How To Vacation Like Your Favorite MCU Character

Even in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), the Avengers — both heroes and villains — need time off. Whether you're a fan of the U.S. Avengers like Captain America or Iron Man, as per Screen Rant, or if you prefer newer additions to the Universe like Black Panther and the Scarlet Witch, their alter egos could definitely benefit from a vacation. But a world as expansive and stunning as the MCU, where on Earth could these larger-than-life characters go for some tried and true R&R?

Are your favorite characters more into a destination spot with a rental house in their scope? Or do they escape to a vacation home somewhere luxurious like a resort? Below we've listed the most memorable MCU characters' ideal places to vacation and what the inside of their holiday retreat might look like. Take this as a guide to emulate your own favorite hero or villain on your next vacation.

A Parisian holiday for Iron Man

Founding Avenger Tony Stark has described himself as a genius, flirt, and billionaire benefactor, according to his Marvel Wiki page. With his wealth and exceptional technical knowledge, it's clear that this man has everything at his fingertips. Therefore, he would spare no expense in a luxury vacation home for him and his longtime love, Pepper Potts.

The Stark-Potts vacation home would have to be set in France, more specifically a sight-driven penthouse in the heart of Paris, known as one of the most expensive cities to visit (via Insider). The couple would love to be in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and it would be a good midway point for business for Potts, who works hard as the CEO of Stark Industries. She would love the cultural sites and views, which are all close to quaint countryside inns and spas to relax in. She herself emulates calm in Stark's hectic world (via Marvel), so she would probably want them to unwind and rest during this trip.

A Japanese island for Black Widow

The Black Widow herself, Natasha Romanoff, has known many titles — assassin, avenger, hero, vigilante. However, her ability to balance a cool, aloof appearance while being a straight-up softie inside has made her beloved by many. As Medium pointed out, she's the kind of loyal friend most people look for. 

In a perfect world, perhaps an alternate universe, Natasha would be alive and spending her off time with those she keeps close to her heart. In this alternative universe, she is definitely dragging her once beaux Bruce Banner, AKA the Hulk, to a remote Japanese island called Ishigaki. This island is known as one of the most stunning, isolated escapes worth visiting, as per Trips to Discover. It's a perfect spot for those looking to avoid the spotlight. And for someone like Romanoff, who has as long of a rap sheet as she does (via Marvel), staying out of sight is the best excuse for a vacation.

Japan-Guide says that this island is a beautiful destination with beaches full of various natural sightings and activities, from snorkeling and diving to hiking through jungle-covered mountains. For Natasha, one who's traveled the world and seen so much, these natural escapes are something new and exciting to experience. The best spot on this island for Romanoff would be a bungalow off the beaten path, of which there are many to choose from via Airbnb.

A Yosemite retreat for Captain Rogers

For those keeping up with the MCU, we all know Cap got his happy ending with Agent Peggy Carter at the end of "Avengers: Endgame." In a world of time travel and alien invasions, in the end, Captain Steve Rogers was able to hang up his shield and live a blissful life with his love, dancing his days away. The happy couple would live out their lives together, including summer family vacations and trips.

For the all-American couple, Rogers would set his sights on a vacation home in Yosemite, an iconic American landmark destination with so much natural beauty. Not only is Yosemite the ideal spot for the captain, who's seen quite a lot in his 90-plus years, but it was also ranked the second-best place to vacation in the United States by U.S. News & World Report. It's filled with amazing landmarks and waterfalls that would remind Rogers of exactly what he's been fighting for as Captain America.

There are plenty of lodging options in Yosemite, but the Rogers' vacation home will showcase a transitional style, which has a balanced mix of new and old-world design elements. This is because he and Peggy have plenty of history both together and apart. Their personal touches would fill the home, shown through authentic vintage items, and would continue to evolve in the space as they round out the rest of their lives together.

An African excursion for Loki

Loki, the self-righteous villain turned good guy as of late, has been a favored antihero since he was first featured in "Thor." The God of Mischief would most likely prefer a vacation destination spot over settling down with an entire home. His ideal getaway? Africa.

It is an unexpected choice for the prince, but there are so many places to travel within the continent that it would be nearly impossible to find something to displease him. African excursions offer ample opportunities that are unique to Earth; some of the planet's most amazing phenomena happen within this continent, including the great migration in Tanzania or seeing gorillas in the mountains of Rwanda, as noted by CNN.

There are selfless and selfish reasons to treat oneself to an African excursion, especially a once-in-a-lifetime safari trip. And as noted by Psychology Junkie, Loki is prone to switching between being good and evil, benevolent and malevolent, quiet and loud. A diverse place like Africa is the perfect place for him to go and explore. The only hard thing left to do is to decide where to go.

