How To Decorate Around A Clock

In an attempt to keep track of time, humanity walked a long way to invent the clock as we know it today. According to Interesting Engineering, clocks underwent a fascinating transformation. Gradually, this unique piece evolved, and everyone got to have a few at home. And as remarkable as this masterpiece can be, it requires surroundings that complement its fascinating history. Massive clocks are trendy due to their aesthetics, functionality, and eye-catching size. Smaller versions are mysterious, quaint, and compact. Moreover, timepieces are among the most essential and affordable interior design accessories, and play a vital role in our lives.

Hence, arranging wall clocks can be a fun project as you can introduce frames, paintings, lamps, murals, and shelves. Similarly, it pays off to be well-versed in decorating to combine color, texture, and shape to achieve the ultimate look.

Eventually, your ideas, décor, and style will create magic on the wall. And since everyone has different preferences, the outcomes can be antique, modern, or elegant. But how do you get the perfect fit? Here are fourteen practical hacks for decorating around a wall clock and integrating it with the rest of your decor.

Make it prominent by using wall paint

One of the most creative techniques to draw the focus on a huge clock is to play with the background of an accent wall. By dulling or accentuating the wall, whatever you place on it will be prominent and attention-grabbing. Even a wallpaper can achieve a similar effect, but you must be extra careful not to mix styles.

For example, if your accent accessories are bolder, consider painting the background with muted and lighter hues. In this case, simple is better: let the clock be the entire focus. Angi suggests several modern techniques that give walls life and vigor. Color washing, ombré, and sponge painting are a few dynamic styles you can achieve without much effort.

In contrast, the process can get reversed if you use bright and aggressive colors for the wall. However, the clock should remain prominent, and a glass version with gold numbers and hands is a perfect choice. Bear in mind that the color polarity of décor and paint is vital.

Invigorate the place with shelves

Positioning a shelf right under a large clock is traditional, and also highly functional. Since shelving is there to hold additional décor, it won't compete for attention with your time-telling friend. On it, place anything from souvenirs to fresh flowers in a vase. Opting for shelves means you get more display space to hold all your décor, frames, and books. Those with a specific taste can place souvenirs from where they traveled or DIY artwork and crafts. Undoubtedly, functional shelves serve multiple purposes without interrupting the room's overall design.

Family Handyman recommends installing a single floating shelf right below or 35 inches underneath the clock. In the first instance, the timepiece will look as if it stands on the shelf, and in the second, it will appear more independent. Similarly, think about a standard bookcase with several smaller shelves and a central, spacious one to anchor the clock. Modern pieces have built-in shelves for keeping small decorations like portraits, glass ornaments, ceramic details, and candles, besides books. 

Create an aesthetic gallery wall

Clocks are just one segment of artwork. Hence, consider displaying various framed photos at different angles to get the ultimate impression. You could also add banners, pictures, or mirrors with changing alignment to complete the wall-accessorizing journey.

Let's suppose you want a photo gallery. To begin, select your favorite pictures of people and places that excite or relax you by taking you on an endless emotional adventure. Then, select frames that fit your decor style, and compile the gallery on the floor first. Whatever your vision for the wall, keep the central location for the timepiece and put the pictures or other ornaments around. The pattern may be symmetrical, shape-forming, or irregular, according to Martha Stewart. Even the frames can be of different materials, colors, and sizes. The spacing doesn't necessarily have to be perfectly even, but you should make sure that they're arranged in a way that makes sense. So, no straight grids amid your eclectic arrangement, and if you're going for a streamlined look, you'll want to make sure things are more precise.

Keep track of several time zones

Do you want to keep your interior modern yet simple in design? In that case, go with multiple clocks aligned next to each other, showing different time zones. Besides being an ultra-creative way to decorate a larger surface, this approach is convenient for keeping track of time for various reasons. This arrangement can also be perfect for your home if you have kids or close relatives living in different time zones. 

Though the ultimate choice is yours, different designs look more appealing than identical ones. For instance, get one contemporary clock, another pocket-sized, and a pendulum. Incorporating multiple styles that tell the time in various patterns creates a functional and creative feel, according to How To Simplify. Lastly, think about digital pieces that show weather forecasts and temperature updates. Again, steer away from identical shapes, and select circular, square, oval, sleek, or expanded pieces for the collage.

