Design Choices That Will Always Be In Style, According To HGTV Stars

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When decorating your home, it can be hard to know what design choices are a passing trend and what is a classic look. For example, in 2014 everyone thought chevron patterns were the chicest things to tile in your kitchen. Yet the style was merely a flash in the pan and now a garish reminder of that time for any home it lingers in. So how can you be sure that your design choices will never go out of style? The key is to turn to your favorite HGTV stars. The likes of Erin Napier, Joanna Gaines, and Leanne Ford are professionals at capitalizing on the latest ideas, while remaining anchored in classic choices.

You'll find that these stars are the best at spotting emerging trends that are likely to go the distance. Yet most of their eternally-in-vogue options have earned that spot through years of tests and refinement. You might notice that arches are popular in both doorways and mirrors these days, but this look has been around for more than 2,000 years. Talk about endurance! Other options like wooden furniture have been working perfectly since Colonial times and before — so if nothing is broken, there is no need to update or fix it.

Bobby Berk thinks dark cabinets will go the distance

Kitchens add plenty of resale value to a home. You want to make sure you get things right when designing the space to avoid expensive renovations down the line. Designer Bobby Berk of "Queer Eye" fame thinks you can't go wrong with black cabinets as an orginal choice. "The thing about black cabinets is you're able to change the other things in the space without major disruption," Berk told Homes & Gardens. "For instance, if you have a trendy kitchen countertop now, in 10 years you can change your countertop and things are still going to go with black cabinets."

The reasoning behind this is that black is a classic color. "I think black and white cabinets are completely timeless," he said. "I think these cabinets will never go out of style because the great thing about doing black or white cabinets as opposed to a color is that they aren't associated with a particular time." His words ring true, as looking back through many different styles, like mid-century modern or even art deco that rely on the color black. Berk also acknowledges that his critics might be quick to say that shades of stained wood are the true classic style. However, certain shades will immediately remind most viewers of different times, so it's not as safe of a choice.

Genevieve Gorder knows neutrals will always be around, whether she likes it or not

"HGTV Design Star" judge Genevieve Gorder is the first to admit that she's not a personal fan of neutral colors. Yet, she knows that no matter her preferences, shades of beige are seen as chic by many and will always be in style. "I've been a warrior fighting the battle against beige/oatmeal/blah that we've covered America in for the majority of my career," she wrote on Instagram, calling out the color palette that will never just be a trend because it's always around.

If you want to have a timeless, neutral home, Gorder has three tips for you to make it work. First "Do not COVER your house in it, it's the nougat neutral, not the star chocolate IE It's the bit o honey that was sometimes okay...not the Twix." The second tip is to look for bieges that have less red undertones. You can discover this at the paint store by asking the worker which pigments are in the color you want. Finally, she recommends against beige as the centerpiece, but rather the highlight of a room. "Make it elegant, a piece, a throw, a tray...NOT the carpet NOT the walls," she wrote. In her words, a beige couch or a painted beige coffee table is more chic than four walls of the same neutral hue.

Leanne Ford thinks arches are here to stay

On "Restored by the Fords" Leanne Ford and her brother Steve spend a lot of time restoring older homes to their former glory with a modern twist. She knows what will never go out of style because she is around tried and true trends in her everyday work. "I always say ignore trends. If you like it, do it. If you don't, don't," she told Real Simple. "I use a lot of arches in my pieces, and curved corners."

She's right, as arches have been a big part of home design as far back as ancient Rome and Egypt with popular use becoming more common by the time of the Romans. The style is a feat of engineering, as it distributes weight more evenly across an entry and can avoid creating dense pressure points. But functionally aside, they just look nice! Arches have been used to top windows, doors, and fireplaces in American homes since the Colonial period. You don't have to do a big renovation to add this classic touch to your space. To put a contemporary touch on the style, you might consider adding a freestanding mirror with an arched top to your living space or investing in a room divider that plays with the shape.

Nate Berkus urges fans to invest in wooden furniture

There's a reason some people are still hanging on to their great-great-grandmother's dining room table. As Nate Berkus knows, a great piece of wooden furniture will last for generations. "One thing I've always gravitated towards, and I think actually stands the test of time, are rustic wood pieces of furniture in their original finish, nothing fancy," he said in an Instagram video. "This table Jer and I found on a trip to Peru, which was incredible that we were able to get it back here. And it's been in every single home of ours since then."

For Berkus, the table holds great personal significance because he collected it on a trip with his husband. Yet for your own home, furniture of quality can still hold the same power even if you pick it out from a local shop. The key, as Berkus reminds us, is to look for pieces that are simple and functional. You won't have to worry about the paint peeling or the stain being wrong because you are simply dealing with raw wood. Wood that will go perfectly with every color wall paint, throw pillows, and entertainment centers that you might cycle through over the years.

Jennifer Todryk thinks white and gray in kitchens will endure forever

Jennifer Todryk host of "No Demo Reno" has firm opinions on the types of kitchens that will always be around. "It's going to be hard to kill white kitchens," she told Paper City Magazine. "I have a white kitchen. The whole white and gray movement really came on the heels of country style." The reason for white kitchens' longevity is how bright and large white makes a space seem. The color white reflects light, which helps to illuminate the space, creating an airy and open atmosphere. This superpower is especially beneficial for smaller kitchens, as it can make them feel more expansive. Gray is another neutral color that can complement this aspect of white without being overpowering.

 The only thing you have to think about when selecting these colors for your kitchen is ensuring the lighting and hardware not only fit the color scheme but the classic style, too. "It's lighting and hardware that really age a home," Todryk said. "Updating those worn and dated features is one of the easiest ways to modernize a space."