Thor's Bahamian beach house

Thor is the son of Asgard and, unlike his brother Loki, is not one for restlessness. Considering his recent experiences in "Endgame" and his dramatic physical changes, as per Screen Rant, the Thor of late is looking for more rest and a place to call his own in a slice of paradise. The perfect place for him would be a Bahamas vacation home. Though there are many rental options for a Bahamian bungalow, the God of Thunder would prefer his own vacation home as a place for relaxation, with plenty of room to host friends and family whenever he'd like.

There are plenty of ways to transform your own space into a beachy relaxation spot, whether or not it's in the Bahamas. New York-based decorator Tom Scheerer notes that one option is to use a lighter color palette to create a relaxing tropical vibe, according to Architectural Digest. Thor himself would insist on specific details, including keeping an open-concept plan for more space and highlighting his amenities, perhaps a bar, pool, and wine cellar. The more, the merrier.

Spiderman takes on Silicon Valley

Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman would undoubtedly need a vacation from time to time, as fighting crime in New York can get pretty hectic. However, as a busy young college student, Peter Parker wouldn't need an entire vacation home to himself just yet. His ideal vacation spot? The Bay Area, stretching from Silicon Valley to San Francisco.

The Bay area is a top destination in California, especially for those visiting cities like San Francisco, Oakland, Santa Cruz, and more, as per Visit California. A tech mecca, Silicon Valley, and cities within the region like San Jose offer fun and interesting activities, and for someone as tech-obsessed as Parker, this is hard to pass up. Not only are the tech corps nearby, but the Bay Area is home to many iconic landmarks that are worth the price of a plane ticket, including the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and pop culture destinations like the acclaimed Victorian house used on "Full House."

A more modern-styled rental in San Jose would be ideal for Parker, as it's situated in a city on the opposite side of the country but still showcases a style he's familiar with, now with more space.

An Alaskan haven for Hawkeye

Clint Barton, AKA Hawkeye, prioritizes and protects his family over everything, sometimes going so far as turning to darker crime-fighting methods, according to Comic Book Resources. Therefore, with his family back together, a vacation home is not only a nicety, it's a necessity. An ideal vacation home for the Bartons would be in Homer, Alaska. Not as popular as cities like Juneau or Ketchikan, Homer is a quaint fishing hub that opens to many national parks, according to Touropia. This spot is ideal for the Bartons, especially Clint, who likes to keep everyone together and do things outdoors. And though the family would most likely buy and own their own home in Homer, the town offers many rental options.

Alaska is great for having large amounts of space, which is definitely what the Bartons would think about when buying their vacation home. On the inside, functionality and comfort will be key. As Alecia Stevens, founder of Alecia Stevens Interiors, tells The Spruce, having a cabin is "a way of life that means you have the luxury to get away and enjoy nature, but without being too fancy." Some key advice the Bartons would follow in their own Alaskan home is to focus on comfort. They would add plenty of lighting, cozy furnishings, and functional space savers, including shelving and cabinetry.

A Maximoff in Maine

After seeing Wanda Maximoff's transition from mutant villain to Avenger — and her blossoming romance with her beaux Vision – it's impossible not to see the couple holed up in a dream vacation retreat somewhere. Where is this retreat? Bar Harbor, Maine, which was voted one of the best small towns in America by the U.S. News & World Report. From seasonal farmer's market visits throughout the year to hikes in and around Acadia National Park, this town is definitely somewhere the Scarlet Witch and Vision can fulfill the picturesque, family-friendly vacation that she envisions for themselves.

Maximoff and Vision would prioritize multi-functional spaces in this home since a couple with nearly unlimited power would find furnishings with more than one purpose useful. Multifunctional furniture specifically is a rising trend, according to Vurni, as modular pieces give you more options when decorating a space. Also, this style works better for a love-spun couple who wants to enjoy romantic evenings in. A living area or den that can easily adjust into an entertaining space — perhaps a heightened home theater — is also necessary, knowing Wanda's proclivity for retro sitcoms and movies (via Den of Geek).

A New Zealand refuge for the Winter Soldier

James Buchanon "Bucky" Barnes, the pardoned Winter Soldier, is known to have traveled the world completing missions for dark purposes. Now, in a time where his life is very much in his own hands since joining up with Sam Wilson, Bucky's path is bound to take him many places. He's not necessarily ready to settle down or retreat somewhere for long, both on and off duty.

That being said, whenever Bucky is entertaining the idea of taking a break, this destination would have to be something out-of-this-world amazing — especially for someone who's traveled to the farthest corners of the Earth. Short of going to space, the ideal vacation destination spot for Bucky would be New Zealand, voted as one of the most mind-blowing escapes by the Travel Channel. The country's diverse terrain is bound to offer some surprises, and there are countless sights unlike anywhere else on the planet.

A Floridian respite for the Falcon

Now known to those who have watched "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" as Captain America, Sam Wilson is a loyal friend and fierce Avenger. He's also a favorite uncle to his nephews and brother to his sister. Because of this, the Wilson family would probably want to get a vacation home in The Florida Keys, specifically Key Largo. According to Orbitz, it's only an hour from Miami and is the grand entrance to the Keys. It offers a variety of amenities for the family unit, not to mention ample water vantage points for the family who likes to boat.

