How To Decorate Your Home Like An Andy Warhol Painting

Want to add a pop of art to your living space? One way to nail a pop culture reference is by hanging up some Pop Art in your home. If you want to push the envelope, take things one step forward by decorating your home like a Pop Art painting. According to Culture Trip, Andy Warhol is, hands down, the most iconic name synonymous with Pop Art and he's responsible for many famous works, including paintings of Marilyn Monroe, Campbell's Soup cans, dollar signs, and cows. His art, which rose to prominence in the 1960s, contains links between celebrity culture, advertisements, objects and art (via ArtLife). Warhol used silkscreen, photography, film, and sculpture to create his pieces.

Warhol's love for art began at a young age. An unfortunate illness caused him to be bedridden, and he had time to practice art at home. As he grew, he continuously pursued his dreams of painting, illustrating for fashion industry periodicals, and film directing, becoming more seasoned as he delved deeper into the genre. Warhol created over 9,000 paintings during his life and many other sculptures and art pieces (via the Warhol Foundation). His paintings forever etched themselves in the hearts of many, including the iconic Marilyn Monroe and other brightly colored creations. Infusing elements from his artwork into your home will set you apart from the amateurs. Keep reading to discover how to decorate your living space with inspiration from the art of Andy Warhol.

Decorate with celebrity-themed artwork

Pop Art blew up completely when Andy Warhol began painting notable icons and celebrities in the 1960s. To decorate your home like one of Warhol's paintings, insert elements of his famous muses into your living space. The Free Library explores some of the numerous celebrity paintings achieved by Warhol. One notable piece is the painting of his colleague turned friend Jean Basquiat. Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Mohammed Ali, and the British model Twiggy are other famous faces captured in Warhol's art (via Tate Modern).

You can keep things cost-friendly by purchasing decorative posters featuring celebrities. Etsy has a good selection of colorful posters and wall art. Do not forget to frame your posters to add a touch of art gallery sophistication. In addition to hanging paintings and posters on your walls, you can branch out and explore other art mediums like sculpture. Collect sculptures of Warhol's famous muses and display them on your fireplace mantel, entryway credenza, or coffee table.

Paint your walls yellow

Warhol was partial to bright, eye-catching colors. According to The Guardian, one of his most iconic paintings features renowned actress and model Marilyn Monroe. This painting captures Monroe's face in great detail, but the most attention-grabbing aspect is her bright hair. Her locks are a rich yellow color. If you are decorating your home like this painting, you should aim to decorate with yellow accents and accessories to achieve a similar color palette.

We all have those days where we need a little pick-me-up, and bright yellow is a color that can add excitement and hope to your home decor. Consider painting your walls the same vibrant shade as Marilyn's hair when decorating with yellow hues. If this level of vibrance is too much for you, feel free to use white as a contrasting color for balance (via The Urban Guide). To achieve this color scheme in a DIY project, prepare your wall with tape and clean surfaces before painting. After you are ready to go, paint half of the wall yellow and the other half white. Another way to use this white and yellow scheme without re-painting is to add the color combination to your bed sheets, bathroom, or pillow cushions. It will feel like adding sunshine to your home.

Double up on furniture and accessories

According to MoMA Learning, Warhol's famous "Double Elvis" painting from 1963 features the legendary king of rock n roll upon the canvas, not once, but twice! If something looks good, why not duplicate it? If you wish to take inspiration from Warhol's famous painting, find areas in your home where you can decorate with two of the same features and double up.

For example, you can flank the bed with two twin nightstands and two lamps for a symmetrical look in your bedroom. If your house is on the smaller side, don't worry. Instead of doubling up on items that take up space on the floor, such as chairs, beds, and tables, get creative with your wall space. Double up on artwork, mirrors, shelves, and photography on your walls for a fun nod to Warhol. Instead of hanging one massive mirror as the focal point on your wall, place two medium-sized mirrors next to each other in a symmetrical line, equal distance apart. The added benefit of multiple mirrors in a smaller space is that reflective surfaces work make the room appear more bright and spacious (via Mirror City).

