How To Accessorize Your Home If You Belong In House Arryn From Game Of Thrones

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Since the announcement of the "Game of Thrones" spin-off, many fans have been impatiently waiting for its release. According to BBC, there are several similarities between the groundbreaking HBO show and its prequel, which is why it's the perfect time to revisit the original seven seasons and watch all the drama unfold. 

If you live under a rock and have never heard of "Game of Thrones," it's a TV series that follows different families and dynasties in medieval times fighting to win power over the iron throne (via Vox). There's House Lannister, House Stark, and House Tyrell, to name a few. One of the families is House Arryn, a dysfunctional dynasty led by young Robin Arryn. While the Arryns are not top players in the race for the iron throne, they spend a lot of time at home plotting wars, entertaining dramatic antics, and receiving a few unwelcome visitors. Their home is a cold and gothic medieval-style castle set high on a hill in a region known as Westeros. Bold interior details like stone stairs, an ornate wood throne, and an infamous sunken pit in the living room set the scene for regal decor moments. Keep reading to discover how to recreate the House of Arryn style in your own home.

Take a chance with tree trunk furniture

After Lysa Arryn kills her husband, Jon Arryn, House Arryn needs a new leader for the throne. Lysa's only son, Robin, is the rightful heir, but he is still young, so Lysa chooses to share the tree trunk throne with him. This regal chair casts a warm and organic vibe in the gothic castle. The tree trunk throne is constructed from raw timber and kept in its original state. Nevertheless, it's now a comfortable seat.

If decorating your interiors like House Arryn, consider adding tree trunk furniture to your space for a natural focal point. It could be a custom-made accent chair such as this petrified wooden bench from Athena Garden. Once you add this bench to your home, expect a lot of attention from guests, especially if you place it in the living room where it will stand out. There are also plenty of tree stump stools and side tables that you can incorporate into your home to complement a tree trunk chair, like this one from Amazon.

If this decor style does not work for you, choose a more subtle accent chair to display as your throne. According to Grain & Frame, it's best to consider your current aesthetic before selecting a chair. Perhaps your home is modern, and you aren't keen on adding rustic vibes, or your house boasts an eclectic style, and you can't afford to make the decor more dramatic. If this is the case, you can say no to tree trunk chairs and yes to a subtle slipper chair. This upholstered style will still add character to a room, but the lack of arms makes the effect more versatile for different home designs (via Niu Urban Living).

Introduce stone benches for indoor and outdoor seating

According to Serenity In the Garden, stone seating was a big deal in Medieval times. Since "Game of Thrones" leans toward the lifestyle of medieval times, it makes sense that the homes in the show feature stone benches as part of their outdoor decor. House Arryn is one of the homes boasting these elements, but they take things up a notch. In the House Arryn castle, stone benches are erected not just on the outside area in the garden but also indoors. They are in a circular seating arrangement around the sunken space.

As you aim to recreate the House Arryn home decor, keep in mind that out of all the home decor materials you can incorporate into your home, stone is one of the most durable building materials (via Carved Stone Creations). Pictured above, cousins Robin Arryn and Sansa Stark play in the snow between the stone benches. The stone furniture remains unharmed, regal, and sturdy despite the harsh winter conditions.

The curved style of the bench adds character to the castle. To recreate this piece in your home, look for a small, curved Grapevine bench with moldings and patterns, like this one from Athena Garden. It will help you insert some House Arryn drama into your abode. Stone seating can come across as cold and gothic, which may not suit your cozy aesthetic. Consider investing in comfortable cushions and throw pillows to accessorize the stone seats and make them look cozier.

Incorporate a pit into your layout

One notable home decor feature which House Arryn boasts is the sunken pit in the middle of the living room seating circle. According to Time, it is known as the Moon Door, and it (not so) secretly doubles as a portal where wrongdoers plunge to their death. While you may not be keen on introducing a sunken pit inside your home to torture naysayers, you can easily recreate the look by designing cozy conversation areas. Arrange chairs in a circle to stimulate socializing and decorate with plenty of comfy throw pillows and blankets.

