The Best Bedroom Color For A Boho Vibe

Chill, calm, and cozy. If you're looking to establish a more bohemian style within your home, especially in the bedroom, there are a few color choices to consider that may help you craft the ultimate boho impression. So what is a boho vibe? It's all about a personalized atmosphere. Many modern boho styles include nonrestricted layers of design using neutral colors, patterns, and textures that often incorporate natural elements.

This style may have originated from the ancient gypsy way of life, from flowy garments and colorful materials to globally inspired accessories and jewelry. According to The Pearl Source, many artists were drawn to more unconventional ways of dressing in old/used clothing toward the end of the French Revolution. Into the 19th century, artists and writers began expressing their creative, hippie-like nature through fashion and design with a relaxed, care-free style, especially in Paris.

A modern boho style bedroom is eclectic and layered and might include various soft hues like apricot, blue, ecru, and orange, but especially beige and brown. Physical elements to incorporate could be original artwork, keepsakes, pottery, rattan pieces, or wicker furniture. Whether your style is radical, minimal, contemporary, or chic, boho design integrates layered elements by the infinite mixing and matching of interior furnishings. Getting the right color scheme will ultimately set the tone. Keep reading to learn which boho bedroom color is best for you!

The boho color palette

Rules be gone. Something to consider when determining colors for your bedroom is that there is no one way to select your boho color scheme. Whatever influences you from the natural world or maybe from time abroad can be reflected in your design choices. For a clean, classic vibe, colors often taken from the outdoor elements might include earthy clay, terracotta, or other neutral warm hues to combine with cooler hues like blue, brown, gray, green, red, and pink, yellow, brown, and white.

A light and simple combination might be cream or ivory mixed with brown and various grays. According to HomeLane, light-toned walls contrast well with other d├ęcor pieces like pictures, plants, mementos, and area rugs. Additionally, these selections reflect nicely with natural light, which assists with a well-developed boho-inspired look.

Go bold. Whether your bedroom color is used as an accent or main color choice, other variations to accessorize with might be metallic gold or bright, vivid shades like teal, magenta, deep amethyst, citrus orange, or emerald green. Whatever colors inspire you, mix and layer them through your curtains, walls, bed linens, furniture, and decorative pieces.

Earthy and neutral colors combinations

Inspired by nature, created by you. If you want to keep your bedroom's style clean and casual, use white or tan as your wall base. White offers a blank canvas that you can satisfy with paintings, pictures, or other cherished souvenirs you may have collected from your travels. While keeping the tone neutral, decorate with a wicker ottoman, floor pouf/bean bag, or global-inspired baskets.

You might include more penetrating hues within fabrics and materials like colorful pillows, throws, and rugs, per Vevano. Colors from these items, including your gallery wall, will contrast nicely for a cozy, laid-back atmosphere. Whatever kind of creative person you are, your boho bedroom will naturally reflect your personal style.

You might also utilize your favorite keepsakes to contrast against white walls, linens, and curtains. According to XO, MaCenna, you can display pampas grass, distinctive trinkets, and memorabilia, or frame a favorite inspirational quote. Also, don't shy away from greenery. Whether it's hanging from the ceiling or resting on your windowsill or nightstand, you can incorporate a variety of green plants to encompass a natural and tranquil space throughout the room. Overall, choose elements that speak your story.

Vibrant boho color schemes

Bright to dark, you can utilize a lot of lush shades within the boho palette. Whether it's an accent wall or the entire bedroom space, lively color schemes can balance out the perfect bohemian vibe. Green is a popular color choice, as you might infuse a dark shade on the walls while mixing it with warm, brown-colored cabinets, baskets, or plant vases, including subtle gold or white touches.

You could also incorporate a unique patterned wallpaper like a green palm branch design or other authentic wall mural design. Layer colors like green, yellow, and purple against natural tones, or even blue, yellow, and pink amidst picture frames, handmade pottery/woven baskets, vintage furniture, and decorative upholstery. From floor-to-ceiling drapes to low-to-the-ground beds and furniture, make a statement with rich, energetic colors of your liking.

Express comfort through color. Choose a dark blue or teal to highlight the bedroom wall against the remaining white walls for an accent hue. You might complement the room with a gray rattan egg chair or a gold-colored metal light fixture. For added texture, decorate the bed with fringed pillows made of natural materials while featuring hints of pink and other shades of blue there and other places throughout the room (via Driven by Decor). Whether it's through handcrafted textiles or distinctive patterns, establish your boho style with the colors that define you.