Keep your pantry organized

According to ArtLife, one of Warhol's top ten paintings is his depiction of the American food brand "Campbell's Soup Cans" from 1962. Warhol created this painting using different types of Campbell's soups as his muse, including noodle, tomato, and mushroom soup. The painting features cans of soup repeated in a grid, making it look like the cans are arranged pristinely in a pantry. The decor lesson to take from this painting is simple. Do not shy away from decorating with culinary-themed items, and ensure you have a tidy pantry at all times. Get creative with Campbell's Soup-inspired decor pieces, give your kitchen a red and white color palette, and install floating shelves for more decorative impact.

Another great way to find inspiration in this painting is to start organizing your pantry or kitchen shelves. As professional organizer Nicole Abramovici told Today, "Once you are organized — know what you have and where it is — you are ready to use all those ingredients you forgot about and cook up some fabulous meals. You save time and money, and probably try some new dishes as well." Consider implementing an organizer, like this stackable organizer from Amazon, to make pantry cleaning easy. It will gather all your cans, bottles, spices, and grains.

Embrace patterned wallpaper

Are you in doubt about how to spruce up your space? Are you limited on decor techniques because of your tight budget? Or maybe your current home is not your permanent abode. If you fall into any of these categories, embrace wallpaper immediately. According to Artnet, one iconic painting by Warhol is "Candy Box," which showcases a red and black grid with repeating symbols. An easy way to recreate this artwork is by using wallpaper boasting similar colors in your home.

If you are confused about which wallpaper design to pick, ensure you read the details, as they all have different backings. Most wallpapers have non-woven or woven backings, as they offer a long-lasting aesthetic (via Houzz). Another thing to consider, especially if you live in a rental and love swapping wallpaper designs, is to invest in quality adhesives, particularly cellulose-based adhesives. They will save you time and make the removal process more efficient.

Put some thought into your window decor

Warhol's "Haus Eppinghoven" showcases a brick-red home with many windows on the building, per Artnet. This painting leads us to our next tip for decorating your home like an Andy Warhol painting. Take your window game seriously.

Transform your windows into a focal point by matching your decor seamlessly with the window treatments. The first step to ensure your window decor is on point is to consider the type of windows in your home. A window in a large room will look great with customized floor-to-ceiling curtains and drapes. This style will make the room more composed while adding privacy (via Nerdynaut). Window decor does not necessarily need to be curtains or blinds. You can also introduce regal elements such as valances. If you live with kids, merging toy shelves into the window offers a unique vibe to the space while expanding storage space options in the room (via Custom Windows). You can secure a single shelf above the window for extra toys and knickknacks.

Display knives in your home

There is one practical decor tip to take away from Andy Warhol's painting of "The Knives," which features a few chopping knives against a white background, per Sotheby's. You need to invest in a sturdy knife display for your kitchen as soon as possible. A conventional and creative knife display that will work in any home's aesthetic is this magnetic knife strip on Amazon. You can find one for as low as $12 or as high as $140.

Another decor tip to consider if you wish to decorate your home like an Andy Warhol painting is to find unique and quirky knives for decor. For example, you can display swords as art above a fireplace mantel or on the walls of your hallway. There are artistic swords like Japanese Katanas that you can mount on the wall to add character to any room (via Conch House Marina).

Bring elements of the galaxy inside

By 1987, Andy Warhol had already accomplished a career as a full-fledged icon. He also painted "Moonwalk" this year, per MyArtBroker. Warhol chose to immortalize Neil Armstrong's iconic accomplishment of walking on the moon with this painting. If you wish to get the look in your home, bring some outer space-themed features and accents into your space. From star-patterned wallpaper to glow-in-the-dark planets on the ceiling, you can get creative when decorating with elements from the galaxy.

Another way to implement this look is by adding a tabletop lamp like this one from Etsy. Imagine waking up to this rocket light fixture beside your bed every day. You can also consider hanging up a crafty mobile with all the planets. To make things more interesting, remember that you do not necessarily need to purchase a mobile from the store. You can easily create one by yourself (via BBC Sky At Night Magazine). Grab a few pieces of cardboard for drawing the planets and the sun, then trace out your shapes with a pencil. Make two of the same design for each planet so you can attach them to create a three-dimensional figure. Another cool idea is to design a chalkboard wall in your living room or kitchen with some chalkboard paint (via Classy Clutter). You can draw planets, aliens, and astronauts over this wall.

