The Truth About The IKEA Hotell

IKEA is an iconic European brand within the home design industry. Its products and stylized pieces emphasize the beauty of minimalism and simplicity, favoring functionality over everything else. Over 60 years ago, the brand opened its first store in Älmhult, Sweden, attracting an everflowing stream of shoppers that has not stopped since its opening, as per Life is a Hotel. A few years later, IKEA unveiled a new hotel in its founder's city to act as a rest stop for weary shoppers, featuring amenities such as a swimming pool and a restaurant that served its famous meatballs. It was (and is!) decked out with IKEA furniture, letting you test drive it firsthand.

Many years have passed since its initial opening, and while certain things about the hotel have changed, the ideals behind the brand and its hospitality remain intact. Today, the IKEA Hotell accommodates travelers of the 21st century while keeping its core principles at the heart of its operation.

Minimalism exists far past the IKEA showroom

According to Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA's founder, the vision behind the brand is "to offer a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them." Affordability and functionality are the inherent principles of minimalism. Modern and minimal has always been the name of the game for IKEA, seen most notably in its wide catalog of furnishings and accessories. The same can be seen throughout the hotel's layout and style.

IKEA furniture and minimalist design methods are seen throughout the hotel, noted European Traveler. Bedroom sizes range to accommodate any group of travelers, and the hotel has an open lounge area and large, public gathering spaces that fluctuate in size. The minimalist look is embraced because a usable, modern style is more easily acclimatable for travelers — it offers a sense of simple living where one can envision themselves at home. Minimalist design spaces allow guests to breathe and truly relax during their stay.

The IKEA Hotell keeps sustainability front of mind

Showcasing a higher level of modern thinking, IKEA as a brand has made pivotal efforts to become more sustainably conscious. According to the brand's 2021 Sustainability Report, IKEA has made progress in several green initiatives, including achieving 100% renewable electricity in IKEA operations in 10 additional markets. The brand has also taken steps to phase out coal and fossil-oil-based fuels in production and offer more plant-based food options to lessen its climate footprint. Also, as a means of evolving into a more circular business model, IKEA continues to work toward reducing the use of resources and recycling as much as possible (via IKEA).

The same promises are kept at the IKEA Hotell, which utilizes solar power and energy-conscious fixtures to stay within the company's sustainability policies (via IKEA Hotell). This way, guests can feel good about not only taking the time to travel, but about the company's efforts to become even more green.

The Hotell accommodates — no matter the need

One of the most challenging obstacles for any business in the hospitality industry is being able to provide services to any and all guests. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, businesses that support people with disabilities are not only financially successful but socially bolstered. Leaning into the true meaning of hospitality, the IKEA hotel aims to serve as many people as possible by being accessible to anyone.

Limitations from dietary and accessibility are addressed and solved at the hotel, making it functional for all and more like home. Its communal spaces accommodate people with disabilities, and a couple of hotel rooms were specially built to be accessibility adapted (via IKEA Hotell). These adaptations have also evolved in terms of culinary options as well. The hotel can provide nutritional/ingredient information for all menu items served at the restaurant, ensuring those with allergies or special diets feel comfortable and safe.

Enjoy how IKEA celebrates local Swedish cuisine

Speaking of cuisine, lunches and dinners are available at the hotel and include a menu of dishes that highlight charming local cuisines. The famous IKEA meatballs are an obvious, classic choice, according to the lunch and dinner menus at IKEA Hotell. Local ingredients are sourced from nearby farms and businesses. For example, IKEA Hotell's Deluxe burger sources its beef from the nearby Skärshults farm, and is married with smoked cheddar cheese, bacon, a chipotle glaze, pickled and roasted onions, and a truffle dip. Choose from a delicious spread of cheese from local farms, paired deliciously with the IKEA Hotell's own marmalade,

For those looking to explore more of what Sweden offers, there are many out-of-the-box options to enjoy, from a goat cheese stuffed pastry with beetroot hummus, to a warm, inviting dish of elk bourguignon. Most dishes also feature drink recommendations to enhance your food journey further. Take the opportunity to enjoy Sweden through food, and not just from the IKEA store.

Create a perfect work and travel balance from your hotel room

According to Northstar Meetings Group, an online platform for event planners and organizers, there are 254 guest rooms at the IKEA Hotell, enough space to cater to a wide range of travelers. However, what if you're a guest looking to get some work done during your trip? Or perhaps you are local to Sweden and need a meeting place to gather your team. Where can you go? The IKEA Hotell exists as more than just a place to rest your head.

