How To Decorate The Space Above Your Bed

The space above the bed is typically the first thing people see when they walk into your room. According to MyDomaine, your bedroom is where you spend a lot of time, whether asleep or awake, so it's worth dressing up the walls around your bed. While this space is often left bare, you can make it pop with a few simple tips and tricks.

Adding decorations can make this spot a focal point and add visual interest to your space. There are many ways to spruce up the area above your bed, including plants, photos, fabric pieces, and tapestries. You could opt to keep it minimal with some framed prints or a single piece of art, or go big and make a statement with a wallpaper accent wall. Keep reading to find the perfect inspiration for decorating the space above your bed. The creative bedroom design of your dreams isn't far away!

Wallpaper an accent wall

Your bedroom is the perfect place to design an accent wall. Since the wall behind the bed is typically the first one people see when entering the room, it's ideal as a focal point. According to Good Housekeeping, interior designer Taniya Nayak suggests building off "an inspiration piece" when creating your bedroom accent wall.

An inspiration piece can be any existing piece you want to anchor your room around. For example, it could be a favorite rug, table, plant, pillow, picture frame, or blanket color. Having an inspirational item in the room will make choosing the perfect shade or wallpaper design less daunting. Wallpaper can introduce bold color into your space and create an artistic display. Whether your decor style is traditional, rustic, or bohemian, a striped, floral, or geometric patterned wallpaper accent wall may be the perfect addition to the space above and around your bed.

Make a statement with artwork

If tackling an entire wall is not in your plans, focus your decorating efforts on filling the space above your bed with beautiful artwork. According to Studio McGee, artwork can be an unexpected element that adds visual interest to a room. When deciding on the perfect artwork, ensure that you choose a frame that attaches securely to your walls. We don't want any accidents in this area!

No size is off-limits since large and small art can look amazing on display in your bedroom. It is desirable to keep the artwork relative to the wall space you are covering and be mindful to leave enough room for the pieces to breathe. Regardless of the size, you'll want to hang items that fit your space since the eye can easily detect when something does not belong. In addition to size and shape, consider choosing a print representative of your style to help decorate this intimate space.

Display tapestries or woven baskets

For a simple decorating idea to help take up wall space, consider hanging a collection of baskets or a large tapestry on the wall above your bed. According to HGTV, you can hang woven baskets on the wall in bright colors and textures for a chic look above the bed. Stick to natural woven materials or select baskets with distinct patterns for a brilliant display.

Using an assortment of shallow baskets with intricate details or macramé tapestries will introduce texture in a fun way. You can easily create your own macramé hanging with some practice or find one online (via The Spruce Crafts). You can instantly elevate their space by hanging a tapestry on the wall with damage-free methods such as velcro and adhesive hooks or push pins and rods (via Pottery Barn). Using transitional decorating methods provides great decor alternatives and makes it easy to update and add to your space over time.

Install shelving above the bed

Do you have a collection of cherished items you want to showcase above your bed? Consider installing shelves on the wall to display your treasures. You can introduce visual interest into your space by opting for a classic look and keeping the shelving symmetrical. On the other hand, you can make a statement by adding shelves with a unique silhouette. Sculptural shelving in fun geometric shapes is functional and decorative in any space.

According to Home Designing, shelves of all sizes and structures such as hexagons, diamonds, fishbone, or triangular floating shelves are a creative storage solution. You can even consider adding a tiered shelf or one shaped like a New York City fire escape. This decor element is suitable for all styles ranging from bohemian and mid-century modern to Art Deco and contemporary. Adding a place for trinkets and collectibles to be seen makes the bedroom reflect your personality more intimately.

Hang a canopy

Surround yourself in soft luxury by hanging a canopy above your bed. This decorative idea will not only introduce romantic vibes to the room but will also help elegantly cover the empty wall. There are plenty of canopy styles to consider, including ring, crown, or DIY options. For a custom fit, rely on your creativity and use a unique hanging method such as brackets, posts, or hooks to hang their new threads. When creating your bedroom canopy, focus on choosing soft and flowy fabrics. You can always reuse a set of old sheets.

According to The Spruce, the best fabrics for canopies include chintz, velvet, or silk. When choosing the canopy fabric, pay attention to the measurements. You want your material to kiss or lightly pile on the ground. What color to choose for the fabric is subjective and different for everyone (via Dreams). You can keep the color simple and pair it with existing elements in the room. Or, add a pretty pattern and color, or play it safe with a classic eggshell shade. Hang a canopy above your bed to maximize comfort and the aesthetic.

Use mirrors to accent the space

If you are still unsure what to hang in that space above your bed, consider complementing the area with a mirror. According to Homes & Gardens, mirrors have the power to visually expand a room, brighten up dark corners, and add visual appeal. Mirrors are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes. While all mirrors can bounce light around a room, ones with eye-catching metal details are particularly reflective.

A mirror composed of metals like brass, gold, copper, or silver could be the perfect neutral decorative accent for the space above your bed. Gold instantly adds an inviting and luxurious touch, while silver details are chic and elegant. Decorate with metallics in other objects around the room, such as handles and knobs, decorative vases, side tables, and furniture. This decorative finish introduces sophisticated detail into a bedroom environment and blends expertly with existing elements.

Compose a gallery wall of collectible prints

What better way to take up space than by framing some cute prints and hanging them on the wall? You can display pictures, postcards, art prints, or drawings in an eclectic display of frames to fill the void. Whether it be vintage, coastal, or mid-century modern style, you can source prints that fit the rest of your aesthetic. Frame vintage printed flowers, silhouettes, or beach landscapes in a mix of frames. Add some pictures of fond memories to the mix to make an impact.

