A Look Inside Vanessa Hudgens' Stunning Home

Vanessa Hudgens has come a long way since her "High School Musical" days. She has transformed from classic teen idol to feature-length film star with the release of movies like "Tick, Tick ... Boom!" and "Spring Breakers." Her beautiful Los Feliz celebrity home mirrors her evolution, bursting with lush plants, antique furnishings, and unique artwork. As reported by Architectural Digest, the historic home, originally built in 1922 by Hollywood great Cecil B. DeMille, honors the feminine mystique while retaining elements of its unique past.

Inside, soft and inviting interiors set the scene for quality relaxation, time spent hanging out with friends, and the occasional spontaneous dance party. Highlights include a cave-like bathroom and a spacious backyard complete with a secret garden, tranquil pool, and fire pit. There's certainly plenty of amazing design inspiration to find within the star's living space, so without further ado, let's take a look inside Hudgens' home sweet home. 

The home was originally built by Cecil B. DeMille for his mistress

This gorgeous Georgian colonial home was originally built by the legendary director Cecil B. DeMille for his mistress, which is why it is nicknamed "The Little DeMille." As reported by Yahoo!, DeMille's mistress, silent film actress Julia Faye, called this mansion home while DeMille lived close by in Laughlin Park. According to Biography, DeMille is one of the most successful directors, producers, and filmmakers of all time, and helped mold the Hollywood film industry into what it is today. Some of his most memorable films include "The Ten Commandments," "The Greatest Show on Earth," and "The King of Kings."

DeMille isn't the only famous name attached to this home, though. Oscar-winning actor Gary Oldman owned the property before Hudgens, who bought it in 2018 in a secret sale for just under $5 million. Hudgens keeps the home's star-studded history alive with framed vintage film posters of DeMille's work and a nameplate at the front door with the inscription, "The Little DeMille."

'The Little DeMille' is filled with history and unique quirks

With brick walls covered in ivy, creaky wood flooring, and Art Deco air vents, "The Little DeMille" is not your typical Los Angeles home. During his time owning the house, Oldman installed beautiful French oak flooring from the 18th century, as reported by Architectural Digest. The distinctive flooring is now one of Hudgens' favorite features, and she has added lots of vintage furnishings, books, and other knickknacks to complement the unique aesthetic. The shelves in her living area are decorated with first edition books of Jane Austen's "Emma," old French love stories, and an old-school clock that still chimes. Plus, there's a framed black-and-white photo of Hollywood actor Natalie Wood, which Hudgens received as a present from Fox after performing in "Grease Live."

While the historic house has some good bones, Hudgens gave it a modern upgrade by hiring Jake Arnold, an interior designer. Soft colors, new knobs, and cool, contemporary artwork bring the house back to the 21st century.

Hudgens renovated the kitchen herself during the pandemic

Like many of us, Hudgens decided to give her living space a facelift during the pandemic. According to Architectural Digest, she embarked on a kitchen remodel project that included installing new marble and brass drawer pulls, painting the cabinets, and adding black tile work. She even got some design advice from former "High School Musical" co-star Ashley Tisdale about the best places to shop for stylish kitchen finds. Before the remodel, the kitchen was a completely different space with white walls and red knobs on the cabinets.

If you're thinking about remodeling your kitchen, it's definitely a good idea to give the project some thought. Kitchens are typically the most expensive room in a home to remodel, per This Old House. There are many different appliances and aspects to consider, from the lighting to the backsplash. Installing new cabinets is often one of the most costly parts of a kitchen upgrade, so if you are content with their size and placement, it's better to give them a fresh coat of paint (like Hudgens did) rather them replacing them entirely. Alternatively, you can remove some cabinet doors to convert them to a chic open shelving look.

The living room features a variety of cool vintage finds

Fresh and airy, Hudgens' main living area feels like an inviting space to sit down and stay awhile. Hudgens really wanted the space to have a French feel to match the vibe of the surrounding land, according to Architectural Digest. The star decorated the room with some key pieces, including a gleaming grand piano in the corner and a soft pink mohair sofa she found at a vintage shop. The travertine stacking tables are also vintage finds, along with the French film posters hanging up on the walls. Lots of candlesticks, sparkling crystals, and fresh flowers rest on tables around the room to create a casual and relaxed environment.