Jenny Marrs thinks white paint works in all situations

If you have a busy house, you might feel like you have to shy away from white paint. Even though it's a classic color that can be warm or cool and go with practically anything, it also gets a bad rap for allegedly showing every imperfection like sticky fingerprints and scratches from moving furniture. Yet Jenny Marrs of "Fixer to Fabulous" thinks most of these fears around white paint are unfounded. It's a classic option for a reason. "For me, also for our house, I chose to do white paint," she said while recording a podcast with Better Homes & Gardens. "It makes everything feel a little bit brighter and a little bit bigger, because we have a small house."

Coming from a woman who lives on a busy farm with her five children and many pets, she definitely knows what works and what doesn't. Home designers should not be hesitant to use the shade, she says, as it covers up way more than you might think. In her experience, darker paint colors or more modern trendy options show more of the everyday damage than white ever could. For this reason, it'll be around forever.

Joanna Gaines recommends built-ins for the long-term

Built-ins are awesome for saving space. In modern homes where space might be limited, built-in storage options are the perfect solution for making the most of every inch. Whether it's built-in bookshelves, cabinets, window seats, or entertainment centers, these custom features are designed to fit perfectly in any room. Optimization is never going to go out of style, which is why Joanna Gaines is such a fan of built-ins, as seen in an episode of "Fixer Upper: The Castle." As reported by Realtor, Gaines said "People love things that are nostalgic, they love things that are antique-looking, and I want this place to feel like it did in 1915. So whether you walked into the space in 1915 or today, it has that same feeling of history and love and beauty and castle-ship."

In this instance, she decided to keep the home's built-ins as there wasn't any scenario in which they no longer worked. If you have built-ins in your home, or are thinking about putting some in, consider them a fantastic investment with great longevity either way. If you feel like yours are looking a little tired, perhaps all they really need is a fresh coat of paint.

Hilary Farr thinks a wingback chair goes with everything

When most designers talk about timelessness, they might discuss paint colors or tile patterns. Yet Hilary Farr of "Love It or List It" throws her hat into the ring with an entry about the perfect time of furniture to buy. When asked about seating options that will never fail to keep a space cozy, Farr told The Huffington Post that there was only one option. "A traditional wing chair, with turned legs and brass rollers, but it's low slung with a high back and extra width," she said. Yet why is this type of chair timeless? It's because it can fit in with your living space no matter how many renovations you do after purchasing it. "By playing with scale, the chair has a bit of edge, and will look great with any design style," Farr said.

Wingback chairs trace their origins back to 17th-century England. Initially known as "fireside chairs," they were designed to shield occupants from drafts and retain warmth from the fireplace. Over time, wingback chairs evolved from practical items to symbols of luxury and status, gracing the parlors of wealthy households. In the 20th century, they experienced a resurgence in popularity, with modern adaptations blending traditional elegance with contemporary design. Today, wingback chairs remain classics, cherished for their comfort and style.

The Property Brothers are big believers in sectionals

Houses are only made into homes with the right energy. You need to feel comfortable in your space and The Property Brothers think that sectionals are the perfect way to do this. "No home is complete without a really great sectional that you can adapt to your space to make it perfect," Drew Scott said in an interview with Realtor. "Picture get-togethers with family and friends, movie nights with the family, whatever you're doing, it makes it feel like home."

While bulky furniture should be handled with care, feeling at home in your space can never go out of style. The key to ensuring you feel comfortable, but aren't selecting a sectional that will take over your living room is all about scale. Measure the space you have to fit a couch. Pay special attention to how the arms of the sectional might interfere with any doorways. You also want to make sure that you can walk in front of the couch without feeling squished. By doing a little pre-planning, you can follow The Property Brothers' advice and have the cozy couch of your dreams that will forever be in vogue.

Christina Hall will always create white kitchens

Christina Hall knows how to style a house. In season 2 episode 4 of "Christina on the Coast" the longtime HGTV darling dives into what she thinks makes a classic kitchen: White. "I'm thinking we could do an all-white kitchen which is never going to go out of style because I know you want a classic look," she told the homeowners. The couple had been in their home for nearly two decades and were feeling trapped by its old-fashioned and unfunctional vibe. As Hall goes on to explain, a white kitchen is one of the easiest backdrops to build upon. If you have a personal style choice, as the husband in this episode preferred industrial while his wife liked farmhouse chic — white can easily accommodate both options, as well as many more.

"We could do white [for the island] which will really make it feel big. And it'll feel super light and airy in here," Hall continued when presenting options to the couple, per YouTube. White kitchens are a suggestion you are likely to see over and over again, from all different designers. There is a great reason for this, as white kitchens continue to be easy to clean and adaptable.

Erin Napier will always be a fan of Saltillo tile

Erin Napier of "Hometown" fame can't get enough of Saltillo tile. The flooring choice is sometimes simply called Mexican tile and comes from Saltillo, Mexico. "All of my life's pivotal memories before I had a family of my own happened in these rooms, and I feel there will always be beauty in the high-quality materials my parents chose when building the house in 1992. That oak kitchen and Saltillo tile will never go out of style!" she wrote in her book "Heirloom Rooms: Soulful Stories of Home."

Workers make the tile by hand using natural clay from the area. The final product has a rustic look, sporting colors like warm yellows and rich oranges. They have uneven shapes, and a rough texture, and sometimes differ in color and size, giving them a unique appeal as no two floors could ever be exactly alike. It's due to this uniqueness that the tiling has such enduring appeal. It could never be tired or trite, because every time you see Saltillo, it's fresh and arranged in a way you have never seen before.