Gallery walls can be ideal for decorating large empty areas since they take up space in a visually appealing way. Plus, they can display personality. According to Decoist, a gallery wall can be impactful in smaller areas if you cut back on the number of pieces and aim to keep the surroundings bare. This tip will also help you create a statement wall in the space and concentrate visual interest on one focal area.

Add a fresh coat of paint

When deciding how to decorate the space above your bed, try broadening your perspective and look at the entire wall for inspiration. While you can create a feature wall using one color for the surface area, have you considered blending multiple colors together instead? Increase the visual interest in your bedroom by mixing two or three colors. As Jennifer Ebert said in conversation with Homes & Gardens, "As long as you choose a trio that blends together well because they are from the same color family it will work." When selecting accent wall colors, consider sticking to ones with same temperature and saturation level as you want them to blend together cohesively.

You could also select one primary color and add other shades to complement (via Apartment Therapy). Often the colors on the same paint sample cards at local stores can be good indicators of harmonious shades. Ultimately the color choices you choose for this space should invigorate. Blending tonal colors together on a wall creates a large-scale visual that introduces dimension.

Arrange a wreath above the bed

For those bedrooms needing a beautiful focal element, consider adding a gorgeous wreath or a collection of greenery above your bed. This decoration is simply elegant and a great way to add an earthy element to your bedroom. According to Martha Stewart, wreaths can introduce just the right amount of warmth into your space during any season. They can feature many different materials, including pinecones, cranberries, or brightly colored flowers.

For those interior design lovers who like to update their homes for the season or add decor for a festive holiday look, wreaths can offer the versatility you desire. The unique flower combinations and green hues on a wreath make it the perfect decorative element for adding visual texture and contrast to a room. Consider adding additional ornaments such as a plaid ribbon or velvet bow for extra personality. These accessories can provide some eye-catching detail to your bedroom.

Brighten up the space with lights

Lighting can set the mood in a room, so choosing the light that best fits your space is critical. According to Rejuvenation, the lights you select for the bedroom are essential since you want to balance natural and artificial light. 

When shopping for fixtures, decide what lighting you need for your room. It could be overhead, accent, task, or a combination. If your space requires task lighting, you could decorate your bedside with an oversized lamp or go for a unique approach. Consider making the light a focal piece above your bed. You'll supplement your space with light and fill the space. Having more light around your bed is ideal for late-night reading, crossword puzzles, or other activities. Other forms of accent lighting around your bed include wall sconces or pendant lighting in brass, gold, or black colors. For the ultimate mood control, add a dimmer switch.

Bring in plants for a touch of green

Incorporate some natural beauty into your bedroom by hanging plants around the wall space above your bed. This earthy decor can impressively fill the space and create the perfect relaxing oasis. It's best to decorate with plants that require little maintenance or sunlight. Once you choose the perfect plant for your style, shift your design focus to the plant hanger. You can opt for a macramé or woven hanger for a bohemian style. Or, if you already have shelves installed above your bed, you can decorate them with vibrant plants. 

According to New York Magazine, the hanger style should accommodate your tastes and the plant. A leather or fabric hanger is an ideal option since it is adjustable. Your plants and pots may change over time, so the hanger should be able to keep up. Find your favorite plant hanger and attach it to a hook in the ceiling for an eclectic and earthy display.

Design a slender ledge for photos or books

Add a slender photo ledge to the wall above your bed for a classic touch. According to Better Homes & Gardens, photo ledges are a great DIY project and ideal for decorating. You should be able to make one in a single afternoon. After finishing, you can dress them up with photos, books, or seasonal decor. This wall area is the perfect place to make a statement.

If you have a few favorite art pieces or meaningful family photos, arrange them in alternating frame sizes for a captivating display across the wall. Create a dimensional look that breaks up space in a purposeful way by vertically aligning some of your favorite titles on this ledge. The combination of frames and books takes up space with intent and introduces movement to the room. For bonus points, add treasured memorabilia or heirlooms to the mix for a personal touch.

Tack up a rug or throw

Have a large wall you need to fill? No problem! Take your favorite rug or throw and hang it up on the wall. This textural feature takes up wall space effortlessly and adds a unique design to an otherwise bare area. According to Homenish, the right choice of fabric is personal. You could select fabrics such as silk, woven materials, jute, animal hide, fur, cotton, and other synthetic blends.

Focus on the color palette to get started and base your rug choice on what ties your look together. Styles and patterns vary but aim to choose one that elevates the wall above your bed. You'll also want to consider where and how to hang it on the wall. You can use velcro or a curtain rod to display the rug in a contemporary style (via The Spruce). Securely tack your new decor item to the wall above your bed to make a bold statement.

Stagger plates across the wall

While in a conversation with Architectural Digest, stylist and editor Mieke ten Have said, "A plate is a perfect little canvas." These delicate decorative items can be displayed anywhere in your home to make an impact. However, the area above your bed is particularly fitting. Adding printed plates or ones with bold patterns will not only fill in the space above the bed but will add color and dimension.

Stagger vintage-inspired china plates with blue or green details above your bed to create an eye-catching display. Use any set you have lingering in the cupboards or visit flea markets and local stores for inspiration. Group your plates by style, period, or color. The round shape, spots of color, and intricate designs will add variation to your walls and help connect existing elements in the room. Be inspired and decorate the space above your bed with ideas that fit your style.