25 Stunning Black Bathrooms You'll Be Completely Obsessed With

Moody bathrooms are having a moment. With features like dark tile, dramatic wallpaper, and stunning fixtures, these aren't your ordinary water closets. Gone are the days of black bathrooms being considered too masculine or reserved only for high-end spa settings. Whether you like ultra-modern, lean towards minimalism, or are a diehard fan of classic design, there's a way to incorporate black into all of these aesthetics. 

If you want to add some drama to your bathroom but you're afraid to go floor-to-ceiling black, you can incorporate it by painting an accent wall, refinishing your vanity, or installing new tile. Colorful fixtures are making a comeback, too, so chances are it won't be too hard to find an incredible black tub that can serve as the focal point in your bathroom.

We've rounded up 25 stunning black bathrooms you'll be completely obsessed with — and maybe they'll inspire you to join the dark side on your next design project.

1. Matte magic

A crisp white background sets the stage for these matte black fixtures to steal the show. It's deliberately minimalist so that you're drawn to features like the huge soaking tub, sconce lighting, and the surprisingly chic toilet. When you go dark with your fixtures, balancing them against a light, simple backdrop is a match made in design heaven.

2. Sunken soaking

With planks of dark flooring that intersect with floor-to-ceiling, inky tile in the shower, it's hard to tell where things end and begin in this spa-like bathroom. With a sunken tub this incredible, you'll want to soak your cares away every day.

3. Black marble

Who says marble is just for floors or countertops? If you want to bring elegance and drama to your bathroom, add a black marble accent wall. With a simple white tub placed in front of it, there's nothing else competing for attention, so the black marble shines to its fullest. Black plumbing fixtures and lighting complete the look.

4. Modern minimalism

If you're looking for a modern aesthetic with no added frills, look no further than this black and white combo. Dark tile adds texture to the walls, with sleek chrome fixtures and a wall-mounted toilet that further simplifies the space. Everything is in its place to complete the minimalist design.

5. Dark and simple

With enough thought and planning, a simple bathroom can be transformed into a retreat. Though the design is simple and modern, with the large gold mirror and black tiled wall, it still beckons as a perfect spot to unwind after a long day.

6. Classic finishes

Whether you're an old soul or the sight of a clawfoot tub makes your heart pitter-patter, this design proves that classic finishes are always in style. Traditional tile flooring pairs with the clawfoot tub, but it's been freshened up with a black gloss finish. 

7. White marble

We've already talked about the incredible drama that a black marble accent wall can bring to your bathroom, but what about white marble instead? In this space, it brightens up the bathroom and allows the matte black fixture fixtures to pop against it. It flows seamlessly into the flooring as well, thus further emphasizing the black design choices. 

8. Dark but bright

Love natural light but also want to amp up the drama? This design perfectly marries the two. A wall of windows lets sunshine flood into the room, while black paint on the walls, trim, and door gives a touch of drama and contrast. A simple tub and vanity keep your focus on the light and dark juxtaposition.

9. Monochrome magic

This dark bathroom offsets its black walls with bright, natural light flowing through large windows. A gray concrete floor adds additional contrast for the black walls, while the crisp white tub and floating vanity reflect the natural light.

10. Plants and beams

If you want to go dark but are afraid it will shrink your room, take a page from this design. While the walls are a rich, inky soapstone, this room utilizes a floor-length window to bounce enough light off the walls. Natural beams on the ceiling add texture, while potted plants keeps the room grounded in nature.

11. Black powder room

This small bathroom goes for all the dark drama with black paint, double vanities, and fixtures. The only bit of light comes through in the gorgeous marble backsplash and deep basin sinks.

12. Wood Vanity

The rugged, raw texture of wood in the vanity top adds the perfect amount of contrast to the black walls and tile in this modern bathroom design.

13. Black and white all over

Checkerboard floor tile adds geometric interest to the classic black and white color palette in this bathroom. A floating vanity and attached cabinet provides necessary storage without distracting from the overall design.

14. Gold glamour

We know black and white is a timeless combination, but how about black and gold? It's a fresh, glamorous take on the classic. Gold fixtures and fish-scale design on the vanity up the wow factor.

15. Wood accents

In this bathroom, wood is used as an accent feature to pop against a color palette of black and gray. Tile laid in a herringbone pattern covers the wall behind the wood-framed mirror and wooden floating vanity.

16. Simple luxury

Sometimes, simple is best. Here, a high-end soaking tub serves as the focal point of the bathroom. A black wall serves as the perfect backdrop to allow the tub and lovely rose gold fixtures to shine.

17. Mix it up with brick

Tired of tile? Follow the lead of this design, and use a less common material like brick to make a statement in your bathroom. The brick is painted black and utilizes gray grout to tie into the overall black and gray palette.

18. If walls could talk

Dramatic black marble runs the entire length of the wall in this bathroom. Everything else is kept clean and simple so that the marble does all the talking.

19. Simple forms

With black painted walls and attractive wood flooring laid in a herringbone pattern, this bathroom relies on simple shapes to add interest. Dark, oval-shaped mirrors hang above the cylindrical, freestanding sinks.

20. Black beams

Even if you're working with an unusual layout in your bathroom, it doesn't have to be boring. Exposed beams have been painted black and pop against the white shiplap ceiling. Black cabinets continue with the theme, while providing ample storage.

21. Dark luxury

This dark bathroom gets its luxurious feel by combining different sheens of black. There's glossy tile on the floors and up one of the walls, while a smaller, more flat tile is used behind the mirror and in the shower. Strategically placed lighting brightens up areas of focus.

22. Wall-to-wall marble

The saying goes, "if you've got it, flaunt it." So if you want to do wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling marble in your bathroom, why not? The dark and light play off of each other to create a bathroom that's truly a showpiece.

23. Sublime soaking

You won't have a care in the world when you soak the day away in a bathroom this gorgeous. With dark paneled walls and marble flooring, luxury and relaxation go hand-in-hand.

24. Black and gray

Sometimes pairing dark with darker pays off. In this bathroom, black is utilized on the walls, ceiling, and curtains. Gray appears in the vanity and tub hardware to break up all the black subtly.

25. Layered textures

Pattern play and texture are everything in this design. Behind the round mirror, we see dark paneling as the main backdrop, with a smaller section of black marble on top. A floating vanity in whitewashed wood adds a little light to the moody design.