Alternatively, you can create a fire pit for your patio area and have a fun space for outdoor social gatherings. Executing the perfect DIY fire pit project is easier than it sounds and will make you feel accomplished as a full-fledged decor pro, per A Beautiful Mess. First, prioritize getting all your permits in order so that you have a clean slate and limit any unnecessary delays to the project. After this, start gathering your tools. Once everything is in order, the next step is to measure the area where you wish to construct the pit. After this step, you can use spray paint to trace the exact measurements. To make the job more accurate, consider buying a metal ring, place it on the area you wish to use, and with the help of stones, outline and spray paint your desired circumference for the circle. Shovel off the grass in the circle you drew and replace the top layer with tiny stones. Replace your ring against the pit perimeter, and feel free to use as many blocks as you need to stack around the outside to create an authentic House Arryn atmosphere.

Incorporate candelabras

Just like in medieval times, in "Game of Thrones," there are no modern inventions like floor lamps or overhead lighting. The only way people from the Middle Ages could illuminate their homes was by using candles, per National Candle Association. House Arryn boasts many standing light fixtures in the form of tabletop candleholders and floor-standing candelabras. These light features are in strategic points around the home. Functional and stylish, they illuminate the space while casting a mysterious vibe throughout the castle.

If you wish to recreate this antique aesthetic, you have variety of candelabras at your fingertips. You can find an ornate candelabra with three arms made from cast iron from the early Italian era on 1stdibs for $8,475. Yes, this is a bit pricey, but hardcore "Game Of Thrones" fans will surely not bat an eyelid. The beauty about these rustic accessories is that they come as a set. You can use them as a pair of focal fixtures around your sofa in the seating room in the same manner as House Arryn. However, buying a candelabra may not be in your best interest if you have limited floor space at home. You can still tap into this look by incorporating smaller versions on your living room coffee table or a side table in the entryway. There's no way that this gold one from Etsy will not offer an ornate, regal vibe to your entire abode.

Hang lanterns from the ceiling

House Arryn has a living area that boasts insanely high ceilings. The choice to install pendant lights in the form of lanterns in this room was a solid choice. We already know that House Arryn did not exist in the time of lamps and light bulbs, so it makes sense that the light sources would be candles. Nevertheless, it does the job of a pendant light. This light fixture style drops from above and carries light to a specific point for task lighting, per Lowe's. The pendant lanterns in "Game of Thrones" are intricately designed with blue triangle stained glass features, offering an artistic vibe to the cold ambiance in the living room.

If you are decorating your home like House Arryn and your home also boasts tall ceilings, consider placing pendant lights in the rooms. Try and challenge yourself to go further than buying modern-style pendant lamps and instead research where you can get medieval-style lanterns. Once you have found a selection, choose one that works best for you with a design that complements your existing color palette. Then, with the help of a professional and a wrought iron chain, feel free to attach the purchased lanterns to the sturdy chains and hang them from the ceiling. Pendant lights can support existing lights in the room to take the illumination in your home to the next level.

Have noble dinnerware at hand

House Arryn boasts a maternal atmosphere which must be a nod to Lysa Arryn, a proud mother hen. Many of Lysa's family members and other guests often pop up at the castle for visits or short stays. When Lysa's sister Carolyn Stark comes over to visit, we see fruits in metal bowls on a side table. It's not surprising that such bowls are part of House Arryn's collection of special crockery and set out for formal occasions. According to Kopin, dishware is a big deal because you probably want to make a great first impression when guests arrive. Just like any other accessory, your plates and cutlery make a statement, especially at dinner parties and formal gatherings. They are often the first thing people see when sitting at a dining room table.