Go minimalist

Fans of the simplistic style should consider placing small-sized, significant objects around the clock. With large clocks that steal the focus, arranging memorabilia or favorite photos around it is a popular hack. If you want to keep the wall clean, furniture can help you highlight the clock elegantly. An excellent idea for less spacious rooms featuring low ceilings is a small mirror on both sides of the clock to extend the place visually. Adding more accessories or pictures will cramp and clutter the space, according to Remodelaholic.

One Kings Lane notes that there are several tricks to mastering the art of minimalism. The overarching idea is quality over quantity. Displaying a few meaningful items that have stunning color or interesting texture will provide plenty of interest while not cluttering up the space. Whether you decide to display a large clock by itself or want to beef up the visual presence of a smaller clock by arranging other items around it, keep the adage of "less is more" in mind to achieve that perfect minimalist look.

Infuse greenery into the place

Adding a natural touch to the wall is an authentic way to breathe life into your home. Besides freshening and harmonizing the interior, foliage soothes your mind and soul. For this feat, you can pick authentic or faux leaves and flowers. What matters is proper sizing and matching.

Let's start with potted plants or vines as excellent wall accents. If this is your preference, pick the design and growing medium wisely. Also, consider regular upkeep and watering, according to MyDomaine. If growing a vining plant, such as pothos, you can also add hooks around the clock to allow the vines to grow around it, integrating your clock and plants even more.

If you love the look of greenery, but you don't have the time or desire to tend to houseplants, no need to fret. Consider adding dried flowers for an old-fashioned touch, or go with faux greenery. The good news is, no matter what type of wall surface you have, there's a way to hang either living or faux greenery on it. Various hooks, tapes, and other methods can all work for hanging greenery on your walls, according to Team Flower Education. You have the freedom to play with design, blooms, and colors as long as these match the overall theme.

Place it over the mantel

Since fireplaces tend to be the focal point of living rooms, clocks can only complement the look. Hence, give your mantel a visual impact by installing a decorative clock above. In addition to being functional, the wall will get a stylish and timeless look.

Overall, clocks should blend into the room, so be sure to pay close attention to their color and style. Also, your timekeeper should match the firebox size for optimal visual impact. Hang the timepiece six inches above the mantel shelf for a cohesive display, according to SFGate.

Play with contrast here to really up the visual interest. If you have a white mantel and dark wall color, go with a light-faced clock. And if you have white or pale walls, go with a black or boldly-colored clock. Contrast always gives a feeling of prominence. Finally, old-style fireplaces in mansions and cottages go perfectly with Roman-number timepieces. Conversely, amplify modern and traditional spaces with Arabic-numeral varieties.

Go with unique murals

Do you want something out of the ordinary for your clock wall? We have the perfect solution to beautify your place. Draw or paint a mural that matches the overall feel of your clock, and do it in a way that will make it easy to integrate the clock into the artwork. Do it yourself if you're a creative soul, or get a professional artist to realize your idea.

As for the mural content, your options are endless. Whether you choose scenery, flowers, abstract images, patterns, or stripes, the wall will look splendid. Family Handyman advises properly prepping your wall and then sketching out your mural design before you ever lift a paintbrush. This will ensure that your wall is ready for artwork, and that your mural layout will be exactly what you want — it's easier to fix pencil lines than to re-do paint!

Not the artistic type? No worries! According to Real Homes, you can get the feel of a mural with wallpaper, large-scale wall stickers, or other methods. In any case, designs should be subtle. It might be preferable to avoid 3D art that distracts your focus and burdens the eye.

A mural will also eliminate the need for additional décor and embellishments, since you don't want to make the wall look too busy. To make the look work, you'll want to be sure that the feel of your mural matches the feel of the clock so they work together seamlessly.

Adorn with miniature clocks

Are you a clock fan that can't decide on a single piece or style? Worry not, because there's a solution to your dilemma. Make a statement wall embellished with timepieces to enjoy them all. Such an accent wall can become a mesmerizing spot in your home, and there's no need to eliminate choices. According to The Spruce, the varied shapes and sizes of wall clocks in an arrangement like this can help break up the boxy feel of your walls.

