How To Decorate Your House Like Sweet Magnolias

The Netflix smash hit "Sweet Magnolias" has already been renewed for another season, and thank goodness because we will take as many as we can get. According to Glamour, the show comes from Sherryl Woods' best-selling novels of the same name. Producers weren't sure they had a hit on their hands when the show first premiered in 2020, but it's gone on to take the world by storm.

Also taking the world by storm are the weekly margarita nights enjoyed by the show's main characters, Maddie, Dana Sue, and Helen, whenever things get a little rough. "Even over Zoom, women are getting together to shoot the breeze and find out how everyone is really doing," said Heather Headley, who plays Helen. "How great is that — that we as women can get together and hold each other up?" However, margarita night isn't the only thing women watching the show are paying attention to — they also love the characters' style. Whether it's their Sunday best or their living room couches, viewers want to know how to recreate their favorite "Sweet Magnolia" looks at home (via Hello!). Keep reading for ways to decorate your living space like "Sweet Magnolias," including paint color ideas to brighten up your home and cozy lighting tips.

Dana Sue has an open-style pantry

You might notice something strange about Dana Sue's home pantry when watching "Sweet Magnolias." First of all, there actually isn't a door. According to Houzz, open shelving in kitchens is a contentious topic in the design world. To some, it's a great way to keep inventory and display what you need. To others, it just looks cluttered. If you want to recreate this look at home, it's best to follow Dana Sue's lead. She's a chef, after all, so she must know best.

Most open-style pantries utilize space in the corner of the kitchen, which we can see is what Dana Sue has done. She has five shelves of varying heights on either side of the wide-open space and a smaller storage bin (perhaps a trash can) easily accessible in the middle. You can get this look at home by simply removing the door from your current pantry to increase overall shelving space or transform your kitchen cabinets to be more open-faced.

Maddie's living room has a hodgepodge of seating options

Maddie's living room features a hodgepodge of seating options, a peach couch, a blue chair, and a white pinstriped wingback. Mixing and matching options can actually create a more cohesive look. According to Interiors Place, it's a popular design choice to purchase furniture not in a set. Instead, many choose to piece their rooms together, playing with color, texture, and size to create the perfect space for their needs.

However, something to keep in mind for furniture is that you want everyone sitting to be at the same level. The same is true for the height of any side tables you have or coffee tables and ottomans. You'll want to be sure that you won't need to strain to reach your coffee cup (or margarita glass) or magazine. You can see from this shot that all three seating options, while different visually, work well together because they match the height of the central table.

Maddie's country kitchen features patterned tile

An easy way to add "Sweet Magnolias" style to your home is by swapping out your boring backsplash for some patterned tiles. Maddie's country kitchen features patterned tile, giving her home in Serenity even more personality. According to Tiles2go, too many kitchens use plain tiling, which wastes a good opportunity to add a dash of excitement or sophistication to your home.

The options of patterns to choose from are endless. You can pick a geometric design that is the same across each tile, like Maddie, a brightly colored Moroccan-inspired theme, a subway tile backsplash, or even a solid color with varied patterns across different tiles. Even if you aren't the most DIY-savvy person, installing tile is a relatively quick, painless way to spend a long weekend. You can purchase all of the supplies you need, including the tile itself, at any local home improvement store (via Home Depot).

Dana Sue has plenty of counter space, even at home

Even if you have a smaller kitchen, there are still ways to make it feel more spacious. One method that works particularly well if you have an open floor plan like Dana Sue is to install a large kitchen island. According to Bob Vila, if space is tight and you don't have room for an island, you can temporarily double the size of your counter space by investing in a butcher cart.

The top of the cart doubles as food prep space, while most carts have plenty of storage underneath for kitchen appliances. After using the cart, roll it back out to the hallway until you need it next. You can also purchase an extra-large cutting board and place it over your kitchen sink. This way, you can expand your counter space like Dana Sue next time you are in a pinch.

Paint the inside of your front door

One stunning style moment in Dana Sue's home is the front door, which features a rich royal blue color on both sides. According to Making Your Home Beautiful by Samantha Bacon, the door material is the main factor to think about before recreating this look at home. If you have a treated wooden door, leave it as is since paint might destroy the natural look. However, if you still prefer a pop of bold color, go for it.

If your door is metal or synthetic material, you should consider purchasing special paint to ensure a sleek final look. In addition, think about whether you want to use indoor or outdoor paint on the back of your front door. Since it will have exposure to the elements, outdoor paint is typically the best choice if you want the paint your front door with long-lasting color.

Maddie's porch is nearly another living room

Large front porches are a tradition in the American South. Maddie Townsend has one so large that it nearly functions as a second living room. Even if you don't have much space, you can create a front porch that's as nice to enjoy as Maddie's. According to Better Homes & Gardens, you can transform small porches into outdoor havens if you use your space correctly.

Start with a welcome mat, a potted plant or two, and places to sit like any good southern hostess. A metal stool might do the trick if you are short on space. If you have more room, consider a love seat, a hanging chair, or even a few lounges like Maddie has. No matter the amount of seating available, comfort is still a top priority. Most houses in Serenity still have cushions on their outdoor furniture. Just remember to bring them inside when the weather turns sour.

Sullivan's restaurant goes bold with marigold

Whether you want to decorate the home with flowers or just their bold color, marigold (and other shades of yellow and gold) are a great choice to spice up any room. According to Ariyona Interior, if you want to use actual marigolds when decorating your home, the flowers are easily woven together into garlands which can be draped throughout your home to add a pop of color. The flower's large, open blooms also make them ideal for use in centerpieces.