If you want to incorporate antique and vintage gems into your living space like Hudgens, there are plenty of great places to source furniture and decor. According to House Beautiful, the online antique business is better than ever. Online shops are perfect for scoring smaller accessories, tables, and light fixtures. Just keep in mind that buying upholstered furniture is more difficult online, and it's important to verify measurements and fabric details before finalizing a purchase.

Big plants and colorful bouquets make the home feel alive

Hudgens' living space is bursting with majestic plants and lush, green bouquets. According to Architectural Digest, the beautiful bouquet arrangements throughout her house are made by her friend, designer Chad Wood. Big-leaf houseplants, like the towering monstera in the corner, breathe life into the living room and generate plenty of plant envy for those of us who lack a green thumb. 

The good news is there are plenty of houseplants out there that even beginners can grow, per Curbed. The monstera, commonly known as the Swiss cheese plant, is a resilient and beautiful houseplant with which newbies tend to have a lot of luck. You have probably seen this trendy plant around Instagram, recognizable for its wild, tropical leaves. The hardy monstera is easy to keep healthy (even if you forget to water it for two weeks), and the species is capable of adapting to a wide range of light and temperature conditions. It will grow quickly with a bit of light, love, and water.

The breakfast nook is decorated with magical wallpaper

Stepping into Hudgens' cozy breakfast nook, the eye is immediately drawn to the fantastical wallpaper on the wall. The pattern, which features winged dragons, mushrooms, and colorful flowers, is from House of Hackney, according to Yahoo! Finance. It perfectly complements the brown leather bench and round black table. Hudgens drew design inspiration for the bench seating from one of her favorite restaurants in New York City called Maison Premiere. A candlestick and green centerpiece add finishing touches to the space. This area is where Hudgens and her friends love to eat, hang out, and indulge in the occasional dance party

Wallpaper is a great way to elevate any space in your home and add character. Plus, it won't cost you an arm and a leg. If you fancy a DIY project, you can even make your own wallpaper designs and patterns. With a gold leafing pen and stencil, you can recreate the cactus wallpaper from A Beautiful Mess or use a sharpie paint pen and a template to draw your own floral print on walls (via Savvy Apron). The best part is you won't have to deal with the wallpaper removal process once you're ready to mix it up again.

The romantic dining room opens out to olive trees

Simple and sweet, Hudgens' dining room is an ideal place for enjoying an evening meal with company. Hudgens wanted to create a romantic atmosphere with ornate mirrors and pretty artwork. A 1950s Italian chandelier hangs above the table, which plays against the pattern of the wood floors. Wood furnishings and white walls help the space feel organic and neutral, while French doors, which open out to the olive trees in the backyard, literally breathe air into the room. Hudgens is a huge fan of French doors. According to MyDomaine, her previous Mediterranean mansion had doors opening the living room into the backyard.

When it comes to creating a beautiful dining area, white walls are a classic for a reason, per Good Housekeeping. Not only do they enhance natural light and make a room feel more spacious, but they also look clean and allow other decorations to pop. Wall paintings, a bold tablecloth, and fresh flowers are all simple ways to transform white walls and add personality to the dining room.

The colorful powder room has an old Hollywood vibe

A swirl of color awaits inside Hudgens' powder room, including vibrant green tiles from the 1950s and lush wallpaper from House of Hackney. Hudgens added the wallpaper to give the room a vintage Hollywood vibe, along with a classic portrait of Marilyn Monroe. Nothing says Old Hollywood like Marilyn, after all. Hudgens loves this photo in particular because it is different from the typical smiling and flirty pictures of Monroe. The photo taken by Richard Avedon is among the most famous portraits of the iconic blonde ever taken. According to New York, the image was captured in New York City in 1957, during one of Monroe's rare quiet moments.

If you want to infuse a bit of Old Hollywood glamour into your own living space, take cues from Hudgens and decorate with jewel tones, bold wallpaper, and ornate details (via Decoist). A portrait of your favorite classic movie star will also help set a movie star mood in any room.

The cave-like bathroom is Hudgens' favorite room in the house

It's not hard to see why the dark and cave-like spa bathroom is Hudgens' favorite place in the whole house. Hudgens loves soaking in the cavernous ceramic bathtub while watching candles flicker and listening to the soft music of Edith Piaf. After being on the road for long periods of time, this black bathroom is the best place to return to for quality relaxation. According to Apartment Therapy, it's chic enough to make us all want goth bathrooms. The magical oasis was designed by Jake Arnold and features black walls, dark tile floors, brass faucets, and marble countertops. The brass shower faucet is accented with wood for an earthy and grounded feeling.