In this scenario, the clock style is more significant than its primary function. Heighten the aesthetic vibe of your home by decorating the wall with small-sized clocks around a giant centerpiece you adore. Size variations can range from five inches to 15 inches, and you can also mix styles, provided the outcome is eye-pleasing. Trendy and classic items can get along, too. Finally, express your creative side with the gallery arrangement, and don't be afraid to take a revolutionary approach.

Make symmetry by incorporating dual shelves

Is your room open and spacious, making it a challenge to fill the extra space? One creative solution to consider in decorating a large wall is to place a massive clock in the middle and decorate both sides with identical floating shelves. Or use cube shelving or hanging units that replicate and create the perfect symmetry.

Consider scale when selecting your shelving. An expansive wall would work better with large bookcases, while a smaller wall would be a good match for small floating shelves. Good Housekeeping also suggests using angles for a playful display. You can create a grouping of smaller shelves, but rather than lining them all up evenly, arrange them in a way so that the eye follows, moving back and forth across the wall.

Similarly, Expand Furniture highlights that cube shelving is particularly trendy today. Besides being durable, these modern storage units will perfectly align with your clock. Plus, you can accommodate various trinkets, books, or DIY crafts in them.

Lighten up the mood

Installing some type of lighting near a clock can introduce softness and elegance to the space. Consider adding sconces to either side of a large clock for a more symmetrical look. Alternatively, you can illuminate the place above or under the timepiece. For this project, you might consider white or different color lights.

There are so many options, depending on the look you're going for. You could drape fairy lights or twinkle lights around the clock for a light, casual look. Alternatively, setups that feature LED strips might look better if mounted on the wall sides. They are also more radiant. If you want to hang lights without making holes and using nails, SFGate recommends using removable adhesive hooks or transparent tape. If you have a brick wall, you can also purchase brick clips.

Another method to make the clock a focal point is to find one equipped with lights. In this case, you don't need additional illumination for the surroundings, and the clock does double duty as lighting and as a timekeeping focal point.

Pick a predominant theme

If you are reading this, you probably possess (or want to possess!) a unique time-telling piece. So, for example, a cuckoo clock calls for rustic décor or wall-anchoring lamps on each side. Similarly, a nautical-themed clock will go well with wooden paddles or boat-inspired art and nautical map décor.

Architectural Digest notes that a clock with personality can be just what your room needs. A classic library adorned by an Empire-style clock just works. A boho space just seems more finished with a sunburst-style clock, and an antique clock is the perfect addition to a room full of other antique treasures.  While it's easy to think of a clock as an afterthought or as a utility item, the fact is that it can give your room that extra special "something" that it might have been lacking before. In an era of digital, a traditional wall clock can be a welcome reminder of another time.

Indulge in your favorite quotes

Adding small quotes or inspirational phrases is another fabulous idea for modern design when decorating around a clock. You could choose a frame or even hang individual letters. To begin, select wooden, metallic, or foam characters that fit well on walls. As for the content, you might want to add your favorite motivational phrases or the names of your beloved ones.

Often, a few add-ons are enough to make a statement in a cottage or small-sized flat. According to Decoholic, intelligent and amusing quotes can transform the place into a charming oasis. For maximum effect, use vinyl sheets or stickers that are easy to cut and adhere to walls. Foam sheets and knitted letters are a solid choice, too. Book lovers might appreciate adding quotes or phrases from their favorite books, either painted directly onto the wall or added via a print or poster (via BookBub).

Select a board background

Whether you pick chalk or corkboard, you can't go wrong. Using non-static decor can be an unconventional way to show your creative side and keep ahead of schedule. Similarly, placing a chalkboard below the wall clock can be an inviting place for your kids to draw and play. Even a whiteboard can do the job for those allergic to chalk or cork. On it, you can write daily or weekly appointments and reminders.

If you prefer a chalkboard paint wall, The Spruce recommends prepping and cleaning the wall area, taping it off to ensure a neat job, and then adding chalkboard paint, allowing it to cure before using it. Similarly, you can make a DIY corkboard, and pin critical meetings, pictures, and tickets. This way, you can keep everything in a single, visible place. Little House On The Corner recommends using rolls of cork to make an entire wall into a functional, useful corkboard.