If you prefer to take inspiration from the color, like in Dana Sue's restaurant, you'll want to think about investing in brightly colored suede furniture for your living and eating spaces. Bold colors like variants of yellow do best when paired with a color that can anchor them in the room. For many, they might choose white to do the job, but Dana Sue went for royal blue to balance things out at Sullivan's. We think it does the trick perfectly (via Style by Emily Henderson).

Maddie's kitchen has an extra-deep basin sink

With three children at home and friends constantly stopping in to visit, Maddie needs an extra-large sink. According to Remodelista, there are different factors to consider when choosing your sink size. The first is length, which is how much room a sink takes up across your countertop. Next is the width, which is how wide the sink is from back to front (not side to side). Finally, you have the depth, which is how deep the sink basin is.

The key to choosing the size of your sink is that it's not too small. You've likely never heard someone complain that their sink is too tiny. You'll want to consider the size of your household and the number of dishes it produces for each meal. If you use your kitchen a lot, get a longer, deeper sink like Maddie's. You won't regret it.

The Corner Spa uses gold accents to make things feel elegant

This style is easy to copy at home, as a touch of gold can make any space feel fancy by instantly elevating its style. According to The Spruce, a good place to start adding gold decor to your home is with your plumbing and pipes. Of course, you don't need to spend a fortune to purchase gold pipes and faucets. Gold-toned faucets will do the trick.

In addition, you can think about sprinkling in a touch of glamour with smaller decorative objects, like golden bookends, a gold vase for a fresh bouquet, or even furniture with golden legs. At The Corner Spa in "Sweet Magnolias," you can see that the trio selected golden wall sconces, picture frames, and even an overhead light fixture to set the mood for elevated relaxation. If you are really in a pinch, you can spruce up your existing home decor items and turn them golden with a can of spray paint (via This Old House).

Helen's office is peachy neutral

Leave it to a Southern woman to make peach a neutral hue. Helen effortlessly blends creamy oranges with linen whites in her law office. According to MasterClass, neutral colors traditionally include white, gray, black, and brown. These tones serve as a backdrop for bolder colors to do the heavy lifting in a space.

However, as we can see from Helen's office, neutral colors can be the main attraction. She effortlessly combines a mahogany desk, chairs upholstered with an egg white fabric, and peach patterned curtains in a professional and tranquil working environment. The production designers have gone above and beyond in this scene, and her dress matches her office. If you want to recreate the look at home, you could choose the same warm color scheme as Helen or select another accent color. Be sure to tone it down slightly to avoid overwhelming the space.

Sometimes lots of lamps can replace overhead options

Sometimes lamps can create a better ambiance or give you more control over the amount of light you need, like in Maddie's living room. We can see that her children typically use the multiple lamps in the space instead of the overhead light, perhaps for this exact reason. In life, just like in "Sweet Magnolias," some moments need soft lighting that the glare of fluorescent bulbs from overhead won't suit.

According to interior designer Maria Killam, lamps are decorative items that can spruce up the overall atmosphere of a space. Because of this, you should have at least one lamp for every four square feet in a room. You don't need to replace the overhead lighting, but you should at least assist it. If you are struggling to place your lamps, you can take solace that they come in different varieties, including table lamps, bedside lamps, and floor lamps. Feel free to mix and match until you find the combination that works best for you.

Dana Sue has a chef's kitchen at home

When Dana Sue isn't serving up the best food in Serenity at Sullivan's Restaurant, she's at home with Annie doing the best she can. One thing that's hard not to notice is that even at home, Dana Sue has a fully equipped chef's kitchen. This way, she can create a mean meal at home or work.

According to Clever, a residential kitchen needs a few specific features to be up to par with a professional chef. The first is plenty of storage space, which Dana Sue definitely has. Chefs typically store food items in bulk, even when cooking at home. In addition, a chef's kitchen offers the cook plenty of room to well, cook. We can see that Dana Sue has two stoves with an industrial-strength extractor fan overhead and a large center island for food preparation. Whether she's creating new dishes for Sullivan's or hosting a margarita night, she has one of the best kitchens on the show to do it in.

Consider sentimental art, like these sweet magnolias

Maddie's mother is a painter who donates a beautiful painting to The Corner Spa with a picture of the show's namesake: Sweet Magnolias. Each of the three flowers represents a woman in the dynamic trio: Maddie, Dana Sue, and Helen. It's a sentimental moment, showcasing how different generations of women in Serenity look out for each other. According to the Artwork Archive, there are a few simple etiquette rules to follow when commissioning work like this for your own home.

The first is to be ready for rejection. When you make a request to an artist, what you want might not fit their overall style, budget, or timeline. You might need to pitch more than one person or be willing to wait your turn or up your price to get the product you desire. Next, when commissioning art, be as specific as possible with your artist to avoid confusion and disappointment with the final piece. Know that if you leave room for artistic expression, which is perfectly fine to choose, you will need to be willing to accept whatever comes out on the other end without critique.

You don't need to own a spa to have massage chairs

Sometimes the spa can come home to you, and if you deal with as much drama as the leading ladies of Serenity, you've earned it. The trio invests in a few massage chairs for guests to use at The Corner Spa, but according to Furniture for Life, you can easily have one of these chairs at home without a membership. Massage chairs offer so many benefits that they leave you feeling as good as the real thing.

Owning a massage chair is a great stress reliever. Even a quick session in a massage chair can help you unwind from a long day at work and relax, helping you to feel calm and sleep better that evening. In addition, massage chairs promote better circulation, which reduces anxiety and blood pressure. Lower blood pressure places you at a lower risk for most health concerns. While the initial investment for a massage chair might seem steep, depending on daily use, it might save you money compared to a traditional spa membership.