In addition, remember that you can implement this decor outside of your home. All you need to do is to place astronaut-shaped lawn decor from Bed Bath & Beyond in your front yard or backyard. Scatter them around as you please for a quirky and super fun aesthetic.

Incorporate animal accents

According to Fine Art America, Warhol was known for painting animals, including a few endangered species like the pine frog. He also had a painting of a tortoise and one of a gorgeous, colorful butterfly which he created in 1983 (via Artnet). There are a few understated ways to take notes from Warhol and decorate with animal accessories and accents in your home. Incorporate wallpaper with animal prints or insert animal-themed accessories around your furniture, like butterfly wall art. Or, find bed sheets with beloved animals like swans, rabbits, or puppies.

Another way to add animal accents is by displaying table tops items such as this owl-shaped clock from Amazon. You can keep it beside your catch-all, on the table in your entryway. If you desire to take things a step further and create something unique, consider adding an animal figurine to an existing lamp (via By Wilma). This piece could potentially be a DIY project that has you looking like a pro to your friends. Simply purchase a figurine from a malleable material such as poly stone or wood. You can drill holes through the top and the bottom and pass the cord for your lamp switch inside.

Display nautical elements

According to Artnet, Andy Warhol's "Do It Yourself" series features a painting of a sailboat coasting out to sea against a pink cloud and blue sky. For home decor enthusiasts who love nautical themes or own a sailboat, coastal decor is a perfect way to bring inspiration from this Warhol work into your home.

When displaying nautical elements in the home, look for boats, lighthouses, shells, driftwood, and other pieces that recall a day on the coast. You can go beachcombing and decorate with nature items you find on the shore. If you're decorating with a boat, consider the size of the boat compared to the space where you wish to display it. If you have a wide hallway, display a large paddle boat as a focal point in the middle to fill up the space efficiently. If placing a boat on the floor is too mainstream, consider mounting your boat on the ceiling upside-down to move the focal point above eye level (via Houzz). While everyone may not be a sailor or live near the beach, adding a nautical aesthetic to your living space can still be accomplished. Decorate with features like a steering wheel carving or mini statues of sailboats and paperweights. Blue and white stripes are another detail that conjures up the seashore instantly.

Insert flowers and greenery into your space

There are endless paintings of flowers and greenery that Warhol created throughout his lifetime, including his memorable 1964 series called "Flowers," per Garden Collage. Warhol painted flowers with blocks of color against a gray grass background. Add colorful florals and indoor plants if you want to decorate your living space like his art. When decorating with plants inside your home, figure out if you desire a plant that offers a particular function. Some houseplants purify the air while others look beautiful and grow vibrantly colored flowers, per Healthline. If you have a green thumb and value functionality, look into purchasing live plants. However, if the aesthetic is what you're after, buy a faux version that looks like the real deal to brighten up your space.

No matter which type of plant you buy, you can place it in a pot for display in a lovely corner. Indoor trees are another great way to inject some statement greenery into your home (via Blooming Backyard). One low-cost version you can consider is the Heartleaf Philodendron. This plant does not need too much attention to grow, and it boasts a brown trunk and green heart-shaped leaves that are a delight to behold (via HouseplantCorner).

Warm up to green, brown, and gray tones

According to Artsy, Andy Warhol's "Pear Tree" painting, which features a pear tree in full bloom, is made of ink and watercolor on paper. The leaves are gray, the pears are green, and the trunk is a deep brown.

To decorate your home like this classic Warhol painting in a subtle way, infuse these three colors into your color palette. One charming way to decorate your home while implementing all these shades is by spreading the colors through different features. Consider installing brown wooden floors, painting your walls mint green, and decorating with a combination of green and gray sofas and upholstery. Even if your palette does not follow the rule of three, which says you should pick one primary color and two complementary colors when decorating with a trio of colors, it will still provide a calm aesthetic in your space (via Piktochart). The rule of three for color is more of guideline than a strict requirement. If all else fails, decorate your kitchen island with a bowl of ripe pears to add a Warhol-approved vibe.