If you want to bring your relaxation time to the next level, you can easily turn your bathroom into a little spa with a few simple steps. If you have a smaller space, install open shelving on the walls to display your favorite soaps, plants, and towels, or add a bathtub caddy to make a spa-worthy splash (via The Spruce). All-white walls and framed artwork on the walls will also help capture the feeling of a spa vacation in your own bathroom.

Hudgens' bedroom dazzles with an orange color scheme and feminine artwork

The home's romantic, feminine theme continues in Hudgens' bedroom. Artwork from Los Angeles figurative painter Elisa Valenti adorns the walls, celebrating real female bodies of all shapes and sizes. Of course, Hudgens has always been an art connoisseur — in 2013, she recreated a Salvador Dali painting for fun, per E! Online. The pastel colors in the Valenti painting complement the bright orange velvet curtains and a reversible quilt from Nickey Kehoe. Hudgens shared that she loved the big plant in the corner, as well as her glowing wall sconces, which she picked up from an L.A. store called Obsolete. The little Art Deco-inspired bedside tables next to her bed are custom made and feature marble surfaces with thick, wooden legs.

As reported by The Spruce, orange is a great choice for bedroom color palettes. Not only is this bright color fun, but it can create a warmer, inviting atmosphere. When decorating with orange, pair it with natural wood textures or tone it down with soft browns and whites. Orange is at its best when complemented by neutral colors.

The guest house has been converted into a cozy lounge space

Out in the backyard, Hudgens transformed the former carriage house into a chill TV room to relax and hang out with friends, per Architectural Digest. The actor decorated the space with a comfortable white couch, a guitar, and hung her Teen Choice Awards on the wall. The built-in black shelves display books and items Hudgens collected during her travels, including a signed book from surfer Kelly Slater and an Annie Leibowitz book, which the famed photographer gave Hudgens after the two worked together. The shelves also hold a vintage Polaroid camera and some small plants.

According to Better Homes and Gardens, the best way to decorate a bookshelf is to use accessories that you already have lying around the house. Look for pieces with special meaning to you, like souvenirs from travels or framed family pictures. Small decorative items like potted plants and vintage vases are easy on the eyes and make good bookends. Stacking books in horizontal piles can also help add visual interest to your shelves. When decorating, keep playing around with items until shelves feel balanced and you like what you see.

The picturesque pool area is perfect for socializing and entertaining

"The Little DeMille" has no shortage of outdoor living space, including plenty of seating areas, a long dining table, and a beautiful pool. According to PureWow, Hudgens added some character with murals hand-painted by artist Carly Kuhn on the white wall and a plumeria plant growing next to the pool. There's also a little seating area under the olive trees. However, the place where Hudgens and her friends typically end up spending the most time (and having the most fun) is the large outdoor fire pit. The space is decorated with simple gray cushions and a white fireplace.

While your backyard might not be as spacious as Hudgens', you can still turn it into a relaxing escape by adding cozy seating, creating shade with a pergola, hanging outdoor lighting, and adding little pops of color (via The Spruce). A  portable fire pit will instantly bring the heat and make your outdoor area the place to be, especially in the evening. 

Fruit trees lead to an open green space and magical secret garden

From lemons and limes to grapefruits and avocados, Hudgens' backyard is like a mini fruit orchard. But she has always loved to have fruit trees in her backyard. For example, in 2009, Zac Efron planted citrus trees in her backyard for her 21st birthday, per Digital Spy. Past the kumquat and tangerine tree is a large green space where Hudgens and her friends often have water balloon fights and run around. From here, a leafy arched entryway leads to the most magical place on the property: the little secret garden. The area features the perfect essentials for a romantic evening, including a magnificent grapefruit tree that lights up at night, a pizza oven, and a stately fireplace. 

Want to grow your own little fruit orchard in the backyard? Take inspiration from Hudgens! According to Homes & Gardens, having your own fruit grown right at home is rewarding (and super tasty). When selecting fruit trees for your backyard, you'll want to choose a tree for your specific environment and hardiness zone. Apple, fig, and lemon trees are among the most versatile and best suited for beginners.