Apart from overnight stays, the IKEA Hotell is an ideal place to meet, bridging the gap between hotel and event space. The hotel's four large meeting rooms offer customizable seating arrangements for maximum collaboration and productivity. The conference areas, all aptly named for local lakes in the area, can hold over 80 individuals at a time (via IKEA Hotell). For those looking for a more private meeting space, take a walk and settle into Torpet, a small exterior building ideal for smaller groups that is excellent for focused productivity.

Torpet sits outside in the hotel's garden area, which is the perfect gathering space to let off some steam and relax after hours. The garden is visible from all four conference areas, and is an excellent green space to take breaks and let the mind breathe, further promoting IKEA's methodology of finding balance through design.

No cash? No problem!

Experts at Zoho Books agree that when it comes to travel, being able to pay by card is preferred. The pros far outweigh the cons, including added convenience, keeping one's purchases secure, and not exchanging physical currency. Thankfully for those looking to travel to Sweden, the IKEA Hotell operates cashless, making the choice to visit Älmhult even easier.

As visitors have experienced while staying at the IKEA Hotell, going cashless is king. Everything at the hotel — from hotel expenses to meals — requires a card payment (via Roam the Gnome). A cashless atmosphere takes the guesswork from managing travel expenses and is a highly discussed topic within Swedish businesses. And as online sources like Zoho Books have stated, cashless options when traveling are ideal for customers and available in various options, including E-wallets and a host of banking applications for smart devices.

There's plenty to keep one occupied inside the IKEA Hotell

When traveling to Sweden and staying at the IKEA Hotell, there are plenty of activities to keep one inside. As one traveler noted on TripAdvisor in their experience review, the hotel had everything a traveler could possibly need. As stated earlier, the hotel hosts a restaurant, shop, conference rooms, and spacious communal areas with space to spread. Still, there are other amenities such as a gym, sauna, and even a large lobby with power outlets and extra laptops to use (via IKEA Hotell). These are ideal for independent travelers looking to relax and take in the beauty and ambiance of the hotel and area as well.

For families, there are play areas for the children, as well as the outdoor patio area which features a small herb patch, perfect for unwinding and having some fun in the garden. Not to mention the Hotell also includes amenities for parents, such as self-service laundry services to keep up with any chores or messes, making the transition from travel to home that much easier.

Shop the IKEA Hotell for your favorite souvenirs and furnishings

Let's face it, anyone thinking of visiting the IKEA Hote;l has their mind on more than just a complimentary breakfast bar. Not to worry, the hotel hosts a small shop inside, which, according to travel bloggers like Life is a Hotel, holds mainly small souvenirs and gadgets for use during your stay. Whether you're looking to bring back a fun keepsake magnet or an eyecatching dish or vase, you only have to travel just outside your room.

However, if you're aching to get outside and see the area, the IKEA Museum is located within walking and driving distance of multiple IKEA stores and shopping destinations. The IKEA Museum is literally around the corner, the Meeting Center down the street, and the IKEA Älmhult warehouse is only a six-minute drive away. Find exactly what you're looking for, whether it's a furniture piece for your space back home or a unique keepsake, such as an Allen keyring from the Museum Shop.

Explore IKEA and art exhibits at museums and centers around town

For those willing to do some exploring, the town of Älmhult is as much a part of IKEA as the brand itself. The IKEA Museum is perfect for those looking to learn even more about the backstory of IKEA and how this brand became so iconic. As per Tidewater Family Plus, there are permanent exhibitions like "The Story of IKEA," as well as others that rotate throughout the year. For example, until August 2022, visitors can visit and learn about Hagberg and Hagberg, the iconic design sibling duo who have created more than 2,100 designs for IKEA. Also, the IKEA Museum hosts a catalog exhibition that showcases stylized rooms featured in the brand's iconic print catalogs, showing an inside look at how they've evolved over 70 years. For those unable to travel, these catalogs are available online as well.

Recommended by the hotel is Småländska Glasriket, also known as The Kingdom of Glass, a host of exhibits within the glass district where glassblowers and artisans produce beautiful works of glass artwork. Travelers who are interested in visiting can tour a variety of glasswork workshops, as well as create their own blown glass artwork. These businesses are important to Sweden's art and design industry and are worth experiencing if you're looking to enhance your trip.

