30 Best Accent Wall Ideas To Liven Up Your Home

Looking to change the vibe in your home without going for a total redo? Switch up the look in any room by adding some new energy with an accent wall. An accent wall is a great way to add personality and interest to a room, while also giving you more options to decorate and make your house a home. We hope these awesome examples will give you some inspiration to get started! 

Whether you're looking to update a small nook or make a big statement in one of your home's larger rooms, here you'll find our favorite accent wall ideas that will help you get started on transforming your space. Architectural Digest loves the versatility of accents walls; you can choose your own decorating adventure. And if you're looking for a change that's doable simply by switching out accessories, or a project you can knock out in a weekend, you'll definitely find something you like.

1. Rainbow stripes

A rainbow-colored accent wall adds instant character to a room. It can be as simple as a coat of paint, or as elaborate as a mural. Whatever you decide, this design element is sure to bring life into any room.

2. Dark walls and light-colored art

Go for the bold with a dark blue wall and bright, neutral artwork. You can curate your own art gallery by gathering a collection of pics or paintings. If you don't have a collection of paintings in the same color, you can order photo prints in the same filter or the same frames.

3. White interiors

The wood accents in this room play off of the white curtains — which in turn play off the dark walls. We love how the mirror picks up the dark walls, adding even more visual interest to the adjacent textured wall. The light wood ties the look together, creating an intimate space within a formal space.

4. Keep it minimal

We love how the radiator in this space, something most people would cover, becomes an accent in an otherwise minimalist room. The black-edged furniture and monochromatic paintings echo the industrial starkness of the space while the wood surface of the desk adds just a touch of warmth to the office.

5. Make it sheer and macramé

Floor-to-ceiling windows are lovely, but adding sheer curtains does two things at once. For one, the natural light becomes diffused and almost blush-like in it's softness. As for the second aspect, the curtains adds a billowy touch to your space. We also love how the drape-y macramé echoes the ripple-like effect of the curtains.

6. Tone on tone

We're not sure which is better: the seafoam-colored walls, with artwork of the same tone ... or the curtains of the same color on the neighboring wall. The combination of the two design elements feels intentional and upscale.

7. Two-tones and botanicals

When going for a two-tone wall, instead of having the line of demarcation at the middle, aim for the line of paint to end at eye level. The result will allow the eye to travel upward (and allow your artwork to take center stage). We love how the butterscotch-colored walls are perfectly offset by the jewel-toned sofa. 

8. Softly ombré

If the idea of an entire wall of texture gives you pause, don't feel like you have to commit to the whole shebang. An ombré wall adds just a taste of color (and is easy enough to do in just one afternoon).

9. Slightly metallic

Add just a whisper of gold to your crown moulding to instantly elevate your space. Adding rich elements like dark wood and milkshake-colored walls makes the room feel even more upscale.

10. Greenery against green

Make your plants the focal point of the room by literally framing them with ornate crown moulding. We love how the pistachio-colored walls echo the rich emerald tones of the foliage. Neutral accessories keep the attention where it belongs: on the beautiful plants.

11. Ceramics and earth tones

Add an oversized ceramic art piece to a grayscale wall for a modern statement. The right piece, like this cluster of art here, ties the room together without overpowering the space.

12. Go for bricks

When in doubt, go for brick and glass. The mixture of textures gives the room a decorator's touch without seeming to forced. You could keep the palette neutral with white plates, or stack rainbow-colored dishware behind the glass for a colorful-but-muted look.

13. Make it mirrored

Interior windows make the perfect accent walls: They make every room look bigger and brighter, plus they serve as a makeshift picture frame. We love how the palette for this space sticks to shades of white, green, and brown, while allowing the texture of each item to fill the space.

14. Go square

Let geometry be your guide by painting overlapping shapes on your accent wall. This one works by playing with squares and rectangles in shades of blue. Keep it cohesive by decorating in complementary shades.

15. Go small in big spaces

There's something beautiful about a latte-colored wall, but it can be a bit drab. This curtained accent wall works because the pretty coral curtains opposite serve as a counterpoint to the neutral backdrop of the space without being overpowering.

16. Bay windows

Make your bay window your accent wall by piling the space with tall plants. Leave the curtains off to make the outdoors part of your décor.

17. Chalk it up

Paint a wall with chalkboard paint, and you're limited only by your imagination. Write down your favorite recipe, as shown here, or create a different piece of art whenever you want to freshen up your space.

18. Maps and macramé

Let your furniture become part of your accent wall by allowing all of the wall décor to cluster around it, instead of over it. This midcentury cabinet pulls your attention to the space, while the maps and macramé on either side allow the eye to rest on a showstopper of a piece.

19. Wood-toned moment

Go natural when you create a herringbone patterned bathroom wall. This bathroom takes the pattern from the floor and extends it to the wall above, creating a seamless yet bohemian look. Adding similarly-toned wood as accessories gives the room even more of a California vibe.

20. Make it oversized

Ever wish you could draw on the walls? By keeping the wall color and canvas color the same, the oversized painting becomes a striking accent to an otherwise minimalist space. Working with the same color family ties the look together for a more thoughtful, introspective feel.

21. Hats off

Your hobby should be shared! This bedroom makes use of the owner's straw hat collection by hanging them on a textured wall. The earthy tones of the hat serves as a beautiful contrast to the hard, concrete wall, warming what could be considered a cold space.

22. Make a vignette

Short on space? Fake a pantry by painting a stripe along the wall, then add shelving. The color serves to trick the eye into believing there are distinct sections or rooms within a small apartment.

23. Make it a macro

Go for the gusto by creating an accent wall with an oversized black and white photo. This space works because the palm fronds echo the bamboo shoots in the (equally oversized) vase. It also picks up the lines of the basket-like chandelier over the (also oversized) coffee table.

24. A pop of color

Let your accessories serve as the accent on your wall! The brass lamp delineates the space between the sofa and the dresser. Keeping the shelves over the dresser also serves as a visual barrier between the space to gather and a space to store household items.

25. Architectural and greenery

Don't be afraid to go architectural! The toughness of this industrial wall is balanced by the greenery in the bathroom, giving the space a softer, more approachable vibe.

26. Fire and marble

Make the most of your fireplace by allowing it to not just take center stage, but also to take over the whole platform. This fireplace, with its marble finish, brings focus to the living room in an open concept home. The wall invites visitors to a space where friends and family can gather.

27. Bedframe as décor

Who says an accent wall has to be a wash of color? Use an ornate wicker bed frame to create a focal point in an otherwise ordinary bedroom. The navy walls serve as the perfect counterpoint to the blonde wicker wood. 

28. Go minimalist

Fight the urge to keep a wood paneled wall discreet. Go for the bold look of a deeply pigmented dark wall, which brings out the richness of the wood. The bright art breaks up the monotony of the dark wall while also echoing the white accessories.

29. Play with texture

Sometimes you have to just go for it. The accent wall here, made of brick, is complemented by black blinds, adding a one-two punch of visual interest. Adding wood and woven accents add even more texture to an already cozy environment.

30. Textured walls

Nothing says accent wall like a sponge-painted wall. When choosing your colors, don't be afraid to play with contrasts. The gray and white walls work well with the similarly colored sofa and lockers; even the navy accent pillows complement the dark theme. We love how the bright yellow accessories breaks up the monotony of the grayscale décor.