Wilson would definitely decorate in a contemporary coastal style inside their vacation home, be it a house or bungalow, with lots of open space and a clean aesthetic.  According to Ariel Schuster, sales and design consultant at Artaic, One way to decorate in this style is to use "classic ticking stripes," which instantly make you feel like you're in a beach house, as per MyDomaine. Another way is to simplify the palette with neutral tones that complement the location. 

A Moroccan vacation for the King of Wakanda

King T'Challa of Wakanda is a proud countryman of his African roots, and his duties keep him working abroad much of the time. Because of this, he often devotes himself to doing things that are best for the greater good, whether it's expected of him or not, according to Marvel. Because of this, the king would probably not want to keep an extended vacation, but Morocco would be a perfect place to escape for some needed royal reprieve.

According to PlanetWare, the city of Marrakech, like Wakanda, is one of the best on the continent because it is full of history and beautiful architecture. No doubt the king could afford a home in the heart of the city. A house in Marrakech for the T'Challa would base itself around a diverse style, bringing together elements from different places and cultures into one space. Designer Meryanne Loum-Martin tells Architectural Digest that colorful mosaics, carved wood, and painted designs are "the essence of Marrakech."

His space would ultimately be an eclectic mix of Moroccan style, which is a mix-match of design senses, with high tech, sleek pieces. To make it feel even more like his own, T'Challa would implement space-saving solutions, such as panels that slide to hide electronics or elevated storage areas.

NOLA for Gamora

Definitely a character that likes to stay on the move, Gamora from "Guardians of the Galaxy" has a unique, even twisted taste in things — blame it on a messy backstory and family drama, as per Looper. Because of this, Gamora would choose a vacation destination rather than home, and one that is more than just a place to relax on the beach. New Orleans, Louisiana, is a city wrapped in secrets and complexities that are both colorful and haunting — definitely a place where an ex-assassin might find some fun.

New Orleans especially is known for incorporating voodoo into its historical tapestry, with the addition of fortune tellers and phantoms, according to Culture Trip. This adds tons of color to the local folklore. Any day of the year, you can catch a tarot reading, priestess-led rituals, or take a ghost tour to learn about the city's spooky past. Gamora would find this town's history, not to mention its beautiful setting of Cajun culture and swampy marshes, riddled with adventure and dark fun. Though there are many rental options throughout the city, the obvious choice is a place near or along the French Quarter.

Peter Quill, Starlord of Kansas City

Though he is only half-human (and potentially half god), Starlord/Peter Quill was born on Earth and has few but fond memories of his time there with his mother, as per Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki. Though a little out of his way, his home state of Missouri would be the perfect place for Quill's vacation home, specifically in Kansas City.

Voted one of the best places to visit in Missouri by VacationIdea, Kansas City is a unique city with a love for barbecue, street art, jazz, and breweries. Just as Quill is an eclectic personality, his home would be also eclectic and fit right into the cityscape. The interior of this vacation home would have plenty of wall space and shelving for displaying Quill's treasures, trophies, and memorabilia that he's collected over the years. And though he is of Earth, he would also prioritize finding a home with large window space to optimize views, keeping an eye on the galaxy above him.

A Hawaiian vacay for Groot

Groot, one of the Guardians of the Galaxy, is a tree-like being of few words, but his vocabulary doesn't diminish his power, as per Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki. Even as a sapling, his personality and charisma shine through, making him a fan favorite. As a Guardian, Groot is usually never one to hold down roots anywhere (no pun intended). However, what would the ultimate vacation destination be for this special type of alien? A treehouse in Hawaii sounds like the perfect option.

Vacationing in a treehouse has become a rising trend among rental sites like Airbnb, particularly for those looking for a quiet retreat (via Trips to Discover). However, a treehouse in Hawaii, a state which is already a nature mecca loved by nearly all who visit, is the perfect place for a once-in-a-lifetime type of vacation. This type of spot highlights the beautiful forest, and allows a Guardian to see firsthand what they're protecting on Earth.

Après ski with Captain Marvel

According to Marvel Database, Carol Danvers, AKA Captain Marvel, has traveled the world and space to save planets and people. With her responsibilities, the Captain would need a set place to rest. Out of anywhere in the galaxy, her ultimate vacation home base would have to be set in Aspen, Colorado. Aspen is a top destination to visit year-round, from the snowcapped mountains in the winter to sunny sparkling greenery in the spring and summer.

For her home, focusing on natural light is ideal for Danvers, anything to keep her sights open to the sky. One way to highlight views is to think about furniture orientation. "The furniture layout should also speak to the view with as much of the seating arrangement as possible facing it. Any furniture that is in front of a window should be low profile or easy to move," says Allison Babcock of Allison Babcock Design to Mansion Global. She recommends using adaptable furniture, such as swivel chairs, which allow you to lean back and look at the views outside the windows.