A Look Inside G-Eazy's L.A. Home

Everyone needs a home that speaks to their needs and interests, and 32-year-old rapper, G-Eazy, has created a home that perfectly fits his life. With a focus on both comfort as well as space devoted to his musical inclinations, G-Eazy's home is clearly a haven. According to Architectural Digest, he bought the Hollywood Hills property for $1.75 million in 2017.

When he's not on tour, G-Eazy prefers hanging out with his friends and collaborating on new music projects. To feel at ease in his home, it made sense to create an abode that would appeal to the rapper's strong work ethic. "I'm eternally connected to my work, so it just made a lot of sense to create a place where life and work intersect," G-Eazy told Architectural Digest. Throughout the guided house tour, G-Eazy spoke about his love for warm Spanish home designs, his determination to learn how to master musical instruments, and the importance of having an area to work on his upcoming music projects.

Creating Moroccan vibes

G-Eazy said the wooden beams spanning the interior of his house were what drew him into purchasing the property. Though the house was getting remodeled to G-Eazy's liking, the use of wood bookshelves and other similar details remained true to the Moroccan vibe he and his designers were going for. 

According to Vaunt Design, there are many ways to incorporate Moroccan style into a home aesthetic. While some people prefer busy patterned textiles and showy rugs, others may prefer a blank, clean slate of soothing whites. One way to add a Moroccan vibe is by finding a stylized pendant lamp. These can be found in a range of materials, from rattan to metallic mesh, and they're often quite affordable — in fact, you can often find them at thrift stores or flea markets that specialize in unique and exotic goods.

While the Moroccan vibe can appear flamboyant or showy, comfort and luxury are also a part of the aesthetic. A simple way to achieve the look is to add soft pouffes or ottomans. Unlike the traditional couches or sofas in many homes, these styles promote uniqueness and softness that can make a homeowner and their family truly feel at home.

Finding the right rug

While presenting his home tour, G-Eazy said old rugs make a house feel warm and inviting, unlike the hotel rooms he stays in while on the road traveling for his music. There's a certain appeal to rugs that gives a house a strong "welcome home" feeling.

To tie a room together cohesively, it's important to choose the right-sized rug, according to HGTV. This could be achieved by measuring a room to see how big or small a rug would need to be to create space that's adequate and fits amongst the furniture and stylistic choices of the room. Another way to tie in a room with a rug would be to choose a certain style that matches with the room's particular aesthetic. A room stylized to look Mediterranean would work with bohemian-designed rugs. Likewise, a more traditionally-designed room could do with plain-colored rugs that feature simple patterns like stripes or solid colors.

Parents with young children in their family should be mindful about the messes they leave behind. When choosing your living room rug, looking for one that's made from easy-to-clean fabric is a good way to lessen the cleaning process. Apartment Therapy suggests that natural fibers can withstand dirt and other grime and usually include fabrics made of wool or cotton.

Taking care of musical instruments

G-Eazy said he began to love music once he was old enough to understand it. When he was a child, his uncle and his aunt played in their own rock band. Inspired by his family members, G-Eazy showed off a guitar in his living room that he's been learning to play. The rapper also mentioned that as a youngster, he took piano lessons, and during quarantine he started back up by playing on his home piano.

While G-Eazy has plenty of space available, people who live in smaller homes may struggle to find adequate places to store their instruments. Due to overcrowding, having guitars littered all over a particular room is not a plausible solution. Instead, repurposing a clothing closet to hang and store guitars in is one solution for cutting back on unnecessary clutter. Drawers and table spaces can also efficiently store keyboards and amps when they're not in use, according to MakeSpace.

Pulling off pop art

As G-Eazy continued with his home tour, he talked about how it's important to support local artists and buy their artwork to show that appreciation. He showed viewers a painting of a girl riding a bike in his living room that was done by an artist named Fucci. G-Eazy also showed off a few paintings done by his close friends including one done by artist Ashley Longshore, who painted a picture for him of his favorite rapper, Lil' Wayne.

