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11 Unique Blanket Storage Ideas To Keep Your Living Space Organized In Style

Blankets are one of those things that seem like you can never have too much of. Who doesn't love a quilt to cuddle up under on a rainy day, or draping an elegant throw over the corner of the bed for an elegant touch? Blankets offer color, texture, personality, and comfort into any space, so it's no wonder why you'd want plenty around the house. However, this can lead to a huge storage issue, because while a single blanket doesn't take up much room at all, they can quickly accumulate and overrun your house. Plus, you don't necessarily want every blanket on display year-round — who wants their candy cane Christmas quilt out in July, or a linen throw blanket in January? 

That's when its time to get serious about blanket storage. But you don't want to just lob your blankets in a corner, or lose every inch of storage space to blankets. To help you out, we've found 11 blanket storage ideas that will keep your space looking stylish and organized. 

1. Rolling utility carts

Rolling utility carts are one of the most versatile home storage pieces available, and they are perfect for storing a few blankets. Just roll up or fold a few blankets and slot them into the tiered compartments. This makes for a cute display, but the cart can also easily be wheeled out of the room to make space. We love the idea of making the cart into a designated relaxation station with blankets on the bottom tiers, and maybe a nice candle and hand lotion on top, or a baby diaper changing station with baby blankets, diapers, and extra onesies. 

2. Vintage trunk

Walk into any antique mall or vintage thrift store worth its salt, and you should be able to find a vintage steamer trunk or two, and often for a great price. These are excellent buys for blanket storage, and add a classic, old-world charm to your room. Not only do they provide excellent storage, but steamer trunks are great decorative items as well, and can even work double time as quirky coffee table. As with any thrift store find, be sure to give the trunk a good cleaning and deodorizing before storing your blankets inside. 

3. Hay feeder

Try this viral trend and use a hay rack for easy blanket storage. Okay, this one really puts the farm in modern farmhouse, but it's such a great idea!  Perhaps best of all, you can just tug a blanket through the slats without having to dig through the trough. Beware they typically only come in black matte metal, so there aren't a ton of design options for this (traditionally) purely functional object. But you can always paint one in your preferred color! 

4. Retired suitcases

If you aren't much of a traveler or have decided to retire a suitcase with a loose wheel or broken handle, you can always use this luggage to store bulky blankets. Just fold your blankets up in the suitcase, and zip it up as you normally would. Hard shell suitcases are best-suited to this as they do a better job of keeping pests and moisture out, but if you're concerned about these contaminants or are using a soft-sided case, you can always use a vacuum sealed bag inside the suitcase for extra protection and to save room. 

5. Wrap it into a pillow

If you're a master of origami and/or sheet folding, this is the perfect hack for you. Wrap your throw blankets into decorative pillows for stunning, creative storage. Thankfully, there are easy tutorials, so even if you aren't the king or queen of blanket wrapping, you can still try this hack. This is best suited to blankets that match your bedroom or living room's overarching color scheme so it doesn't look out of place. This way, your blankets will look perfect on your couch or bed. 

6. Pillowcases

You just need a regular pillowcase to get your blankets sorted. Multiple folded or rolled blankets can easily fit inside a single pillow case. We especially like this system for blanket and sheet sets that you want to store together for easy access. If you want to be able to stack the pillow case easily, be sure to fold instead of roll the blankets for a more even surface. With a plush enough blanket, you can even use this stuffed pillowcase storage hack as an extra pillow when guests stay the night in a pinch. 

7. Non-working fireplace

We've seen defunct fireplaces turned into adorable displays for all kinds of objects like candlesticks and books, so why not blankets? You can just roll up your favorite throw blankets, then stack them in a pyramid shape for an attractive and convenient storage display. The only drawback here is that you'll want to give the old fireplace a proper clean to eliminate dirt, soot, and grease, so your blankets don't get dirty in the process. If the fireplace is very old and you find it difficult to clean the bricks, stone, and mortar, you may be best off repainting before adding your blankets. 

8. Hanging corner hammock

Remember those darling hammocks that were hung up in the bedrooms of your youth, usually installed to hold an overflowing collection of stuffed animals? They also work really well for blankets! Just hang the netted hammock according to the instructions, then store your folded or rolled blankets on top. This will keep the blankets off of the floor and out of the way, but still within reach and view. These are as well suited to a boho-chic living room or bedroom. 

9. Log holder

Repurpose a log holder to store blankets, a bit like a spin on the classic blanket basket. Log holders come in all sorts of different materials, such as metal, wicker, and plastic. Rolling your blankets into logs is a stunning way to display them, and will look great by your fireplace. Most come with a handle so you can easily tote the basket from room to room as needed. If you can't find a log holder, a magazine rack offers a similar shape, though it likely won't have the convenient handle. 

10. Towel rack

Have you ever thought to use a bathroom staple for chic blanket storage? Though these wall-mounted racks were built to hold towels, blankets can be similarly stored and displayed on them. And perhaps best of all is that they come in a variety of styles and designs, and you can even DIY your own towel rack. Just fold your blankets into compact burritos, then load them into the rack. You can even pull from the top or bottom of the blanket pile in some models, so your favorite throw is never out of arm's reach. 

11. Coat rack

Take a note from this Instagram user, and turn a coat rack into a blanket tree. This is a super simple, whimsical option that would look great in a living room or children's bedroom. We love that it can be tucked into a corner, perhaps where you have a bit of a gap between the wall and furniture, and it doesn't require any fancy installation. Be mindful about hanging heavy blankets, as you don't want to tip the rack over by adding too much weight.