Love the small-town feel? Visit Älmhult

While at the IKEA Hotell, it's hard to ignore the charm that resides right outside the door. The small town surrounding the hotel and museum, Älmhult, is significant to your journey in many ways. It is home to many amazing minds, such as the author of "Pippi Longstocking" Astrid Lindgren, and botanist Carl Linnaeus, according to travel guides at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. But its true claim to fame is being the hometown of IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad. You can learn more about Kamprad at the aforementioned IKEA Museum, but exploring the town of Älmhult is essentially seeing the legacy of his vision come to life, with the IKEA Hotell, Museum, Bar, and Spa, as well as other offices and studios crucial to the brand's success.

Once you've had your fill of IKEA memorabilia, Älmhult offers much more activities to enhance your trip. Traverse the area's beautiful landscape through its hiking and cycling paths, where you can view any of the 12 nature reserves. There are water vantage points where you can swim, fish, and canoe (via Komoot). All of this, plus the charisma of small-town life, exists in Älmhult and can be found just steps away from your room.

Can't get enough of Sweden's small towns? Visit Växjö

Want to go a little farther and deeper into what makes small-town Sweden so great? Another nearby destination from the IKEA Hotell is Växjö, less than an hour from Älmhult and known as the greenest city in Europe, according to The Guardian. This city has prioritized the environment and, in turn, has created a haven full of natural beauty and sites to visit.

Växjö truly comes to life in the warmer months of the year. Come summertime, throngs of visitors have an array of activities that showcase the city's wonderful history, with small-town charm. One can take the trusty steamboat Thor on a guided boat tour of Lake Helgasjön (via Kulturparken Småland). There you will learn about the town and the notable Kronoberg Castle, a defensive stronghold that withstood many battles between Sweden and Denmark for nearly 200 years (via The Crazy Tourist). Other activities include ziplining over lakes and landscapes, to taking in art at the municipal gallery, Växjö Konsthallen.

Have a Happy Swedish Christmas

Are you traveling during the holidays? Sweden is one of the best destinations to visit during the winter holidays, particularly for Christmas. The Swedish Institute says this is the most important holiday of the year. From warm mugs of glögg to bedecked trees full of decorations to spending days visiting family and friends, it's a wonderful time to travel to such a spirited country. The IKEA Hotell is ideally located if you're spending the holidays abroad, with Christmas markets and excellent space to celebrate. The brand holds the traditions close to home. According to the IKEA Museum, it contributes to philanthropic efforts during the season, holding donation collections of toys for children and families in need.

If the IKEA Hotell and Sweden is just a midpoint on your holiday travel tour, the Santa Claus holiday village in Lapland, Finland, is an ideal location to visit to get you thoroughly into the holiday mood. If you're looking to up your Christmas game or experience new traditions, this is where to go. Roam the Gnome notes that booking a cabin in the center of the village is key to having the best experience. According to the Santa Claus Village, the list of activities is extensive, including crossing the Arctic circle, meeting reindeer, snowmobiling, and more. What's better is that the village is open year-round, so no catching FOMO if you can't make it this season.

The IKEA Hotell is centrally located to nearby travel destinations

We get it, Europe and beyond is pretty great. There's so much to see, and for many, there's not enough time. If Sweden is only a pitstop in your travels, the IKEA Hotell is an ideal place to stay, as Älmhult is the perfect, centrally-located resting place. According to European Traveler, Älmhult is situated on a major road linking several major cities, including Copenhagen and Stockholm. Driving time is up to around 5 hours to Stockholm and 2.5 from Copenhagen, but of course there are more ways than one to travel.

The IKEA Museum sits right in front of the Älmhult train station and grants even more access to nearby destinations, as well as the Copenhagen Airport for further travel to and from Sweden. Whether driving or taking a train or flight, this small town has many transportation options.

The IKEA Hotell is affordable and accommodates any journey

Congruent to the ideals of its brand, the IKEA Hotell is one of the more affordable hotel options in the area. The hotel is a financially secure choice for those looking to stay on a budget while on their European excursion. With easy access to transportation to nearby cities, its the perfect option for those looking for comfort and functionality in their travels, with a three-night stay starting at around $300, as per Booking.

IKEA as a brand has always strived toward achieving balance and a sense of harmony through its design style and aesthetic. Finding the balance of work and play while traveling can be difficult, but the IKEA Hotell makes it easy by keeping these ideals close to heart and home. Those looking for a unique travel experience should check out available suites and rooms at the IKEA Hotell.