When recreating the decor from House Arryn, pick a crockery style that best suits your lifestyle (via Grundig). First, consider your budget and ask yourself if you can afford to purchase an actual dinner set or if you prefer to buy dinnerware by the piece. After confirming what works best, the next thing to consider is the material of the plate. If you often microwave your food, avoid buying Melamine plates, Stoneware, and earthenware items for everyday use. These three materials do not cope well with high heat. Instead, lean toward materials without metal accents, such as Bone china and porcelain. These materials can handle different circumstances, such as high heat or freezing temperatures. They are durable and elegant, ensuring they will make a royal impression on your guests.

Bring blue tiles into the mix

Each house within the seven kingdoms has its own unique sigil, and House Arryn is no different. Their sigil is a white crescent moon and a falcon on a blue field, and they proudly wear this on their sleeves and home decor. If you wish to decorate your home like House Arryn, focus on infusing the color blue into your interiors in various ways. One way to achieve this is with blue-green tiles. Tiles are a great way to protect a bare wall while adding charm and character. They are also somewhat easier to clean if they get stained, as opposed to a situation where you stain a painted wall. According to MSI Surfaces, metal, ceramic, and porcelain tiles are the easiest backsplash tiles to clean since they resist stains.

In House Arryn, blue tiles appear in the hallway. However, you can implement tiles in many other rooms, such as the bathroom, the kitchen, the entryway, and the laundry room. If you know which rooms you want to tile but have never done a tiling job before, hire a professional for the job. If you are up for a DIY challenge, then, by all means, go for it.

Before you begin, do your research on the proper tools to use. One example is the tile adhesive. Under no circumstances should you skimp on that if you want the tiling to last. Make sure you take the proper measurements of the surface areas where you wish to tile so you can estimate the correct number of tiles you need to cover it up. Choose floor covering brands like Topps Tiles and other companies that offer hands-on assistance and will send you samples so you can be sure of the exact look and feel of your future wall decor.

Let your wallpaper resemble art

You can't find too many forms of decorative artwork on the walls of the House Arryn living room. The walls are basically bare except for the space above the throne. As pictured above, you can see that this wall boasts a captivating image of animals and mystical creatures on a blue background. The intricate work is most likely from by an expert painter.

If creating a similar aesthetic in your home, consider making your own artistic wallpaper. You can make this a DIY project and turn your walls into a canvas with the proper paint. Go ahead and paint images and art to your heart's content. The size of the painting does not need to be as massive as the wall in the House Arryn castle. Ideally, in a room with four walls, you will pick only one accent wall out of the four to paint and design and make it a focal point in the room. If painting is not your strong suit, match the aesthetic above by introducing artistic wallpaper that speaks volumes and adds a renaissance vibe to your home. If this is your first time using wallpaper, rest assured that the primary skill set you need is to be able to mix an adhesive and the power to slap the paper onto the wall. Essentially, adding wallpaper to a room may be one of the easiest tips on this list to transform your home into House Arryn. If you don't want to commit to wallpaper, consider using removable peel-and-stick varieties.

Choose stairs made from stone

According to Stamford Stone Co, stone stairs have been utilized in households for many years, from pre-historic European homes to the present day. At one point, many of the individuals who favored this construction method were members of high-class families and royals. This fact is probably why Buckingham Palace and the Palace of Versailles are two places that boast stone stairs. This style of stair falls under masonry work and stone balustrading. While many homes feature stone balustrades on the exterior, House Arryn has stone benches, a stone staircase, and balustrades inside the castle.

Since you have already come this far in your journey to decorate your house like a "Game Of Thrones" character, feel free to give the stone stairs a modern update (via Gharpedia). One way to achieve this is by using marble for your floors. Marble is a stone, and top-tier versions like Calacatta (one of the most expensive styles) will change the vibe of your whole room (via MSI Surfaces). The crystallized rock boasts a unique design, bold veining, and luxurious features which shine under the light. It's only available from one quarry in Carrara, Italy.

If stone stairways don't match your current aesthetic, draw inspiration from the Europeans and add this feature into your home's exteriors. An outdoor patio or garden area is ideal if you have the space. To save some costs on paying a professional, gather a few helping hands around you, invest in the right tools, and embark on a new DIY project (via Your New House on YouTube).