According to Essential Home, pop art was an artistic movement that enabled people to be influenced by advertising they saw in everyday life, while questioning their own concerns as avid consumers. A prime example of this are the Campbell soup can paintings designed by Andy Warhol. Other than the notion of mass consumerism, pop art should inspire fun and creativity through home design. With the use of bold colors and mix-and-match styles, there is a particular liveliness about the aesthetic that can add a sense of nostalgia to a modern interior. For instance, a geometric rug or a curved sofa may add into the feel of pulling together a pop art vibe (via Mansion Global).

Organizing a record collection

Though he said his record collection wasn't too crazy, G-Eazy noted that he had a variety of records by Mac Dre, the Sex Pistols, Nina Simone, and Lionel Ritchie. G-Eazy said that putting a record on has a different feel than listening to songs on Spotify or Pandora. He also said a book collection or record collection really speaks to one's identity.

According to Vinyl Me Please some record collectors prefer to keep their records in a form of disarray, but a proper way to organize records may be to categorize everything alphabetically or by what year the album came out. To keep a record collection neat and playable for years to come, it's a good decision to invest in some plastic or paper sleeves to prevent skips and scratches. Vinyl records are more susceptible to damage than compact discs due to their fragile nature, so it's best to find the proper protective materials to organize properly, according to Rolling Stone.

Utilizing statement colors

During his home tour, G-Eazy did a walk-through of his kitchen, which features dark green paint on the cabinets. He said dark green is his favorite color and it looks beautiful paired with gold accents. Having a specific statement color for a particular room or used throughout the whole house can tie the environment together cohesively.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate a statement color into a home or room. For those who prefer something bold, the color black makes a statement up against a neutral color scheme or against cheerful colors (via Sharper Impressions). Black commands the presence of a room and is a unique shade. On the flip side, for those who desire more color, painting an accent wall a primary color against neutrals is another way to go about a classic home design. Though it may be difficult for homeowners to decide on a color scheme, HGTV suggests going from dark to light colors vertically across a room. To stay on the safe side, neutral colors ranging from light to dark can bring cohesiveness into an otherwise bare or unvarnished room.

Finding the right coffee maker

G-Eazy said that every morning, he makes coffee as part of his meditative routine, sharing that he has two cups before he feels he can function for the day. 

Sometimes a cup of joe is needed to feel ready for the day, and many people enjoy the taste of coffee. While some people may be average drinkers of the beverage and prefer a cup here and there, others may dedicate far more attention to the liquified bean drink. Good Housekeeping completed their own coffee maker tests to see which brands they preferred best, and noted that it's important to keep your habits and routine in mind when choosing the best one for your kitchen. Having a coffee maker that can produce more than one cup for yourself and other family members can ease the tension of getting up and ready out the door for the morning. Likewise, single-serve coffee makers are a suitable choice for single people who only need one cup to top off the day.

Keeping safety in mind with fire pits

Another interesting aspect of G-Eazy's home was his outdoor fire pit above his swimming pool. When they're not busy working and hustling, he and his friends like to sit outside near the fire pit and smoke. If they're feeling risky, they'll jump over the side of the railing and cannonball into the pool below.

While fire pits are cool to have outside a house, there are safety precautions to keep in mind. Before making a fire pit, it's best to consult with local authorities within the county to be sure it's all right to have one in the first place, or you might risk getting a fine. Once given the okay to go, decorating the fire pit to whatever aesthetic preferred is another way to be creative. Traditional, modern, and rustic designs are popular when decorating (via The Spruce). Children shouldn't be left unattended near a fire pit and should always be accompanied by an adult. After using the fire pit, it should be completely extinguished by water, or covered on top by stones. 

Displaying a shoe collection

G-Eazy said his closet may make some people jealous. With his vast array of clothes and shoes in organized closet space, it's no wonder why people may envy what he has. He has hundreds of sneakers from brands such as Nike and others.

There are ways to organize a shoe collection to enable more space and clarity. According to Closetful of Clothes, one way to accomplish it would be to construct cubbies and shelves to make sure each pair has a home. Once all the shoes are gathered, it's best to sort by type such as heels, boots, sneakers, and sandals. To see how much of each color of shoe there is, it may be proper to color-coordinate the shoes. Another way to make sure shoes are organized is by putting ones that are used more often up front in organizers, and the ones that aren't used enough in the back.

