palette in a room, especially if you wish to replicate the quiet luxury aesthetic. But this choice definitely doesn't have to mean boring: you can create an interesting and exciting space by layering different tones, such as off-whites and beige, then introducing a range of caramels and even accents of black."

Beige paint colors are used time after time in spa-inspired bathrooms that feel like a retreat. From creamy almond hues to rich tans, beige encompasses a huge range of shades. Choose a gray-tinted beige for a bathroom that reads as simultaneously modern and warm, such as Drop Cloth from Farrow & Ball or Accessible Beige by Sherwin-Williams. For a more traditional version, try Shaker Beige from Benjamin Moore, which has a timeless appeal. Follow Johnson's advice and layer different neutrals and shades of beige, for example, choose sand-colored towels like these from Target, or gold accessories like this toothbrush holder, also from Target.

Escape in nature with sage green walls

Interior designer Shelby Van Daley from Daley Home tells Veranda, "Paint is one of the most practical and budget-friendly things you can do to keep your home updated. Let's face it—an updated home will naturally look more expensive." One of Van Daley's favorite paint colors that she likes to use on bathroom vanities is Sea Salt by Sherwin-Williams, which is a beautifully muted shade of sage green. She refers to this paint color as a "perfect timeless light green with a cool undertone." The blue tint in sage creates a relaxing atmosphere, while the green hints at nature for a sense of improved well-being.

Sage is a timeless paint shade that'll turn your small bathroom into a relaxing escape. But, if you're lucky enough to have a larger bathroom, opt for a darker shade of sage for a cozier natural vibe. Saybrook Sage by Benjamin Moore is a soothing medium shade, while Rosemary by Sherwin-Williams is a dark sage green with gorgeous cool undertones for a modern, refreshing look. Draw out the gray tones in this paint color by pairing it with silver accessories like this solid hammered wastebasket from Target.

Dark navy paint makes for an intimate and elegant bathroom

Bathrooms are typically some of the smallest rooms in the home, and we often lean toward pale colors to make a compact space feel larger. However, darker shades can actually create depth in a small room to make the walls appear as though they are receding, giving the illusion of increased space. Deep paint colors also create an intimate atmosphere and heightened elegance and sophistication. 

One color that is both dark and moody while exuding relaxing vibes is navy blue. Discussing the hue with Better Homes & Gardens, Stephanie Pierce, director of design and trends at MasterBrand Cabinets, explains, "Nature-based colors, particularly those that are representative of water, have long been sought out as colors that tie to tranquility and relaxation. The history of navy in interiors has evolved from lapis to ultramarine and Prussian blue in bath or bedroom settings to create a soothing spa-like feel."

In the Navy by Sherwin-Williams is a gorgeous shade of dark blue that pairs beautifully with various accents. Use it with natural stone tiles in the shower for a beach-inspired style, or choose glossy white subway tiles for a clean and fresh look. Brass accessories like this vanity light from Wayfair will create contrast and enhance the luxury feel of a navy bathroom.

Create a chic French look with pale gray paint

If your bathroom gets plenty of natural light you can afford to use a cool color like a blue or green-toned gray on the walls. Pale gray can modernize a room to make it look very chic and expensive, while the sunlight flowing in through the windows will ensure the space doesn't feel cold or uninviting. Though pale gray can work well in a contemporary bathroom with clean lines and a minimalist approach, it can also look effortlessly sophisticated in a more traditional style space when paired with natural materials like stone.

Designer Christina Kim suggests using Benjamin Moore's Wickham Gray for timeless elegance. The color has a distinctly blue undertone that hints at a stylish French chateau when paired with clean whites and neutrals. Kim advises, via Southern Living, "Pair it with pale elements like concrete, and you get a nice, easy-on-the-eyes chalkiness, or pair it with glossy black subway tile for a chic, high-contrast look." 

Another beautiful shade of gray is French Gray by Farrow & Ball. This green-tinted color is modeled on 19th-century French decor to promote a soothing atmosphere, making it perfect for a relaxing bathroom. For a warmer gray, designer Claudia Afshar recommends Ashley Gray by Benjamin Moore. She tells Southern Living, "It's a warmer tone than straight gray that works great for people that don't want a too contemporary of a look. It brings lots of warmth and depth to the space."

Indulge in the elegance of a brown bathroom

Brown may not seem like an obvious paint choice for your home, but it's a color that can turn your bathroom into a dark and moody oasis. Plus, it takes on a premium quality when paired with gold or brass features like cabinet handles and light fixtures. Edward Bulmer from Edward Bulmer Natural Paint agrees, explaining to Homes & Gardens, "Being polychromatic, brown goes with everything, but in deeper, very rich hues it is particularly good at flattering beautiful, well-drawn patterns."

Use brown paint in the bathroom alongside wallpaper on a focal wall, such as this print from Wallpaper Direct. Brown paint will read as a moody neutral, pulling out similar colors in the wallpaper for a designer-inspired look. Tanner's Brown by Farrow & Ball is a good choice for well-lit bathrooms, where it will feel warm and cozy thanks to the red undertones. In low-lit bathrooms the shade will look closer to black, so if you want a more obvious brown in this scenario, try Dark Brown by Sherwin-Williams. This shade has a richer tone that will make a room lacking natural light feel intimate and high-end.

Purple paint adds a regal touch

Purple has been associated with royalty and nobility throughout history, largely due to Tyrian purple pigment which was the most expensive product in ancient times. It might not be the first color that springs to mind when you think about updating a bathroom. But, this is actually an incredibly versatile color that can work with contemporary, minimalist decor or in a traditional, formal space. There are so many examples of purple bathrooms you'll love that can fit your unique style, ranging from quirky lilac and yellow combinations to moody, gothic-inspired spaces.

Shades of purple paint you can use for an expensive-looking bathroom include plum, mauve, and eggplant. What all of these shades have in common is that they are dark and dramatic, which can also contribute to making the space feel more high-end. If a dark color on the walls feels too intense, you can achieve an opulent look by using deep purple paint on the bathroom trim. Kristina Philips from Kristina Philips Interior Design explains to Veranda, "Painting the trim a deeper tone, or even a contrast color, can add a bespoke, luxurious-feeling detail." Imperial Purple by Farrow & Ball represents a regal choice, or try Sanctuary by Benjamin Moore for a pale and relaxing shade of purple.