Keeping a mini fridge in a bedroom

When G-Eazy showed off his bedroom, he said the most genius idea he had was to have a mini fridge filled with water in case he wakes up in the middle of the night feeling thirsty.

Having a mini fridge in a bedroom is an easy way to access drinks and snacks without having to leave the room to dart into the kitchen to rummage for food. Many single apartment dwellers and college kids living in dorms may not have adequate space, so a mini fridge may be the answer. To prevent damage or breakage, keep mini fridges on hard surfaces instead of soft surfaces such as carpeting. Another thing to keep in mind is the noise level. Though the hum of a mini fridge is typically low, they can emit a sound that disturbs sleeping patterns for those who are light sleepers. On the other hand, the soft hum may lull even the biggest insomniac back to sleep (via Kitchen Bed & Bath). 

Going masculine for bathroom designs

G-Eazy joked that his bathroom seemed like something Bruce Wayne from "Batman" may like with the dark detailing and tiled shower area. To create a bathroom that has a more masculine aesthetic, a way to go about the design would be to utilize dark colors and stone tiles. Subway-tiled showers are also popular.

For the men who prefer a more rustic aesthetic, incorporating wood elements into the bathroom such as wooden drawers or soap holders is a way to add style. The industrial aesthetic can feel cold and sterile, but adds a touch of metal with steel towel hangers and shower heads. Modern masculine designs often feature open shelf vanities with shelving space, according to Trade Wind Imports. When it comes to color, black and moody colors set the tone for the bathroom space. Dark colors provide a sense of strength and stability. The moodiness of the colors helps create an air of mystery as well.

Installing a home elevator

As G-Eazy showed off his outdoor area, he said his house has a lot of stairs. For his visitors who aren't looking forward to walking up and down all those stairs, he has an elevator that can transport people to his home studio. With its alabaster light, Moroccan tiles, and velvet-covered walls, G-Eazy's elevator was designed to fit into the aesthetic of his home.

According to Residential Elevators, some of the benefits of an elevator include convenience and mobility. When transporting heavy luggage or groceries becomes tough, going into an elevator lessens the physical stress. For those who suffer from limited mobility, an elevator cab can provide enough space to hold a wheelchair. Before retrofitting an at-home elevator, space and budget are aspects to be considered in the installation process. It's essential to work with your home's floor plan. One way to do that would be to use stacked closets to allow vertical transportation from one area to another. Along with the design itself, it's important to establish a budget ensure that the elevator will both suit your lifestyle and fit within your financial boundaries.

Incorporating neon lights

As G-Eazy took the tour of his home downstairs to his studio, he talked about his love of neon lights and decor. G-Eazy explained that his dad was an artist who worked with neon throughout his career. Due to his father's love of the craft, the designs were always something G-Eazy was attracted to.

Neon lights are an attractive way to light up any room and are also environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient. Neon lights don't have to be tacky or overly flashy. While there are people who may go for personalized neon signs, there are other people who may go for more whimsical motifs. Likewise, motifs such as guitar-shaped neon lights are great for the average music lover (via HomeBNC). Parents of young children might want to consider a neon sign that doubles as a night light so they aren't scared of the dark and can sleep the night away easily. 

Having your own home studio

Towards the end of his home tour, G-Eazy talked about everything that was inside of his home studio. Decorated with platinum and gold records on the top floor, G-Eazy said the records remind him to have gratitude for how far he's come along in his career. On the bottom floor of his studio, G-Eazy showed off his recording equipment where the music magic happens.

For those who are looking to become professional recording artists one day, or who are just looking to jam, home studios are worthwhile investment. While it was once true that only people with large amounts of money could afford a home studio, that isn't the case today. It's quite simple for anyone to gather some proper sound equipment, a digital music computer program, headphones, and speakers, according to Rolling Stone. To get the creative juices flowing, a room that has little to no noise may be suitable during recording sessions. It's a good idea to listen in for sounds that may be a distraction, and then find a way to muffle any unwanted noise (via Wire Realm).